Nationalist Monk U Wirathu Denies Role in Anti-Muslim Unrest

Nationalist Buddhist monk U Wirathu inspects the injuries of a farmer who was injured during a land dispute in Maupin Township, Irrawaddy Delta last month. (Photo: Jpaing / The Irrawaddy)

U Wirathu is a 45-year-old Buddhist monk from Mandalay’s Masoeyein Monastery who has acquired notoriety for spreading anti-Muslim sentiments under his nationalist “969” campaign. It encourages Burmese Buddhists to shun Muslim businesses and communities.

U Wirathu was sentenced to 25 years in prison in 2003 for inciting religious conflicts, but was released in January 2012. In October, he organized protests against the international Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s plan to open a Burma office.

In a recent interview with The Irrawaddy’s Thalun Zaung Htet he blames some of the communal violence in Meikhtila on March 20-22 on the Islamic community, and claims his campaign played no role in the anti-Islamic unrest.

QUESTION: According to government figures, the death toll of the conflict in Meikhtila is 42. You went there to stop the rioters, why have there been so many deaths?

ANSWER: The death toll was highest on the second day of the unrest and most victims were Muslims who were stuck inside a mosque, mainly Muslim students from the madrassa and some civilians. Local village officials had hid them there to protect them.

After that, at 4 am early morning when the police guards were gone, the hidden Muslims became agitated and shouted slogans in unison. So the townspeople found out the Muslims are there and then they were surrounded. To the left of the group was a mosque and at the right side there was a burned area and in front there was a field, so there was no place for them to run. Then, one of the Muslims shot a slingshot at one of the Buddhist monks and the crowd became angry. Then they [the Muslims] threw bags containing acid at the crowd, which had just stood and watched the situation. The Muslims stayed inside but continued to throw things. I was there on the night of 20th March and [88 Generation Student leader] Min Ko Naing and [dissident monk] Shwe Nya Wah Sayadaw, were also there. Then, 20 Muslim people came out and fought with the Burmese crowd outside. Then people died there, almost 10, 11 deaths occurred. Security personnel saved the rest of the persons in hiding. These were the most deaths that occurred at one spot in Meikhtila. Other casualties were burned in fires. The only group killing was this case, the other deadly incidents involved just one or two people.

Q: The UN secretary-general’s special rapporteur on Burma Vijay Nambiar and international media outlets have said the Meikhtila riots were acts of planned violence. What do you think of these allegations?

A: On the first and second day, there was no systematic violence. Actually, on first day, people living in the kalar [derogatory term for Muslim] quarter were systematically [attacking]. They were carrying knives, sticks and other weapons and attacked the Burmese. When the crowd heard that one monk was killed during the unrest, they went to the kalar quarter without weapons. Only one Burmese person out of ten carried a stick from the ruined houses, and no other weapons. When they clashed Muslims used knives and many were hurt. Two died and 16 were injured. The injuries were from severe knife cuts. So, the planned attacks came from the Muslim quarters. Until the second day nothing was planned.

Q: Currently, international media report that “Buddhist extremists” are leading the “969” campaign. Can you tell us more about your campaign?

A: Sure. The first 9 stands for the nine special attributes of the Lord Buddha and the 6 for the six special attributes of his Dhamma, or Buddhist Teachings, and the last 9 represents the nine special attributes of Buddhist Sanga [monks]. Those special attributes are the three Gems of the Buddha. In the past, the Buddha, Sangha, Dhamma and the wheel of Dhamma were Buddhists’ sign. And the same goes for 969; it is another Buddhist sign.

Now people blame 969, saying it is involved in the atrocities because they cannot find the real culprits. [But] the 969 leaflets were not found and no one distributed it in Meikthila. When I came and made a sermon there, I shared 25 stickers and it says “Save Our Future”. The 969 campaign was made the culprit, but actually it is innocent as it only represents the special attributes of the Buddha.

Q: Houses, shops and mosques were destroyed in Pegu Division and the 969 was spray-painted on damaged cars and Muslim buildings in Gyobingauk Township. What can you say about the fact that your symbol was painted there?

A: I don’t have any contacts in Pegu. So I have no idea. There was no problem in the place where I have formed and organized my campaign and it goes in accordance with my rules. And, I have been told about many cases, such as cases of fighting between Burmese and Muslims and rape cases of 4 and 7-grade girls. Most rape victims are students. Other cases are physically attacks and insulting to Buddhism—to tell you the truth, there was a case of verbal abuse of monks. Other cases include illegal mosques; mosques and Muslim graveyards constructed without government permission. I’m received over 50 such cases and I provided suggestions in over 100 cases. I told them to solve the cases in accordance with the law and most take my advice, even the senior monks. Everything is fine as I deal with the cases within the law. In our community, the real 969 [campaigners] do not use violence.

Q: The Ministry of Religion in Naypyidaw said 969 is not officially recognized as a Buddhist symbol. Can I ask for your views on this matter?

A: Sure. We share it in ways that we can. We don’t register it to distribute it legally. For example, some prepare the symbol, and others donate and distribute it. We don’t register it as our official trademark symbol for our movement.

Q: In your sermon “Don’t take nationalism lightly”, you preached that Min Ko Naing and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi could not achieve much [for Burmese Buddhists] and that the National League for Democracy is not a real fighting peacock [the NLD’s symbol],  but it is a peacock fighting for Muslims. Can you comment on this sermon?

A: I have been supporting Daw Aung San Suu Kyi through the years, but she was not a reliable leader during the Arakan State [sectarian] unrest. I think it is because of the people around her. And also, nearly every NLD township office is operated by Muslims. Because of them, Burmese coming there are turned back. In some towns, as the NLD offices are rented from Muslim house owners, the NLD members don’t offer meals to monks on the day of General Aung San [Burma’s Martyr’s Day] as it is prohibited by the house owners.

So I said the symbol of the NLD peacock is becoming a symbol for Muslims. I rely so much on the [88 Generation Students] group of Min Ko Naing as the second biggest opposition force and I have much hope for them in the future. But they are not very reliable in supporting the public in the case of the Arakan State riots. They don’t stand on the side of the public. After helping refugees in Arakan they made a press conference on the issues. That’s all. They don’t issue a specific statement to say that Rohingyas [Muslims] are not a recognized national minority [in Burma] and they should condemn the killing of Arakanese [Buddhists] by Bengalis [Muslims]. So as a man who is supposed to stand for justice and against injustice, Min Ko Naing was not standing up for justice in the Arakan unrest. This is what I said in my sermon.

Q: In your sermons, you said that people must not support Muslim business marked with the sign “786” (a numeral used by Muslims on the Indian subcontinent representing a phrase in the Quran). Does it create discrimination, hatred and mistrust between communities?

A: Well, it is not the Burmese way, but a Muslim way and do they practice this [marking their shops with “786”]. So go around the town and see how many Muslims are visiting Burmese shops. If they support their own shops, why won’t we Buddhist [Burmese] do the same? If we support our Burmese shops, we will not have problems and it cannot be that bad. Look what happened in Meikhtila, if people support the Burmese gold shops then there would not have been an argument. [The unrest in Meikthila supposedly began as a fight between a Muslim gold shop owner and a Buddhist customer.] This kind of buying behavior doesn’t mean its discrimination. It can protect our people’s interests.

Q: Now conflict and fear is spreading in the communities. How can it be stopped?

A: After I was released from prison I always suggested to Muslim communities that we all should work and solve things together. Muslim communities should form their own groups and Burmese communities should form their own too. Those two communities must take actions for their own people when there are problems.

Q: President Thein Sein said in his recent speech that the government will take effective actions against those who exploit the noble teachings of these religions and have tried to plant hatred among people of different faiths for their own self-interest. What do you think of his words?

A: Of course, the government has to do it. But it would be more effective to take action against those who are behind the riots than just taking action on the ground. For example, like [taking actions against] imams. They brainwash children with hate speech against Buddhism. Their children look at Buddhist monks as if we were their enemy. They look at the Burmese people in the same way. That’s what’s really happening. So, the authorities have to try to take action against these instigators.

64 Responses to Nationalist Monk U Wirathu Denies Role in Anti-Muslim Unrest

  1. What a non-sense. “They brainwash children with hate speech against Buddhism”. The great liar. Giving speech to shun away from Muslims shops. Not to do business with Muslim. Now openly lying. He is degrading himself

    • What do you mean what a non sense. That’s bloody true, what U Wirathu said. Either you are a Muslim trying to hide the fact or Buddhist doesn’t really know what is going on in the teachings behind these doors in the mosque. wake up people, Islam preaches death and destruction to non believers, it’s in their book. Other religions can not really co exist with Islam if they truly follow their prophet’s teachings.

      • Must Lin, have u read Koran. Can u proove in any religion says that kill people or spread hatreds among mankind. He is a fake monk. Did any bombing took place in Burma by Muslims that these schools teaches to do.
        He has been employed by the anti democracy military leaders. If this goes on then this will invite Islamic radicals. Burma is 100 years backward. People like these wirathu beggars are enemies of its own country. How many Muslims he is going to kill? After 9/11 in USA loads of people accepted Islam. It is a free world. Let people choose whatever religion they like. U cannot forget U Razak (Muslim) martyr who fought for Burmas’ Independence alongside General Aung San. A good monk always respects other religion. Wirathu is narrow minded corrupt thug.

        • No need to read quran..muslims have conflicts with hindus,muslims have conflict with jews ,muslims have conflict with christians,muslims have conflict with buddhists…The west will always support muslims ,because they know muslims are loyal to Arabs …and corrupt arab regimes are in the custody of USA, They need USA to protect them .When muslims are a minority ,they care about human rights when hey become majority …they mercilessly trample others.

          • Boteng does yr religion teaches you to critisize, the you seem bias and you are not aware of Burmas’ history. Yes certainly USA banks have Arabs money. Why should we be jealous? Some of yr comments are funny. I didn’t ask you to read Koran. Because you seems anti Muslim and you don’t like peace.

      • Myat Lin, Pls improve yr English first and then comment. If you say Islam preaches death, then I will say Buddisht teaches killing of innocent people. Rohingyas were murdered, displaced in thousands. Buddisht soldiers are raping and killing Christian Karens, Kachins. Still no peace there. Mon, Shan people of Buddisht origins are murdered by Burmese Buddisht army. I think Palestine has occupied Israeli lands, you meant to say. (Yr comment Muslims got conflict with Jews) What a joke. In 60s hundreds of Chinese were burnt, killed and looted by Burmese Buddisht. The latest 88 and in 2012, students & monks were killed by Burmese army. Now after 50 years of anarchy military rule USA, UK are there to give democracy to Burma with a wise leader Thein Sein. Wirathu was in prison for 12 years. Because he doesn’t like the progress of Burma. Don’t forget Burmese Buddisht people are in millions working freely without harm in Muslim Arab countries and in Malaysia and Indonesia and sending millions of dollars to feed their fmly back in Burma. I was from Burma but I don’t like to see any community divided by religious hatred. No religion in the world teaches hatred among mankind.

      • I am sorry- Kalar is not derogatoryterm of muslim but for Indian. In fact we call any body, who looks like an Indian, no matter where he/she comes from, Kalar.

  2. this extremist monk is fully responsible.his previous notoriety proof it against Muslim.i don’t know what kind human he is.Myanmar bin laden deserve drone attack.this time he is lucky as he has support of Burmese government,extremist Buddhist thug,heavy weight khin yount, khin yi ,Aung thaung,rakhine extremist like Bengali Dr. aye Maung,Tay za, max zaw zaw etc. many more.who can stop these rascal from killing innocent Muslim through out Burma?

  3. Blood thirsty monk. Did he say anything about Chinese gold shops in Rangoon, who the customers are. He knows what will be the consequences from China. He has uttered nonsense. Did he condemn such killings. People went to retaliate the Meikthila School and Muslims without arms. What a joke? Gold shop problem was a police matter. Is Wirathu a policeman of Burma. He is expecting meals from Muslims. A religious person should feed the poors not to expect like beggars. A robber will always deny he did not rob. He said kalar( Indians) , did he realise that the Burmese Buddha is in India( kalar pye). He is racist when he says kalar. Lock him up for rest of his life in prison then Burma will progress in peace or else country will be ruined. Thailand, India, Singapore and other Asian countries are developing but Burma is still begging. What a shame.

  4. He (U Wirathu) is claiming that he and his supporters are protecting Buddhism from the imaginary expansion of Islam religion in Burma.

    However, he doesn’t practice Buddha’s teachings himself although he has been chanting Buddha’s teachings of Metta (loving kindness) and Karuna (Compassion) all his life.
    Does he think Buddha’s teachings were only good in theory but not practical enough to deal with everyday life in modern society? Is that the reason why he is teaching his own way to enhance Buddhism?

    Welcome to the newly formed 21st century Buddhism!!!

  5. This man is a psychopath and arrant liar. He should be treated in accordance. It is a shame that he can go around in the robe of the Buddha and befoul the Buddhist teachings.

  6. Picking on Muslims and inciting hatred is quite appalling.

    Buddhism should be taught in depth in understandable Burmese language.The cultural and ritual routines are not sufficient.

    Besides, everyone is subjected under The Universal Truths – The Dhamma – consisting of :
    1. The four noble truths
    2. Karma
    3. Law of dependent origination – cause and effect
    4. The 3 Universal characteristics- Annica, Dukkha and Annata.
    5. The 5 aggregates – One physical and four mental aggregates

    be it Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Catholic, Baptist, Atheist etc.

    The Universal Truths belong to everyone and not limited to Buddhists only. Buddha realized these phenomena occurring in The Universe when he attained enlightenment and thus his preachings.

    The basic premise is that you have to be a good person regardless of the type of religion. The religious denomination is very arbitrary depending on where you live and who your parents are.

    Even the riots and atrocities committed by the so called Buddhists are evidences of human shortcomings rather than the religious denomination.

    I am a practicing Buddhist myself and I feel disgusted at the whole thing.

    It is not the religion at play here but the deeply rooted ignorance, ill will and greed.

  7. It is a real news organization to mentioned both sides of the story. People need to be heard the truth. It was a very good interview.

  8. I am a Buddhist, heart and soul.
    This man is a fake monk. Buddhism preaches metta, karuna, mudita and upekkha, known as the Four Noble Ways of Living (the four aspects of Bramacora). If Muslims dislike the Buddhists, let them; It is their own lookout, for doesn’t some one say Islam mans metta? Buddhists do not respond with the same kind, for hate or intolerance is the very antithesis of Buddhism.

    • I agree. I am a Christian. Christianity has a long history of conflict with Islam too. Crusade happened to defend and to protect faith from being wiped out. However, the case in Burma is caused by prejudice, racism and discrimination. Muslims consist only 4% of the Burma’s population. The Burmans do consist about 80%. Islam is no way near to cause harm to Buddhism in Burma. So, Burmans do not need to be too defensive or too protective. Burmans will always be the majority and Buddhism will always be the the religion of the majority people of Burma. So, why should the majority people jump on the very minority group? Shame on you, Burmans. Why should the elephant bully a small goat? Shame on you, elephant. You just have size without quality. Burma has many ethnic groups. It is important for us to learn how to co-exist without conflict. We need to know how to choose the best choice and live side by side with others who are different from myself. To accept one another with love and respect is so vital but it is still lacked in Burma today.

      • Please read about Nalanda, a Buddhist university in India which was attacked and destroyed by Muslim invaders under a small but vicious army led by Bakhtiyar Khalji. The university was so large that it took three months to burn. Instead of taking arms or conversion to Islam, the Buddhists opted to be slain by the invaders and most were burned alive. Similarly, Buddhism that was once a predominant religion in countries as far as Afghanistan, Maldives, India, Indonesia have completely disappeared due to relentless attacks by Islamic forces and the pacifist nature of Buddhism. Buddhism can only exist if the other party is willing to talk and listen. Let history not repeat itself again.

  9. One can smell hatred clearly from his answere towards muslim, One of his answere is that muslims were carrying knives and slingshots, then why most muslims were killed? I suppose muslims killed themselves, Wirathu is the leader of BUDDIST TALIBAN, AND FROM HIS 969 YOU TAKE AWAY THE FIRST 9 AND YOU ARE LEFT WITH 69 AND WIRATHU AND HIS TEAMS MEMBER ARE ALL 69.

  10. what a shame? Is he a real monk? I dont think so.

  11. I think he is the best ever proment Bhddhist priest I have ever known let alone to call the priest a liar.

  12. All over the world Muslims look down upon other believers, so his statement might be true. We cannot just state it is non-sense. Most agressors all over the world are Muslim fanatics, so there maybe some truth in his answers.

    • Then, shouldn’t he travel to the root of the problem, the Mecca in Saudi Arabia, to denounce Islam or promote fight against Muslims? Why is he picking on burmese Muslims who are completely outnumbered by Buddhists? Since he has such a huge following in Burma, I am sure there won’t be any shortage of sponsors for his travel to the Middle East. Still I’ll be happy to donate for his one way plane ticket.

  13. “Phagguna, if anyone were to reproach you right to your face, even then you should abandon those urges and thoughts which are worldly. There, Phagguna, you should train yourself thus: ‘Neither shall my mind be affected by this, nor shall I give vent to evil words; but I shall remain full of concern and pity, with a mind of love, and I shall not give in to hatred.’ This is how, Phagguna, you should train yourself.

    “Phagguna, if anyone were to give you a blow with the hand, or hit you with a clod of earth, or with a stick, or with a sword, even then you should abandon those urges and thoughts which are worldly. There, Phagguna, you should train yourself thus: ‘Neither shall my mind be affected by this, nor shall I give vent to evil words; but I shall remain full of concern and pity, with a mind of love, and I shall not give in to hatred.’ This is how, Phagguna, you should train yourself.

  14. The nobility of Buddhism is its teachings of inner peace, humbleness, justice, tender loving care and compassion, etc. I became a Buddhist not of choice but because my parents were Buddhists. However, the more I learn about my religion the stronger I revere Buddhism. Admittedly, I am not the kind of a Buddhist like this out-of-control monk. I don’t regard him as a Buddhist monk either. Should people give due respect to those just on account of shaving their heads and wearing yellow ropes but inciting disturbances in many ways against Buddha teachings? Why elders of our Buddhist order or authorities are condoning his behaviors is beyond me. The Theravada Buddhism that King Anawrahta introduced to Burmese has nothing to do with what he is now preaching. The founder of the first Burmese kingdom would roll over in his grave if he heard about this monk.

    If he wants to say and do what he is doing and preaching now, he should leave monkhood immediately but should have never become a Buddhist monk from the beginning. Yes, even monks have freedom of speech but if someone is inciting harm and violence against other people, monks too are not above the law. Freedom of speech has nothing to do with someone yelling “fire” in a crowded movie theater or threatening or asking others to beat up another person.

    It is incredible that this monk knew the instances of 10, 11 murders in Meikhtila in details but he didn’t do anything. The spokesman of the government disclosed that some monks prevented the police from quelling riots participated by monks with a promise that they would control the mob but they at last encouraged the murderers to proceed with the violence. It calls for a suspicion on him. That he is now narrating what happened, like one of the Muslims shooting a slingshot at a Buddhist monk, throwing things and bags of acid, is absolutely unbelievable. He is just saying a fairy tale of people hiding with fear being agitated when the police were gone and attacking those who just stood and watched the situation. Why did these people go there and surround the people in hiding? Does he think people are stupid to believe him because he is donning yellow robes?

    I am strongly of the opinion that Muslim people were carrying knives, sticks and other weapons to protect themselves inside their quarters as the police couldn’t give them the security they need. But many thugs and fake monks trespassed on their areas only to commit atrocities against the residents. It is preposterous to hear that intruders were unarmed. It was simply disgusting to see Buddhist monks in photos holding swords and iron-bars in places far away from their monasteries.

    Having said previously that I have no problem with the formation of 969 groups or 768 groups, I want to question this agitator what he has to do with unsubstantiated cases he is now spewing out of his mouth. Is he a law enforcement authority? If he hears criminal cases, his duty is to ask people to report to authorities. Buddhist monks are neither to judge nor to investigate crimes. The point is also valid for ordinary citizens. People offer them food and alms only to spread sermons in Buddha teachings, nothing more and nothing less. When the interviewer pressed him to answer about spray-paintings of “969” on damaged cars and Muslim dwellings in Gyobingauk Township, he all of a sudden hasn’t any contacts in Pegu. The question also is since when monks determine — “who are foreigners, who are natives and who must respect whom”. These are not the Buddha teachings I know of. There is a famous word for democracies — “Separation of church (religion) and state.”

    As I heard it now, this so-called “969” group is illegal one that was created by someone who is mindful to arouse misunderstandings among different religions and also possible violence. It is laughable of him to criticize Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and U Min Ko Naing for not supporting his religious fanaticism with regard to Rakhine events. They are much more acceptable to the nation and the world at large than this obscure monk. People didn’t learn what happened when former Prime Minister U Nu forced to make Buddhism as the official religion of Burma. If we want to be an outstanding member of the world community, we must behave as a responsible nation.

    As if he’s the only one with a brain and two eyes, he is telling an untruth that Muslims don’t buy at Burmese shops. He obviously doesn’t know that the majority of Muslims are also Burmese citizens and many are freedom fighters, protectors, caregivers of the country. If he, as a true nationalist, wants to protect the nation, then he should put on army uniforms and bear arms as a soldier.

    I wonder what kind of education he has and who is supporting him. If he were recognized further as a Buddhist monk, the whole nation and the Buddhism we practiced will be ridiculed and shunned by others. These fanatic and materialistic monks are destroying our religion. Our motherland now seriously needs cleansing unscrupulous elements from our religious institutions so that pure Theravada Buddhism thrives again.

    Otherwise, King Anawrahta’s noble efforts and our forefathers’ century-long religious observance will go down the drain.

    • Dear Ludu
      I would like to add my opinion on your wise and logical analysis on faked monk, Wirathu
      Wirathu was tortured in prison by than shwe to be brainwashed. After release from prison, than shwe knows well on his ( wirathu) distorted as well as abnormal, bizarre thoughts ( schizophrenia and psychopath). After chosen by fox, than shwe, wirathu become arrogant to set up 969 to against the long traditional religious 786, used by Muslim around the world before Wirathu arrives on the earth. Than Shwe will not let 969 to be registered and will not suppress illogical Buddhist teaching from Schisophrenic wirathu. World Buddhism organization ( Burmese Buddhism organization is under control of than shwe )should condemn this setting 969 number for true Buddhism. It means that wirathu faked Buddhism is copying Muslim with low born manner, low education, discrimination altitude and being lack of confidence on Buddhism teaching.
      Than shwe and his USDP wants wirathu to criticize and downgrade DASSK and ming ko naing. 2015 election for DASSK is crucial. Anyhow , USDP will not win this election except cheating vote from than shwe, fox. From the wirathu’s low born words, it is very obvious that than shwe gives green light to wirathu to do so. Than shwe might thinks true Buddhist monks and Burmese are naive. The next step (plan) from than shwe is that than shwe might ask some psycho monks to kill DASSK and ming ko niang. Fortunately , thein sein, than shwe’s puppet did not say there are foreign conspiracy ( China, USA, Pakistan , Bangladesh) on this religious clash.

    • Hi Ludu, thanks for writing what is in my mind. We (Kachin, Karen, Chin) and Muslims of Myanmar including Rohingyas totally agree with your comments. This bloody fake monk will destroy the Buddhism and the entire nation. We think the root cause of sectarian violence is this bloody hell even in Rakhine state. Opposition leaders should speak up as well. Silence will never bring Democracy in Myanmar.

    • Now, we have a real Buddhist. His name is Ludu. Faith without action is a dead one. Your faith shines in action, Ludu. May the Lord Buddha bless!

  15. Thanks . MR . Ludu you are absolutely right Buddhist but wee rahtu is the deferent kind kind of Buddhist he learn from Buddhist school how to kill Muslim innocent and hate Muslim religion.

  16. Thanks.Mr. Lu du you are absolutely right Buddhist and Buddhist never teach to harm someone religion .mr . Wee Rathu is the only fake monkey doing all this atrocities and killing innocent Muslim indiscriminately he should arrest and put in jail for life otherwise all Buddhist monk will bad name for his crimes against humanity .

  17. I have foreseen this happening back home since the invasion of the so called Yohindyas from neighbouring Bangladesh. In fact they are not the original Yohindyas but the Bangalis. I have not seen such non-Myanmar Muslims wondering up and down the Country since the day I left Myanmar to work abroad. After some 30 years, these very dark skin Bengalis, coming in straight from the Arakan borders with Bangladesh, are now everywhere in Myanmar. As a patriot Myanmar Buddhist, we are not protesting against the Muslim religion as I have many childhood Muslim friends. We enjoyed iEid al-Adha when I was young receiving cakes, biryanis, etc. What we can’t accept the type of Bangalis invasion is that they are using the religion, oil money from the Middle East, so called the Muslim brotherhood, etc with the aim to marry many Myanmar Buddhist women thereby converting them into Muslim religion along with the offspring. If Myanmars back home are not careful with this systematic invasion of Bangalis using the religion to occupy Myanmar, at no time, our beautiful country side, the mountains, the landscape, the beaches will be flooded with these Bangalis Kalars. I wonder why Daw Aung San Su Kyi and the 88 Generation Min Ko Naing do not foresee this and keeping it silent. Are they trying to score political brownie points at the expense of our home land and our religion, I wonder? Nothing wrong with the patriot Monk who foresee it and ringing wakeup calls back home. I have been around at the international fora for many years and have seen the troubles in relation to Muslims led by the hardliners here in Europe. I do support the handling of the issue by the present Government. We all Myanmars including our home grown Muslims should be united (forget about your Muslim brotherhood from elsewhere) and urge you to fight against such Banglis invasion.

    • @Patriot Myanmar,
      As a foreigner who made his own analysis and has come to a conclusion what is going on in Myanmar, I only can agree what you are mentioning in your comment. For some people it might sound cynically but for Buddhist Burmese it is a part of self-defense (which would be not necessary at all if there are no reasons at all !).

  18. Does Wirathu got any knowledge about thousands Buddisht Burmese are working in Muslim countries and sending millions of dollars to feed their families back in Burma. He should be thankful these Muslim countries like UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Malaysia and Jordan who have allowedthem there. And still he is blaming Muslims. Now these workers there will get humiliated by Wirathu’s ugly actions. If he was a real monk, he wont criticize any religions. How about Chinese who have occupied whole of Mandalay with their black money. Has he got guts to go against Chinese. One day he will pay the price for sure.

    • You through your own admission is or has been a foreigner in another country. Us8ng your own logic you should be kicked out, your house burnt and your wfe and daughters raped. By the way, I am curious why did you leave your homeland that you so love and cherish. This country has been ruled by Burmese budhlist alone ?. Is it because the people that has done the most damage to burma is burmese budhist leaderz ?. So dont be stupid, its not religion dummy is self interest that drive people to harm other people. So quit using dumb ass logic to hide your own bigotary

  19. Sadly, we do have laws to deal with this type of personalities. Or there may be laws but nobody bothers to dig it out and applies it here. All judicial and legal institutions are just re-starting from zero after suffering total destruction for half a century. We can’t just arrest and jail him without charging him. Otherwise, we will be no difference from Ne Win & Than Shwe era.

    Media must keep on engaging him in dialogues. Encourage him to travel overseas. Let him express himself to the people and the world. Doesn’t he know that a Muslim-majority country like Malaysia is wholeheartedly welcoming Burmese youths and allowing them work and earn an honest living so that families back home can put food on the table at the end of everyday? They number to millions, from cities, towns, villages. There must be some among his devotees. Why can’t he know? He must be a frog in the well or a mountain tortoise.

    SUFISM! (mysticism)

    • learn what before what you write, I’m muslim and I had a lot knowledge about islam then you as well as history, also well knowledge about all world religions except a little exception on hindu. Buddha is 1100yrs earlier then Prophet Mohammad(PBUH). teaching are same but concept was differ.

  21. President U Thein Sein should take action on the 969 group before it gets out of hand for preaching hate against the Muslim, 969 is like the KKK of the United States which preaches hate against the African Americans using Christian religion to incite hate, 969 is a virus. It is the KKK of Myanmar. Why is’nt the Sangha Committee taking action on Wirathu for preaching sermons of hate, they should disrobe him because he is not preaching the Dhamma which is what Buddha preaches. He is a politician and not a monk who is using the yellow robe (Thingan) as a protection for his actions to incite civil disobedience instead of Metta (Loving kindness)

  22. Khin Zaw (@) Ginni Koran all peach hate to all non-believers and Allah also say all non-believers will go to hell just because of they don’t believe him so i don’t think it is wrong to Fight Islam

  23. Han, that means yr religion teaches hate, fight and kill people. Islam does not preach this. For yr kind information Islam is the fastest growing religion in USA and in the West. And I don’t believe Buddism teaches hatred as well. Go on fight as you wish. Hatred will give birth to hatred. You know what happened in Indonesia. The innocent Burmese fishermen paid the price, though they were only there looking for a better future. Very sad and I have full sympathy with their family. The bread winners are gone, fmly shattered. Hope Indonesian Govt., takes severe actions against the culprit. And hope peace prevails in Burma, which has recently stepped into right direction to achieve democracy.

  24. First of all, allow me to express the sadness I feel when I read new about the renewed religiously and ethnically motivated violence in Myanmar.

    While I am not Burmese, and thus have not the full understanding of the realities on the ground, I am a Buddhist and feel concerned by the fact that some monks might be involved in these violent acts and might even be the instigators of such acts.

    I find it appalling that a person practicing Buddhadharma, let alone a full ordained monk, might be somewhat connected with extortion, arson, rape and killing of people, whatever might be the race or religion of the victims.

    Islam has a potential for religious violence, I personally know it better than a lot of people, because I have witnessed In Algeria (during the civil war between islamist militias and Algerian state controlled army and police forces) the deadly actions of the crazed Jihadists, directed more than often against their own brothers in Islam.

    However, Christianity and Judaism might also be labelled religions of hate if someone is to base his conclusions only upon the actions of some fringe zealots.

    And under the military dictatorship in Myanmar, Buddhists belonging to security forces or armed opposition groups also harmed other people and exerted violence against fellow human beings.

    It is however clear to any sane individual, that the majority of Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus or Buddhists just want to live their lives in peace and practice their religion freely.

    Actions of isolated individuals should not be hold against whole communities, let alone civilizations.

    As Buddhists we should judge by the facts, not prejudice, and exert justice when needed (like in the case of Ma Thida Htwe’s brutal murder) without hate and vengeance against the relatives of the convicted perpetrators, and of course without blind violence exerted against the community to which the convicted perpetrators belong.

    If we as Buddhists consider all Rohingya people of Burma as being collectively responsible for the rape and murder of Ma Thida Htwe, then who will prevent Muslims of Bangladesh or Malaysia from collectively blaming Buddhists for the plight of their religious brothers in Myanmar?

    And where will the violence stop?

    Does anyone need a full fledged Buddhist-Muslim war in this region of the world?

    I hope U Wirathu ponders this and practices some Metta meditation before he speaks again against Muslims and labels them again as Kalar…

    May all living beings avoid suffering and know peace!

    And Salam to peaceful Muslims from a Buddhist.

  25. U Wirathu is a controversial monk. He fought cruel military junta for freedom Burma . He is hero among the anti-military but monk should neither be terrorist nor extremist . Buddha teach us mitta (love&kindness) , tolerance & sympathy to others whatever they are. So if he likes to live as monkhood , be practic Buddha teaching and unless disrobe is better for him.

    • FYI. He was jailed in 2003 for the very crimes he is committing again right now not because he fought the dictatorship. The only difference is the burmese government appears to give him a free pass this time plus his scatterbrain followers. He is so far safe from both constitutional and street justice. perhaps, someone might want to send an armed drone to him.

  26. The Qur’an clearly says, “There is no compulsion in religion” (2:257).

    Isn’t this one of the verses abrogated by ‘Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them (2:191-193)”?

    Certainly Buddhists have experienced a lot of compulsion from Muslims over the past 1400 years…

    Hope soon Burma will become a true peaceful country…..

    • Dear Win Oo.

      The real translation of the Quran 2:191-193 is ” make peace with the Muslims, respect and recognise their rights and dont start the fight with Muslims. If you oppressed and start the fight, then the Muslims are obliged to kill you in self defense ”

      I am not making this up, go read it yourself here :

      Burma will only become a peaceful country if the people try to learn to understand each other and respect each other’s rights and beliefs ….

  27. There is only one GOD. He is mighty and almighty. No one can understand about HIM fully. Christian perspective? Islamic perspective? Buddhist perspective? No teaching is good enough to uncover about GOD. So, instead of barking like dogs at each other, we all need to try to practice LOVE, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS to live godly lives. Hostile religion is winning no soul.

  28. Human migration happens around the world. Millions of Burmese migrate into Thailand and Malaysia illegally. Millions of Latinos migrated into the US illegally. Bengali people migrated into Burma illegally. Chinese people migrated throughout the world illegally. What is a big deal? The earth belong to all human beings. Some move to the West and some are heading to the East. Millions head to the North and millions head to the south. Mon and Rakhine kingdoms became states. Burma will not be forever Buddhist nation. It can become an Islamic nation one day if the Burmese are fighting in the wrong way. If Burma becomes Rohingya kingdom, what will be a big deal? What goes around comes around.

    • I salute you dear sir, the wisest of them all.

      Muslims have been around in Burma since the 13th century or maybe earlier, coming in either from India or China or even the sea route from the Middle East, and still the Muslims in Burma at present are only around 5% of the entire population ( note that the Christians in Burma are now at 4% and growing due to missionary activities ! ). The same thing with India, the Muslim Moghul ruled the sub-continent and yet, the country is still overwhelmingly Hindus … The Muslims even entered the service of the Thai King, taking up post as high as the Prime Minister, and yet Thailand is still a Buddhist country. The Chams in Cambodia are muslims since centuries and cambodia is still a proud Buddhist. Not to mention China, a communist nation, with no state religion and to the extent of discouraging religion, still houses millions of Muslims and yet China is still as it is …

      Indeed, it is not a big deal …

      The Mongol hordes raided the Islamic Middle East as animists, destroying Baghdad, the most remarkable center of learning of the day to ruin and rubles, and guess what, the hordes returned to their grass lands as Muslims, establishing Khanates in Central Asia and the Moghul Empire in India and even helping to establish Islam further more in China under the Yuan Dynasty ….

      Now, the Burmese are busy eradicating and killing the Muslims, and who knows, God’s willing, that they too will be like the Mongols in the end.

      Indeed, what goes around comes around !!

        FAT FAT
        WELL DONE!

        nb:The King of Burma had
        Twenty Thousand Muslim Soldiers,
        Runners/Fighters/Ministers etc

      • Hey Fatty,
        You just pounded it like Mike Tyson. Left hook, right hook and knocked it down. Real religion will win in the long run. Fake ones will diminish and disappear one day. Worshiping a living GOD will lead us into victory.

  29. Ludu, I am a Buddhist and agree with you, Wirathu is no monk, he should be taken into custody for preaching hate and to incite disturbances before the situation gets worst, we want peace and harmony in the country and not sectarian violence.,he is a wolf in sheep clothing. The Sangha Committee should disrobe him, he is giving a bad image to the good monks who preaches Dhamma and also a bad name to Buddhism. The government should weed out the Muslims who are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and give citizen rights to those who are citizens if we want to be a peaceful Democratic Country under the rule of LAW.

  30. Agreed with your statements. Although I do not know how this monk is actually involved, I’d say it is all in the checks and balances to ensure these aliens don’t weave into our people and dominate us.

  31. Sir Winstant Churchill (A Bull Dog) consulted “The Quran” to fight WW11 and British Colony helped……
    Quran Is Healing etc:
    “Never Past Always Present…..”
    Yousef Ali Translated The Quran
    In English
    Reading Quran;
    Will Speak to you
    S40 / 1 , 2 , 3, 4
    Cats Steven became A muslim,
    looking for perfect Muslim……
    Gave Up!
    Almighty Is Perfect

    nb: I am Student
    I learn Every Day
    My father sent me to St Patrick

  32. you don’t need to be a nonMuslim to point at the flaws of the Quran. A Dr Nayar from India, highly appreciated by extremist Muslims for his hate preachings, said that the dynamiting of the Giant Bamiyan Buddhas by the taliban or al-Qaida terrorists is justified because Afghanistan is an islamic country and for the nonbelievers, also Kafirs, should take the destruction of idols as natural course since islam is against worship of idols. Now if in a nonmuslim country the muslim mosques and madrasas including those highrise minarets are dynamited away, I think Dr Nayar will not have anything to say. Since these symbols or muslim faith are not home to those coutnries.

  33. Hi concerned…I like the answer by a Germanium Muslim Scholar when he was asked about Terrorism and Islam: He said.
    Who started the first World War? Muslims?
    Who started the second World War ? Muslims?
    Who killed about 20 millions of Aborigines? Muslims?
    Who sent the Nuclear Bombs of Hiroshima & Nagasaki? Muslims?
    Who killed more than 50 millions of Indians in South America? Muslims?
    Who took about 180 millions of African people as Slaves 88% of them died and thrown
    in Atlantic ocean? Muslims ?
    No…they were not Muslims!
    First of all, you have to define terrorism properly.
    If a non Muslim do something bad it is a crime.
    But if a Muslim commit same. He is terrorist.
    So first remove this double standard then come to the point.

  34. Han… In this case you should ask each and every Burmese citizens, to return to Burma, from Muslim countries and fight whom ever you wish. Why are they working in those countries without any harm to their properties, and lives.
    Can you tell me why in 60s thousands of Chinese in Burma were murdered, robbed, and burnt alive. Any answer?
    It’s because you are jealousy of their wealth. There is a saying earn like Chinese, save like Indians and don’t spend like Burmese.
    Many Christian Karens, Shans, and Kachins are daily raped and killed by Burmese Buddisht army. Any answer?
    People like you are anti democratic. And few bad bunch of fake monks are tarnishing the good image of Burma.

  35. Than Shwe has murdered monks, students, public and now the Muslims. This bastd, should be in international court in Hague. The sooner the better. Wirathu will face natural punishment from Buddha. Just wait and see. He is illiterate fake monk. At the age of 17 he became a beggar fake monk. What do you expect from him. Destruction of Burma.

  36. Looking back into history,you cannot put the blame on Virathu.How Buddism and Buddhist were destroyed in India?Almost all Buddhists were killed if they were not turned into Islam.How ‘s about Buddhism destruction in Indonesia?Well,Wirathu has just wanted to save Buddhism in any ways it works for his home land.

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