The Killing in Kachin State Must Stop

As the year comes to a close, Burma’s Tatamadaw, or armed forces, is moving in for the kill. Its Christmas offensive in Kachin State is reaching a fever pitch, as jet fighters and helicopter gunships blast away at Lajayang, a strategically important outpost just 11 km from the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) stronghold of Laiza.

A year and a half into the conflict in Burma’s northernmost state, the country’s military shows no signs of relenting in its efforts to crush the KIA, the last major ethnic armed group to engage in combat with government forces. Rather than letting peace negotiators bring the fighting to an end as they have elsewhere, the Tatmadaw appears determined to settle matters its own way, through brute force.

So far, no casualties have been reported in Friday’s blitzkrieg, although the numbers of dead and wounded will surely be high when they come in. No doubt this will satisfy some in the Tatmadaw, who will see it as fit retaliation for the heavy casualties reportedly suffered by Burmese soldiers in ground clashes. But no amount of killing will ever even the score in this senseless war, which has left around 100,000 civilians homeless and forced countless others to live in fear for their lives or those of their loved ones.

No one who really knows Burma is under any illusion that the recent detente between the military-dominated government and the democratic opposition has ushered in a new era of lasting peace. Despite the progress the country has made over the past year, many potential flashpoints remain, as the tragic events in Arakan State since this June have demonstrated. The Burmese military is wrong to believe that the tenuous peace in other parts of Burma has given it a free hand to handle the Kachin conflict as it pleases. All it is doing is fanning the flames of ethnic resentment, and making real peace harder to achieve in the long run.

On Wednesday, President Thein Sein chastised Burma’s government for its continuing corruption. It’s all well and good to tell civilian administrators that they shouldn’t take bribes or pilfer public funds, but until the president can bring the Tatmadaw to heel, his words will ring hollow.

Burma faces many challenges in the years ahead, but it must not forget that the root of all its problems has been its failure to address the needs and aspirations of its ethnic peoples. Burma has had more than half a century of forced “unity,” and will remain at war with itself for decades to come unless the Tatmadaw is called back to the barracks and the government begins taking its own job much more seriously.

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  1. To cure a sickness, we have to know what cause the sickness first. Kachin war is very complicated issue and it is a very dark and evil in nature. For the fueling of that war 2 foreign countries and Burmese military is benifitted for it and innocent Kachin civillians are paying the price with their life and lifelyhood that they know. I am not bluntly accusing of 2 foreign countries and Burmese Military. First, let me name 2 countries which are benifitted from this war and want to see the will of Kachin people to be equal with other people around the world to wipe clean off from the surface of this earth is (1) India and (2) China. Every one with little knowledge in Burma politic knows that if Kachin people have to kneel for Burmese Military, Chinese southern province will be hughly benifit from it and some of Burmese military cronies will become wealthy people from Chinese bribe by selling their own country and people for their wealth. However, interesting enough, why is India in the same rotten, smelly. disgusting fish?
    India is a democratic country and should be sided with Burmese Democratic opposition group. However, in political sciences, nations are bow to do their nation interests before idealogy similarity. So, what are India interests in Kachin state? (1) India believe that some of the separatist groups of India are based in Burma soil, which include Kachin state. (2) India want to expand it’s influence to southern neighbour which include economy and geo politic. (3) India want to recontrol India ocen and Bay of Bangol without any other nation challenges, (Now China has agreement with Burma for it’s Ship to dock and stay in southern tip of Burma. Global players are not only USA, China, Russia and European countries. Sometime your closest neighbour also is the majour player to shape your country.
    It did not surprise me that swiss made rockets were capture by KIA which was supply by Indian government to Burmese Military. India is in Burmese dirty little civil war. Now that world start to know which countries are full support of of Kachin war behind Burmese Military, Burmese Military will try to finish and kill of KIA as soon as possible. Is Obama hands clean from innocent Kachin people blood? I believe Irrawaddy readers are smart enough to answer that question. Be strong Kachin people. It may be darkest hour for your people, it also is the best time for yourself to stand up for tyranny and opression from within the country and from outside. Don’t give up. Death is a better choice than being slaves.

  2. I agree that Burma needs to address the needs and aspirations of its ethnic peoples through peaceful win-win negotiation approach. We need to remember that there are two parties in this conflict and KIA also has to take its own responsibility for not being able to stop this renewed armed conflict. It is the KIA who refuses to discuss ceasefire first. In any conflict situation, cessation of hostilities is the very first step. It is worth taking note that 10 out of 11 armed groups have already achieved this first step (ceasefire). In my view, KIA wants to earn political capital through refusal of ceasefire first approach and this (wrong) approach is backfiring them. To be fair, no army will sit and watch when KIA attacks police outposts, blew up railways, bridges etc. At the end of the day, it is the country and its people who will lose.

    • Oh come on, bring me better arguments than silly KIA is blowing up bridges, railways, attacking police posts ones! You must ask yourself first why these things are happening in the first place. KIA refuses to sign the ceasefire agreement because they’ve learned the true nature of evil Burma army in very hard ways. They’ve sacrificed too much for toeing the generals’ lines.

      What is the Burma army doing while talking about these fake ceasefire agreements? Why are they sending all of their troops to the Kachin State to wipe out the KIA if they genuinely want peace there? Why are they using all these war planes and fighter jets to exterminate the KIA? Are all these atrocious acts to bring peace in Kachin State? I think that you will not do anything different from what KIA is doing if you were in their position.

      Preaching peace while brainwashed, inhuman, reckless soldiers are raping every single one of your family is definitely not the best possible way to achieve that peace.

    • Dear Active Myanmar
      Please, do not use the name of Myanmar. Myanmar means bama only from my feeling because its name is came from bama military thugs. You must be aware that Burma is not only belonged to bama (myanmar) only as it is union of Burma after independence in Law. Burma means all ethnics apart from bama. You must also keep in mind that 40% of total population of Burma is ethnics. Because of bamanization by all bama governments, ethnic populations, cultures, languages, educations, wealth and lands are significantly affected. It needs compensation forever for bama government’s wrong doing in term of without honoring Panglong agreement. You must also know that Kachin is the first ethnics in Burma to rebel and conquer the Japanese invasion in Burma before General Aung San betrayed his Japanese (friends) occupation. General Aung San, in his speech promised that “if bama has one kyat, each ethnic has one kyat equally for Burma independence from his request to all ethnics unity to help him, not under him”. It means ethnic has equal right with bama. All ethnics are not under General Aung San as well as not under bama , particularly not under bama military thugs. From my understanding , in law, the president of Burma must be all ethnics in rotation , not bama president forever. After DASSK, it should be ethnic president in Burma. It is rule of law. One said that DASSK has Karen blood from her mother side but Bama army killed famous Karen chief as well as Karen ethnic cleansing during Japanese invasion with the help of General Aung San ( see UK news blamed on General Aung San). You must also know that 20% of famous Rangoon university are Karen when General Aung San was studying in this university. It means Karen are highly educated in term of their low population, compared to bama. The reason of Karen separation was due to the unreasonable dismiss of the the highest Burmese military chief, Karen general by U Nu with the aim of raising of notorious Ne win.The start of Karen eruption was due to the assassination of Karen famous politician, UK law graduate by U Nu and Ne win. You must know that ethnic is not first to start to kill bama in the roots or reasons of all civil wars in Burma.
      Do not look down Kachin as well as all ethnics (brave personality, intelligent, lovely culture and education). If you still do not understand the Burma history, you should be sent to India for study now. During British occupation, Burma was under India rule so India has a lot of documents regarding to Burma. Than shwe destroyed General Aung San photo and Burmese history because than shwe thinks General Aung San is too naive to initiate and sign the Panglong agreement. Than shwe also thinks woman is no value in Burma so he orders raping is reward for poor bama soldier so he do look down DASSK as a Non-capable Lady Dynasty (NLD). Than shwe is now creating second Panglong agreement with the help of NLD for replacing bama national hero, General Aung San with his name, Bama national hero and king than shwe in future. Now, India is fully aware that raping is the worst inhuman behavior in Indian culture. You are not good in Bama culture because your teacher is than shwe and thein sein. I feels nauseated when you use your name as Myanmar which means rapist as well as casual killer. Please, do not appear as Myanmar in the news column of “democratic voice of Burma” as well.

  3. Active Myanmar,
    I don’t think I can agree with your statement. It is as easy as it can be to get cease fire. KIA already had cease fire agreement even earlier than any other arm ethnic groups. However you fail to mention that point. Why is that Burmese military government fail to bridge lasting peace with KIA when they had cease fire agreement? Where is political dialogue with any of the ethnic groups? Does military government or Thein Sein government promote equality and Federalism of Ethnic people or do they even treat the ethnic people with dignity and respect in ethnic people own homeland? All Burmese military ever do is force all ethnic groups to obey their demands and rule with cruelity. Country property can be built only after just law exist in our society, otherwise those country properties will be tools to torture and wipe out the ambition and free will to survive as ethnic people. Ethnic people always want to be free as much as Burman want to be free from British colony. However, it doesn’t mean that ethnic people are promoting separatism. Non of the ethnic people in Burma which include Burman will survive if we break up. However, it doesn’t mean that ethnic people should not decide how they want to live in their land.
    On the other hand, it sounds like you want to talk about “Rule of Law”. Any action which erode the rule of law is not moral!!!!! Is it really immoral which erode rule of law, whether it is civil disobedience or arm struggle? Is it moral when Burmese soldiers shelling innocent civillians homes? It is moral killing because Burmese Military is legal government and it’s action is perfectly allow???? If the government actions are not met with resonable logic questions, we are heading back to another dictatorship age. Waging war has to be the very last choice. War destroy lives and wealth. War has to stop. Burmese military is much stronger than KIA does, so Burmese military must stop attacking first and withdraw it’s soldiers and create political climate to negotiate a contract for all the people inside Burma to live peacefully. Peace should be ahead of war.

    • Dear Tom Tun
      I agree with your opinion dated on 29-12-2012. The first one you wrote is not as important as i think because there is no free lunch in the world. China, Russia, India, US, UK and EU are in the same boat for the sake of their own country respectively. The root or reason of killing Kachin is as follows.
      Than shwe and thein sein are planing to bamanization. DASSK will help them to get forgiveness from some naive bama and monks. After raping, killing or making weakness of all Burmese ethnics, the bama military thugs will introduce the second Panglong agreement and force all ethnics to sign this unfair agreement. In the new second Panglong agreement, there is no autonomy and no federalism. The payment responsibility and duty to Chinese or Indian investment loan for Burma are from our children, particularly all ethnics, not from corrupted bama military thugs and their crony. Therefore, than shwe finds the good reason ( demanding border guard force under his total control ) to break the 17 year ceasefire agreement. Then, kill all ethnics , particularly brave Kachin as possible as they can before forcing second Panglong agreement. After second Panglong agreement, the role of General Aung San (GAS) will be gradually disappeared and than shwe will be bama national hero in future. Thein sein and than shwe might get green light from Obama (USA) as well with the reason of introducing second Panglong agreement. Let see time is the matter to prove DASSK wants to be bamanization or not very soon. Now, DASSK has no reason to keep silent in all ethnic issue. DASSK could not or should not say the ethnic issues is complicated one , like Rohingya issue so it need to apply rule of law on which DASSK stresses repeatedly. DASSK must give her opinion , based on the rule of Law . If so, DASSK has to press than shwe , thein sein to honor Panglong agreement by abiding the law in order to fulfill late General Aung San’ Kyat slogan speech. In this speech, GAS said “if bama has one kyat (dollar), each ethnic has one kyat equally.”
      It might be possible that Kachin will destroy the Shwe gas pipe line to affect the China if there is no place to go for them from the result of full scale invasion and assault of bama army with air and tank power. By doing so earlier , China will be involved in the fact finding mission ( reason for broken ceasefire agreement and reaching concrete solution), initiated by USA.
      Or negotiate with China to sell their Kachin land for self-defense. Offering the better term to China might be the best feasible option for Kachin to solve out this problem in order to avoid ethnic cleansing from than shwe and thein sein. Do not wait for the arrival of fact finding mission from USA because than shwe can delay the grant of visa to Obama with the reason of heavy fighting in Kachin area (Obama’s men are not brave enough to go to the fighting area). Syria is using air power and tanks to suppress his own people with the backing of China and Russia veto in UN. Than shwe and thein sein is copying from Syria. Ms. Clinton will resign from her post so there is no lip service from USA anymore for the use of massive (air and tanks) military power on own people. China is busy with Dai yu island dispute with Japan, USA with gun law, India with rape victim, UK and French with poor EU economy and Russia with Putin’s power stability. The news of Syria and Egypt are more important than Kachin’s dying, death and raping Kachin. Indian lady is more valuable and precious than Kachin ( see no TV news for raping Kachin ladies).
      DASSK is busy with copper mining issue and injured Buddhist monks affair. Thein sein is busy with drafting new immigration law for Rohingya and oversea Burmese returnee how to control them. Also busy with building bama economy to diffuse anti-Chinese atmosphere with the hope of more Chinese investment for their crony. Rohingya are already confined in the poor camps for control and execution on them for the sake of naive Rakhine nationalist, particularly idiot Dr—-. Some Buddhist monks are happy with the suppression of Muslim religion. Military chief , Min aung laing is incapable (crying face) so as to be a royal dog of than shwe. Rival , Min ko naing is neglected by DASSK who is surrounded by former bama military men. Khin Nyunt wants to help DASSK. There is no unity in Burma except USDP (Unethical Sitha Disorder Party), than shwe and thein sein political party. The future coalition is NLD (Non-capable Lady Dynasty) and USDP which will rule Burma with the way of bamanization. In future , there is the Lady Dynasty in Asia due to the current Australia ,Thailand , Korean Lady prime ministers . Lady Dynasty is potential in Taiwan, HK , Japan and finally China. DASSK herself has strong confident to be next prime minister without military power due to reason of unrest Burmese ethnics. Former Muslim lady prime minister (Benazia Bhutto) was assassinated so it seems to me that female leader is not long survival in Muslim countries. Sonia Gandi is seemed to be ill ( new of surgical operation in Cancer hospital) however she still has a chance to be Indian prime minister in future. Do not look down lady whether good or bad or ugly.
      Some mislead the world that thein sein will honor Panglong agreement to all ethnics once ethnics agree ceasefire in the first stage. In fact, bama negotiator says political dialogue with all ethnics is for second stage discussion. It does not mention to honor Panglong agreement at once. What is the second stage of political dialogue in which there is any establishment of border guard, totally controlled by bama military thugs? DASSK mentions second Panglong agreement. I would like to know what is the content of second Panglong agreement instead of first Panglong agreement. It might be possible that the initiator , General Aung San is dead and first Panglong agreement is out of date and overdue in rule of Law. It is not valid now. Please, note that important of rule of Law is stressed by DASSK repeatedly, not me in this regards. All the ethnics have already disbelieved the bama military thugs anymore for the promise of second stage of political dialogue. Long live all Burmese ethnics , particularly brave Kachin. Down fall “bamanization” with tricky second Panglong agreement.

    • @ Ative Myanmar don’t you forget you yourself was raped by this military government. Put yourself in Kachin’s shoes that you were raped, this people have bad memory caused by military. If you are bumese, you need ensure other ethnic groups are secured, if not you yourself can never be secured!

  4. The reason KIA attack outpost is, there were so much rape and killing crimes committed by BURMESE ARMY onto KACHIN civilians. Look at Rakhine, they killed 10 muslims becuase of 1 BUREMSE GIRL was raped. In KACHIN, there were more than 100 cases of rape commited by BURMESE ARMY.

  5. So why doesn’t the UNFC and NDF members show solidarity with the KIO/KIA by giving the government two weeks to stop fighting or all ceasefire agreements are null and void with fighting to resume to support the KIA? Why does not ASSK state she will resign from parliament if the government does stopping fighting in two weeks? Why..because they all have their own selfish interests, but blame the British and the government for separating them. How sad, as the government will come after them next. Apparently, there is not enough suffering yet!!

  6. Correction: Should read- Why does not ASSK state she will resign from parliament if the government doesn’t stopping fighting in two weeks? .

    • Dear Bo Phyu
      I guess that both China and India must influence in UNFC as well as NDF. respectively. I am sure Wa army is under the influence of China. Communist China is idiot and unwise in foreign policy , particularly for Burma, in term of chance of huge investment but fortunately Ms Clinton, i admire is ill for China benefit. I am very sorry for her illness and suffering. Ms Clinton is the greatest woman in the world because she helps Burma to keep on democracy with her advice of Obama visit to Rangoon. Beautiful Ms Clinton should be noble price winner as well as the next president of USA she is value. If Ms Clinton is not ill, she will say something on Kachin issue and she will fly to Burma definitely for Kachin. At least, US initiates the fact finding of Kachin’s issue as it might be advised from Ms. Clinton.
      Therefore , Kachin issue is very important. If Kachin win the war or receiving international pressure significantly or lower ranks of bama army realizing their sympathy or ethical feeling on Kachin , others will unite with Kachin for conquer. Kachin conquer is real than shwe’s failure. Rapist is now in the position of international condemnation but DASSK, the lady, former Indian student is busy with other affairs and forgets about the rule of law.

  7. Dear readers!
    Yes Killing in the Kachin must stop. These KIA thugs are digging in their defacto state and killing innocent people across the kachin state. Their shameless gurellia ware fare like using civalians as shield, bombing railway track, raping Shans and other ethnic,assination, killing others and killing among themselves. What good thing they are doing for Kachin people. Nothing. When their propagand machine say equality among the union, but look at their organisation. Only the Jingphaw ethnic can be the leader even among Kachins, and worse for other ethnic like shans. They will carried out extra juridisial killing especially on Shans ethnic if shans are not co operative. In reality the KIA and KIO just want to continue the so called arm struggle to maintain their own profits. For the last 17 years they have been benefiting from the trade, mining and logging. Who get most benefits. The elite leader of KIA and KIO. While the normal kachin are fighting in front line the children of their KIO elite are enjoying life in overseas like Singapore, USA, China and Hong Kong. What a shameless KIA. These KIA and KIO just using Kachins cause to benefits for their own. The peace negotiating team of the goverrnment has already tried so hard to bring peace upon Kachin land. But these elusive thugs keep demanding out of their capacity. The buffalo will not understand even if you keeping playing harp near it. These thugs don’t understand what is the diplomacy or civalised human meeting. Now they are getting their ass kick and asking for international sympathy. But who will give the sympathy for those victims of KIA brutality. So many countless barbaric act of KIA will not go notice. No KIA must be punished for what they did to the Kachin people. The fact is forget about the diplomacy with them. For the KIA, they don’t understand what the diplomacy is. They only know looting, raping and killing. For the sake of the peace in Kachin land, KIA must be wiped out once and for all. The educated kachin and Shans are already coming forward for post KIA and KIO period. Remember terrorist don’t belong to the civalised world.Kachin and Shan brother ans sister, its time to dismantle this evil KIA&KIO outfit. But remember , no pain no gain. Hope KIA&KIO will soon be over and peace will come along after that. May peace come along to the Kachinland in 2013 and good bless you.

    • haha.. it’s you that’s the regime thug. Shan Lay.. nice nickname bro. Keep faking your name like you’re Shan. Nobody knows that. Welcome to the internet!

  8. I am so used to calling my country “Burma” that I feel upset when the name of my beloved country was changed to “Myanmar”. On the contrary to your belief, however, I was explained that “Myanmar” is inclusive of all ethnic groups where as “Bama” stands for typical Burmese only. In any case, it’s trivial matter because names are like labels and we know Burma or Myanmar points to the same geographic location on a map. I am Shan and proud to be one and if you are a Kachin, you should be proud of your roots too. At the same time, we should feel united because we were born and raised in the same country.
    The British Empire in the late 1800s has given the name “Burma” to our country and I believe that’s one of the reasons the Burmese military regime wanted to change the name to Myanmar. I am sure you know that India had also changed the names of their many cities and towns. Bombay is now called Mumbai and Calcutta is now called Kolkata. The names of many former British colonies have also been changed. For instance, Rhodesia is now Zimbabwe and Ceylon is now called Sri Lanka. So, I think you should not sweat small stuff. Also, Myanmar does not mean killer or rapist as you stated. Some Myanmar soldiers probably killed and raped innocent civilians but to include all Myanmar into the same lot is simply wrong.
    On another note, my father who worked as a civilian in the British Army during WWII, retreated to the north with Brigadier John F. Bowerman of the Chinese 6th Army, then he lived with the Kachins in the jungle for a year, while recruiting the Kachins to fight against the Japanese. So, yes, we owe the Kachins as well as the Shans and others who fought for Burma’s independence. Sadly, the Ne Win government detained my father who was Secretary of Shan State in 1962 and sent him to Insein prison for 5 years. I lived long enough to see that Karma caught up with the Ne Win family; his grandsons were sent to Insein prison for more than 5 years and I believe one of the grandsons is still there.

    • Dear Ordnry1
      I sympathy on you and your family suffering in the hand of notorious Ne win. I also take this opportunity to thank Chinese 6th Army for fighting Japanese occupation in Burma. The Myitkyina battle between Japanese army and Chinese army is the crucial one for Burma as well as all Asia ( India) for freedom. Now, China is claiming the crucial and main roles of Chinese army in that battle although Chinese army was under Allied force commander at that battle. China is now accusing of the Allied force commander for his wrong doing of military strategy with evidence ( delayed his order of successive attack on Japanese army ) in the unnecessary heavy loss of Chinese soldier in face to face street fight in Myitkyina. In fact, it is not the Allied force and Allied soldiers to initial fight with brave Japanese army in this Myitkyina battle. Those histories are not well known by some bama who try to blame ethnic Chinese when there was and is always bad and poor economy in Burma, manipulated by bama military thugs. Some bama should know Chinese, not like British to rule Burma but Chinese helps Burma independence as well as Asia freedom with the most crucial role in world war 2 battles.
      In the aspect of name of Burma and Myanmar country, it is my individual feeling as i prefer Burma than Myanmar. During British rule , there is no discrimination on ethnics by British in history. Nobody dare to look down or bully all ethnics in Burma. 20% of Rangoon University population was Karen although Karen’s total population in Burma was far less than that of bama. All old bama told me that British ruling in Burma is Khit-Kaung which means in Burmese the best century, compared to idiot U Nu’s rule ( made use of Buddhism to get vote, to suppress Christian Kachin and Karen) and all bama military thugs’ rule. Becoming Mumbai city from Bombay is decision of democratically elected India government for their own reason with possible different story from our Burma. India country is still India, named by English language accordingly. Old Indian might hate British rule when they compare British rule with their democratically elected government. In short, when British named Burma, Burma has no discrimination in each others, particularly from bama on all ethnics. When bama military thugs named Myanmar, they are killing and raping all ethnics with the intention of bamanization. By calling Myanmar county (named by bama military thugs), i feel nauseated with the association of right to killing and raping all ethnics casually by bama soldiers, reinforced by Nargic-than shwe 2008 constitution. I do not mean all bama soldiers rape ethnics.
      I do not know how to call Bama in Shan language. China country is named by English and is used happily until now as it only means correct English language. However, Communist Chinese change their names of cities ( from Peking to Bejing due to the correct pronunciation in Bejing language ). I have no objection or support in name change of Rangoon to Yangon as most of the population in Rangoon are richer bama than ethnics. Shan,Kachin, Chin, Karen, Kaya and other ethnics must have their capital cities respectively with their language names accordingly in Englsih. English is first common world language in the world. Change of China, country to Chung Kok (Mandarin pronunciation ) will adversely affect the post office or airport staffs around the world for efficient functioning at least. All post office staffs initially will argue with or ask you what is the country of Chung Kok or Myanmar. You need time for clarification and confirmation in both parties. Those staffs need additional training or new English dictionary book or unnecessary updating information in the aspect of English language corrected by Bama language expert. Idiot bama military thugs with outdated psychological expert opinion from than shwe does not count on the difficulty in people around the world. Because arrogant than shew thinks he is king and wants to be well-known internationally as a bama nationalist hero, over General Aung San. Low educated, non-English speaking Than shwe does not consider risk and benefit for all his own people except his bamanization. However, , it is up to you to prefer Myanmar than Burma country. For the world most poorest country, although ruled by English man for 100 years in the past, i hope people in the world will understand why our English language standard is very poor from the English teaching of arrogant than shwe.

      • Ordnry 1 wrote: “On the contrary to your belief, however, I was explained that “Myanmar” is inclusive of all ethnic groups where as “Bama” stands for typical Burmese only.”
        I agree with you that the pronunciation of Burma is very close to Bama. I am not the Burmese and English language expert for the naming of our country. It should be discussed in the real democratically elected parliament that which is the most appropriate English name and symbol of Burmese flag in term of inclusive of all ethnics equally. If Myanmar is inclusive of all ethnics , it is happy to be accepted. It is also called Karma caught up with Than shwe as well because of his intention of bamanization with his arrogant king manner. However, i hope it turns out to be good for all ethnics who will conquer than shwe very soon with the name of Myanmar ( unity of all ethnics and bama).

  9. A letter from somebody in the Burmese military would be useful here, with something a bit more detailed than ‘self defence’ in it. What pipelines and other infrastructure is being built in the region? What is Burma’s policy as far as trade and movement of people over the next decade in the region. Without information, it smells like ethnic cleansing, which as we know is the polite way to say genocide.

  10. IndependentMedia_NoFundingRequired

    Where is the news about KIA beheaded the POW of Burmese Soldiers?

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