Burma Criticized for Dropping Sports from SEA Games

Burma, the host of this year’s Southeast Asia Games, has drawn criticism for a controversial decision to drop some of Asia’s most popular sports from the event, The Nation reports. For yet unknown reasons, Burma excluded tennis, table tennis, badminton, gymnastics and field hockey from the 27th SEA Games, which will be held in Naypyidaw on Dec. 11 to 20. Member nations, such as Thailand and Singapore, will object to the decision at the SEA Games Federation Council Assembly on Sunday, the Olympic Committee of Thailand’s Vice-President Charoen Wattanasin said, adding that Singapore had already sent a letter asking Burma to revert its decision. “[I]nstead, Myanmar has decided to add some 17 domestic events and non-Olympic sports to the Games,” Charoen said.

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  1. Rapist than shwe should donate money through DASSK for inclusion of all SEA games held in the world most poorest country, Burma.

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