Permanent Residency System for Foreigners by October: Minister

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Minister of Immigration Khin Yi gives a press conference at the Rangoon Division Parliament building in May. (Photo: May Kha / The Irrawaddy)

NAYPYIDAW — A permanent residency (PR) system for foreign nationals will be implemented by October of this year, Burma’s immigration chief said last week.

“We will allow a PR system in four months, not later than October. The duration of permitted stay will start with a five-year term,” Minister of Immigration and Population Khin Yi told The Irrawaddy, adding that foreigners would be able to extend residency upon expiration of their five-year stay in the country.

The Ministry of Immigration and Population will invite foreigners and evaluate their applications based on a prioritization of the country’s needs, Khin Yi said.

The system will take a four-tiered approach in weighing candidates, with the forthcoming framework for permanent residency based in part on a study of the systems in place in other Asean member states and Europe.

“We will invite intellectuals and technicians, which the country needs. Secondly, [we] will invite investors. Third, former Burmese citizens. Finally, we will also accept Burmese citizens and his or her extended family who have studied abroad or went abroad for various other reasons,” Khin Yi said.

“Those who apply cannot enlist as civil servants or found a [political] party,” the minister said, adding that additional details would be released when the system is implemented, as some issues were still being discussed.

Khin Yi said that the law, which a team of 11 ministers is working to finalize, had already been “accepted” by President Thein Sein and Parliament.

“This is a new process for Burma, so it takes time,” he said. “We also have to harmonize this with existing laws, as foreigners will be staying here long-term. We will also allow [foreigners] to buy housing, so we also have to harmonize this with the condominium law. They might bring their children along, so we also need to harmonize it with laws on education and health care, plus the taxation law.”

A former Burmese national who now holds a US passport told The Irrawaddy that implementation of a permanent residency program would need to come with a simple and unambiguous framework, adding that some former Burmese were waiting for the roll out of such a system before returning to Burma.

Burma does not allow dual citizenship, under the country’s 1982 Citizenship Law.

A Ministry of Immigration and Population official estimated that about 8,000 foreign nationals are currently in Burma on long-term visas.

11 Responses to Permanent Residency System for Foreigners by October: Minister

  1. The most positive undertaking I have heard so far.
    Myanmar born Myanmars will have a chance to help the nation both internally and externally, not just business and extraction of resources.There will be national interst at heart in undertakings.
    God bless General Khin Yi.

  2. Legally elected 242 Parliamentarian taken into custody by General Ne Win
    1962……Plus Nationalization of Businesses etc:
    Many left Burma are/is Citizen of Burma
    The present Naypyidaw defrock soldiers Parliamentarian are illegal
    How can they decide The Citizenship of Citizen that left Burma
    The best thing today “Call for Election ASAP”
    Naypyidaw Parliamentarian in to Custody by The Guardian of Burma
    No Military Personal Background or Defrock Soldiers deserve to stand
    for Election….
    The Reason “242 Legally Elected Parliamentarian In Custody!”
    Further All Military Personal and Defrock Soldiers Businesses Be Nationalized……Pyi Thu Paing
    Remember 15 March 1962 / 2.30 PM Soldiers With Bayonet saying
    “Out! Out! Pyi Thu Paing to Shop Owners Nationalized…..
    The United Nation and The Civilized World should Enforce The Election
    The Irrawaddy Intellect be advised to give “This Food For Their Taught!”
    or Investigate This Avenue….
    Che Zu!
    Long Live Burma

  3. At least, bama generals love their own people. However, intellectuals and money come first. No money, no investment, no education,wait at the last line in Burma. it is the different from China who love their own people without any discrimination whether you, oversea Chinese are rich or not, just birth right is enough. Republic of China, Taiwan did the same to Hong kongese and Macaonese.

    However, Chinese paramount leader Deng Xiaoping is not a strong Buddhist. He is the first leader to understand the value of his own people to come back to help poor China without any prejudice and pride in himself. Deng is a communist but was educated in French.
    Most oversea Burmese think DASSKs’ love to own people is more than theirs (banma generals). Let wait and see it is real or twist or tricks or traps or bama way of promise keeping. How to make money again from Burmese oversea in the bama way of enjoying free-lunch with complicated process/procedure. It might be that Bama generals will ask all oversea Burmese to go back to Burma to apply this PR for making high rents of their hotels/Motels and their properties for oversea Burmese who are not allowed to stay in their friends and family homes. Where can i buy their business shares, related to those issue.

  4. It will be better not to have any sort of corruption method. Do not keep any loop whole to make illicit money under this new system, then every body will welcome it.

  5. there will be advantages and disadvantages.

    • One obvious advantage is ways or chances of corruption from bama military thugs. Other Advantage is being able to arrest anybody suspected against bama military thugs (e.g. outspoken monks with British passport can be arrested via any means, any reason and any time from Nargic 2008 constitution). Another advantages are how to sell their cronies’ properties with high prices to the oversea returnees who are not allowed to stay or live in their friend’s and family’s house in bama than shwe Law and way of improving fake economy in flourished of tourism.
      Disadvantages on oversea Burmese are that they need to find their jobs, their own trusted, qualified medical doctors, need of permission from fox than shwe and psy wirathu for marrying Muslim boys and girls in Burma and need to learn Bama language for bamanization.

  6. Khin yi does not worry about those overseas Burmese returnees because all will not give burden on poor bama government in the aspect of their good wealth and education. Fox will demand the marking criteria or requirement on those returnees’ eligibility to get PR. Those might have no right to vote for coming election but those can buy properties owned by cronies. The aim is to make money for themselves, not for understanding the suffering of the oversea Burmese who fled their own country because of suppressive all bama military thugs. It is the bama way of nationalism and Buddhism, from fox teaching.

  7. If Khin yi ask those oversea Burmese returnees to stay 5 years continuously to get eligibility of PR, Khin yi must provide jobs employment, social , medical and etc to those returnees. Therefore, Khin yi must consider to recognize dual citizenship. In this regards to get eligibility of PR, we all want to know about the DASSK’s opinion on oversea Burmese with foreign passport holders and their welfare.
    China and Taiwan do not require their returnees to have to stay 5 years continuously in China and Taiwan respectively without any restriction. Those can renew their PR upon expired.
    Today, China is obviously adn initially helped by oversea Chinese great support. Taiwanese president, Mr. Ma is born in HK. HTC CEO is born in Burma. Many many other oversea Burmese talents should come back to Burma for the sake of ordinary poor Burmese.

  8. Any further updates on this. October is fast approaching!

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