7 Responses to ‘They Are Helping Generals to Become Millionaires—People Are Angry at That’

  1. Well said about old building renovating into new building and make good use of it by renting to NGO for a good cause but think again, most of this so called old building will be given to cronies that will build their empire and make a huge profit out of it. So in anyway, they all owe everything and we are just living in their mercy still.

  2. It makes me so sick. Fake democracy in Myanmar brings good fortune to the criminal generals. Even the UNICEF is in the pockets of the generals whose wealth do not match their legal incomes. Laundered and bloodstained money in the hands of dictators legally transforms into clean money through UN Agencies. So sickening.

  3. Why must they be based in Yangon (and I don’t necessarily mean Nay Pyi Taw as an alternative)? Many NGOs seem to make do with less expensive and controversial facilities and a proportionately smaller staff. The gravy train rolls on for both sides… and a fair proportion of both their money does not seem to go to where it should.

  4. UNs are paying so much money to Cronies’ buildings!1!
    for Local staff, the salary is smaller than peanuts. they are helping the cronies grow fat, paying for their social welfare but not local people who are in real need.

  5. As soon as they became generals,deputy mininisters or ministers,their first priority is to get a land in good location,build their houses with almost discount prices(free price) of all the construction materials from state owned factories.Nearly 90% lower than the ordinary citizen had to pay.
    They are so quick to snag.

  6. It was a very good discussion. Burma is a place like London and New York now. However, only corrupted people would be able to live in Rangoon later. People talk something but behave differently and therefore, Myanmar military trained mind set will never get starved but people around them. In future, it would be difficult to find good and honest people in Myanmar but corrupted and hypocritical people. On the other hand, military rule will never help a country grow at all but destruction. Thailand should learn from this and must be very thoughtful by now seriously not to end up like Myanmar.

  7. Who owns . what. when and how. That depends on verifiable evidences. Tranparency accountability does it exist in Myanmar both in the public and private sectot. I can offer a two pyas worth– on Why. THe answer can be observed in the SYSTEM DYNAMICs— the political economic system , structure and process that are still unfolding. The military predatory state through rent seeking have accumulated wealth and concentrated-consolidated power and influence in Burma. 5 plus decades the militaristic core– has based governance on a “national security doctrine” Our duty and responsibilities, non- disintegration of the Union etc , the 1974,2008 Constituitions ( after scrapping the 1948 consn)is the ruling military elites coda. THey and their associates – the new class cronies and people dependent on the political economic spaces the state and government of the day has allowed to function will and will never allow others to “power sharing” . To me Myanmar is a neo-corporatist state in the making based on Military Instituitionalism— and National Security Creedo. Civil society has to confront the others in their environment with fortitude, moral strength and the will to carry on the struggle against the common people of Burma’s enemys, whoever they are, whereever they are. WE are the makers of our own history and Nation.

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