Vigilance Urged After Spate of Bombs Planted in Burma

A Burma Army soldier holds a grenade found in a restaurant in Mandalay on Monday, one of a series of explosive devices planted around Burma in the past few days. (Photo: Tay Za Hlaing / The Irrawaddy)

RANGOON — Rangoon police have warned the public to be on the lookout for suspicious packages in public places as a bombing in Pegu Division reportedly killed two and a series of bombs have been placed in Burma’s commercial capital in the space of a few days.

Three small bombs have exploded since Friday, a mine was discovered Monday at a Chinese restaurant in Rangoon and a bomb was found at an eatery in Mandalay, also on Monday.

On Friday, a bomb blast at a guesthouse in Taungoo Township, Pegu Division, killed two people and injured one at about 9 pm, according to local media reports. According to the Democratic Voice of Burma, a man and a woman were killed and another woman was hospitalized when the bomb went off in Taungoo, a town about 220 km (137 miles) from Rangoon.

Then in the early hours of Sunday morning, a bomb exploded at a bus stop in northern Rangoon’s Insein Township. The blast damaged a bus stop and a billboard but no one was injured, according to the government-run New Light of Myanmar newspaper.

“According to reports, police also discovered a home-made bomb with a C-4 detonator, a clock wires at a garbage near the scene [sic],” the newspaper reported, adding that the case was being investigated.

Also Sunday, another homemade bomb attached to the underside of a truck exploded at about 5 pm in Rangoon’s Thaketa Township when two youths tried to remove a clock attached to the device, according to a statement posted on the Burma police force’s Facebook page. The two youths were only slightly injured in the blast, the statement said, naming them as Htet Naing Aung, 14, Win Min Htwe, 14.

On Monday, police in Ahlone Township said a small mine was found fixed under a table at Western Park 2, an expensive Chinese restaurant in western Rangoon.

In a press conference Monday afternoon, Win Naing, a police officer in Ahlone Township, said the mine, which was discovered by staff cleaning the restaurant on Monday morning, had been removed safely without being triggered.

“We do not think they wanted to harm the people. They could have harm the people or me if they wanted while we were defusing it,” he said.

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A police photo shows the alleged explosive device found on Monday morning inside Western Park 2 Chinese restaurant in western Rangoon. (Photo: Steve Tickner / The Irrawaddy)

“They wanted to show they could do harm to the people if they wanted to.”

Another bomb was found at central Mandalay’s Bal Lay Burmese restaurant at about 1:30 pm on Monday. Police removed the bomb and detonated it in a controlled explosion outside of the restaurant.

The police statement, posted on Facebook on Sunday, told the public to be vigilant after the series of incidents involving explosive devices.

“We inform the public that if they find a strange package at bus or train station, or a seaport, please do not open it and please inform a nearby police station or township authority or official headquarters as soon as possible,” it said.

San Min, a township official in Thaketa told The Irrawaddy on Monday that an investigation was underway to find out who was behind the bombings.

“We will tell the public when we are ready,” he said, adding that authorities were also trying to establish whether the separate incidents were connected.

“They have intentionally done this, according the evidence we found. They wanted to threaten to the people by showing they can do this at,” he said. “For us, we will compare the evidence we got here with the evidence from Insein.”

Small bomb blasts occurred frequently under Burma’s military regime, and were normally blamed on armed ethnic groups, although many believed the authorities were behind the explosions.

Such incidents have become rarer in recent years, and security at borders has been heightened this year in anticipation of December’s Southeast Asian Games.

Win Khaung, the national police chief, said in August that official intelligence had identified a terrorist movement the country and that heightened security was needed to protect increasing numbers of foreign visitors to Burma.

Additional reporting by Zarni Mann in Mandalay

4 Responses to Vigilance Urged After Spate of Bombs Planted in Burma

  1. Whoever responsible must be brought to justice. Coward terrorists are equally the same enemy like military dictatorship.

  2. It is difficult to understand these incidents. Ethnics are trying to work for peace. But Thein Sein administration seems not so serious for peace. 2008 Constitution proves that the regime is not willing to achieve genuine peace and democracy. So, this regime might be behind these bombs. They did it in the past. They might still do it now. To hang on to power they may still do the things they did in the past.

  3. In the human world there are many problems and difficulties, conflicts, various ways of fights, wars, natural and man-made disasters. We should expect more and newer types of troubles to come in the future.

    All of us try to get food, place to live, jobs to make income, etc. out of the single planet. We also are embedded with desires that grow and that make us want more and more variety of wants.

    Meanwhile we never care for the nature & environment, and never try to go toward fairly equal distribution of rights, opportunities; and reciprocal and more balanced flow of love, respect, trust, opportunities; or unity among different cultures, belief systems and ethnicity.

    Among the world’s human population Myanmars and their country have been played, invaded, governed, manipulated by some owners of technological economical and military powers.

    Together with the own problems and weaknesses Myanmars in general are at the lower end of the flow of love, respect, trust, and opportunities among the human population. With respect to the desirable qualities of human – Myanmars are also in the lower ends.

    To develop our community as safer, healthier, greener, happier, more independent, self sufficient, productive and contributing nation we must stop infighting, reduce blindly following the so-called material development, tourism – and work really hard on
    – Diverse and much higher quality of public education
    – Mental and Physical health, fitness, smartness, life skills, penetrative thinking, openness, and love and cooperation among the citizens
    – Discipline, efficient works, responsibility, production of products and services that do not harm anyone health and environment
    – Laws and rules of good laws that guarantee fairly equally distributed rights and opportunities among all citizens, citizens must explore everything everywhere inside their country and own make good responsible use of the related information
    – Love, study and research of and care for the nature and its dynamic processes
    – To design and build communities that are sustainable, maintainable, livable, safe and healthy, and nature friendly

    We must reduce the wastes and damages such as
    – production, import, consumption, delivery of harmful products and services (pepsi, cokes, alcohols, energy drinks, betel nut chewing, cigarettes, instant noodle, other junk foods, unnecessary events and cultures, cosmetics, plastic and foam packages, video games, game machines, too many tv or other electronic stuffs, so-called recycling of harmful products that arrive from foreign lands, – – -)
    – extravagant and unnecessary ceremonies, too complicated or bad designs that are costly to maintain and also may produce vision pollution
    – climate-unfriendly products such as leather and jean jackets in hot climates, jean pants, sofa, carpets, etc. – – – those that harm your health and breed and spread germs, or that need lot of water and resources for cleaning
    – gossip, talking without the logical reasoning, worshiping someone or some group,
    narrow-mindedness, bias, discrimination, lack of purpose or forgetting the purpose

    If we can reduce these wastes by 50% that will provide us a lot of resources to be used for good development of country.

    We must work hard to make our peoples healthy both mentally and physically, fit and adventurous and we must study and explore all the times and open for all information from anywhere any times.

    We must build green healthy and active communities and construct our homes and buildings safe for everyone: old peoples as well as children and for visitors. We must also have enough knowledge, various training, skills, and technology not only for responsible development but also for our safety against disasters, conflicts, and terrorists.

    If we have mostly thin, weakling, under trained, and under equipped police and arm forces with only little supports from the public – we will see much greater troubles. In these circumstances foreign trained smart and healthier fighters (bombers) can come and perform raids inside our country anywhere any time they plan and choose.

    We must stop infighting.
    After all our purpose must be for the next generations to be much more healthier, fitter, educated, smart, independent and builder and owners of green, clean, healthy, happier, safer, united, country.

  4. One cannot oversimplify a situation like this.The present incidents might possibly be connected to previous communal riots.You cannot convince anyone just by saying that these incidents which could hamper the authority of the present administration is carried out by the administration itself to hang on to power. If you wish to put the blame on someone, the following might stand out:
    – Thein Sein admin. for not taking prompt and decisive action from the beginning of the communal riots and not launching a diplomatic counter-offensive since then.
    -Security apparatus for not well equipped, not well trained and biased.
    -Communal fanatics on both sides.
    – Political opportunists who wish to derail the present democratic change.
    -Judicial and law-enforcing authorities who fail to bring the wrong-doers to justice.
    – The leader of democratic movement, Aung San Suu Kyi, who has lost her credibility and authority because of her self-promotion, thereby becoming helpless in this sort of situation.

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