Rohingya Condemn Burning of Independence Hero Aung San’s Picture

Rohingyas protest the persecution of their fellow Muslims in Burma by burning images of Aung San Suu Kyi and her father, Gen. Aung San, outside the Burmese Embassy in Bangkok. (Photo: D Chit Thu/ Facebook)

Several Rohingya organizations in Asia and Europe have condemned the burning of the picture of Gen. Aung San, Burma’s independence leader and the father of opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, at a recent rally in front of the Burmese Embassy in Bangkok.

Co-organized by the Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand (BRAT), Muslims living in Thailand who have emigrated from Burma staged a protest on Tuesday calling for an end to violence against Rohingyas in the troubled country, in which they set fire to pictures of Aung San and Suu Kyi.

Maung Kyaw Nu, BRAT’s chairman, told The Irrawaddy that he had no qualms about burning Suu Kyi’s picture but condemned the denigration of her father.

“We set fire to Suu Kyi’s picture because she has been silent on both Rohingya and Burmese Muslim issues,” Maung Kyaw Nu said.

“I am sorry that General Aung San’s picture was also burned. It wasn’t our intention at all and only a few people in our crowd did it,” he said.

He added that ongoing demonstrations organized by Muslim sympathizers in different parts of the world were only to denounce recent violence against Rohingyas and other Muslims in Burma, and to raise international awareness about such atrocities.

Suu Kyi spoke out earlier this week for the first time since a wave of violence in March against minority Muslims in central Burma killed more than 40 people. The leader of the National League for Democracy (NLD) told Muslim leaders in Rangoon that “rule of law and security for people are needed to tackle the problem.”

Meanwhile, a coalition of six organizations advocating for Rohingya Muslims in England, the Netherlands, Japan, Demark, Norway and Germany condemned the actions of Tuesday’s protestors in Bangkok.

“We strongly condemn the burning of the picture of Burmese independence architect Gen. Aung San at a protest in front of the Burmese Embassy in Bangkok on April 9,” they said in a statement released on Wednesday.

They also urged all parties working on behalf of Rohingyas worldwide to refrain from such “misguided” behavior.

Images of Tuesday’s burning of Aung San’s picture quickly spread to Facebook and other social media sites, drawing criticism from Burmese citizens abroad and at home.

“Gen. Aung San is the most highly regarded national leader of this country,” wrote the director of the President’s Office, Zaw Htay, on his Facebook under the name Hmuu Zaw.

“Even though they are not written or mentioned in the state Constitution like the country’s flag, Burmese citizens should automatically pay respect to his photos, labels and speeches as a social contract or national contract,” he continued.

Rallies on Tuesday were organized in the United States, England, Malaysia and Thailand. A similar protest will reportedly be held in New York later today.

35 Responses to Rohingya Condemn Burning of Independence Hero Aung San’s Picture

  1. They burn our independent father photo , This is definitely message they give us , they will burn down sooner or later to our country . Every country man need to watch out those Rohingyas terrorist . Every citizen must alert for national security .

  2. Well, obviously Bogyoke and Daw Su are not their Bangladeshi Independent leaders.
    Burning pictures will change nothing. I have no problem with the Bengali burning Daw Su and her father picture which they bought with their money. The Bengali can burn as much as they can afford for. Only foolish peoples though burning someone’s picture will hurt someone reputation and popularity.
    It will change nothing to Daw Su’s health, reputation and her works for peoples of Burma. Daw Su was protecting by Metta of Burmese peoples.
    We do not have terrorist policy like to issue Fatwa or Jihad to someone who burning Koran or insulting Mohammad. Do as you pleased with your money Mr. Bengali.

  3. I am confused.
    Do the Rohingyas hate the Burmese?
    If they do, why do they want to live in Burma?
    Hate, as is love or loving kindness, is mutual and reciprocal.
    I would not live in a country the people of whom I hate, or who hate me.
    That is an abstraction, of course. But that is the way it is in real life..

  4. Very sad news. How can people stoop so low. This is unacceptable. Gen. Aung San (pbuh), was not only a hero but was a father figure of Burma. He fought for the independence of Burma against the British. He united the ethnic minorities including U Razak(Muslim leader), and achieved his goal. As a Muslim I strongly condemn such ugly act by some bad Rohingyas.
    Shame on these few bunch of thugs.

    • It’s too late.Extremist bangladesh illegal immigrants.They would not burn bangladesh independence heroes,Iran president and saudi king and prince photos because they are people from there.Even in abroad,they don’t get along with people from myanmar.They are just fooling around to international communities to get their kindness and money from oil rich countries.OIC and oil rich has to be blamed for supporting liars.

  5. Many Burmese are peace-lovers. Many Rohingyas are peace-lovers too. Some bad apples make the whole community looking bad. Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus and so on are created equal by the Creator who is GOD.

    • If you really wanted to talk about peace issues, please stop the use of ‘God’ in this issue because most of the Buddhist and Hindus don’t believe in God. You have to respect them. Your comment made an assumption that we also live under your God. Please keep your beliefs to yourself for the sake of peace.

      • how are muslims or christians believing in thier supreme being, God, any different from buddhists believing in their supreme being, Buddha? I don’t know what hindus consider as their supreme being. So, I am going to leave it out. if both sides leave their top dogs out of negotiation, the issue becomes purely racial in nature. Again, burmen nor rohingya have shown any dexterity in handling their problems with other races well. So, don’t hold your breath. the issue hasn’t hit bottom yet.

      • Phantom,
        Is your god the Devil? Are you an atheist? Are you a communist? Were you created by your daddy in your mama’s womb? Where did you get the information that Buddhists do not believe in God?

  6. U Saw a Karen killed Aung San, U Razak from Arakan and His Body Guard also 4 Others all seven.
    U Razak a Muslim Name never get mentioned?

  7. U Razak wasn’t 30 comrades & never fought to get independent from British & Japanese. Did he? Where did he fight with what kind of weapons?
    You got the point?
    This uneducated Bengalis Rohingya didn’t know what the hell they’re doing. They just insult the lady who is innocent. She is in the middle of cross fire. Why they didn’t burn president & dictator photos rather than gen. Aung San & her daughter Aung San Suu Kyi who are respected by the whole Burma?

  8. It just goes to show who we are dealing with.

  9. Shouldn’t your headline be “Rohingyas burn pictures of general Aung San”? Stop being such a shill for them and start reporting the truth.

    And to the Bengali who says he’s ok with burning ASSK’s picture, she’s probably the only true friend they have. Everyone else is using them for their own agenda. Let’s hope Daw Su remembers the hatred and disrespect shown by these people when she becomes president.

  10. Maung Kyaw Nu,President of Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand (BRAT) ,A former political prisoner of conscience

    My respect to Ko Aung San is not less than anyone including Daw Suu. We the generation democrat students called him Ko Aung San with love and respect. Since coming out from the jail,we have been still translating the hope and spiration of Bokyuke that was taken away bydictator Ne Win and successive Military regime.This is the military rulers who devalued Ko Aung San for 50 years.Now Hmmu Zaw stated the present rulers kept father of the Nation the highest status among former presidents .How funny is it ?

    We demonstrated with the photo of Ko Aung San .Some used to carry U Thant’s portrait.
    Our beloved Ko Slai Tin Maung Oo used to demonstrate with the protrait of Aung San to restore rule of law and 1948 constitution.Finally he was hanged to death for his belief of Aung San’s taught. Up to now ,we faild to fullfill the dream of Aung San. We are fighting against the dictators to restore Bokyoke’s style of RULE OF LAW .
    How can I allow some to burn Ko Aung San’s photo.I will directly hit him if anyone dishonour to him by knowingly.
    At the demonstration on 9 April,three followers of Daw Suu burnt a T shirt where Daw Suu’s portrait was printed. The three activists had been protested many times for the release of Daw Suu since 1990s. They used to demonstrate along with democratic forces of Burma at Burma Embassy ,Bangkok.They were interviewed by NHK TV before and after the by election.They arraged a big function when Daw Suu got elected.As everybody aware of genocide against Rohingyas and Muslims of Burma where tens of thousands of people were whether killed ,burnt or missed. By realizing Daw Suu’s scilence about this genocide,this three guys burnt her portrait.It was not planned and an agenda of demonstration . As I was so busy delivering speech there ,I only saw that the T shirt was burning.

    At midnight ,I got a call from my friend from London and saying that Bokyoke Aung San’s portrait was burnt at the demonstration . I was confused and shocked. On 10 morning ,I phoned one of the three .He confessed me that one big portrait of Daw Suu was seperately printed one side of T shirt and Bokyoke and Daw Suu’s picture were printed the other side. He also told me that he was very emotional at this time and his intention was only to burn Daw Suu portrait. I am so sorry for this complication .Many Rohingyas called and posted me many condemnation news about this.
    I asked all this three guys to submit detatl with evidences with in 15 days.But ,one thing I am quite clear that their intention is only to burn Daw Suu’s portrait.

    Please open the link and read . It was May 2012 where I was one of the panel speakers at Foreign Corespondent Club of Thailand FCCT.You can read my speech regarding Aung San.
    You can also read my many comments regarding Daw Suu ,Ko Min Ko Naing ,Ashin Gambira and other PP’s release.
    I am very sorry to say that ,I really don’t like Daw Suu’s present political activities .
    Bokyoke is always in my thought.

    Maung Kyaw Nu

    • I am sorry that many “Rohingya” were reportedly killed. I am sorry that it wasn’t supposed to like that. Our intention was only to fight back who attacked us.

    • Why are you living in Thailand…go to Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan…be in the company of suicide bombers…have a great life in heaven.

    • Its simple ,A group of illegal immigrants from bangladesh living in thailand burnt myanmar national hero’s photo for the sake of their masters from middle east and Dr.s from islamist radical so called leaders like wakarudin and etc.Its a well organized and cordinated crime against a country where they begging to stay in by fake tears..

    • I strongly believe now that the people did not like to be called as ‘ka lar’ came up with a fabricated and make up stories as new name to the region so called ‘Rohingya’.What a funny make up story!.Got money and support from muslim estremist and muslim brotherhood to expand their unpolular ‘sharia law and extremist religion to buddhist majority countries including myanmar.Watch out Asia..Sneaky ways of extremists are heading to Asia.

    • Mr. Maung Kyaw Nu, first of all you Rohingyas do not deserve to have a burmese names. You are from Bangladesh. You speak Bengali and not burmese. Your people can not even communicate in Burmese. we do not have Rohingya in our country until 1970. You called yourselve as Rohingya. You people are illegal immigrants. You probably might have got a burmese ID card by paying bribe but it does not mean that you are a Myanmar national. I am a Myanmar citizen and my religion is Islam, but we are not extremists and fanatics like you Illegal Immigrants Bengalis. All you need is just go back to Bangladesh.

  11. I am sorry many Burmese people are lake of analytical capabilities regardless of educated and uneducated. They have only tendency on how to find fault with Muslim minorities. I am sorry because there are only a few of those who burnt the photo. Maybe they have money form Myanmar ultra nationalist to start a new wave of Muslim persecution

  12. These people are making big drama to get money from some organization. The more drama they make, the more money they get. They are opportunist. They do not deserve with our heroes.

  13. Good to hear a positive sign by Mg Kyaw Nu condemning the burning of Bogyoke’s photo. I agree with his point that the military who ruled Burma for 50 years with iron fist without any doubt devalued Bogyoke not only removing his photo from new current notes, they even didn’t bother to celebrate Martys day with full honour. They even devalued U Thant, and humiliated his death body as we all know. There is no doubt that this divide and rule policy is of Burma’s military rulers. They are enemies of DASSSyi and I will assure you all that the General Election of Burma will not be a transparent one. Does any one imagine, how many innocents got mudered during the 50 years of military rule in Burma. Still ethnic Karen, Kachins and Shans are raped and killed daily by Burmese army? Still political prisoners are in jail. Many including boxer Tin Oo died in the prison. Why don’t we condemn.
    Further we got no right to ask people to go and live somewhere else. Can we ask our fellow citizens to come back to Burma, from Saudi, Kuwait, Dubai,Jordan, Qatar and Malaysia? Are we going to feed their poor families? Thank God they have been treated well in those Muslim countries. I do agree with DASS SYI’s policy. She is an Oxford graduate, she won’t go wrong in decision making. Here I will request both Burma and Bangladesh authoritiehs to sit together and sort all these Rohingyas problem.

  14. Real minority in the world is buddhisms

    Daw su did neot talk about them and and she said that she did not even know so called ‘rohingya ‘ themself’ .That made a group of illegal immigrants from bangladesh irratated.Now they seem to have HQ’s instruction to critised Daw su so as to pressure and force to talk alittle bit about them .Wicked Idea revealled!

  15. Rohingya community in Burma highly respected DSSK and Gen. Aung San for their Contribution for the country.65 years passed,next many century to come, Aung San memory will alive as standing in front of us.During Japanese period in Taton, Mon state Muslim Village head was executed alleged with British collaborator,which Gen Aung San chair the Tribunal Committee.Some Opponent accused Bokyoke Abused but British ignored,Victim relative not pursued the case further.Gen. Aung San is principle man straight foreword speaker Recorganized rohingya as ethnic of Burma.Rohingya Ethnic are same as other ethnic of Union of Burma.But DSSK statement simply i don’t know rohingya ethnic made the rohingya community frustrated.keeping quiet ethnic cleansing against rohingya in rakhine,Myanmar Muslim in central Burma lost hope on her.But no justification burning pic. of democracy icon and Martyr Aung san.we reject such rude action.

  16. By burning her photo, Daw Suu may not get agitated nor persuaded. She is mature enough to see things rightly. She has done her job well and keeps working on it. She may not be able to fulfill every need of every citizen but generally speaking she is more than a human if not superwoman. No one except her father contributes more than Daw Suu for the sake of the nation and her people. She is our goddess and our fairy.

  17. Daw Aung San Su Kyi is the only one who can save Myanmar from Military Dictators, so stop abusing her picture. However, I would like her to follow the footsteps of her father Bogyoke Aung San for creating peace and harmony among the citizens of Myanmar and to propose a second Panlong conference with minorities.

  18. When the Muslims burned just a photo of Aung San, it became big deal to the Burmans. However, when many houses owned by Muslims were burned down to ashes and thousands became homeless, many Burmans did not care. I love and adore Aung San but burning his photo is no compare to burning hundreds of houses into ashes.

  19. maylatthar, u must have someone in ur community who have fought for ur community’s freedom n independence. there is no doubt that ur community including yourself will love, respect n hold him the highest. then, accidentally someone will burn ur house n others at the same time the picture of ur community hero. then listen what other people say (they will express their anger more on the picture than ur house). I m really sorry for the houses burnt n casualties entailed. but I just want to show u the connection of ur two comparison.

  20. Where are the voices of the Muslim leaders against the bombing and killing of many innocent people in the South of Thailand by Muslim separatists? Did they ever demonstrate against it?

  21. I don’t understand why those narrow minded people keep on pushing us with their bias and aggressive reports(HRW report) on us and our country. I have never knew and never heard of Rohingya as one of our Myanmar nationalities.This is simply insulting us by burning the pictures of our national leaders and that shows they are ready to torch to burn us down in every moment in the near future.
    We have no place for those who is not our nationalities and we are not going to tolerate to those insulting on us.We just need to defend our self for our freedom and existence on the world.

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