Singapore Consortium Back in Running for Burma Airport

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A view of the main building at Rangoon International Airport. (Photo: Reuters)

SINGPORE — A consortium including Singapore’s Changi Airport Planners and Yongnam Holdings Inc has been invited by the government of Burma to re-enter negotiations to build and operate a new international airport in the country.

In August a consortium led by South Korea’s Incheon International Airport Corp was named as the preferred bidder to build Hanthawaddy International Airport, but those discussions have since broken down according to a person familiar with the matter.

Yongnam said in a statement that its consortium, which also includes Japan’s JGC Corp, has been asked by Burma’s Department of Civil Aviation to enter negotiations for a 30-year public-private partnership to build, run and maintain the airport. It was named in August as the back-up bidder to the Korean group.

The order was estimated in August to be worth around US$1 billion and would oversee the construction of an airport near Rangoon, Burma’s old capital and commercial center, that could handle an annual passenger capacity of around 12 million people.

4 Responses to Singapore Consortium Back in Running for Burma Airport

  1. The Chinese in Singapore hate Muslim
    Why Singapore and South Korea
    Japanese Soldiers helped Aung San to fight The British
    to gain Independeanc etc:
    The Singapore Chinese are Land Less
    The Muslim are replaced by Chinese
    Look around
    Being Buddhist An ASSET….
    Imposing as Burmese
    General Ne Win, Khin Nyunt and May Be Thein Sein
    are Chinese as SEIN is Chinese
    Burma part of India till 1937
    (British India, British Burma and finally Burma Jan 4-1948)
    was develop By Muslim Indian
    Look Around Rangoon our Fore Fathers BUILT IT!

    • What rubbish. First, you’re comparing Apples to Oranges. Chinese and Muslims. The concept of a Chinese closely relates to ones ethnicity, while a Muslim is one who practices Islam. So one can both be a Chinese and a Muslim at any given time.

      For the sake of clearing up your confused state of mind.

      1) The Chinese in Singapore do not hate Muslims. They hate radicals. Unless terror bombings and violence appeals to you.

      2) Singapore did not provide any assistance to Aung San, the state’s independence was only granted in 1965. Aung San died in 1947.

      2) The Sultan of Johor ceded Singapore to the British in exchange for annual payments and recognition as rightful heir to the sultanate. The Chinese came as traders with the opening of Singapore as a tax-free port, while the poorer ones were conscripted by the British as coolies. Both classes came to Singapore to seek better opportunities and upward economic mobility, as with Malays and Indians from around the region.

      Economic mobility, that is the purpose for most human migration since mankind existed. Don’t tell me this is rubbish or else you wouldn’t have learnt English and would have stuck with your native tongue.

  2. Further!
    Start from Viet Nam, Indonesia and Phillipine The Colonial Masters Changed The Alphabets of the Country they Colonized……


    The Karen (Chinese) are The Real Native of Burma

    The Burma Belongs to Karen

    No Ifs and Buts

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    CHE ZU!

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