Burma-Yunnan Trade Tops $1.7 Billion

Cross-border trade between Burma and the Chinese province of Yunnan reached US $1.7 billion by October, up 2.2 percent compared to the same period last year, Chinese news agency Xinhua reports. Last year, total trade with Yunnan reached $2 billion, up about 18 percent compared to 2010. Overall trade between Burma and China stood at 6.5 billion last year, a whopping 46 percent year-on-year increase, said Xinhua, without specifying which sectors comprised the burgeoning trade. The agency also cited Burmese government figures which stated that China was the country’s top investor, with $14 billion worth of investment this year by the end of August.

One Response to Burma-Yunnan Trade Tops $1.7 Billion

  1. Does it matter? Burma is still a country ruled by it’s corrupt military dictators. They kill/torture their own minorities, especially the Rohingya in the South-West. There is chaos in the entire state, with the Shan/Kachin minorities being denied their rights. Trouble in Nagaland too. This “trade” with China merely amounts to being exploited. Which I suppose is really what the Burmese ppl deserve for their cruelty [not the minorities though]. 

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