Supporters of Two-Child Limit for Rohingya Stage Demonstration in Sittwe

Demonstrators in Sittwe, Arakan State, march in support of a local policy limiting Rohingya Muslims to two children on Tuesday. (Photo: Min Naing Thu / The Irrawaddy)

Nearly 1,000 Arakanese people gathered in Sittwe, the capital of Arakan State in western Burma, to show their support for local authorities’ ban on Rohingya Muslims having more than two children and one wife, urging that the ban be extended to cover the entire state.

Last month, authorities in Arakan State’s Maungdaw district enforced the ban because, authorities said, the population of Rohingya in the district was growing at an unacceptable rate and needed to be stemmed.

“Rakhine [Arakan] State is close to Bangladesh, so that we need to have something to keep their population in check in our state,” said Tha Pwint, one of the demonstration’s leaders, during the mass gathering in Sittwe on Tuesday.

The United Nations said last month that a decision by authorities in western Burma to restore a two-child limit on Rohingya Muslims was discriminatory and in violation of their human rights. UN deputy spokesman Eduardo del Buey said UN human rights bodies have called on the authorities in Arakan State “to remove such policies or practices.”

The Burmese democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi also questioned the recent introduction of a two-child policy for Rohingya families in Arakan State, saying the measure is “illegal” and “not in accordance with human rights.”

Earlier on Tuesday, AFP reported that Burma will review the local decision to forcibly limit Muslim Rohingya in two areas of Arakan State to two children.

Participants said they held Tuesday’s demonstration to show their solidarity with the local authorities’ two-child policy for Rohingya.

“If the United States and the UN put pressure on the government on the issue, we can respond to it now as we show our support for the order,” said Aung Thit Soe, a youth leader who took part the demonstration.

The demonstration was joined by political party members, members of social networks and Sittwe residents. Participants were surrounded by Buddhist monks.

“Despite their participation in the demonstration, they are not involved as party members,” said Aung Myat Kyaw, an MP from the Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP).

“They might want to join it because they are Rakhine people.”

15 Responses to Supporters of Two-Child Limit for Rohingya Stage Demonstration in Sittwe

  1. What a wonderful people. Asking other community to control their child birth. For them they will try their best to bear more. It is really funny and disgusting. People from stone age mentality.

  2. Two child for Muslim enforced then Two child for Buddhist should also be enforced….
    Hitler must be Laughing as well as General Ne Win, at Thein Sein and Suu Kyi Aris Champion of Democracy etc:
    American Democracy: Man marry Man and Woman marry Woman
    What does Buddha say regarding Marriage and Children, Human Rights and Killing?

  3. how about hundred thousand of rohingya ethnic in rakhine, Myanmar muslin in the country hacked to death, burnt alive.

    • I think LU Thar comments could not be mentioned as he is instigating.

    • LUTHAR JR.,
      If you sow bad thing, then you reap what you sow. Generally speaking, Muslims are never good neighbors in Burma. If you are a good neighbor, nobody will be a bad neighbor to you. You have reaped bountifully what you sowed.

  4. Thousands of Burmese refugees are living in nine refugees camps along Thai-Burma border. According to various reports, the birth rate in the camps is more than the birth rate in Thailand. Of course, MOI of Thailand is not happy for this baby booming. However, they do not impose any family planning to the refugees because it is illegal in Thailand. In case one or a few of them is/are Rahkines and if the Thai government ask them not to have more than two children, what will be their response?
    Burmese government always refuse to accept Rohingya as one of our ethnic groups- of course they are not. Then why do they want to have a law on these people?
    I will be happy to see government kick these people back to the other side of the border, but I will not agree for two children for one Rohingya family. It is against the human right.
    A Rohingya gentleman who has four wives can have two children from each wife? OR only two of his four wives can get one child? OR four wives can have only half a baby?

  5. And what if they get more than 2 children? Confiscate their Mercedesses and burn their 4-storey mansions? What a joke: radical, uneducated, narrow-minded Rakhiners once again making a fool of themselves (and acting like sheep).

  6. Should send them back to Bangladesh by force if they don’t want to follow the host’s country policy.Not every human right are true.It’s depend on the real situation of own country.Really impress Rakhine people.Two child for one wife, how about if they have four wives in official?

  7. Compared to Agent orange use in Vietnam, Millions of tons of bombs dropped in Laos and other Indochina region, the damage of the entire world’s environment by the careless and greedy use of so-called technology and expansion activities, over consumption depleting the world’s resources and making climate change, killing hundreds of thousands of peoples + destruction + economic & political domination done recently in Iraq with a childish lie done by so-called world’s leaders graduated from the so-called best universities, other equally harmful events in the past – present and future by so-called world’s powers; silent cries and millions and billions of suffering for hundreds of generations due to hatred & extremely unbalanced flows in humanity created by propaganda + media bias + lies; – – – there are millions more to write – then this 2 child policy is so tiny.

    Only if your entire life lives there, if you own properties there, if your family and coming generations depend entirely on that land, if your friends and businesses are all there – then you would be able to understand. For now it is a new dimension that you have almost no way to understand as long as your are not REALLY open enough. It is like you don’t understand the forth dimension as long as you can not expand your 3D world into 4D.

    Try to be open, get real freedom in thinking, be able to send your mind with complete freedom to all corners, all minds, every places and every time, all dimensions and into the whole universe with unconditional freedom.

    Also remember all of us were added into this life without a tiny bit of our consent. Again remember that the design of ourselves (our mind, brain, emotion, basic body structure, etc.) was done not by us. We happen to live this world, but we never ever try anything good to this planet which continues to be a home to coming generations.

  8. Compared to Agent orange use in Vietnam, millions of tons of bombs dropped in Laos and other Indochina, damage of the whole world by the so-called careless use of technology and expansion, over-consumption for personal gains that creates the planet’s climate change; killing of hundreds of thousands of peoples + economy/political dominance in Iraq using one of the greatest lies of mankind by so-called world’s leaders graduated from the so-called best universities; other similarly harmful events in the past-present-future by the so-called world’s powers; silent cries and suffering by the millions and generations of peoples due to multiple standards, bias, lies, discrimination, hegemony, undemocratic & unfair actions done on the powerless by the powerful, and hatred and extremely unbalanced flows in the humanity – – there are millions more to write – then this 2 child policy is so tiny.

    Only if your entire life lives there, only if the life of your family and coming generations depend on that land, only if your friends’ life and your businesses are all there, only if you are REALLY open enough – then you will be able to understand. It is like we try to see the forth dimension and fail to see it. As long as you can not expand your 3D world into 4D you will likely not understand the forth dimension.

    Also remember all of us were added into this life without a tiny bit of our consent. Our design, design of our mind, brain, and basic body structure and function were all done not by us.
    We happen to live this world, and we never ever try to do anything good for the planet.

  9. USDP is testing their political strength by introducing this unfair law on local Muslim with the help of some naive, idiot Burmese, Buddhist monks and Arankanese snake , doctor idiot aye.
    Then, it is the first threat from USDP to DASSK in 2015 election.

  10. How about Chinese one child policy? Is it violation of human rights? Why don’t UN speak out loud about China policy? What a bunch of Hippocratics? Buddhists in Bangladesh were attack, there was no news about it. Burmese people were slaughter in Malaysia, there were no news about it or there were no human rights group or not a word from UN. Shit happen to weaker country citizens, no one care including UN. But the group of oil rich countries people suffer something, the whole world scream out loud. If you stand only one side of the justice, there will never be peace in this world. Look at in London, a decent man, a father, a serving soldier slain in mid day light by who? English people took those people into their society, but what happen? Should Burma and Burmese people have to pay the same price? Buddhist girl raped and murder. Another Buddhist girl was set alight by fire. Another Buddhist family was taken adventages by unethical business deal. Do you UN people understand what really is going on, on the ground? For you guys own glory, are you guys asking some people have to pay the price? Wake up and smell the reality. I hate writing this comment. It makes me less of who I am and what I believe. But the truth has to be told.

    • Your reply is quite accurate. It is now ‘politically correct’ to stand by the muslims world wide. Maybe fear is also quite a strong motive in this case. To add one more thing to your list: There was a man heavily punished for converting a muslima into christianity. This was hardly mentioned anywhere! Yet the forceful attitude by muslims is negated.
      I understand that the government is seeking a way to control this overwhelming increase. As I mentioned before an interesting solution would be to welcome Buddhists from the hill tracks near Chittagong in exchange of the Rohinga (Bengal) muslims. These Buddhists are also heavily suppressed, ripped of their lands (which they owned for centuries!).

  11. Rakhine State Government should know about imposing Two-Child policy is broken the human right of illegal Bengali migrants and it’s broken the International Human Right Law.
    Therefore Rakhine State Government must cancel imposing Two-Child policy for illegal Bengali migrants.
    The state Government and Federal Government need to find other way to control illegal Bengali migrant population within the International Human Right law. Those Bengali peoples have no legal right to live and settle in Burma. So Burmese Government should be given Bridging Visa to those illegal Bengali migrants during finding permanent home for them.
    Burmese Government must direct talk with Bangladeshi Government about future of its citizens in Rakhine state.
    Also swapping those illegal Bengali migrants with descendents of Burmese ethnics from CHT should be considered as one option.
    The numbers of Buddhist ethnics fleeing from CHT are increasing due to threaten their lives by illegal Bengali settlers in their native land.
    Rakhine state Government should not rush to introduce law for to control illegal Bengali migrants in Rakhine state.

  12. the 4th dimension = “imagination” AKA “illusion”.

    if you wanna believe in an imaginary, man-made creation called god/buddha, good for you but don’t expect me to take you seriously. the red line of plain misery in the history of mankind is called religion.

    here’s an ideal starter:

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