Burma Ignored Warning Signs, UN Says

The government of Burma failed to do enough to stop the spread of violence in March, the UN special envoy on human rights said on Tuesday. Tomas Ojea Quintana said he had serious concerns about renewed violence between Buddhists and Muslims in Burma. Human Rights Watch said recently at least 40 people died in the latest violence. “The warning signs have been there since the communal violence in Rakhine state last June and the government has simply not done enough to address the spread of discrimination and prejudice against Muslim communities across the country,” Quintana said in a statement.

3 Responses to Burma Ignored Warning Signs, UN Says

  1. Mr Tomas Ojea Quintana should be aware that friction between some religious as well as ethnic groups in Burma/Myanmar have been a problem for decades. It is nothing new but they have not surfaced until now as the police/military immadiately would have acted violently.
    Had the West cancelled stupid sanctions and boycotts and instead concentrated on helping a peaceful metamorphosis, both Government and the citizens would have been better prepared for the new era.

  2. The sanctions opened up Burma/Myanmar and rescued the country from the grips of feudal racists/ultra-nationalists, who are still living in the 18th Century and pushing towards North Korea-like rogue state. After the Muslims, these blood-thirsty Nazi extremists will turn against the Christian and Hindu minorities. If Thein Sein government and its lot have any real intention to democratize the country, they should act firmly and without delay.

  3. arm force created kyauknimaw rape case for their gain then 10 Muslim lynching brought day light, after started ethnic cleansing through out arakan against rohingya ethnic.UN just appeal Satan evillest thien sein.then central Burma genocide against Muslim with support of government force.since Burmese Government committed crime against humanity UN should act but not yet why?ICJ should issue arrest warant for thien sein,khin yi,Dr.aye Maung,khin Nyunt,Hla maung tin, tay za, Max zaw zaw as they directly participated ethnic cleansing in arakan and deploy UN force for protect from killing.US, EU should impose travel ban for Myanmar president thien sein and his group.

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