Wirathu Facebook Account Hacked, Taken Down

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Nationalist monk U Wirathu addresses a rally in mid-May in Rangoon’s North Okkala Township to garner support for his interfaith marriage bill. (Facebook / Wirathu)

Nationalist Buddhist monk U Wirathu said he was forced to open a new Facebook page after his account on the social network was hacked and shut down.

On Thursday afternoon, the monk’s page was deactivated. Shortly afterward, a message, purportedly issued by U Wirathu’s organization, began circulating among Burmese Facebook users. It said the monk “will no longer use the social network or hold discussions with those who support or oppose him.”

On Sunday, U Wirathu told The Irrawaddy that he had lost control of his Facebook account and it had been shut down against his wishes.

“That message was false,” he said, adding, “I already created a new account.” The monk’s assistant Ko Thein, said, “His Facebook page was hacked.”

U Wirathu is the public face of the 969 movement, a group of radical Buddhist monks who have been accused of spreading hate speech against Burma’s Muslim minority.

The Mandalay-based monk is keen to gain publicity for his controversial campaign, which includes a proposed bill that would put restrictions on interfaith marriage. He is an avid Facebook user and his account attracted tens of thousands of followers in Burma, where the social network is hugely popular.

4 Responses to Wirathu Facebook Account Hacked, Taken Down

  1. Those who hacked venerable U Worathu’s account should know that Wirathu out of facebook is ten million times more powerful than one in the facebook. Because the Islamist extremists with such a step have proven their real nature – the nature of militant Islam – gagging was their tool since the day islam was born to this world.

    • Such a narrowed and bias views with respect to ethnic tensions and diversity
      Who cares and why a religous buddhist monk needs facebook account in the first place??? May I ask???It should be the motto of “confrontation to co-operation” approach not the military approach.
      It is an excuse of portraying and utilising as the undercover of Buddhism and the noble practice of buddhism among buddhist monks .All Buddhist monks as far as I could understand whom they are to preach and practice of good deeds purely for the future(law koktayar) not for the current (lawkeie) civil issues.

  2. Wirathu is a government-backed fascist. True budhists don’t assign any value to the man whatsoever.

    Of course, in Burma, psychopaths like him are popular as majority of people = utter ignorant, utter poor and utter xenophobic thx to decades of junta rule (fear).

    Burma, a failed state; then, now and tomorrow. The problems in the country have only worsened in last 4 years. Tensions are very high in the north, corruption abounds everywhere, poppy cultivation increasing substantially, HIV rampage, etc.

    The common man doesn’t care as long as he has a mobile phone and a motorcycle. The tourists don’t care either as long as they can take a selfy wearing a longyi.

    2015 elections: wait and see…………..

  3. Mr.Wirathu as per Time’s magazine bin Laden of Myanmar. Would you like us some one calls your mother whore or bitch? Are you really a buddisht and a buddisht monk? The whole country should be ashamed of his insult to a lady who represents the World peace organization UN. Shame on you Wirathu.

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