Suu Kyi Returns Home from USA

Aung San Suu Kyi is mobbed by supporters after arriving at Rangoon’s international airport following her historic trip to the USA. (PHOTO: JPaing)

RANGOON—Arriving back home after her historic 17-day trip to the US, pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi told supporters that people in Burma should be ready to endure difficult times, and be prepared to work harder than before to achieve their goals.

“We have to understand that we need to work harder,” she said, greeting hundreds of supporters in front of her lakeside villa. “We all have things to do—we must do them in unity. We may encounter the hardest of times. But if you strive, your goals will be achieved.

“Let me say that now is the time to work hard, not sit down and take it easy,” she added.

Suu Kyi was welcomed by hundreds of well-wishers on her arrival at Rangoon’s international airport late on Thursday night.

During her trip, the Burmese opposition leader met US President Barrack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, various prominent lawmakers, celebrities, former presidents, and members of the Burmese community in the USA.

She received several awards, including the Congressional Gold Medal— the highest civilian award of the US Congress.

While she was in the States, Suu Kyi met with Burmese President Thein Sein at his New York hotel while he was in town to speak at the UN General Assembly.

The Burmese president publicly praised Suu Kyi for “the honors she has received in this country in recognition of her efforts for democracy.”

Zaw Htay, the director of the President’s Office, told The Irrawaddy on Friday that Suu Kyi’s trip was a success—in that, from an international perspective, Burma has changed; and that the sanctions imposed on the country were lifted during her visit.

“The President [Thein Sein] and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi shared common visions, especially for the good of our 60 million people,” he said.

Mya Aye from the 88 Generation Students group said that Suu Kyi’s trip represented the Burmese people, and that he agreed with Suu Kyi’s comments.

“It’s true we still have a long road ahead,” he said. “We all have to unite for the good of the country. Today the line between the opposition and the government is becoming blurred, so that all political forces need to work together for national reconciliation.”

Suu Kyi’s trip to the US was her third overseas visit after trips to Thailand and Europe this year. She was freed from house arrest in November 2010 and is now a member of parliament pressing for domestic reform, as well as the lifting of international sanctions. The US government said on Sept. 27 it will ease some of its trade sanctions on Burma.

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  1. In the interview from the BBC, Thein Sein denied rights abuses against the Kachins by Burmese soldiers. Thein Sein to me is like a fox. After I listened the interview, I see Thein Sein as just a liar and just untrustworthy person. At the same time, Suu Kyi is joining the  team which is betraying us. 

    • I wonder what your suggestion is other than name-calling. Would you ask the Kachin Independence Army to agree to a ceasefire for the cessation of all hostilities? A ceasefire is a sort of handshakes which started when knights held hands while talking during negotiations in order to prevent the other party from grabbing swords.  

  2. I watched the interview from BBC too, Thein Sein is twisting his tongue to escape from the questions. By the way, Su Kyi is not joining them. 

  3. George Than Setkyar Heine

     “It’s true we still have a long road ahead,” he said. “We all have to
    unite for the good of the country. Today the line between the opposition
    and the government is becoming blurred, so that all political forces
    need to work together for national reconciliation.”
    TRULY SAID Mya Aye!
    That’s the PICTURE Than Shwe has been DREAMING/DRAWING rather ENVISIONING ALL HIS LIFE lest you guys forget.
    The mass/monk murderer DOESN’T FANCY/WANT ANY OPPOSITION in his PUPPET PARLIAMENT sjnce  day one while holding the reins of the country on the one hand via the National Defense and Security Council embedded in his Nargis constitution for any emergency/urgency in case his personal safety, security of his family and clan (CRONIES) come under jeopardy of course.
    HERDING Daw Suu and her NLD in his CORRAL (parliament) is his MASTER STROKE and ENTRUSTING her with the JOB of CLEANING DIRTY LINEN (border security, ethnic woes and insurgencies amongst others wrought upon by the monk killer led regime in the first place) as HEAD of RULE of LAW COMMISSION  as well COMPLETES the PICTURE which the likes of Obama led West are GAPING AT and in AWE no less at the moment while Than Shwe’s CLERK (Thein Sein) is COLLECTING the CREDIT.
    Maybe he could be in LINE if not EAR MARKED for NOBEL PEACE PRIZE 2012/13 any bets?
    And REWARDING him with  LIFTING of SANCTIONS on the part of the SUCKERS (Obama led West of course) on RECOMMENDATION of Daw Suu no less as well is CERTAIN to LAND Burma in HOT WATERS in both short and long runs as Than Shwe and his CRONIES would get a CLEAR FIELD WIDE OPEN as well to LAUNDER their ILL-GOTTEN WEALTH and FATTEN their WALLETS at the same time while ORDINARY CITIZENRY of BURMA would SLAVE and WORK THEIR ASSES OFF for Than Shwe and his CRONIES with BIG BUCKS already LAUNDERED in their hands as there are NO MECHANISMS much less LAWS/REGULATIONS in PLACE for EQUAL DISTRIBUTION of WEALTH among the people of Burma other than existing laws FAVORING or GIVING the CRONIES and ETHNIC CHINESE as well the UPPER HAND today RIPPING OFF and ROBBING the PEOPLE’S LANDS and PROPERTIES including MONASTIC and other RELIGIOUS assets and lands as well.
    Simple and Short: EVERY MISSING PIECE of PUZZLE is FALLING into PLACE as CRAFTED and ENGINEERED by the former psychological  soldier with an AIM to establish a dynasty/rule the like of the one ONCE FLOURISHED in EUROPE centuries ago where KINGS, BARONS and LANDLORDS ganged up together and MADE the CITIZENRY WORK for them like SLAVES on their LANDS just to live out their REMAINDER of their LIVES lest you people forget!

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