Two Mosques Attacked in Karen State

Two mosques in Karen State’s Kawkareik Township were the apparent targets of a pair of grenade attacks that took place shortly after midnight on Monday, according to sources in the area.

Witnesses in Kawkareik said that a mosque in the town’s Muslim quarter was hit by two hand grenades. One of the grenades exploded inside the mosque compound, while the other hit a brick wall.

A similar attack was reported in Kyondo, a sub-township of Kawkareik, where residents reported a small explosion at a local mosque.

No casualties were reported in either incident.

Local authorities said they are still in the dark about who carried out the attacks, and why.

“We are still investigating. We don’t know the reason for the attacks,” a police officer in Kawkareik told The Irrawaddy on Monday.

There are various armed groups based in Kawkareik, including the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army and an ethnic Karen Border Guard Force under the command of the Burmese armed forces, but no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

“Anyone could have done this, because both the Karen groups and the Burmese Army have their own grenades,” said Myint Shwe, a resident.

This is the first time that mosques have come under attack like this, said local residents. They added that they weren’t sure if the incidents were related to last week’s violence in Arakan State.

According to UN estimates, around 28,000 people were left homeless after the latest round of communal clashes between Buddhists and Muslims in the state. The Burmese government has put the death toll at 84 since violence started again last week.

3 Responses to Two Mosques Attacked in Karen State

  1. This is stating sign of Rakhine communal violence between Buddhist Rakhine and illegal migrant Bengali Rohingya is about to taken off spreading to other state. If this kind of violence broke out in other state and then it will not be just between Muslim and Buddhist. It will be becoming Muslim Vs. Buddhist, Hindu and Christian.
    Burma has had violence between Muslim and Hindu in the past.
    Muslim peoples’ attitude toward other religion followers is always questionable in Burma or around the world.
    The poor work and poor judgement of NGOs, HRW and other organizations’ staffers in Rakhine is inviting sectarian violence in Burma. Burma is different culture from where they come from. They must concentrate on their mission for given assistance to whoever regardless or illegal migrant Bengali Rohingya or Rakhine. They appear to be more sympathy on illegal migrant Bengali Rohingya than native Rakhine peoples. So they are concentrating on illegal migrant Bengali Rohingya and they spread out news for Bengali Rohingya only.
    Other side Buddhist Rakhine were suffering lost their home and love one but they are to blame for violence in their native land. Rakhine peoples can’t have chance to explain the world because poor English language skill and less of connection to international medias.
    I must suggest to staffers of all NGO, HRW and other organizations, they should change their career to reporter or journalist if they want to spread their own story to the world.
    Everyone has to take responsible for their own work.
    Only Burmese peoples will be suffered and will be lost over half century work for Burmese democracy if the Rakhine violence spread to other states across the Burma but the NGOs, HRW and UN staffers can extent the employee contract with their organization.
    NGOs, HRW, OIC and UN are to blame if the Rakhine Communal violence spread across the country and they must take responsible for that.
    We Burmese will protect (Amyo, Bartha, Sasana) our nation, our language and our religion at any price as what our leaders and our ancestors have done in our nation history.
    Sai Lin Kan

    •  Very funny comment like a 6 months old baby. Could you tell me please what is the meaning of illegal immigrants?

      • haha…baby doesn’t know the meaning of illegal immigrant…why don’t you become a martyr …there will be virgins serving you in paradise…ssssh…but don’t look at the face of virgins on earth thats a sin…may be the virgins of paradise are covered in concrete.

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