Rohingya Citizenship a Burmese Decision: Suu Kyi to Foreign Critics

NLD leader Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma’s Parliament. (Photo: The Irrawaddy)

NAYPYIDAW—Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has said that Burma “must decide for itself” whether or not to grant citizenship to the Muslim minority Rohingya, but she added that the government “should listen” to foreign experts and uphold international standards in its citizenship laws.

Suu Kyi was responding to criticism by Jose Ramos-Horta, the former president of Timor Leste, and Muhammad Yunus, founder of microfinance institution Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, who wrote in The Huffington Post on Feb. 20 that Burma should amend its laws and grant the Rohingya “full citizenship.”

The two Nobel Peace Prize laureates said Burma was failing to address the ongoing “ethnic cleansing” of the group in Arakan State, western Burma. Other international rights workers have previously also called on Burma to accept Rohingya citizenship.

A 1982 Citizenship Law, introduced by Burma’s military regime, excluded the Rohingya from the recognized 135 minorities in the country, rendering them effectively stateless.

When asked about the criticism in Naypyidaw on Friday, Suu Kyi said, “A country must decide its citizenship for itself, but in doing so it should meet international standards.”

“We should listen to and learn from what foreign scholars say,” she said of her fellow Nobel laureates. “And, finally, we have to make a decision by ourselves if what they say is appropriate in our country’s situation,” Suu Kyi told The Irrawaddy.

The government of President Thein Sein has given conflicting signals on how it seeks to resolve the issue of Rohingya citizenship. Most recently, on Feb. 20, Deputy Minister of Immigration and Population Kyaw Kyaw Win told Parliament that Burma knows “no Rohingya” ethnic group.

Since mid-2012 ethnic violence has plagued Arakan State. Scores of people, including women and children, have been killed and about 110,000 people, mostly Rohingyas, were displaced after inter-communal violence broke out between Arakanese Buddhist and Muslim Rohingya communities, according to UN estimates.

Local Arakanese authorities have been accused of being complicit in the violence against the Rohingya, who are referred to locally as “Bengali’s” from neighboring Bangladesh. Thousands of Rohingya have fled Arakan State in small boats since violence flared.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Antonio Guterres has repeatedly expressed deep concern over the plight of those who flee on boats into the Bay of Bengal. The UN said about 13,000 Rohingya fled western Burma and Bangladesh in 2012, and an estimated 500 refugees died at sea.

In recent weeks there have been almost daily reports of Rohingya’s being picked up on boats in the open ocean.

On Tuesday, Guterres again called for governments in the Asia Pacific region to work together to end the humanitarian tragedy taking place in the Bay of Bengal.

“This is an alarmingly high number of lives lost, and begs a far more concerted effort by countries of the region both with regard to addressing the causes and to preventing lives being lost,” he said.

“Push-backs, denial of disembarkation, and boats adrift for weeks will not solve a regional problem that clearly needs better, more joined-up, and more compassionate approaches by everyone,” Guterres said

The commissioner referred to some of the approaches taken by regional governments such as Thailand, which, on occasion, has pushed back boats of Rohingya into the open ocean.

The UNHCR said it plans to facilitate a regional government meeting in mid-March in Indonesia on irregular movements by sea in the Asia-Pacific, in order to address the Rohingya refugee crisis.

Additional reporting by Paul Vrieze.

52 Responses to Rohingya Citizenship a Burmese Decision: Suu Kyi to Foreign Critics

  1. “..the Rohingya, who are referred to locally as “Bengali’s” from neighboring Bangladesh” beause that is what they are, as in neighboring Assam too. It doesn’t make them any less Bengali by inventing whatever name they like. Let’s grant all illegal immigrants from Mexico full US citizenship and then carve out a Spanish speaking Catholic state for themselves in Texas. Fair’s fair.

    • What do Burmese call “the Chinese who are referred to locally as “Tayoke” from neighbouring China. because that’s what they are all over the world! It doesn’t make them any less Chinese by inventing whatever name they like!

      • Well, toch, they do remain Chinese even if they call themselves Kokang or whatever. Don’t you worry too much about the laobans. The tide has at least lost its momentum as Burma turns to the West for its best new friend. Better the Western devils than the Yellow Horde, eh? They were the ones that brought in the Bengalis just as they were the ones that granted the Kokang a substate. So, my son, they’re gonna be the ones that would also lead us to their new Jerusalem of boom and bust. Ain’t that the truth?

    • It’s not appropriate to mention a US example while Aung San Suu Kyi responds to comments of a former president Timor-Leste, as the article points out. I suggest the commenter should come up with an example pertinent of Timor-Leste. People often think with their local identities. I doubt an East Timorese will relate to a US example.

  2. Not only roghinya but also Nal pa living at the myanmar.They born in myanmar .So,their reagion should be the buddhist.If they are buddhist,we can accept their the citizenship.Unless they are,no way.Because,the reagion of myanmar never had the muslin since the world start becomming.And,some roghinyas don’t know the traditional of myanmar.How can we say their are myanmar.And than,they come to live at the myanmar,they don’t think the myanmar are good.Some muslin roghinya make the buddha image under their leg.It is the most stupid.So,if they are buddhist,i can accept their.

  3. Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has said that Burma “must decide for itself” whether or not to grant citizenship to the Muslim minority Rohingya, but she added that the government “should listen” to foreign experts and uphold international standards in its citizenship laws.

    Cheer DASSK’s bold and wise talk regarding to the Rohiynga issue, particularly emphasizing the opinion from the foriegn experts and uphold international standards in its citizenship law. The laws should not be from late Ne win and than shwe, notorious bama military thugs. This is the good start or good example for obligation of all the international laws so the next step is to honor the Panglong agreement. Otherwise, Burma will be divided in 2 parts, like Koren very soon. 40% of population is ethnic so all ethnics are waiting what DASSK will say on the difference between first and second Panglong agreement. Don’t copy the strategy of mainland China who will become future giant very soon so Tibet independence is not crucial for China in future. Like, Cuba is no longer crucial important for USA military strategy ( see the history of failure of US invasion to Cuba in 1961). DASSK must know Burma is not China and all ethnics are not naive in the IT world. The hate from the all ethnics to Bama government ( military thugs) is rooted in their hearts.
    Most ethnics look like Chinese in term of culture as well as tradition. If bama still continues to bully or cheat all ethnics from than shwe’s private army, there is no time to save the world poorest country , Burma with eruption and eruption again and again ( see the rich Syria eruption ). Clean your country cronies and monopoly and let all ethnics to get real equal right in every aspects from Buddhist teaching. Let all refuges to come back to Burma. All know Koran ( Muslim religious teaching ) is more strict in every aspect, compared to Buddhism. How many times does Muslim need to pray in one day?. China and US have their own interests for themselves respectively so do rely on your own people first if DASSK really wants to save Burma. Ethnics’ vote on DASSK is also crucial as well. Be ethical and sincere, particularly in the aspect of use of all ethnics’ lands, resources. Do not use the dirty politics on all ethnics. Do not support and trust than shwe’s dream to become a bama national hero for himself by his dream of bamanization ( killing and suppression on all ethnics from Joseph Stalin peace strategy). One said removing the feather from the Chicken (Kachin) will force that chicken surrender to him ( Joseph Stalin) finally.

    • DASSK is the mouth piec of her superior dictator.When come to ethnic issues, she always on other side.She is always against the world leader’s views.She is very divisive nationalist.Take back her Nobel prize.

  4. In no case the Government of Myanmar should follow what Bangladesh, Leste Timor, representatives of Human Rights Organizations etc. suggest resp. demand.
    The “Rohingya Problem” has its problem in overpopulated Bangladesh and Myanmar functions as a “practical bumper”.
    The “Rohingya matter” should be delegated to the OIC and Bangladesh, a small percentage to Myanmar herself. Myanmar has definitely become the victim of its neighbour country and not the way round.

  5. Maung Kyaw Nu,a former political prisoner of conscience,President of Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand(BRAT)

    Suu Kyi can not be a scape goat by commenting nonsense regarding Rohingyas’s National status in Burma. Rohingya’s senior leaders were lawmakers as her late father Aung San.Rohingya inhabitant in Arakan more ancient that her own Bama ethnic .How she dare to use “WHETHER” in her speech. Rohingyas are not asking any new Rights.They are fighting for regaining their every lost rights that were inhumanly looted/stolen by the regime.
    Does Suu Kyi not feel shy while other Nobel Prize winner voice out for Rohingyas’ lost Rights ??

    • You sure the Rohingya were not here before the Buddha? Do yourself a favor. Human rights do not include false claims of prior settlement. Stop digging when you are in a hole.

  6. If this new government acts in a racist way and does not include people from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds they could loose hundreds of millions in funding.

  7. Mr. Jose Ramos-Horta said Burma has Rohingya ethnic in Burmese history.
    How much he knows and learns about Burmese history?
    There’s no Rohingya ethnic in Rakhine and Burmese history even British Colony Government’s record.
    I hope Mr. Jose Ramos-Horta will mind his own country business. Mr. Jose Ramos-Horta should not lecture to someone the subject he does not know.
    Rohingya is Bengali ethnic from Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi citizens become Rohingya when they illegally entered Rakhine state. It looks like Haji. Hajji is an honorific title given to a Muslim person who has successfully completed the Hajj to Mecca. Bengali peoples who successfully entered to Rakhine state from Bangladesh becoming Rohingya.
    I support 100% to Daw Su. To amending citizenship law is Burmese Government’s business and no one can tell us what you must do and what you can’t do.
    Illegal Bengali migrants’ problem will not go away even if Burmese Government decided to give citizenship to those illegal Bengali migrant in Rakhine state. There are another million poor landless farmers are waiting opportunity for better life in Burma. Bangladesh is eight populous country in the world with 146 millions peoples. Most of the country’s 147,570 sq Km lands are flooding every year and population density ratio 1033.5/sq Km compare to Burma population density 73.9/sq Km. Most of Bangladesh country’s lands are slowly submerging due to climate change and the country sitting on low lying Ganges Delta. Bangladesh is slowly sinking under rising sea level and scientists are predicting 75% of Bangladesh will be sinking under sea level in future.
    Rakhine, Assam and Manipur states need to prepare for future illegal migrating from Bangladesh. Robbing lands from native Jumma peoples and committing war crime on native peoples for their fertile farm lands by Bangladesh army and illegal Bengali settlers are steadily increasing in Bangladesh’s autonomy state Chittagong Hill Tracts.
    UN, Human Right Organizations, OIC and International Governments must understand Burma is not only resolution for illegal migration of Bengali peoples from over populated Bangladesh.
    Also President U Thein Sein led Burmese Government must not ignore Rakhine peoples’ voice. If you give one free to them and then those Bengalis will say give me another two more for peoples from home. All parties need to find permanent solution for illegal migrants from Bangladesh.
    I think British Government should negotiate with Indian Government for resettling poor landless Bengali farmers from Bangladesh and illegal Bengali migrants from Burma, Assam, Manipur and CHT. It’ll be win wins situation. Andaman Islands have lot of fertile and uncultivated lands. Developing those lands with labor of Bengali farmers from Bangladesh and illegal Bengali Migrants from its neighboring state by modern farming technology and fund from UN, OIC and developed countries will bring billions dollars income for Indian Government.
    So peoples who think they are qualify for criticize Daw SU, Burmese peoples and Burmese Government, they need to looking further ahead rather than looking for quick fix solution.

    • I totally agree with you that if the Burmese government give one Rohingya a citizenship, there would be at least 200 (not only 2) more of his relatives from Bangladesh asking for the same thing because the majority of them are scrambling for opportunity to leave their overpopulated and sinking country. The human right watchers and OIC are just making noices and paying only lip services, they are not willing nor capable to help when coming to real actions. Eventually, Burma will have to stand by herself.

  8. Aung san suuki is part of Burmese govt. so she can also raise her voice on parliament for most persecuted Rohingya people but she is not doing that. She know well that, Rakhine problem is totally ethnic cleansing.
    and ”Deputy Minister of Immigration and Population Kyaw Kyaw Win told Parliament that Burma knows “no Rohingya” ethnic group” How funny is it? is he crazy? does he know, does he know, Rohingya people are living there since many century years ago.

    • No illegal Bengali Migrants so called Rohingya in Rakhine state were persecution by Government law enforcement organizations or Rakhine peoples.
      Only those illegal Bengali Migrants are committing crimes in Rakhine state. They are attacking and killing Rakhine and other Burmese ethnics. They are robbing and torching to Rakhine’s villages. They kidnapped 3 civil engineers who working at border fence. I know some of illegal Bengali migrants are law abiding peoples but on going communal crash between Buddhist Rakhine and illegal Bengali migrants are showing these two communities can not living side by side.
      Those illegal Bengali migrants so called Rohingya should be resettling on some of Andaman Islands.
      I can tell you no Rohingya name in Rakhine and Burmese history. You can only find name Mohinga. It’s closet pronunciation to Rohingya.
      Rohingya history suddenly pops up after Burmese was given independent. The opportunist Bengali peoples tried to hijack Rakhine state beginning of civil war with Karen and Communist.
      The Rohingya leaders’ said Rohingya ethnic is descendent of shipwreck Arab merchant but later they changed the story again.
      It doesn’t matter Bengali or Rohingya whatever they call, but 90% of Bengali peoples are illegally entered and settling in Rakhine state from Bangladesh after independent.
      Now Bengali peoples from Bangladesh are using Rohingya name and seeking refugee in Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. All Bengali ethnic should change their new identity as Rohingya ethnic. So they can seek refugee in another country.
      Illegal migrants from Bangladesh problem is not Burma alone. Also India has 4 millions illegal Bengali migrants from Bangladesh.
      Illegal immigrants issue will be sorting out by accordance with Burmese Immigration law.
      Daw Su won’t be selling off her country for Noble Peace Prize. That’s why we trust and love her.

  9. Prime Minister U Nu’s saying ” those born in Burma are Burmese Citizens”
    What is the fuss about?
    Legally elected U Nu Prime Minister of Burma and 242 Parliamentarian taken into Custody by
    General Ne Win.
    Shame! Shame!
    The Defrocked Soldiers,as shown in To-Day’s Naypyidaw’s Parliaiment are All Illegal, as per ILLEGALTY of Custody of 242 Parliamentarians,Prime Minister and President.
    50 Years!
    “The Graves of World Over Read BORN In BURMA”


  10. Usually a country refuses to admit people in its territory for fear of aggression against its cultural ethos and social values as the immigrants are averse to take to existing norms and values a society nurtures. It would be interesting to know what are the specific complaints of the Myanmar government against the Rohingyas.

  11. She means a Myanmese (not Burmese, not Myanmarese) decision. That’s the way “Burmese” is written in the English version of the official Chinese propaganda newspapers (People’s Daily, Global Times), so who decides how to write the adjective “Burmese” politically correctly. Derek Tonkin might know!

  12. The headline does not reflect what the article says. The editors should fix it. DASSK does not mean that it is a “Burmese decision” but that the citizenship laws must be changed by the government.

  13. Burma is a uncivilised country.So is it`s political leaders.

  14. Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has said that Burma “must decide for itself” whether or not to grant citizenship to the Muslim minority Rohingya, but she added that the government “should listen” to foreign experts and uphold international standards in its citizenship laws.

    Cheer DASSK’s bold and wise talk particularly referring the obligation of opinion from foreign experts and international standards in its citizenship laws. Don’t rely on notorious ne win and than shwe immigration law. To avoid the double standard, Panglong agreement should be honored according to international standards and independent foriegn experts’ opinion. DASSK should clearly express what is the difference between first Panglong agreement and her second Panglong agreement. All ethnics are not naive now and most of the ethnics are look like Chinese in term of traditional and culture. If Bama military thugs continue to bully and suppress all ethnics, Bama will be soon divided into 2 parts, like Korean. 40% of Burmese population is ethnics so DASSK needs their vote for next Burmese president as well. Don’t rely on than shwe’s dream of becoming bama national hero for himself by forcefully introducing bamanization in Burma with his private bama army. Ultimately, than shwe is war criminal , against humanity. Than shwe can not escape from his punishment upon his crimes whatever he did and he does now. Don’t copy China’s strategy in occupying Tibet for military strategy as well as security of China. Very soon, China will become next giant superpower and China does not concern about the Tibet independence. In history, It also happened to USA who had failure in the invasion of neighbor’s Cuba in 1961-bay of pig for his important of military strategy. Cuba is no longer important for USA after USA become superpower. Burma can not be superpower, like USA and China in future. Therefore , do not try to occupy all ethnics’ lands and resources with Joseph Stalin’s featherless chicken peace strategy. One said removing the feather of chicken( ethnics )will cause that chicken (all ethnics) surrender under than shwe’s private army. Russian can not be superpower earlier than China now. See the lesson from rich Syria’s eruption with the cause of longstanding unfair treatment from Syrian government upon his own people. For restoring the permanent peace in Burma, treat all ethnics equally and ethically from the civilized manner. Clean the cronies and monopoly and let all refuges to come back home peacefully for regaining the trust from foreign investment. China and USA have their own interest respectively so China and USA will protect Burma whatever and whenever it is . In history , there is no invasion from neigbour countries to Burma so Buddhism dominated Burma does not need real army , like Japan. Burmese army is just for public servants ( for infrastructure construction) as well as for recuse service. Does Vatican city (pope) has army?

  15. The ‘morality of compromise’ sounds contradictory. Compromise is usually a sign of weakness, or an admission of defeat. Strong people don’t compromise, it is said, and principles should never be compromised.

  16. I absolutely agree with Sai Lin Kan! No matter how long the Rohingya have lived in Burma, they are, in fact, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS from Bangladesh! They never deserve the citizenship and they must be grateful to Rakhine people to allow them to make a living in Rakhine State!

    • Learn your history Austin Soe and also Sai Lin Kan….quote from the UK Telegraph newspaper 1-Nov-2012
      “The government is understood to be considering new moves to confer citizenship on several hundred thousand ‘third generation’ Rohingya who are already entitled to it under Burmese law but who were illegally denied it by previous governments” Note……


      Never mind, you are in good company… appears that either ASSK also doesn’t know the law of her land, or else it suites her to ignore it!

      • Learn some more Gerry.
        Those illegal immigrants havent been living in Myanmar for even a decade.
        Let alone 3 generations. Tsk tsk..
        Besides, it is Myanmar’s sole right to determine who can become her citizen and who cannot. Nobody can tell her what to do.

        • I don’t know who you are talking about with regard to illegal immigrants not even living there for a decade……..Refer to Google also

          What makes you think you can rewrite history to satisfy your racism?

          You might also read this part of an article dated Nov 18th 2012 and note the reference to Rohingya’s settled in the country before 1948…….. count the decades!!!…”Tsk tsk”

          Thein Sein said he also would look at issues including work permits and permits granting freedom of movement for the Rohingya to ensure they are treated in line with “accepted international norms.”

          The U.N. statement called Thein Sein’s letter a step “in the right direction.”

          It was not clear from his letter whether Thein Sein was changing his stance on citizenship for the Rohingya. He has previously cited strict citizenship laws stating that only Rohingya whose families settled in the country before independence from Britain in 1948 were considered citizens.

        • FYI. U Shwe Maung, an MP from USDP, identified himself as a Rohingya. He is in his fifties. Even by current twisted constitution, only burmese citizens who are born and have lived consecutively for the last 15 years are eligible to run for public offices. That means U Shwe Maung, a rohingya, is a citizen and he could easily be a grandpa, given his age. This also contradicts your argument that there are no record of three generations of rohingya living in Burma. Even more generations if his parents also turn out to be burmese citizens.

          Logics is a b*tch, isn’t it?

        • Burmese troops invaded Rakine state in 1874. Was not it illegal occupation. Coins in Arabic letters were used in Arakan in old days. May be Rakine were fond of Arabic literature!. Burmese History written by Dr. Kyaw Thak where those coins were mentioned, were wiped out from Burmese Libraries. Any historical effects in relation to Rohingya were destroyed. Bodur Mukan from Akyab was changed to Buddah Maw. Sindi Khan Mosque buried . Now shouting “no Muslims, no Rohingya”

  17. Nowadays, ALL countries are adopting tougher immigration laws for legal or illegal immigrants!
    No country wants to bare any burden for non citizens!
    Why Myanmar should take the burden of illegal immigrants?

    The Myanmar Government should be very tough to amend its citizenship laws. If not necessary, the 1982 law shouldn’t be touched. To allow citizenships to others who are not native ethnics is very critical for the country. If the Government goes wrong at one point, the country will be occupied by the Muslims.
    Muslim is not like other religion. They are even killing each other and try to spread their religion and no respect to other religions.
    Some are very extremists and they want to rule the world with one religion, Muslim.

    There may be good Muslims but the majority is extremists.
    The another serious issue is that they don’t control births not to over populated.
    The world is limited in space and food production.
    That’s why they cannot feed themselves and this burden is spreading to other countries.
    They should do birth control seriously if they can’t feed and stand on their own.

    • My message is to Violet and others of her ilk……..First let me say I am not Muslim but Christian/Buddhist….. Violet you are extremely irresponsible to say the least….. You say “There may be good Muslims but the majority is extremists”
      Where is your research? Do you even have the least idea of how many Muslims there are in this world? If you do, then how many of them are extremists? Give us the figures, give us the percentage, since you are able to specify that it’s over 50%
      Additionally you clearly have no idea of birth control as it relates to religions,but are happy to spread malicious hatred with your unfounded accusations. I suggest you look up this web site and listen to the facts!!!
      You have a computer, you have Google….For God’s sake and the sake of mankind educate yourself before you put pen to paper or open your mouth, spreading vicious lies.

  18. Violet, if your parents were controlled birth, you were not even born to be a racist. All over the world, Muslims are mostly oppressed by corrupt governments whether same religion or not. There is 0.04% extremists in Muslim of 2 billion population. But for Buddhist, how many percent of your population are extremists especially in Burma, Sri Lanka and in India?
    But look at educated and civilised countries like Japan, Korea have no such problems. Even Buddha did not ask you to follow him blindly. So is all other religions. Grow up in 21st century. If you control birth, it’s good for future human kinds as there will be lesser ignorant and racists.

  19. I do not think most of the comments we read here are written by true Myanmars. Most probably these comments writers are Buddhist Rakhines who are associated with animal’s doctor Aye Maung who is a pure racist and unwise.
    Today Burmese people say no Rohingya in Burma. Are they know that Rohingya language was broadcast from Burmese Govt owned Broadcasting Services from 1961 to 1965? Can anyone deny it?

    World recognize Novel prize winners as genuine truth tellers but when they talk about Rohingya, even novel prize winners are attacked.

    This age has no more space for racist. All racist will be crushed.

  20. Does she deserve NOBEL PEACE PRIZE?Take back!

  21. When did Burma declare Buddhism as the country’s national religion? There are over a hundred nationalities among Burmese citizens and many of them are Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Animists and more. In case you’ve forgotten, Gautama Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) was a Hindu prince before he became enlightened. Gautama said, “If we fail to look after others when they need help, who will look after us?” Gautama also said, “If you truly loved yourself, you could never hurt another.”

  22. Are “Buddhist Rakhines” not Burmese nationals/citizens? Can you define “true Myanmars”? Look at yourself in the mirror and ask if you are a racist or not before you point your fingers at others.

  23. True. But don’t forget that many student activists were incinerated alive during 1988-89 student demonstrations in Rangoon. Many Shans, Karens, Kachins, Chins were also tortured and killed mercilessly in many parts of ethnic states. Murder is murder regardless of how one is killed. We must all learn to live peacefully with one another and love one another regardless of our differences in color, race or religion.

  24. Democratically elected government recognized Rohingya as one of the ethnic minority of Burma and allowed to announce program in Rohingya language from BBS.
    Now fake government’s (chosen by Junta) minister said that “Rohingya are not Burmese citizen”.1982 cruel citizenship Law which stroke out Rohingya from the nationality list was from cruel dictator Ne Win’s dictated order. Now some extremists are shouting “ Burma to be free and fair democratic government” but 1982 cruel citizenship law to be implemented.

  25. While the world was busy with Rohingyas, the Kachins are being raped, trafficked, or killed. The UN said that the Rohingyas are the most persecuted group in Burma. Do they really have figures to compare how many Rohingyas and Kachins are being raped, trafficked, and killed? Do they have any statistics to compare the difference? If not why not they show it to the world than guessing day in and day out without having any other worthwhile work to do. And many Rohingyas boats are being noticed in Thai waters. If they started from Burma because of fresh or not persecution, what is the UN doing in the Refugee Camps of Rohingya in Burma by letting them sailed into the sea? For attention-getting? If they did not set sail from Burma, then the words “persecution,” “most persecuted race,” “Buddhist and Muslim conflicts,” and such fueling exaggerated terms are totally out of place and news should be published with ethical values and without deceits. Truth should be the norm and no lies or speculation is worth the salt. News should be as current as possible and old news should be repeated with caution like holding a heart in a surgeon palm to promote peace and security in the world as the original Mission of the UN used to be.

  26. I see lots of comments & feel a little confused.I really wonder if the same ethnic issue happen in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia or Iran,what will they do?If we illegally enter these countries & say the same things like Rohingyas,would we be still alive now?If we try to do our Buddhist traditions in these countries,will they be pleased to see us doing these traditions?I am absolutely sure that I will get kill by extremists in less than one month if I do these thing in these countries.
    Guys,please,stop saying nonsense.It’s the same all over the world in every country.US also have strict laws.If the original native people felt threaten by immigrants,they put laws against them.I will tell you one example.In Singapore,it’s own citizens are protesting about their government decision to accept more immigrants into their country.I mean it’s just about accepting more immigrants not more citizenship to foreigners but they protest.We are also protesting because we worry that our own native people will be lost their homes & lands(where their ancestors lived and died) to some illegal immigrants.We are not against Bengalis who live in our country nearly since 1430.We are against those so-called Rohingyas who enter our country only after 1948.Most important of all,Myanmar is our country and it’s our decision alone to decide our country matters.All the ethnic groups in Myanmar are peaceful and understanding in nature.We really would like to have Rohingyas as part of our country men.But can anyone guarantee that they will not do things like they did in Iraq,Afghanistan & Lebanon and that the Rohingyas would not put Sharia Law in our country?We are fighting back only because we fear that we will lose our land,culture and tradition to Muslims or worse like extremists.Who will help us if we suffer the same fate as citizens of USA?Those people talking in favour of Rohingyas,will you guys help us when bad things happen to us because we accept their arguments?
    We,people in Myanmar,are just simply afraid of losing our land,culture and tradition.And our lives as many others who suffer because of Islamic extremists.We are acting out of fear not just for our survival but also for survival for our next generations.We are following our instinct for survival just like every other organisms including human do.So please don’t blame us without knowing our feelings.

  27. If you love rohingya, take those people to your home. Good luck with that.

  28. If Burma gives the Rohingya’s citizenship, very soon, they will dominate Rakhaing state and eventually all of Burma. Then the culture of Rakhaing and of all the peoples of Burma will disappear into a greater Bangladesh. Aung Sang Suchi, you must not allow this to happen to your people. Instead you should stand up to the International community for the sake of all your people. You should work for the gradual repatriation of the Bangladeshi Rohingya’s to their own country. There is no other solution.
    I am not Burmese and I have nothing against Bangladeshis, but I don’t wont to see a great country, Burma and all its culture and traditions be washed away and absorbed. Furthermore I don’t believe that all the violence in Rakhaing was caused by the native Rakhaing people. In fact, wherever Muslim minorities live, they always conduct violence against their hosts, especially sexual violence against women. This is because non-Muslim women are seen as fair game in Islam. This is even carried out in the United Kingdom among English speaking Muslims (of Bangladeshi and Pakistani origin). So it is no surprise that Bangladeshi Muslims in Rakhaing are doing the same.
    Please please, Aung Sang Su Chi, you owe it to all the peoples of Burma to begin the repatriation of the Rohingya back to Bangladesh. And under no circumstances should you grant citizenship to them. Once they become citizens, they will bring their relatives from Bangladesh and double and treble their population in no time. Dont be the destroyer of Burma Aung San Suu Kyi.


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