Thein Sein Meets Ethnic Leaders

President Thein Sein, center, meets with ethnic leaders in Naypyidaw on Feb. 13, 2013. (Photo: President’s Office)

RANGOON — Burma’s President Thein Sein promised during a meeting with representatives of nine ethnic armed groups in Naypyidaw on Wednesday that his government would soon initiate a political dialogue aimed at national reconciliation, but declined to say when it would begin.

The one-hour meeting with Shan, Mon, Karen, Pa-O, Chin, Arakanese and other ethnic leaders came a week before the government’s peace negotiating team is expected to hold talks in neighboring Thailand with the United Nationalities Federal Council, an umbrella group of ethnic militias.

During the meeting, the president acknowledged that since Burma achieved independence from British rule 65 years ago, successive governments had failed to achieve unity and lasting peace with the country’s many ethnic minorities.

However, he said that a recent tentative agreement reached with the Kachin Independence Organization, whose armed wing has been fighting government forces for the past year and a half, could pave the way for a renewed effort to achieve peace.

“The government made a peace deal with the Kachin and this might be a good sign to have political dialogue soon,” said Nai Tala Nyi, an executive member of the New Mon State Party (NMSP) and one of the participants in Wednesday’s meeting.

“He told us his government will hold a political dialogue soon, but he didn’t set an exact date for it,”  added the Mon leader.

To prepare for peace, Thein Sein said, ethnic armed groups should focus their attention on improving life in their respective regions.

“He told us to develop our ethnic areas while we are waiting to have political dialogue with the government,” said Nai Tala Nyi, adding that the president also mentioned that the government had agreed to allow international aid groups to assist displaced civilians in conflict zones.

Asked if the NMSP trusted the president to follow through on his promises, Nai Tala Nyi said: “We believe that it is inevitable for the government to engage in a political dialogue if they want to have peace and development in the country. We just don’t know how they will do it, or when.”

3 Responses to Thein Sein Meets Ethnic Leaders

  1. I am glad to know Theinsein meet nine ethic arm groups look intention of unity and lasting peace. But he do not have power to do that. The only thing he can do is to know more about them and give some staff personal gain instead of giving self determination right to the ethic nationalities .All he can do is let them make sign and make easy for Burma military having authority like a king or Try to make like Singapore where majority citizen not interested in politic.But we the ethic national are never conquered by Burmese period.The British conquered us and make colony with Burma. The British got hard time in second world war and gave Burma independent and transfer their ethic nationalities administrated from Rangoon colony status into Burmese who are worst than them where the ethic nationalities can not learn their own language , can not exercised their custom and their basic God given rights.Thank to global information system which give the truth happening in the world where they can hide 60 years of killing innocent ethic nationalities but not now. They can killed and conquered KNU headquarter Mananpalaw without knowing by international knowledge about their genocide.
    Kachin people are united not as the Burmese think them .The Burmese try to copy from British , divided and rule strategy . This meeting must come from the Burmese government strategy which intention of persuading Kachin to sign for Burmese military advantages.
    I believed Theinsein but he do not have authority as long as Maung eye ( who is 50% chinese) and Than shwe who scare death for his life) and Burmese military ( control by Chinese hybrid )who love their position than the country.

    • Dear Salai TM O
      It is very interesting true , facts events and history from you. You should write more and more in this forum. You forget to claim compensation for all ethnics from bama military thugs as well as should ask DASSK what is the second Panglong agreement she suggested.

  2. Here is my proposal which NFC should required.
    1. Make 15 states in Burma, Kachin state,Shan state, Kaya state, Karen state, Mon state, Sagaing state, Chin state, Rakhaing state, Rangoon state, Mandalay state, Pa-O state ( because they lived in Pegu area almost 2000 year from BC 1000 to AD 995 till Anorrata Burmese king conguered them) Maqui state, Arakan ( Yakhaing) state, Irrawady state, Sagaing state.
    2. Have every state 10 senators ( amotha hluutdaw ) and every important issue such national security, every appointment for minister should confirmed by them and others ( one state against one state issues.)
    3. DSA AND OTS and other Military academy admission board was composed by all state represent equally. Admission should be based on quality not based on what state original they are, what religion they have,
    4. Have every state self determination including inner line regulation. For example Zochin ( Chin) have Chin Lushei regulation act during British colony time where they can lived without infiltration of their right which include practicing their owns laws, learn their own langues , take responsibilities for their own development
    5. Every 18 years – 30 years have to register for army in case needed for outside the country enemies so that the Burmese military do not have more strengthen against its own people including student, civilian , monk who just try to express their feeling or opinion.
    6.There is no centralization in political party. Example USDP or NLD will not compete seats in any state unless the responsible states consent. For example NLD will not compete directly in Mon state unless the Mon state consent them. They can have alliance in the Mon state but no control on who will be the candidate.
    7. Give forgiveness to army officer ( by not to take any action during their army time) after they got retired who anticipate in democracy transformation in Burma)
    8. Stop Burmanization or elimination of ethic nationalities philosophy initiated by Thakhin ko daw hmaing where he like to do like they did to Peu ( Pa- O) in AD 995 and after to all ethic nationalities in Burma who took independent together according to Ponglong agreement.
    9. All Bama and ethic nationalities have come together succeed real democracy of the country in which serve majority of citizen in Burma not just upper rank in military who do not love their country men to prosper and happiness . Be careful this Military leaded by Maung Eye ( Chinese hybrid) who even captured his boss Newin will not care the country to become peaceful where everybody enjoy for justice and happiness. Thanswe is lived under the mercy of Maung Eye who control( informally) the Burma military by promoting regional commander and above to Chinese hybrid Burma who not going to care the Burma than their position and personal gain.
    9. Be careful about your friend who might take personal or other related to person gain from the Burmese representative who going to try as they did during U NU time and Newin time when they give personal promotion for trading their national interest.

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