Suu Kyi to Head ‘Rule of Law’ Committee

Aung San Suu Kyi talks to reporters during a break as she attends a parliamentary meeting.

Aung San Suu Kyi talks to reporters during a break as she attends a parliamentary meeting.

National League for Democracy (NLD) leader Aung San Suu Kyi was approved by Burma’s Parliament on Tuesday to chair the newly formed Committee for Rule of Law and Stability, according to sources in her party.

It is the first committee that Suu Kyi has been appointed to since she and other elected members of her party entered Parliament last month.

Commenting on her new position, Suu Kyi told reporters in Naypyidaw on Tuesday that “Rule of law is not about control, but about protecting society.”

Lower House Speaker Shwe Mann announced the formation of the new committee during Tuesday’s parliamentary session.

Win Myint, the NLD MP for Pathein constituency and the secretary of the committee, said that the vice-speaker of the Lower House, Nanda Kyaw Swar, informed the committee of its responsibilities.

“It is to supervise whether the four important pillars—the legislature, the judiciary, the civil service and the media—are following the rule of law,” Nanda Kyaw Swar told the committee members.

Win Tin, a leading member of the NLD, said Suu Kyi’s appointment to the chairmanship of the committee was appropriate because she has often stressed the need for rule of law as part of her party’s platform, along with establishing peace and amending the Constitution.

“It is a chance for her, as Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has repeatedly raised the issue of rule of law in her addresses to the public, in Parliament and to the international community,” said Win Tin.

Three NLD parliamentarians are listed in the committee, which is comprised of 15 members, including MPs representing the Chin, Kachin, Karenni, Arakanese, Mon and Shan ethnic minorities.

Some politicians said they could not predict how effective the committee will be, given the fact that its members come from many different parties.

Win Myint said that no exact schedule has been established yet for committee meetings.

Some of the committee’s members remarked that they had not not been informed in advance of their new appointments.

“I only learned that I was on the committee when the house speaker read out the names of the committee members,” said Thein Nyunt, the New Democracy Party MP for Rangoon’s Thingangyun Township.

Dr Zaw Myint Maung, an NLD MP from Kyaukpadaung constituency, said he also had no idea that he would be on the committee.

17 Responses to Suu Kyi to Head ‘Rule of Law’ Committee

  1. The first law the committee should repeal and revoke is the 1982 immigration law, which blatantly violates human rights.
    As long as the law exists the country’s credibility as a democratic nation is in question, and the image of the country will be severely tarnished.
    In this 21st century, if one person’s human rights are violated, the world community does not condone it. There in Burma, the civil rights of hundreds of thousands of people are being violated.

  2. Boy ! Rule of Law ! It is ridiculous when a national character itself is grooved into “corrupt mindset” !

    When the society is so much corrupted past 50 years, how could you change their mindsets ! You must be dreaming, I suppose.

    Fat hope !

  3. The totalitarian despot wants to turn her into a puppet.

  4. Lets watch as she continues to sidestep the Rohingya Issue. Suu Kyi has now lost all credibility in the Muslim world and the NLD has lost all their Muslim votes in the next election. This woman is nothing more than Bamar elite who cannot even share the family inheritance with her own brother, how did anyone ever expect her to share the country with Muslims.

  5. Just another trick from the magicians hat to keep all, critiques and activists et al, in one circus..easier for the circus master to control and manipulate.

  6. There are variety “Rule of Law” in ad hoc societies such as gambling dens, drug cartels and youth gangs. There are set of rules must follow irrespective of legality of the establishment and failure to do so may results in prescribed penalty. If a “drug mule” tips off the authority, then the heads of him and his dearest would be chopped off. If someone withdraw from an illegal youth gang member and he is considered hypocrite! If the “Daing” failed to pay illegal “Che Hti” prize, he may be slashed to death. To avoid such kind of confusion, I would like to reframe this topic as “Rule of Law under International Norms”.
    We also need to recall “Draconian Law” in early days comparable with existing laws in Burma. We do not forget that someone was prosecuted and jailed in Rangoon in 1996 just because of owning a fax machine without permission.

    Further reading available at:

  7. The first documented law in the human history seems to be “The Code of Hammurabi”
    {The Code of Hammurabi, dating back to about 1772 BC. It is one of the oldest deciphered writings of significant length in the world. The sixth Babylonian king, Hammurabi, enacted the code. The Code consists of 282 laws, with scaled punishments, adjusting “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” as graded depending on social status, of SLAVE versus FREE man.}

    Do we Burmese have any … such as code of Ne Win, Than Shwe, Khin Nyunt, Thein Sein etc.. if not, we need to have one or more to fulfil the daily need of Burmese people.. ..

    2008 constitution is just “Constitution Law”, one specialty out of 200- 400. It took 20 long years.. and how about other laws?
    Remember! The law in making or at hand must be enforceable.. Otherwise it would just fuel the existing notorious ranking of corruption in Burma.
    During the time of Hammurabi, only two classes of people in the country: MASTERS ( free man) & SLAVES. As SLAVE and FREE man differs according to Hammurabi code, it clearly indicates responsibilities and privileges during that time. But Ne Win and subsequent era, at least six types of people in Burma according to 1982 citizenship Law. The responsibilities and privileges of all six types are not clearly mentioned in 2008 Constitution.
    Mr President, will you still be keeping the 1982 Citizenship Law , which is very much inferior to the Hammurabi code? If not, it is the right time to clean up the Ne Win era crap.

  8. She should be also Chairperson of “Feeling Good and Looking Great Committee” , “Myanmar Are the Greatest People In The Universe Committee” and “Myanmar Leads the World in Democracy Committee”. Not just “Thein Sein Promotion Committee”.

  9. The Ordinary People of Burma

    The ordinary people of Burma congratulates our Lady for her overdue appointment as Chairperson of the Committee for the Rule Of Law.

    Like our Lady has put it, the first task is to establish the Rule of Law to protect the citizens, its society and the universal human rights for the people; and subsequently protect the interests of all foreign investors.

    Foreign investors hold your horses until the Rule of Law is established for everyone’s sake.

  10. Yeah! Give her a chance to prove what she can do. We all know that a thousand generals could not do it in five decades.

  11. George Than Setkyar Heine

    this smells fishy of course!
    why is the ‘committee’ formed in a rush?
    “i only learned that i was on the committee when the house speaker read out the names of the committee members,” said thein nyunt, the new democracy party mp for rangoon’s thingangyun township.
    and dr zaw myint maung, an nld mp from kyaukpadaung constituency, said he also had no idea that he would be on the committee.
    “it is to supervise whether the four important pillars—the legislature, the judiciary, the civil service and the media—are following the rule of law,” nanda kyaw swar told the committee members.
    that lets the cat out of the bag folks!
    this is certainly a gimmick, a set-up or a damned trap i would say on the part of than shwe no less to control, specifically the fourth pillar – the media – wreaking havoc on than shwe orchestrated thein sein’s rule in burma today.
    and on the other side of the coin is than shwe is crafting to cage daw suu and make her do the dirty work/laundry in addition to sweep the shit – ethnic tensions, illegal rohingya immigrant problems and forthcoming wa fiasco certain to raise or most likely plunge burma into the depths much lower then the deepest levels of hell no doubt.
    and all these at daw suu’s expense and of course the people of burma’s as well, while the lot at naypyidaw would claim credit and laughing if not crying all the way to their banks in alien lands of course.
    “it is a chance for her, as daw aung san suu kyi has repeatedly raised the issue of rule of law in her addresses to the public, in parliament and to the international community,” said win tin.
    of course u win tin is shrewd in his comment for that matter i say.
    no doubt daw suu’s talk of “rule of law” does not specifically concerned/covered nor limited only on the four pillars as nanda kyaw swar has cited.
    hence, let me be frank and focused in this matter unlike than shwe/thein sein beating around the bush – rule of law committee non-sense of course.
    daw suu’s “rule of law” is primarily targeted at than shwe drawn 2008 nargis constitution where the role of the military is enshrined to cover his ass and crafted/orchestrated for continued military domination in the affairs of the state and politics of the country until eternity as well, in the first place and since day one stupid!
    and daw suu’s “envisaged” rule of law could never reign supreme in burma much less get off the ground even until and unless than shwe’s constitution is abolished/aborted or scrapped altogether and replaced/substituted with an authentic democratic – representative – constitution catering to the desire/will of the people as well.
    hence, nanda kyaw swar cited so-dubbed “rule of law committee” amounts to nothing more than a gimmick/ruse, instrumental as well to act as a watch dog over today’s media obviously wreaking havoc on than shwe oiled thein sein run administrative machine at naypyidaw, in turn hoodwink the people and importantly, dupe the us led international community and quintana’s un as well for the better and in the first place.
    in case than shwe/thein sein has a heart for that matter (rule of law) this is the right occasion, place and time to straighten things out for the better and forever and a day for burma i say.
    firstly, an interim governing body comprising of relevant representatives from all legalized parties (including ethnic people) should be formed and run the country in the meantime.
    secondly, an all inclusive election in 2014 should be publicized.
    thirdly, the elected representatives of the 2014 polls draw a democratic constitution, the basis/mother of all laws to be enacted and enforced to run the union of burma and most importantly and
    fourthly, the burma army returns to the barracks, stand sentry and safeguard the country’s peace, sovereignty and territorial integrity specifically invasion from foreign lands, most importantly, keep out fence jumpers/illegal immigrants from neighboring countries.
    until and unless it is done, immediately, substantively and specifically, burma’s woes would compound, see no end and turn for the worst as well in the immediate future in like form, guise and manner as the fence jumpers (rohingyas) from bangladesh, this time more deadly and sinister from the northeast – the ethnic chinese – already calling and making homes in burma, while monopolizing the country’s economy and flooding the country with their numbers and characters (writings) not to mention making concubines of burmese women on sight as well.
    they (chinese) are in their millions already flashing/holding the country’s national registration cards and other legal documents no lees.
    how/when/where for that matter are the queries/questions for khin yee and his boss (thein sein and in turn than shwe) to answer in the whore house (parliament) and history one day or the other as well of course.
    obviously, they (chinese) don’t need to rape the women like the bangali illegal immigrant paupers do as the ethnic chinese are loaded with tons of cash even the united states dollars in hand if the women preferred.
    and the chinese are pushing ahead with the myitsone dam project and others though thein sein has slapped a suspension order for that matter in order to meet their deadline in 2013 of course.
    even min aung hlaing’s outfit (burma army) is paid to keep the defying kia out of the picture and premises while the chinese push ahead with their projects and interests according to some palaung organizations active in kachin state.
    and daw suu even was asked to attend a chinese sponsored event – which daw suu declined as well – held to clear the air and clarify their purpose (myitsone dam project) most possibly as well coerce burma’s national leader to kow tow to the chinese in their bid for hegemony of the region via burma while exploiting the country’s resources and strategic location as well no less.
    of course daw suu, the nld and 8888 generation students leaders are no duds for that matter as i believed and trusted as well.
    until and unless the reins of the country are in her hands daw suu should not play second fiddle much less put her neck on the chopping block and least of all play the fall guy for that matter lest she forgets.

  12. Rule of law is the most important measure to be taken by law makers if Burma really wants to become a true democratic society.
    No one is above the law. Daw Aunng San Suu Kyi is not above the law. The same is true for President Thein Sein, ex-ruler Than Shwe and co..
    Burma had been going down the road to ruin for almost half a century because of lack of Rule of Law. All directives and orders came out from the machine gun dictators`s mouth.
    I am not surprise to hear from some MP that they are not sure about the newly form commetee.
    I like to encourage them to change their mindset, get out of the shackles of fascist military machinery and do the correct thing now.
    Be brave and make the law which does not simply allow anyone above the law.
    Amay Suu is guiding the nation into new democratic state.
    Rohingya`s rights has to be recognize in this new bills.
    Burma need to get out of the old habits and thinking to be able to march into new era.

  13. Welcome to the birth of ” TEAM OF RIVALS “and other forward-looking MPs under the Chair of Daw Suu.We hope other similar bi-party or mulparty approaches will be made to solve another various political and socio-economic problems that challenge our nascent democratic reforms.Bravo!! Steam ahead,we are with you!!!

  14. Suu Kyi is not Nelson Mandella.So nothing good can be expected from her.She said in the recent past that she does not know weather Rohingyas are burmese citizens or not.But her late father knew that & recognised that also.

  15. To critics
    Why are you guys so cynical? Why don’t you give her a chance and prove that she is a world-class statesperson? She stood state persecution and oppression for decades, and yet emerged stronger.
    Maybe she is being manipulated by the ex-junta to fulfill their own ends. Still she may outwit them and rescue the country from the chaos. She has the leverage, as she still has the support of the world community.
    I hope she will live up to expectations.

  16. David, you ask why we are so cynical: the simple answer is that the junta has, for the past 50 years, acted in total self-interested. They will do anything to cling on to power.

  17. Ms Suu Kyi should be given the opportunity,we know for sure that if there is anything against the people,she will be the first person to let the world know.

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