Three Burmese Women Rescued from Captors in Thailand

The man accused of holding three young women captive in Bangkok is led away by officials on Friday. (Photo: The Irrawaddy)

RANGOON — Three trafficked and raped Burmese women were rescued from their captors by Thai police in Bangkok on Friday.

The victims told The Irrawaddy they were repeatedly raped and forced to work without pay for three months after being captured in January.

Five people have been detained by Thai police related to the incident, including the father who allegedly pretended to be an army officer to maintain their obedience.

The police seized weapons and an army uniform from the house.

The three women, two aged 15 and one 18, are from Thayet Choung in Tenasserim Division.

They escaped from the house where they were held on April 2.

Mar Le, the women’s interpreter, said: “They were forced to work and to have sex by a son of the family and even the family let Lao workers have sex with them.”

Another girl tried to escape at the same time as the others, on April 2, but was caught by the family and taken back to the house.

“They told me their friend would be killed. This is why I asked help from the police and even spread this news to media in order to help the girl,” Mar Le said.

Thailand ranks high on international indicators of human trafficking. According to the US government’s Watch List, Thailand does not comply with some international standards relating to human trafficking.

Last year, to combat the level of human trafficking between Burma and Thailand, the two governments set up two anti-trafficking centers in Kawthuang and Tachilek.

The Burmese government has also opened offices in Thailand to issue temporary passports to Burmese nationals so that they can legally work in the neighboring country.

Official figures show that 1.2 million Burmese migrants have been issued with temporary passports, while nearly a million workers are still in the process of obtaining legal documents. However, labor rights groups estimate that there are between 2.5 and 4 million Burmese migrants working in Thailand, many of them illegally.

6 Responses to Three Burmese Women Rescued from Captors in Thailand

  1. George Than Setkyar Heine

    IT ALL COMES DOWN to the MISMANAGEMENT and MISRULE of the country byThan Shwe/Thein Sein led lot at Naypyidaw.
    Burma is ENDOWED with VAST NATURAL and HUMAN RESOURCES since the beginning of time until today.
    Than Shwe and his generals including their CRONIES have RAPED and ROBBED the COUNTRY while PULLING THEIR PANTS DOWN for the Chinese communists in return for COVERING THEIR ASSES at the UNSC has CULMINATED in these girls GETTING THEIR LIVES DESTROYED and KILLED for many in Thailand specifically.
    Of course it is THAI CULTURE to SELL their BODIES for a LIVING as we all know.
    However, the BURMESE WOMEN FOLK are NOT ACCUSTOMED to this SORT of INDIGNIFIED and SHAMELESS CULTURE of course, any bets?
    These poor souls were CAPTURED and MADE to SERVE as SEX SLAVES by the Thais obviously.
    Hence, the Thais authorities should HANDLE this MATTER in ALL FAIRNESS and JUSTICE in order that these LUCKLESS WOMEN two of them UNDERAGED GET THEIR DUES (compensation) in addition to JUSTICE as well so that NOTHING of THIS SORT EVER HAPPEN AGAIN in Thailand for this ILK of WOMEN SEEKING HONORABLE WORK OPPORTUNITIES and intent on MAKING A DECENT LIVING which THEY ARE NOT GETTING in BURMA under the HEEL of Than Shwe’s CLERK today of course.
    ONE DAY BURMA WOULD BE the HUB of ASIA and the WORLD even for SURE and THAIS are GOING to MEET the SAME FATE as THESE LUCKLESS WOMEN today as well, lest the Thais forget!

  2. Myanmarese become slaves to the Thais. Why? Ne Win, Than Shwe and Thein Sein did it.

  3. Thais are support to be Buddhist & they never learn karma?
    Reattribution will come whoever does the bad deed.

  4. Three Burmese Women Rescued from Captors in Thailand: Wrong! They were kids, children, not women.

    Thailand is notorious for mistreatment of women because it so pervasive and an accepted norm of behavior that women are mere objects of fantasy and abuse which is why the country is known as the Land of Smiles an euphemism for Land of Whores; unless attitudes change, this will be their stigma. As for the men that abused the three young Burmese girls the crime should meet the punishment to the fullest or it is cest la vive.

  5. These are not “women” they are CHILDREN! Children who should enjoy happy, carefree lives, not enslavement and abuse.

  6. Your reporting is inaccurate in this article. 15 year olds are girls / children, not women.

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