Biofuel Plant Set for Burma

Universal Adsorbents & Chemicals Plc (UAC) plans to invest in a new US $25 million alternative biofuel energy project in Burma which is expected to start operating in 2014. Chief executive Kitti Jivacate said the firm will enter the project with a domestic partner who will own a one-fifth stake, reported the Bangkok Post on Monday. The plant will be located on Burma’s Song Island across from Thailand’s southern Ranong Province and will use palm oil as its raw material. UAC previously announced its intention to build two water-treatment projects in Burma—one in Mandalay and a second in Rangoon—through its UAC Hydro Tech Co. subsidiary.

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  1. Why would Biogas plant be built right at the corner and remote part of Burma? And why would the plnt be use palm oil instead of any other organic waste? Is there future plan to destroyed Burma forest and replace with palm plantation just like Malasia? Methane gas, which also known as Biogas can be produce from land fill, manure, farm waste, kitchen waste and any organic substances put in farmentation container. Which also called anaerobic method. After removing of oxygen from farmentation container, bacteria inside the container produce methain gas. However, raw biogas is not good enough to burn inside conbustable engine. Raw biogas contain some trace of Carbon dioxide and Hydrogen sulphide H2S. Producing biogas can be done even in individual household manure and kitchen waste and organic waste, but purifying biogas into higher grade so it can burn inside the engine is an expensive step. However, if about 20 household put the effort together, I can guaranteed that 24 hours enough clean energy will get for that 20 household. All we need is a piece of land for 3 fermantation tank, biogas purifier, gas compressor and 2 engines and generators to produce electricity. I was thinking of going back to Burma and building a small biogas power plant for a few households. If solar power and biogas combine together, there will be enough electricity for every household in Burma. What will U Thein Sein government help the people to get there. There are many website of biogas distribution drawings and biogas engine and generators on Google. Burma do not need PALM oil biogas plant!!!!! Biogas can be produce even from manure and saw dust, period.

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