Suu Kyi Says Burma’s Peace Depends on Security

Burma’s pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi leaves after a news conference at Japan National Press Club in Tokyo on Thusrday. Suu Kyi made rare comments on Wednesday on sectarian violence in her nation. (Photo: Reuters)

TOKYO—Communal violence threatening Burma’s fledgling reforms must be stopped by ensuring the “rule of law” so that clashing groups feel secure enough for dialogue, opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi said on Wednesday.

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate, on a visit to Japan, said she objects to violence “committed by anybody against anybody” and that Buddhist-Muslim clashes threaten Burma’s progress toward greater democracy and economic growth.

“There has never been a time when we’ve had complete peace within our land,” Suu Kyi told reporters in Tokyo. “I’m confident we can achieve economic success, but without peace and unity we cannot expect to get economic success that is sustained.”

Human rights groups and a UN envoy have criticized Burma’s government for failing to prevent attacks mostly on minority Muslims by majority Buddhists. Sectarian violence in western Arakan State has killed hundreds and driven more than 100,000 Rohingya Muslims from their homes.

“I have said that any violation of human rights and any acts of violence are inimical to a united and peaceful society and I stand by that,” Suu Kyi said when asked whether she had anything to say to the country’s Muslim minority.

“We must learn to accommodate those with different views, but if we want our people to sort out differences we must give them security,” Suu Kyi said. “We must make them secure enough to talk to each other.”

Boatloads of Rohingya have been washing up on Indonesia’s shores, following the wave of violence in western Burma, where they are considered to have migrated illegally from neighboring Bangladesh.

Regarding the issue of citizenship for the stateless Rohingya, Suu Kyi said Burma is entitled to abide by its own laws, such as its citizenship law, but it also has to assess those laws to ensure they comply with international standards.

“This is what the Burmese government should do, to face the issue of citizenship fairly,” she said.

In recent meetings with Muslim leaders, Suu Kyi said she found they had never known any country beside Burma.

“They did not feel they belong anywhere else. It is sad that they were made to feel they did not belong in our country either and this is a very sad state of affairs,” she said.

Suu Kyi said it was essential that Japan and other governments seeking to support Burma focus on what is really needed. More is not necessarily better, she said.

“We hope that the aid that is given to my country will be given with the people in mind, rather than the government,” she said.

“Governments come and governments go, but the people are forever,” she said.

Suu Kyi lauded Burma’s legislature for pushing forward with reforms and increasing its public transparency, but was harsher toward other parts of the government, which retains a strong military influence despite the end of direct military rule two years ago.

“The great weakness of this reform process is that it has no structure, no sequencing or establishment of priorities regarding what is needed at this moment,” she said.

12 Responses to Suu Kyi Says Burma’s Peace Depends on Security

  1. For security, bama and all ethnics need own military power in Burma respectively. However, shwe said and says that his private army is enough for security.
    In fact, DASSK should have military power to solve the all problems because of her following wise view and vision. Min aung laing should resign at once and transfers the military power to DASSK.
    Cheer DASSK. said that

    “This is what the Burmese government should do, to face the issue of citizenship fairly,” she said.

    In recent meetings with Muslim leaders, Suu Kyi said she found they had never known any country beside Burma.

    “They did not feel they belong anywhere else. It is sad that they were made to feel they did not belong in our country either and this is a very sad state of affairs,” she (DASSK) said.”

    It is the excellent speech from DASSK who understands well upon Rohyingya issue.
    DASSK also should address more on her previous promise of the right of permission for oversea Burmese refugees to return to own native Burma in sound and safe. Thein sein only emphaises on the rich and educated returnees of oversea Burmese for the aim of helping country back. It is sweet to hear for getting release of sanction from USA but it is not still to be implemented.

    • Absolutely. The government is working for the Burmese security. For the Burmese security, the government kills many ethnic people and many Muslims. The current security system is causing the insecurity for non-Burmans.

  2. Bit stuck, aren’t we?

    It is so, so painful to watch these various foreign press reporters, for their pathetic piece of bread, scrape up something vaguely meaningful in speeches however dissociated with the reality to keep on quoting and hyping desperately hoping not to lose “Diana-esque” “Fooling value” out of this pathetic woman who is rapidly losing relevance to the true public of the state of Burma outside of the “Elites” circle of equally dissociated diaspora and -yes- “elites”.

    Long and well coordinated Investment in her surely is not really paying off like that in old man Mandela or Havel or any other carefully manufactured “Peoples’ Heroes”- code word for collaborators for continued suppression and rape and pillage of the land and enslavement of its people in easier ways. (Majority South African Blacks are ten times worse off now that Mandela, the collaborator, is about to die than when he was young and healthy in jail before horse-trading – that familiar “secret negotiations” started.)

    So long as majority Burmese populace is not corrupted enough to feel ashamed off to be even in their own skin, (Because, you are worth it!) and covetous of the shiny material possessions of irreverence like their expats and “elites”clamoring for “reforms”, the chances of the continued usefulness of this woman or any other ex-dissident for the planned massive, devastating exploitation oft he land and people of Burma is at best doubtful with or without continued nationalistic agitations by (who else?) the very government the woman and the international business community are endorsing and pampering.

    The story has not even started yet!

  3. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is amazing. When she represent Burma, she dress up very elegant. She is the embassador of Burmese cultural and Burmese costume.

  4. Majority peoples killing without reasons is not justice. Why RNDP party involved last violence in Arakan. They had made a conference at Rateydaung township made decesion to kill Arakanese Muslims and Muslims Rohingy, so how you call that there is justice. Killing Muslims through out central Myanmar is fair or not Myanmar government knows better. How can one party dictatorship of Ne Win made a law which is intentionally to persecute and discrimintate Muslims of Myanmar can call justice. In this land those are present inhabitent came and settled from various parts of the world. Some came early sevencentury and some came 11th century( I do not want to ment-ion the race name ), but all are citizens of Myanmar and haave the rights to co-exist within the Myanmar.
    Let be gone by be gone let us sit and make dialogue, we are ready.

  5. She can not follow her heart anymore since she was overwhelmingly awarded different prizes.Every country has their own law regardless of if it is fit to international laws.Look United State,Do you think that it would fit to international standards?Look what requirements are for citizenship requirement and requirements for permanent residency applications.They are strictly written as a law for their country’s requirements.Look around the world,singapore,UK,Saudi,Iran,Parkistan,etc..Aunty Su,you are out of your mind even to be realistic.For those who asking too much to a country is simply bullying by using world populations of islams.OIC is dictating how to rule a country or how to draw a immigration laws?Why now?What make them think of that they can interfering in some country’s affairs.UNHCR?OIC?UN?They can not even handle their own mess in their own land and their own communities.The way they are involving is kind of supporting extremists.They had turn a blind eyes on terrorism and co-existance and mutual respect regardless of different religions.If you don’t know what involve in citizenship requirements for process.I can give you a link ..You need to talk fairly.Do you think without OIC ,we can live peacefully? and solve our own problems? Talk to the world that fairness should be served and facts shuld be respected.I am very sad that you are blindfolded by those awards.Please don’t leave your heart and soul just for those awards.Because they will pressure you and make you quiet just because of the awards you received.Please stand for the rightfulness to defend country from disintegration from different threats from outside world.Everything is well coordinated and orchestrated.

  6. Security for the upper-class sure, but what about the security and “freedom from fear” for those poor farmers in Letpadaung who get phosphorous bombs thrown at them for trying to protect their ancestral lands (singing the national anthem (da do. pyay da do. myay do. u paing do. myay (or tayoke paing de. pyay) lol). Suu Kyi’s main goal is to become President (Rule of the Lady) and she probably will in 2015, because she has earned her brownie points and paid her dues to the military (I’m so fond of them) and more importantly to the greedy Chinese (what a wonderful copper mine with all that poisonous waste land, who cares about a couple of sacred hills, or even about Mt. Popa, just let the Chinese do everything they want; FDI is so good for Wanboa and UMEHL).
    About citizenship: What about the illegal Chinese? They can bribe corrupt officials to get fake Burmese ID’s (of dead people!). Burmese ID’s can be bought at Ruili and Muse for less than 1000 Yuan, no? There are so many double-standards in Burma.
    In my opinion, the Chinese-armed UWSA (United Wa State Army) is a much bigger “insult” to Burmese sovereignty than all these wretched “Bingla/Rohingyas”!
    Well Burmese seem to like to bully people “underneath” them (especially if they are darker-skinned) but then suck up (kow-tow) to their Chinese paymasters (Aung Min said he’s scared of the Chinese, what a character!)

  7. They know what they want. Business opportunities to make more shedloads of money. How is she going to stop that and rechannel their reforming zeal when her own release from incarceration and the suspension of Myitsone, media freedoms etc. were all aimed for this Western investment and lifting of the sanctions?

  8. As long as the generals and their family members are above the law, Burmese democracy is going nowhere to bring security to the citizens. The government officials need to enforce the law and it must start from them to follow the law.

  9. Border security had been neglected by the military dictatorship or corrupt officials betrayed our nation by issuing citizenship cards to many aliens. Now is a little too late to deport these aliens back to their countries. Self-claimed heroes and nationalists from military officials are to blame for our current illegal immigration problems. Mandalay is becoming Chinese city and Arakan is becoming Rohingya state. Security? Corrupt men are still in power and we the people have no power to fix the problem.

  10. Racial and communal issues should be seen from a wider perspective. We have a long history of co-existing peacefully with races other than our ethnic nationalities. Why? Because they were there in course of nature, and many became our citizens. It is the unnatural influx with the disturbance in harmony caused by both sides of the people ( those who flocked in and those who allow them in indiscriminately), on both sides of the country( west and east). There are also many 100% Hindu-Indian villages in our country living in silence. How do they live here?

  11. Rakhine extremist,radical are successful portraying rohingya not ethnic they are from neighbor country with 1982 Nazi act.Nuts like Ne Win,thein sein played their game against rohingya.actually who entered illegally to arakan are Bangali Rakhine magh.Since 1962 until today 40% of rakhine ethnic population are Bangali magh, who come to rakhine with state sponsor with expense of rohingya property and is true people entered to arakan are rakhine magh from bangala , for Muslim rohingya they are leaving days and nights left everything is sad of state ,that Burmese people miss perception about rohingya as Burmese are radicalize.last fifty years no rohingya acquire citizenship by cash but confiscated existed citizen card with rohingya ethnic by force in arakan through out Burma. for sixty years rakhine ruled with apartheid system targeting rohingya,official cruelty enforce by full force against Muslim faith. No rohingya in arakan,rohingya are immigrant these kind of base less allegation must cease,magh and Burmese must face reality about rohingya ethnic and stop behavior of madness.

    talking only rule of law in rakhine under chief minister hla maung tin, RNDP party, bangali DR. aye maung will never work.all of administration from top to bottoms are extremist,chauvinist,radical, right thing ,good work for them is funny.they will never change.if Government in naypaytaw promoting ethnic cleansing in rakhine against rohingya,Myanmar Muslim in central Burma what type of security going to provide,implement peace among ethnic minority.people in power change rogue mind set,stop monks mental decease from spreading can minimize terrible thing in country.

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