UN Chief Tells Burma to Make Rohingyas Citizens

Muslims pass the time at their house in Paik Thay, the site of recent violence between Muslim Rohingyas and Arakanese Buddhists. (Photo: Reuters)

UNITED NATIONS — The UN chief on Wednesday warned Burma that it must end Buddhist attacks on minority Muslims in the Southeast Asian country if it wants to be seen as a credible nation.

Sectarian violence against Rohingya Muslims in the predominantly Buddhist nation has killed hundreds in the past year, and uprooted about 140,000, in what some say presents a threat to Burma political reforms because it could encourage security forces to re-assert control.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Wednesday: “It is important for the Myanmar authorities to take necessary steps to address the legitimate grievances of minority communities, including the citizenship demands of the Muslim/Rohingya.”

He says failing to do so could risk “undermining the reform process and triggering negative regional repercussions.”

In 1982, Burma passed a citizenship law recognizing eight races and 130 minority groups—but omitted the nation’s 800,000 Rohingyas, among Burma’s 60 million people. ManyBuddhists in Burma view the Rohingyas as interlopers brought in by the British colonialists.

Earlier this year, Burma passed a law limiting Rohingyas in two townships in the western state of Arakan, bordering Bangladesh, to having two children, a law that does not apply to Buddhists. Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi criticized the law, and was widely denounced by Buddhists in Burma. Seen as likely to be elected president of Burma, she has had little else to say about Rohingya rights.

Burma had been ostracized by most of the world for 50 years after a coup that instituted military rule. But in recent years the country has been cautiously welcomed after it freed many political prisoners and ended the house arrest of Suu Kyi and instituted reforms. President Barack Obama visited the country last year on an Asian tour, as a hallmark of Burma’s rehabilitation.

Muslim ambassadors on Wednesday said Burma cannot rejoin the community of democratic nations if it doesn’t protect minority rights.

“It is not enough to just have elections, you have to end the killings and persecutions,” Saudi Arabian UN Ambassador Abdallah Yahya al-Mouallemi told reporters. He said the Rohingya are barred from citizenship, work, travel, religious practice, and even the proper burial of their dead.

Djibouti’s UN Ambassador Roble Olhaye, representing the Organization of the Islamic Conference, said that the Rohingya live in “permanent segregation in what amounts to ethnic cleansing.”

A call to the Burma UN Mission went unanswered on Wednesday evening.

Ban spoke at a meeting of ambassadors from the “Group of Friends on Myanmar,” consisting of Australia, China, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Britain, the United States, Vietnam, and the country holding the presidency of the European Union, currently Lithuania.

53 Responses to UN Chief Tells Burma to Make Rohingyas Citizens

  1. un is very right.

  2. Sorry, Mr Ban you will be banned from Myanmar by the “demos” of Myanmar. The Myanmar Reform process will continue, The Myanmar State, government and the majority of the people living in Myanmar, understands (history is their witness) that the UN’s mandate is not to be influenced and dictated by the hegemonic aims of military, monetary and religious powers. Myanmar people are peace loving people and understand that the U N as a super international organisation aim is to bring about peace, prosperity and human security for all members of the family of nations. Myanmar is a responsible member of The UN and will not trade its sovereignty and territorial integrity for granting citizenship to others, at the behest of others, including that of the Mr Ban , present SG of The UN. History is our witness. Myanmar is still in the making. Democracy is us, we the Myanmar people will do it.

  3. Who does he think he is kidding to? Go tell US government to give citizenship to all illegal immigrants. NO COUNTRY IN THE WORLD GIVE AUTOMATICALLY CITIZENSHIP TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.
    Specially for us Burmese to have part of our country cut to be created “Islamic Republic to Rohinya” and put sharia law on Arakanese who will become minority in the near future (if we follow democratic principles of marjority rule) with these illegal Bengalis’ booming population which is allowed four wives under Muslim religion and family planning not allowed . Who’s going to help us? UN?
    We Burmese have to protect ourselves now for the future democratic freedom. But we must respect their basic human rights and help them for their living.
    Sharia is the law which cannot exist together with democracy.
    Best things is these OIC countries to take them, instead of staying on the side line and opening their big mouths.

    • Why are you comparing with US when the situation is drastically different? First of all, Rohingyas (not new comers) were stripped of their citizenship while US has a process to grant the new comers their residency and citizenship. Even without those, the people can move around, make money and earn a living and lead a normal life. How you people think you can pursue democracy with such bigoted view is is beyond me.

      • Mandy, I repeat “No country in the world give automatically citizenship to illegal immigrants”. What I mean is Ban in posing this on our country as we are small and poor but don’t dare to pose this on US.
        We don’t need to strip the Rohinyas their citizenship as they are NOT citizen of Myanmar at all but we have to respect their human rights and take care of their living. Have you stayed in US illegally and dare say your illegal status? Try it and you will see you will be like Rohinya there in prison, a bit better only. So stop saying rubbish.
        These illegal immigrants are minority in all of Burma but majority in some towns in Arakan. We don’t want part of our country cut and turn into “Islamic Replublic of Rohinya” ! If you are there, you will not even know how to read and write this blog. Just stay at home and cook and make children like rabbits with three other wives that your husband will have. (If you are woman as your name is Mandy)
        Remember democracy and Shria law (law based in Koran of Bangladeshi illegal immigrants so called Rohinyas) cannot exist side by side. Either democracy and freedom or Shria. So you choose.

        • You know full well that Rohingyas are not asking for automatic citizenship. When did Arakan became a part of Burma? Rohingyas had been living in Arakan for a lot longer than the history of the so called Bamar people. But why let the facts bother you?

  4. UN Chief cannot tell Myanmar or any country what to do. No country will accept. Especially in this case although the Rohingyas are minority for the whole Myanmar but in the State of Arakan it is not a monority.
    The State Arakan population is now like a minority. That thing UN Chief may not know. Peoples from many other countries may not know also.
    UN Chief can only help to encourage the muslim countries all over the world accept about 90 percent of the Rohingyas then Myanmar will be able to accept the rest 10 percent of them in different ststes in Myanmar.
    The Arakan state really cannot accept the very huge population of the intruders from other country.
    Even the Arakan state and Myanmar cannot follow or take example of the Singapore Law canning and jailing them. We do not have resources.

    • They are not minority in Arakan because they have been there for a LONNNNNNNNNG time. But the Rohingyas are not majority either. If you don’t want them to become majority in Arakan, you can move them to other parts of Burma but killing or demonizing and keeping them in concentration camp is not the way to go, that is, if you want democracy for yourself.

      • They need to get back to Bangladesh, that’s where they’re from, and that’s where thousands and thousands of buddhists have been massacred and been driven off their indigenous homeland in the past 30 years.

        You’re ridiculous. Bengalis have almost completely wiped out the indigenous asian buddhists living in Bangladesh, why the hell would Burma want them living in their country? Would you? Once they’re in the door and start outbreeding the population they push, and push, and eventually you all die.

        • Bengalis have almost completely wiped out the indigenous asian buddhists living in Bangladesh?

          Bengalis used to ne Buddhist are they are the indigenous. What you called Asians got there because of the bamar kings attacks on the arakan. Gee, talk about twisting facts.

  5. 50 years of oppression. Corrupted ex-generals are not going to give up easily. They are behind the ethnic cleansing. They want to come back. And few bunch of buddisht monks like Wirathu are damaging the image of Buddhism and Myanmar. Thein Sein’s has become a puppet of Than Shwe ( so called butcher of Burma), by imprisoning the innocent muslim victims of Meiktila. The perperators, murderers are still roaming free. Full praise to Mr.Ban Ki Moon and hope the ex-generals takes his words seriously. At present Myanmar is not a safe country.

  6. Burmese Govt. will come with 1982 Law. This law was from Ne Wins democracy period. Current Military thugs will not feel shame to talk about this law. For them this draconian law is suitable for the country. This law will make lot of Rohingya’s as stateless. To become a citizen, a person must have solid background history of his/her and his/her ancestors from 1824 onward . I am sure Khin Ye, the minister of Immigration will not be able to provide his background detail. This law will apply only on Muslims not Burmese Buddhist.

  7. How dare he said the Bengalis must be granted Citizenship????? Do not interfere in our national affair! Does he know that they are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh??????

  8. To Mr. Ban Ki-moon,
    Mind your own business Mr. Ban Ki-moon. This illegal migrants’ problem is Burma domestic problem. Mr. Ban Ki-moon needs to ask his S. Korean Government and S. Korean peoples for to treat migrant workers fairly and do not took away their Passport and pay wages regularly.
    Given citizenship to all illegal migrants will lead to civil war in Rakhine state and broke out another wave of communal riot in Burma. The country can not scarify for those illegal migrants from Bangladesh. They are not stateless and they have to go back to where they came from.
    We respect you as UN Chief but you can not tell sovereign country to what you must do or what you must not do. We Burmese peoples will accept President U Thein Sein lead Government as long as the Government is continuing democratic reform and recognized human right of its citizens in Burma.
    Burma does not break the human right of illegal Chittagong Bengali migrants. The communal right started by illegal Chittagong Bengali migrants.
    Not given Citizenship to illegal migrants and not recognizing illegal Chittagong Bengali migrants from Bangladesh as native peoples of Rakhine state are not criminal offence.
    Even US, EU, UK and Australian do not have to give citizenship to illegal migrants.
    Why are you pushing small country like Burma to accept illegal Chittagong Bengali migrants as Burmese citizen?
    Do you know how many criminals who fled from Bangladesh are in among the illegal Chtiiagong Bengali migrants in Rakhine state?
    Dear Ban Ki-moon if you respect right of our sovereign state and then we will respect you as UN chief. However, if you try to cross the line and then we do not care whoever you’re and which position you have holding now. We Burmese peoples will not respect you.
    Even if Daw Su becomes president of Burma she will not have power to give citizenship to all illegal Chittagong Bengali migrants in Rakhine state.
    Also Daw Su will not be sold her country. She knows what she doing. We trust her.
    For example, her father Gen Aung San was shower with rank and highest award from Japanese Government and Japanese Emperor during the WWII but he does not care what they given to him. He fought back Japanese army because they abused his fellow Burmese peoples and they do not keep their promised for to give independent to Burma.
    Daw Su will be doing same thing as what her father had done for country.

  9. Craczy ambassador talking crazy things,you should imagine ,Who is problem maker?

  10. The intervention of the UN chief was to be expected, especially after the onesided reports of his subordinate Quintana who visited N. Rakhine State from July 31st until Aug.1st, 2012. However, the main string-puller in the background are Islamic OIC-countries. Normally Ban Ki-moon should have addressed Bangladesh repatriating her (almost 1 million) citizens who entered Myanmar illegally, particularly during the decades since 1971.
    If Myanmar would concede victory to UN and OIC, serious problems will lie ahead of the country, especially Rakhine State. For sure Islamization will be intensified in vast areas, quite certain well-financed by OIC-countries, especially Saudi Arabia (which at present time acts as an engaged spokesman for the “Rohingya”). In N. Rakhine State ethnic tensions between Buddhistic Burmese and Islamic Bengali (“Rohingya”) as good as certain will increase steadily. In the whole of Myanmar the Islamic component automatically will be reinforced (growing problems with Islam in EU countries can only serve as a serious warning). Referring to the “Rohingya”-conflict it is unacceptable that the UN chief intervenes onesidedly. Under no circumstances Myanmar should yield to the pressure of Ban Ki-moon, OIC and their supporters

  11. Perhaps Rohingas are born at Bangladesh and why do they want to be Myanmar citizenship than Bangladesh?On the other other way why UN accept them the pitiful and forester refugees to give them a promise country to live in Europe or Western countries or even in Antarctica lands with intensive care as food housing and paddy cash.

  12. How about posting this article “2 Rohingya leaders go shopping for terror in Indonesia” in the Jakarta Post.


    • Thanks Min Shwe.

      Dear Indonesian friends,

      The Rohingya peoples are in fact Bengali peoples from Chittagong, Bangladesh. According to British Colony Government, The Colony Government brought 15,000 Bengali from former another British Colony India. Many Bengali peoples from Chittagong region were fled to Rakhine State, Burma in during Bangladesh Liberation War late 1960 and early 1970. Also criminals are fleeing to Rakhine state, Burma from prosecution in Bangladesh in daily basic. That’s why Bangladeshi Government said Rohingyas are criminals and they do not want them in Bangladesh. All Bengali peoples are becoming Rohingya when they were arrived in Rakhine state. Their language is Chittagonian Bengali language but Chittagonian Bengali language becoming Rohingya language a long with Bengali once they have arrived in Rakhine State.
      In Rakhine and Burma history, there are no Rohingya ethnic and even British Colony Government record did not have Rohingya ethnic in Rakhine state. After Burma was given Independent by British Government, group of Bengali from Maungdaw and Buthitaung were starting campaigning for Muslim state and calling themselves Rohingya.
      Historically Chittagong Hill Tracts was belonging to Rakhine Kingdom and British Colonized Lower Burma including Rakhine. Rakhine, Marma (Myanmar), Chakma, Kukis (Chin, Naga and other Burmese ethnics are living in Chittagong Hill Tract (In Burma called, Sittagong Hill Tracts) since 15 – 16 century but may be earlier than that because Chittagong city was built by Buddhist Lama under control of Rakhine Kingdom in 5 century. The peoples of Chittagong Hill Tracts were celebrated when Burma was given Independent in 1948 because they though they are going to independent along with Burma. However, they were left with disappointed after they have learned about they are not going to Independent together with their motherland. However, British Colony Government had other idea which was to divide India as two countries one is India and other is Islamic state Pakistan. British Colony Government had giveaway Chittagong Hill Tracts to Pakistan for to create new country even though protesting from Native peoples of Chittagong Hill Tracts. Native peoples of Chittagong Hill Tracts are Buddhists and some are covert to Christianity but some are animists.
      Rakhine state has ethnic Muslim and they are Kaman Muslim. Rakhine and Burmese peoples are against Muslim. They are protesting illegal migrants from Chittagong Bangladesh. They called themselves as Rohingya and committed many crimes in Rakhine state. They grouping and robbing rice and paddy from Rakhine farmers. They are committing rape on their community and other ethnics’ communities in Rakhine state. That’s why Rakhine and other ethnics are enough of illegal Chittagong Bengali migrants in Rakhine state.
      Communal Riot was stating by rape, Robbed and murder by illegal Chittagong Bengali migrant men. They started lifting fire and robbing on Buddhists, Burmese Muslim and other Burmese ethnics’ property after Taunggoke accident. Now Burmese peoples and Muslim Burmese are distrusting each other causing by activity of illegal Chittagong Bengali migrants in Rakhine state.

      Muslim Burmese and other Burmese ethnics (Buddhist, Christian and other religion faith followers) are living side by side without having trouble. The problem of so called Rohingyas has encouraging some of Buddhists becoming anti Muslim but they are a few peoples.
      The only Government responsible for so called Rohingya peoples’ welfare is Bangladeshi Government. Bangladeshi Government is unofficially dumping its overpopulated peoples in its neighbor countries. Assam state and Manipur state (former Burmese territory) in India have 4 millions illegal Bengali migrants. Rakhine state, Burma has nearly one million illegal Bengali migrants. Burma is small country and it has many different ethnicity and religions. Burma can not afford to take care all of illegal Bengali Migrants from Bangladesh and to give citizenship to them will destroy unity of Burmese ethnics.
      Some of illegal Chittagong Bengali migrants are living in Rakhine state for half of century and some are currently crossed the border into Rakhine state. Bengalis from Bangladesh are trying to enter Rakhine state by daily basic. There is no shortage of Bengalis illegally crossing border into Rakhine state.
      Burmese Government is trying to protect its sovereign land like any other country. Majority of Burmese ethnics and Muslim Burmese are very closely living side by side. Some of Burmese Muslims who want to move to Australia for economy reason are also using Indonesia as transit in recent year. They are spreading rumor about bad situation between Burmese Buddhist and Muslim Burmese for their interest.
      Now all Burmese ethnics from difference religions are fixing misunderstanding between them. The problem of so called Rohingyas is damaging Burma reputation and destroys harmonious community in Burma.
      By the all so called Rohingya boat peoples in Indonesia and Malaysia are not fleeing from Rakhine state. Some are directly coming from Bangladesh and they claimed as they are Rohingya from Rakhine state.
      I do understand solidarity within Muslims but we have to abide the law where we live. Burmese Government is not discriminating on Muslim and Burmese Government is dealing so called Rohingya illegal migrants by accordance with Burmese immigration law. I hope Indonesian peoples and other Muslims peoples will understand about it.
      Now so called Rohingyas in Indonesia are recruiting terrorists for to campaign terrorism action against Burmese interests in Indonesia. Now you can know by what they are doing in your country. They are doing that kind of act for long time in Burma.
      Their other criminal acts (rape and robbery) are following soon in your community.
      Now illegal Bengali migrants’ problem is not just India and Burma but Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand too. I hope Ban Ki-moon will aware of it.

  13. Burmese seem to adore “fair-skinned” Korean soap opera stars so they should listen to Ban, but then what about all those illegal Chinese? Are they becoming citizens as well? Would they be allowed to marry Muslims? (I should ask Wirathu)
    This “ethno-politics” in Burma is too complicated for my pea-brain! LOL

    • If you are claiming Burmese are kind of racist based on skin color, what about Hindus dark-skinned people of Indian origin, who dont have any problems with majority Burmese?

      This is more about illegal immigration issue and inability to assimilate well with mainstream Burmese culture.

    • It is more than ethno-politics. It is the pettily jealous mentality in the society. The dominant group think that will the country opening up, they will get good jobs *automatically* and are afraid it would go tot the Muslims. they have no clue that the jobs won’t come to incompetent people.

  14. Burma should not grant citizenship to the Rohingyas before Saudi Arabia allows non-Muslims to feely and openly worship in the Wahabi kingdom

  15. One must seriously question the motive of Ban Ki Moon, parroting the Muslim diplomats voices. It is blatantly ignoring the true fact that a large percentage of the – so-called Rohingya are ILLEGAL BENGALIS and not A MINORITY. There is no way for Myanmar as a country to EVEN consider citizenship for these illegals. There are a small percentage of “Arakanese Muslims of Maungdaw and Buthidaung areas who carry National ID Cards. Yes, some illegals have bribed and received National ID cards. All of these will have to be sorted out by the Arakanese State Assembly and the Prime Minister. Their findings will have to be reviewed by the Central Government Ministries concerned and the Hlut-Taw will have to pass the appropriate legislation. Interference from any outside party is unacceptable.

    The Government and people of Myanmar must not allow the UN and other interest groups to “transform the illegals into citizens”. There are millions waiting across the border “calling themselves Rohingya overnight when in fact ALL ARE BENGALIS.

    Naphetchun MaungSein

    California, USA

  16. Mr Ban should also asked those Arab countries, in particular Saudi Arabia, to allow not just the Rohingyas but others Muslims in their country to become their citizens. Why can’t he ask Bangladesh to do the same. Did he thought about asking the United States to allow those who have entered illegality to do the same. I don’t think he has enough courage to do so. What would have become of the words ‘domestic jurisdiction’ in the Charter? Whether you are man on the street or an international statesman, one should have a sense of ‘fairness’. What have become of the UN’s ‘responsibility to protect’ when people are being killed day in day out, is it just a concept which the UN promotes further deforestation of world’s rainforests?

  17. Ban Ki-moon is mixing gold with cows’ manure. Bengali’s issue is absolutely different from native ethnic issue. The Bengali have no right to demand since they are illegal immigrants, in other words, they are foreign invaders.

  18. Dear Your Excellency Mr. Ban,
    We are ready to ship your newfound relatives in mass either to your UN HQ or your parent country, South Korea with utmost gratitude.

    We wish you success to lead the world’s affair, but would like to advice you not to meddle in a member country’s internal affairs. Instead, why not persuade Muslim countries and sympathiser countries to share the burden of a struggling and poor country. Some countries of them have large territory, but small population. Please try to focus and invest your time there and you’ll be greatly blessed and honoured.

    With respect,
    Nyunt Shwe

  19. vocal stement is not enough ground action is needed aginst then sin govt.

  20. If the whole world is one country, one community, one human society with the fair and equally distributed human opportunities, all resources and knowledge fairly equally shared, and all inclusive justice and management system managed by the whole population then we could have much bigger ability to solve problems like this.

    But in the reality, in this world
    1) A lot of lands, resources, natural knowledge, and other things that are wanted by “human desires” have been obtained by the use of violence since the beginning of the human history

    2) The basic human rights such as the right to move, the right to enter, the right to information have always been violated by the powerful organizations and nations.

    For example it is extremely difficult or even impossible for a lot of peoples to travel to and enter and live certain countries. The rules created by the human itself for the movement and choice of stay are never ever according to the so-called human right concepts. Compare the difficulty level faced by a Myanmar to travel to the US, UK, Europe, Japan, Korea, etc. with a US or a western person to travel to Myanmar. It is just one example out of billions of billions of realities.

    How about the the land (size of the land, magnitude of resources) and the size of population the land is supporting throughout the world? Is this according to the basic human rights?

    Again, movement of peoples are sometimes by force usually created by the powerful countries (the powerful or winning armies). In this particular case British brought in a lot of peoples from Indian and Bangladesh into Myanmar during their invasion and colonial period.
    The problem rooted in these times have been increased by corruption in the Myanmar government in the past.

    Also look at the past and present at each place on the surface of this planet.
    Every country work hard to protect themselves in every single matter – whatever it is.

    If you own the most powerful technology, economy and military – then you own the world media, and you own the truth, and what you say is truth.

    If you are able to produce the technology (or any other product/service) that arouse and or feed the human “desires” (whether or not what you have done is for the better future of the peoples and environment) then you own the platforms (technology, economy, military, or any other important stuff in our life) then you become dictator, and big brother, and the super power. Again you are right and the rest are wrong.

    There are many millions or millions of evidences of hegemony, bias, global dictatorship, lies, multiple standards, and so on.

    Iraq invasion
    Agent orange in Vietnam
    Bombs on Laos
    Opium history
    – – – –

    Look one more thing
    The peoples who committed ones of the biggest lies in human history such as Iraq WMD – who they are? From which universities they graduated? What kinds of life they were raised in? How they became presidents or prime ministers of so-called democratic or powerful countries?

    Finally what we must do:
    1) we must be strong mentally and physically – much much stronger than current weakling situations

    2) Our public education must be developed in diversity and level of quality

    3) We must create and build a country of self sufficiency, we must be able to design, produce at least the basic life needs ourselves

    4) Our community must become efficient, united and hard working, smart citizens

    5) We must not waste any time. In fighting is killing ourselves and putting ourselves into deep slavery under the dominance of global economical, technological and military big brothers

    6) Our children must be educated, mentally and physically strong, adventurous, active and critical thinkers.

    Only our peoples love our country. We must be open, be able to see through the lies and bias, be able to see what have been happening everywhere at any time from past to present. We must always live and work for mutual benefits and friendship but never be invaded again in any form: technologically, mentally, physically or whatever way.

  21. I pity some Myanmar muslim could not get their citizenship in Myanmar/Burma. The only language they could speak in their families is Burmese. I pity for those who could not even speak their mother tongue. But as for Rohingya, some people might been in Myanmar for ten or more years. There is some problem for so-called Rohingya groups. Once, we lived in the country or society, the first thing we have to learn is their culture and their language. The sad thing for Rohingya was, they prefer to speak in their respected language, they want to bring their culture and that make them to shunt away from the poeple they lived in these repected country. A few months ago, one of Thailand minister told to his counter part Myanmar Minister , it said that we have about ( 2000 ) Rohingya refuge and no country want to take it in their country resettlement. . My quention is, why the the whole world is so pity on this so-called Rohingya people and no one going to accept them in their country? Why, they force to accept one million Rohingya people in small tiny Buddhist country like Myanmar. Since, this small number have no place to go in this world. They are the one who complained for Myanmar government and Buddhist Burmese peole for targetting this so-called Rohingay people. Why they couldn’t accept them in their own countries as refuges.. Some time it make me fill sick. I believed the whole is bullying on Myanmar peole and it’s government. Some people may have the right to get their citizenship in Myanmar, it doesn’ mean Myanmar governemt and Myanmar people is responsible for the whole entire Bengali born so-called Rohingya people in their beloved country. It is not fare at all.

    • Ko Khine,

      All Burmese Muslim have granted naturalized Burmese Citizen and they have national ID card if they are genuine Burmese Muslim.

      However, illegal Chittagong Bengali migrants so called Rohingya are not Burmese Muslim in fact they are Bangladesh citizen and descendent Bangladesh citizen.

      That illegal Chittagong Bengali speaks their native language Chittagonian Bengali language. They call it as Rohingya Language when the language was using in Rakhine state. Chittagonian Bengali language is their first language and Burmese language is second language. Some Bengalis can not speak Burmese or Rakhine.

      Some of rich illegal Chittagong Bengali migrants have Burmese national identity card and Bangladeshi national identity. They got Burmese NIC by bribed immigration department officers and moved to Rangoon and other city. They have obtained Form No.10 from local immigration department when they moved to other cities. They are official resident in their address. They can replace old ID card with new one when military regime issued new national ID card.

      Some illegal Bengalis migrants did not get Form No.10 when they moved to other cities and they only bought national identity card only because they do not afford extra payment for Form No.10. So they can not officially register their permanent address without Form No.10. Now they can not get new Burmese National ID card after Military regime changed national identity card because they do not have official record in immigration department and do not have official register resident address in where they live now.

      Those so called Rohingya who illegally obtained national ID card before 1990 are not able to replace their old national ID car with new one because there’s no record of their citizenship in immigration department and no official resident address either.

      That’s why they are creating Rohingya as Burma minority ethnic. So they can get Burmese citizenship automatically. Their invented stories have been shooting down by Burmese, Rakhine and International historians.

      I’m really pity for those women and children but you have to give citizenship to men too if you give citizenship to women and children.

      We do not how many criminals are existing among the illegal Chittagong Bengali migrants. Some criminals may be committed serious crime and some may be robbery or theft in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi Government said so called Rohingya from Rakhine state is criminals and they do not want them in Bangladesh.

      Some illegal Chittagong Bengali migrants are fisherman and farmers but some are committing organize crime on Rakhine farmers. They grouping and robbing paddy and rice from Rakhine farmers. They sold it in Bangladesh. Rakhine peoples are enough of those illegal Chittagong Bengali migrants in their state.

      Now so called Rohingya group is campaigning hatred between Buddhist Burmese and Muslim Burmese. Those Bengali made Burma bad name.
      They feed fabricated story to international journalists. They contribute nothing to Burma except given bad name and damage reputation of Burmese peoples.

      UN and Ban Ki-moon must remove so called Rohingya from Rakhine state as soon as possible. We will be very appreciated if you do it.

    • Why pick on the Rohingyas when there are many other minorities who cannot speak Burmese with the same accent as you do? No other country wants to accept the Rohingyas because it is against Int’l law to accept people who have their homeland. They know that Rohingyas belongs to Arakan.

      If you feel such inferiority complex to the Rohingyas, Burma has enough space to move some of them to other parts of Burma. Killing/demonizing is not an option unless you are a bigot.

      • Whether our ethnic brethren speak Myanmar language or not, we don’t bother, as they are our family members. Your so called atinnnya (ardent lairs) never belong to Arakan. If you say they were, then you’re also conspirator and one of them. Back off man!! We don’t hate you as a human being, but we certainly disgust and abhor you as a liar. We don’t want to kill them, but we don’t want and we don’t accept them as our citizens at all. Is this clear enough for you?

    • Arakan became part of Burma how long ago? Do you think that makes those Rohingya people whose ancestors have been living there for a 1000 years foriegners?

  22. Mr Ban, ,present SG of The UN, you are banned from Myanmar, a sovereign territorial state and a country populated by 58 plus million citizens. Thee Myanmar people national anthem which we as Burmese sang once, and still uphold as citizens and humans says it all, kabar ma kyae, thar doh’ myae, thar doh; pyae. Let the world know, this is our land, this is our country-nation etc etc. WE as a people with integrity and humane will not oppress and dispossess by stealth and deception others land space and livelihood and security .

  23. I just wonder, if I identify myself as an American, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Thai, Arab, can all these respective countries grant me citizenship? If not, if I call myself Rohingya how can Burma grant citizenship without checking my stay, birth certificate, and proof that I have been here for some generations? Can anyone answer me in a straightforward manner, please?

    • Burma must grant them citizenship because they have been living there long before that region became a part of Burma.
      Superficial readings of history are RARELY sufficient.Get some real education.

  24. Ban calls it so because his chair requires him to urge governments to do certain things. The root of rohingyanism is deeprooted in erstwhile Pakistan’s policy of Islamizing the northeast part of India and western part of Burma and create a state called Muslim Bangla. Unfortunately a selfdeclared rohingya member of parliament during U Nu’s rule, Sultan Mahmud, fathered the rohingya child with questionable connections from across the border, East Pakistan which in 1971 became Bangladesh. Sultan Mahmud with money and connection from Pakistan military intelligence, now named ISI, has helped some socalled Bengali historians and intellectual compiled many books full of half truths and no primary sources, demanding Buddhist Arakanese kings in the past as Muslim kings, and Arakan as Muslim country. This the islamists across the world gulped down and then with newly found petrodollar the Arabian peninsula went with full force to change the history of Arakan and force islam and rohingya upon it. In this deeprooted design, the dictators of Myanma, already under attack from the indigenous people, got into a precarious position and failed to properly address this heinous design. Today rohingyanism, a brainchild of Pakistan and Islamic expanisonism, has become a poison tree … big enough to swallow the entire Burma. The Irrawaddy, which has no competent staff or journalists, has been publishing one-sided articles, not through proper research, but taken over by the flood of rohingya propaganda everywhere. It is not only sad but also total disaster for a Buddhist majority country like Burma.

  25. Ko Ko Gyi’s position is right, but I still feel he’s a little weak. We must be very strong opposition force like our mountain ranges and in as much impervious as finest clay to whoever persuade us to accept those guys since they have the country of their origin. Don’t try to distort the history. First, you have to read English era history books and their census if they have ever mentioned the existence of Bengalis Kawtaw from Chittagong areas!!!

  26. Pres. Thein Sein and Mme Aug San Su Kyi should demand the establishment of UN Koran reading committee comprised of experts from all religions and opinions. OIC and Muslim countries representatives would be asked how they interpret the several Koranic verses teaching to children as young as 5, 6, or 7, contempt, mistrust, avoidance, segregation, intimidation, violence and murder of non-Muslims

  27. This article published on July11th received many comments up to August 12th. I read the article in July, but the comments only today on September 3rd.
    Ever since the Buddhist-Muslim riots spread to Meiktila, Lashio and elsewhere I was deeply puzzled to understand what happened. Now I know, but this is not my present topic.

    The comments to this article are so full of fervor, full of strong opinions and clashes between them, – but also full of lack of information, and misinformation.
    The best source on the origin of the Rohingya is here:

    It is a research article written by Dr. AYE CHAN:”The Development of a Muslim Enclave in Arakan (Rakhine) State of Burma (Myanmar)” and published 2005 in SOAS Bulletin of Burma Research.
    There it is shown clearly that the Muslim farmers of Buthidaung and Maungdaw and environs came to Arakan during the British rule mostly between 1890 and 1911. Census figures are given and a chart of citizens of Akyab/Sittwe and where they were born (many were born in India, particularly Chittagong). There was a lot of fallow land in Arakan when they British came there in 1826, because the kingdom had been conquered by the army of King Bodawpaya just 40 years earlier. Many Arakanese had died, fled, or been taken to Upper Burma as risoners of war. The British re-settled this land by selling it to wealthy people from Chittagong, who brought in poor agricultural workers from there to work on the land. These uneducated Muslim agricultural workers from Chittagong settled in the deserted villages left by the Arakanese. When the Arakanese returned they could not get back their inherited land.

    Between 1890 and 1910 these people increased from below 60.000 to nearly 200.000. An increase of 1-2% would result in the present number of Rohingyas in Arakan.
    But there was no public unrest because the British favoured the Bengali landlords. They were easier to rule, the British were used to them, Burma had become part of British India.

    However during World War II problems became very intense, and have continued since that time. The British left Burma early retreating to India, and with them went most of the urban Indians who had immigrated to Burma under the colonial rule. But the poor Muslim farmers from Chittagong stayed on in Northern Arakan, until the Japanese came in 1943.

    The British had given them weapons to fight against the Japaneses, but they attacked the local Buddhist Arakanese in neighboring villages instead. There were counter attacks, there were massacres, the Burmese Independence Army came, the Japanese army came. the British returned. Between 30.000 to 40.000 people in Arakan were killed or became refugees, both Muslims and Buddhists.

    When Burma became independent, the Muslim farmers in North Arakan wanted to join Pakistan. The British ignored this. But they gave the Chittagong Hill Tracts to Pakistan, even though the people living there were (at that time) not Bengali Muslims, but Buddhist hill tribes related to the ethnic minorities of Burma. Trouble was sure to come from this arrangement. Most of the hill tribes of Chittagong have disappeared by now: killed or displaced, Their land taken by people from the lowlands. The term “Rohingya” for Muslims from Chittagong living in Northern Arakan is just a Bengali word meaning “Arakanese”. It was coined by Bengali Muslim intellectuals around 1950. It is not an ethnic group different from Bengali Muslims in Chittagong.

    It is not true that the Rohingya have lived in Arakan for a thousand years, but they have lived there for several generations, – somewhat longer than one hundred years. Most of them immigrated under the British colonial government.

    When Bangladesh separated from (West)Pakistan with a very bloody war in 1971, the Rohingya supported West-Pakistan. Some of them even emigrated to West-Pakistan. It is said that the Rohingya are Wahabi Muslims, a very conservative Islamic school found also in Saudi Arabia, practising scharia law. This may be one reason why Bangladesh does not welcome them. The Rohingya are not the only Muslims in Arakan, but they are the largest group, the poorest, and the least educated.

    Arakan has more Muslims than the rest of Myanmar. It was an independent kingdom till 1784, close to India and facing the sea, prosperous through international trade in the Bay of Bengal. In the 15th -16th century Arakanese kings conquered Chittagong and part of the Ganges Delta. They took prisoners of war from there to build irrigation works and pagodas in Mrauk U. They also employed Muslim soldiers, and held Muslim courtiers from different countries at the royal court. The descendants of these Muslims are less in number and better integrated in Myanmar..

    How far recent illegal immigrants and criminal elements hide among the Rohingya, I do not know. But it seems unlikely that the “Rohingya problem” can be solved just by giving them Myanmar citizenship. The Rohingya enclave in Northern Arakan has not integrated into Myanmar in the last hundred years, so why should a small piece of paper make a difference to that?

    • Daw Ohmar,

      Do you know that in the time of Buddha, Arakan was a part of Bengal? You really should expand your reading. Here is one to google; “Burmese invasion of Arakan and the rise of non Bengali settlements in Bangladesh”

  28. My above comment included the internet adress for the article By Dr. Aye Chan on the origin of the Rohingya. Somehow that reference was dropped. I repeat it here.

  29. DROPPED AGAIN: WHY? 3 x w.soas.ac.uk/sbbr/editions/file64388.pe-de-ef (=3 letters)

  30. I doubt Irrawaddy about giving the news title as Ban asked Myanmar government to make Rohingyas citizens. Ban only asked to address the issue and do something about it. He repeated the issues as violence, including killings them and restricting their rights, and the demand for citizenships by them, because our government still doesn’t say very clearly about the issue. It only say there is no Rohingyas ethnicity among our nationalities. It seems indirect answer.

    I think Ban is no fool and not a stupid person. He knows that he could not dictate us what to do since he is no chief of our country; even he is no chief of any country. He is just a chief administrator of world organisation UNO. He has no power of his own.

    If he really ask us as to give citizenships to the Kawtaw, then, our answer is No! No! and No!. Ban should persuade his country, Korea, to take or adopt them and make them Koreans. It’s just about one million. He even could persuade Muslim countries to share the burden. Saudi is a large country with small population, but very very rich country; it should take them all.

    Dear Mr. Ban,
    we don’t like the killing or torture and we don’t subscribe it or encourage to do so. Sometimes, unfortunately that just happen when some or a few causal incidents emerge somewhere. less than 200 people lost their lives in two year was incomparable with real mass killings or genocides in other parts of the world. You know it better. Every incidents were ignited by those illegal intruders either in Rakhine or in any part of our country and it is an undeniable fact.

    We are going to stand with our government as long as it definitively bar and say no citizenships to Kawtaw and their lobbyists. Therefore beware of your loose tongue if what you’ve said is a dictum.
    Humbly yours,
    Nyunt Shwe

  31. Just because you call them illegal doesn’t make them illegal. You are ignoring the complex history of that region. Shame on you.

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