7 Responses to ‘They Must Apologize to the People’

  1. All bama military generals are responsible. They can not say that they follow the order because those killing orders are not come from people elected governments all along in Burma. Bama generals learned from the common human ethnics and morals principle from their KG levels but their notorious defense service academy (DSA) may teach them in different inhuman way. Those generals are lazy and idiot so they joins and joined DSA as opportunistic. One bama soldier said he was hit by bullet to his abdomen from ethnics so he is brave and valuable than DASSK. However, he did not know he killed and is killing ethnics in unfair war and battle from his higher grade of weapons financed by ordinary people money. In fact, all thura, maha in Bama army are rubbished as those are killing weaker own people (all ethnics , students and monks) in own country.
    All reasons they say and said are not the excuse to avoid their crimes against humanity. Fox than shwe is the most cruel soldier so he makes 2008 Nargic military casual killing and raping right into his than shwe’s law with the slogan of bamanization and Buddhisniszation again and again now with continuing killing innocent people in Burma. Fox is the chairman of security council who can make coup any time with his child soldier min aung hlaing. Burmese military government is just about change of the name to thein sein government, making tricks to EU, US and Japan. Idiot ming aung hlaing said , bama military can rule, can kill and can rape Burma anytime and any reason they like to maintain their power for discipline democracy. “White is white” but he wants to say “white is not black” in the interpretation of democracy. How ming aung hlaing and his boss than shwe are low born and low education in the philosophy of about their explanation of white and black. In this aspect, Chairman Moa is far better than those bama military generals.
    Cruel fox than shwe makes use of DASSK to release economic sanction and playing the game between China and US to divide Burma into two pieces in the aspect of continuing killing all ethnics. Fox knows and realize UN and US are paper tiger , China are money and business hunger, some monks are poor, low born and naive and some Arakanese are snakes ( nationalist) and all ethnics are helpless because of useless on paper Panglong agreement.

  2. If they do not apologize, their sins are not forgiven. And they are going to HELL for good.

  3. The worst group of people are actually the so-called Burmese intellectuals who persisently called on Su Kyi to give up during that critical moment when it was quite obvious even to a foreigner like me that the murderer Generals could not hold on for much longer,it was a matter of weeks,months,or at most years when they had to change course,and change they did.
    The sad thing is that I can now see those rather stupid intellectuals of Burma busily setting themselves up as very clever political observers,people of Burma wake up and tell these idiots to go to Hell,it is where they deserve to go!

    • The can not only hold on but also tighten the grip on NLD regime. Jack, please study Egypt and Thailand. How many military coups did they have? In fact with goid guidance military can run a parallel government making NLD regime a paper tiger. I predict that is how Burmese politics will evolve.
      Suu Aris will fail miserably whatevet happrns as she has no substance at all. Governing is not fashion show you know? Look at the real women like Angela Merkel of Germany and Christine Legarde of IMF. Suu Aris pales into insignificance. She can’t even run a corner shop.
      All her life was just a housewife.
      She is definitely cunning. She knows how to exploit innocent, ignorant and emotional Burmese people who keep dreaming of General Aung San. Such pitiful people.

    • Jack the lad, you are so funny.

  4. Allow me to interupt. My investigations showed that Thein Sein releassed the prisoners after Crown Prince Shwebomin of Burma (aka) Kronprinz Schwebomin von Birma ( much hated by some Burmese – without reason) instructed him to do so.
    Also, we discovered that Suu Aris’s release from house arrest was timed by His Royal Higjness. I dare Irrawaddy to publish this post.
    Will Irrawaddy censor it?
    How brave and truthful is Irrawaddy?
    How about publishing http://www.royalburmasociety.yolasite.com

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