US, UN Urge Burma to Stop Air Strikes on Kachin Rebels

Medics at a hospital in Laiza, Kachin State, tend to Lamong Kailing, who was injured by the Burma Army shelling outside the town last week. (Photo: Simon Roughneen / The Irrawaddy)

Medics at a hospital in Laiza, Kachin State, tend to Lamong Kailing, who was injured by the Burma Army shelling outside the town last week. (Photo: Simon Roughneen / The Irrawaddy)

WASHINGTON—The United States and the United Nations on Wednesday expressed concern over air strikes on Kachin rebels in northern Burma, urging the Burmese government to stop the attacks and resolve differences through dialogue.

The United States said it was “deeply troubled” and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon took “serious note” of the government army’s use of air power against Kachin rebels—attacks that have now been confirmed by government officials.

“We are troubled by the use of air power,” US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters on Wednesday, adding that the United States would formally express its concern with the Burmese government.

“We are continuing to urge the government of Burma and the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) to cease this conflict, to get to a real dialogue to address grievances as the government of Burma has been able to do in virtually all of the other conflict areas,” she said.

The KIO is a Kachin political organization pushing for greater autonomy and basic rights in Burma’s northernmost state. Its armed group, the Kachin Independence Army (KIA), has been fighting a bloody war with the government army since a 17-year ceasefire agreement broke down in June 2011.

“This is one of the last ones [conflicts], in addition to Rakhine State [Arakan State], where we’re still seeing difficulties. We have consistently raised our concerns about violence in Burma’s ethnic minority areas. So it’s very concerning, obviously, that these weapons are in use, and we will continue our discussion with the government about it,” she said in response to a question.

In a statement issued through his spokesman, the UN secretary-general called on Burmese authorities to desist from any action that could endanger the lives of civilians in the area or further intensify the conflict.

“The ongoing hostilities have already caused large-scale displacement of civilians who continue to be in need of humanitarian assistance. It is vital that timely access be provided for the delivery of aid to vulnerable communities,” he said in the statement, urging all concerned parties to work toward political reconciliation to build the basis for a fair and durable outcome for all.

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  1. True,so true dear Nuland.

    This Bamar Sit-tut. They are neither quick nor quiet. And these pictures and video’s. They are blooming nuisance, aren’t they really? OMG, Cute pic’s though. This high tech, damn-ation!

    This current spectacular spate of killing does not seem to help much for good man Soros’ “discussions” either. And why the hell Soros, the Money Master (polite word for manipulator) is personally negotiating with the armed groups in Burma BTW, even if the Burmese clown-costumed military government curiously does not construe it as interference of a sovereign nation’s internal affair (or is Burma 52nd State already?)? Even as Aung San Suu Kyi’s buddy? Does it mean the Rothschilds, who owns your president guy and the Senate BTW, are in support of the Chinese Pipe and Dam for Chinese prosperity and therefore global economy/ US dollar which is currently on death throes even with this “success” of the” fiscal cliff” negotiations (kudos for a catchy name for an abysmal disaster).

    Well you will be busy for a while now making different sorts of fake emotions/ half-hearted shows of displeasure, etc. It must remind you of the Bangazi disaster, eh? This one without dear Susan. BTW what exactly was that the American Deputy Defence Secretary came to Burma and taught the little innocent Burmese about the “Counter-insurgency measures”? Did they now use the correct model of planes? May be next time they will get it right. More teaching is definitely called for. And send them those cool Sunglasses.

  2. Burma army decides to follow the falling dictator Assad,be careful not to follow the death way of Assad,stupid!

  3. KIA/KIO are terrorists. They explode local trains and electrical cable towers, even they kill innocent Kachin, Shan, Bama people. They look like Talibans and Osmabinlardin.

    • Haha! You are a joke seriously… I guess you have loads of evidences compiled by independent sources, or maybe your poor knowledge is an excuse for your stupidity and lies. No seriously, the Burmese army is a bunch of rapists and killers. Did you read all the reports made by NGOs and the UN on the massive and systematic rapes of teenage girls, pregnant women and grandma in ethnic areas (mainly Shan and Kachin)? Did you read about the systematic eviction of some local population, and their enslavement as porters and sexual slaves? Did you read about illegal logging promoted by the government, the looting of the natural resources in ethnic areas, particularly in Kachin State, in order to make quick and easy money through convenient negotiations with China? Did you ead about the financial reward provided by the Burmese Army to their soldiers who leave an ethnic woman pregnant by all means? Did you read about the disappearances of ethnic villagers? Did you read about the open drugs market in governmental-controlled Kachin State? Now who are the terrorists? Who is committing widespread atrocities? Who is using violence, terror, and all the available means, even drugs, to destroy the Kachin people? And you have the arrogance to criticize the KIA when the Kachin people are fighting for their survival as a people… Really, it is a shame.

  4. Why you, the US want to upgrade the Burmese army?. Do you want to equip them better to kill the ethnic minorities? The Burmese general will even use nuclear to fight with ethnic group if they have. They don’t have human hearts inside their body.The are cruel animal inside human skin.

  5. US, and UN criticize the Burmese army for using jet fighters against KIA but Aung San Su Kyi is silent. WHY?

  6. Will this be the sticking point for this rather wayward ‘newly democratic’ regime? Is peace ever a real consideration as far as they are concerned? They have always needed a civil war to justify their domination. Now more than ever when fortunes are to be made in partnership with the Chinese over the spoils of civil war, even the combined US-UN pressure will probably need a UNSC resolution, regardless of Chinese and Russian vetos, to show they mean business if it is to be heeded. If the worst comes to the worst the US can threaten materiel support for the KIO if not unilateral action, but how China reacts to such a development will be crucial. Will they risk it, any of the parties involved, in anticipation of such an international crisis?

  7. Come on guys.We know what your intentions are.UN,UNSC,US,bla..bla..bla. Myanmar people are not stupid as you guys think.They know what they have to do.Don’t try to mastermind the situation.The simplest causes of the fighting are 1) KIA’s ultimate goal to set up its own Independant State ( Wan Pao State) like south sudan,Timor,etc. 2) They want to keep seperate Army ( like one country 18 armies). As long as they have these two aimings,there will always be never-end fightings. Not only with them,with the other armed groups too,if they do have the same ideas.So,you guys must expect more fightings in the future like in those BCP days which myanma army is happy to go on with.

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