Suu Kyi: Becoming President Is Up to the People

Burma’s opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi is welcomed by bystanders at the premises of Shegal Buddhist stupa in Kathmandu on June 16, 2014. (Photo: Reuters / Navesh Chitrakar)

KATMANDU, Nepal — Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi said it is up to the will of the people of her country if she becomes their president, reacting Monday to a vote against changing a constitutional clause that bars her from the office.

“Whether or not I become the president in the future depends on the will of the people, their will with regard to amending the Constitution and their will with regard to whom they wish to choose as a president,” she said at the end of a four-day visit to Nepal.

Burma’s Constitution bars anyone whose spouse or children are loyal to foreign countries from becoming president or vice president. Suu Kyi’s late husband and her two sons are British citizens.

A parliamentary committee voted last week against changing the charter. If the recommendation is endorsed by the full Parliament, it is likely to have a significant impact on the next general election in 2015. Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) party is expected to mount a strong challenge, with a good possibility of winning, but without Suu Kyi as a prospective president, its support may flag.

In 1990 elections, she led the party to a landslide victory but the military did not allow it to govern. The NLD boycotted the next general election in 2010 but became the leading opposition party after parliamentary by-elections in 2012.

Suu Kyi said she is seeking to amend the Constitution to make it possible for a majority in the legislature to change the Constitution.

“The main clause in the Constitution which we want changed is the amendment clause itself, which gives the military a practical right to veto over amendments,” she said. “So we want to change it to make it possible for the majority of elected members of the legislature to change whichever part of the Constitution they should think is necessary.”

The 2008 Constitution was drawn up by the previous military regime to ensure its continuing influence in government. It gives the military a mandatory 25 percent of parliamentary seats, handing it veto power over any change in the Constitution, which requires greater than 75 percent approval, followed by a nationwide referendum.

“I do believe the Constitution was written with me in mind. But I think this is of course unacceptable, democratically speaking, that one person should be targeted by any particular Constitution,” she said.

While in Nepal, Suu Kyi met top political leaders and visited Lumbini in southern Nepal where Buddha was born.

2 Responses to Suu Kyi: Becoming President Is Up to the People

  1. 696 psy wirathu is asking interfaith marriage restriction. Bama fox than shwe is make restriction on all Burmese people love and marriage affair because psy wirathu and fox than shwe have many free time to stir up unrest to beat DASSK indirectly or directly way in this love and marriage affairs (other personal affairs ) with their(psy wirathu and fox than shwe in the same boat) naive, unjustified and selfish manner from their low education and lowborn.
    Fox and psy wirathu should bar his bama blood-male and female to get marriage with other foreigners if they fear that bama blood will be disappear or less in Burma from the money/economic influence of Muslim in Burma. All other ethnics, mostly are very poor have no concern about this kind of issue. If Fox should make/donate his money to ordinary Burmese to get richer and richer in order to avoid to get married with rich Muslim in Burma. Psy wirathu also receive less donation as well as donate his wealth to poor Bama girls and ladies to avoid to get married with rich Muslim. Do not be jealous to DASSK who gets married with UK man. Bama Than shwe’s grandson should not get married with Burmese ethnics if he wants to be president of Burma.

  2. I agreed with Daw Su. It’s depending on Burmese peoples and it’s not depending on group of peoples who have gun.

    General Min Aung Haling and former Military officers who are sitting as unelected MP in Parliament must accept wish of majority of Burmese peoples. Military must not involve in politic and must stay neutral.
    We want to remove Article 436 and Article 59(f) from former dictator Than Shwe’s constitution.

    Burmese peoples never should give up their hope and goal. We want Daw Aung San Su Kyi as our President because only she can unite among Burmese ethnics. All Burmese ethnics trust in Daw Su and her integrity.

    Burmese peoples have to choose Daw Su as their leader because most of Army Generals are dishonest and corrupted especially former dictator Than Shwe.

    Burmese peoples are demanding very loud and clear for to change Than Shwe’s constitution.

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