Burma: The Next Great Land Tenure Reform Story?

Countries that have achieved development success made reforms that put land ownership or long-term land rights into the hands of small farmers. Can Burma go the same way?


During Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s visit to the US this month experts called on policymakers to reestablish cooperation between the US military and the Burma Army.

The US should keep targeted sanctions in place while providing a constructive pathway forward to eliminate remaining sanctions as Burma continues its process of democratic reform. 

Seemingly minor procedural differences in the planning of the 21st Century Panglong Conference emerged out of two different schools of political thought.

A massive tin mining boom underway in United Wa State Army territory may be set for a decline, according to an international industry body.

How Ultra-Nationalism Undermines Democratization and Reconciliation

The peace process and the ultra-nationalist movement have long been seen as distinct and unconnected problems. They’re not.

Searching for Equality in a Diversity of Ethnic Identities

The times demand that all of us escape from isolation, learn how to open our minds, broaden our perceptions and enjoy living peacefully in diversity.

In an open letter to historian Thant Myint-U, Stella Naw challenges what she describes as his inaccurate account of Burma’s ethnic struggles.

One Political Prisoner is One Too Many

Despite the release of scores of political prisoners under the new government, repressive laws remain in place, and people are still jailed for their beliefs.

Inclusivity in the 21st Century Panglong Conference is about all stakeholders, writes Yanghee Lee.

Peace and Reconciliation Call For New Ways of Looking Back

National reconciliation requires recognizing the diverse, autonomous pasts of ethnic minority groups, which the current official history does not allow for.

Burmese society still tells girls not to ask questions and to accept being treated differently. Amid so much change, can the lot of women change too?

Talks during State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi’s visit to China should foster peace, encourage development and maintain mutually beneficial relations.

For the United Wa State Army, statehood, territory and relations with China all play into the group’s positions and goals throughout the peace process.

Burma’s former peace negotiator’s Machiavellian methods do not align with Aung San Suu Kyi’s desire to maintain integrity in the peace process.

For national reconciliation, Suu Kyi must build pragmatic, reconciliatory relations with former and current generals who once regarded her as their top enemy.

The government’s focus on resolving land disputes is welcome, but justice requires a careful approach sensitive to the complexities on the ground.

We shouldn’t romanticize too much about ‘The Lady’ and her capacity, as the political realities in Myanmar and Thailand remain daunting.

Credit Bureau Alone Won’t Overcome Limited Credit Access

A bureau providing credit histories would help level the playing field for lending, but broader financial sector reform is needed in Burma.

As conservative Buddhist nationalism grows in Myanmar it may extend into the secular and cultural spheres as well. 

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