No Need for OIC Intervention, Burma Govt Says

Buddhist monks in Mandalay protest last year against an attempt by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to open an office in Burma. (Photo: Man Thar Lay / The Irrawaddy

Burma’s government has rejected calls for an international inquiry into recent waves of anti-Muslim violence, following media reports that the world’s top Islamic body would request to send a delegation to the country to discuss the unrest.

“In my opinion, recent conflicts inside the country are [Burma’s] internal affairs,” government spokesman Ye Htut told The Irrawaddy on Thursday, adding that the government had not yet received a formal request for access from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Ye Htut, who is also Burma’s deputy minister of information, said the government had taken good care to handle religious tension and violence against Muslims in the Buddhist-majority nation.

“So I believe there is no reason for an international organization to intervene,” he said.

The OIC has urged Burmese authorities to allow a ministerial delegation from the Islamic body to visit Burma and discuss ongoing religious tensions that have pitted Buddhists against Muslims there, AFP reported on Monday.

OIC chief Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu told the news agency that violence against minority Rohingya Muslims last year in western Burma and rioting-related deaths of dozens of Muslims last month in central Burma was “unacceptable.”

In a statement released after an OIC meeting in Saudi Arabia, the pan-Islamic body also urged the UN Human Rights Commission to undertake a fact-finding mission in the country related to the violence.

But Ye Htut said the OIC had not made any formal moves for access to Burma.

“We only know about the OIC’s decision at their meeting [to request access] from the international media,” he said. “They still haven’t sent us a formal request.”

He added that national, state and divisional governments were investigating the unrest and taking action against those who had broken the law.

According to government reports, 43 people were killed last month during three days of clashes in the central Burma town of Meikhtila, while 86 people were injured and 1,355 houses, shops and buildings were destroyed.

Last week, the Muslim owners of a gold shop were sentenced to more than 10 years in prison after an altercation at their shop with a Buddhist customer sparked rioting in the town.

Nearly 13,000 people, mostly Muslims, were displaced in the ensuing violence, which spread to 11 townships in Mandalay and Pegu divisions, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

Ye Htut said the government was arranging to relocate internally displaced persons.

Meanwhile, Buddhists monks in eight townships of Magwe Division, central Burma, sent a letter to the President’s Office on Monday saying they believed OIC intervention was unnecessary.

The leading monks said the Meikhtila conflict was not racially or religiously motivated, adding that the situation had already settled.

Kawanedaw Batha, a prominent monk in Magwe’s Pakokku Township, told The Irrawaddy on Thursday that he hoped the government would listen to the public’s desires and prevent the OIC from sending a delegation or opening an office in the country.

The Islamic organization’s attempt last year to open an office in Burma following the clashes in Arakan State was also met with widespread criticism by Buddhist monks and the Burmese public.

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  1. what a waste of useful media for the Islamization.

  2. OIC needs to find out that who are started the problem,all the times are started from Muslims people,when your Muslim people dead you want to find something.In case of Indonesia when Buddhists people dead,why do you keep it silence.?

    • I know who started the violence. Burmese Osama Bin Laden(Wirathu) was the one who started the violence. Muslims did not go to the Buddhist homes and aroused the Burmese. It was Osama Bin Laden Wirathu who sent the couple to stir up the problem. So, you better take back your comment. I am not a Muslim but I cannot tolerate this kind of violence against innocent people.

      • That uneducated WIRATHU, speeches are of hooligans, only the idiots and uneducated people listen to that and acted! People with no brains listens to him, if he really is a good monks he will never talk of killing people, whether be of any religions or race! I know there are a lot of monks there who have morals and dignity but that guy WIrathu just don’t have any. Just bcos Muslims work hard and doing well in the country, jealously arise , shame!!

    • When does it happen that the Muslims in Indonesia kill Buddhists ?? Its more like the Buddhists convert to Islam as their kings convert and due to the massive missionary work of the Muslim sufis who propagate peace, equality, and not begging for money to reach salvation. If you are afraid that Burmese people will convert then its ridiculous as people have the freedom to choose their faith. Nobody is forcing them to convert. That dumbfounded Wirathu monk is building up fear which is baseless.

      The reality is Buddhism is a lost religion. Once it was a dominant religion in South East Asia but not now anymore. So blame it on muslims who kill the Buddhists ?? Go read your history books and find the truth yourself.

  3. Majority attacking minority is a planned genocide. Muslims all over the world has the rights to talk with the government of particular country along with United Nations.

  4. One of the tactics of OIC is like black-crows, shouting, and encourageing for suicide bombers. Myanmar should be careful , it is just prologue and you will hear more problems sneakly created by OIC. Be strong Myanmar!!!

  5. As Government is responsible massacre in central Burma the truth will never come out nor independent commission will appoint, if will, it like rakhine inquiry commission, fraud commission with rogue member.the Buddhist monks are like government if the case is related Muslim, powerful then Naypaytaw. half of million monks campaigning days and nights to exterminate Muslim in Burma.Monks attempt to challenge Chinese but Pol pot thein sein disagree not allowed.half million army joint with monks same ambition to kill all Muslim in Burma,including rakhine by creating false baseless OIC is weak, Myanmar will never accept it request.OIC should work with EU,UN,US and enforce economic sanction and arrange UN peace keeping force for rakhine and central Burma.half million monks are powerful then half million army,this monks threat not Muslim in Burma but also Muslim country with their radical thought.Myanmar is Balkan Yugoslavia, OIC, UN must remember genocide in Bosnia, Kosovo.without threaten by force from international community ethnic cleansing in Myanmar cannot stop.

    • Lu Tha Jr, if Burmese Government and Buddhist Burmese want to kill all Muslims in Burma and then you can not be comment on here and you will not be born in Burma. Muslim peoples makeup only a few percents of Burma population. If the Government want to send all Muslim to hell and then Government only need to ignore one week during Hindu vs. Muslim communal riots and Buddhist vs. Muslim communal riots.
      Jobless, hopeless Bengali peoples entered illegally into Rakhine state for job and food and previous Burmese Government was pity on them and allowed to stay and work but later they want to hijack the whole state as their own Muslim state. That’s the way the Muslim payback for generosity of host Rakhine peoples and Burmese Government.
      Also the Bengali Muslims have committed many crimes from rape to theft. Even their Bangladeshi Government portrays illegal Bengali migrants so called Rohingya in Rakhine State as criminal and terrorist.
      There’s no genocide and ethnic cleansing on Muslim Burmese in Burma. For illegal Bengali Migrants and their descendents, they must be dealing with Burmese Immigration Law. So if they were found to be unlawful immigrant and then they have to be deported their origin. They can call themselves as Rohingya or whatever but the ethnic will not be found in Burmese ethnicity record because Burma never has Rohingya name in Burmese history.
      Rohingya or Bengali there will be no different when the Government has to grant citizenship. It’s up to evidence of whether the person was descendent of legal migrant or illegal Bengali migrant. That’s nothing to with ethnic cleansing and it’s border protection for sovereignty of Burma.
      Rakhine, Burma has had lost Sittagong Hill Tracts to Bangladesh and now descendents of Burmese ethnics are facing real genocide and ethnic cleansing in Sittagong Hill Tracts.
      Poor and landless Bengali Muslims were robbing and killing Jumma peoples of Sittagong Hill Tracts with backing by Bangladeshi army.
      The Sittagong Hill Tracts is historically belonging to Rakhine state, Burma. Idiot British Colony Government had created East Pakistan State for cost at Rakhine peoples.
      No one has reporting about genocide and ethnic cleansing in Sittagong Hill Tracts and no organizations are protecting lives of Jumma native peoples of Sittagong Hill Tracts.
      Lu Tha Jr, you’re comment is baseless and without single evidence about genocide and ethnic cleansing on Burmese Muslims in Burma.
      There’s no fault allegation on 3 descendents illegal Bengali migrant rape, robbed and murdered, and also dishonest Muslim Gold shop owners and their employees beaten up Buddhist Burmese customer. Also Muslim youth killed Buddhist monk after accident at Gold shop has evidence. Some of you, Muslim always pointing finger someone else every time Muslim do something wrong. Why they can not accept truth?
      Even Osama Bin Laden and his hitmen confessed and announced Al Qaeda was responsible for 9/11 but some Muslims are saying US Government and Israel Government were responsible for that.
      EU, UN and US Government know the truth and they will never take wrong decision for sanction related to illegal Bengali migrant issue and Meikhtila Communal riot.
      Rakhine communal riot was started by illegal Bengali Muslim migrants.
      Meikhtila communal riot was started by Muslim.
      48th street Mosque fire was started by power transformer but some Muslims are pointing at Buddhist Monk U Wirathu and his followers.
      How outsiders can penetrate secure doors and windows of Mosque and Muslim security guards?
      The authorities at Mosque do not want to take responsible of dead of 13 children who were under their care.
      By the way, Buddhist monks will never urge Buddhist Burmese ethnics to eliminate fellow Burmese Muslim in Burma because we Buddhist believe in Karma. Karma will take care whoever doing the sin regardless of Muslim or Christian or Buddhist.
      Lu Tha Jr, I do not change my mind on my Muslim friends for a few idiot peoples like you.
      Do you know if you spread fake allegation without evidence and baseless it is called rumor and propaganda?

      • Human migration happens everywhere on earth. Some migrate with legal documents and some do illegally. Bengali people are not the only ones who migrate illegally. Millions of Burmese are living illegally in Thailand and Malaysia. Racist comments on Bengali Muslims are the lowest quality we the citizens of the Union of Burma can produce to civilized world.

      • Well,Rohingya ethnic, Muslim in Burma never spread rumor or propaganda for self facing ethnic cleansing with modern typical method under Government created undeclared war against minority ethnic rohingya ,Muslims are seeking justice.your alleged so call Bengali illegal immigrant,it is self-insult,poor ethnic historical knowledge,educated but full of poison mind hateful attitude toward certain minority like Rohingya ethnic.rohingya are not begging , from magh rakhine or government ,ethnic status of rohingya is historical right,Birth right as like other more than 100 of ethnic in union.people like you, magh Dr. aye chan,Bengali magh Dr. Aye maung highly Qualify,but sad to say their qualification,their skill are harmful,wasted for human jealousy.only fool can believe bangali people came to rakhine for work,stay there.non-scene just allegation as it is words of magh extremist chauvinist ,radical like wiratu,khin nyunt and propaganda to insult rohingya ethnic ,spread misunderstanding for other ethnic in the country.Between two country the river name NAF ,estern side rakhine state muslim faith are called rohingya ethnic,originated thousand years ago with historical fact.rakhine magh in Bangladesh enjoy full human right,position in top level ministers,officials,appointing ambassadors , UN ,whole world know rakhine magh have everything in Bangladesh..few months ago some monastery,pagoda destroyed Bangladesh radical,all rebuilt ,restored with government fund.home rebuilt, business fully compensated as before. those responsible taken action ,punished.for rohingya in arakan , Myanmar Muslim never got back what they lost.hundred thousand of home burnt destroyed,not single home rebuild,hundred of mosque religious building Burnt, destroyed with bulldozer,a single one is not restore.remember ten of thousand of rohingya ethnic,Myanmar Muslims are killed burnt alive by government back group and government force.

        rakhine rape case it was created never committed by Muslim as claim.Evident is there already provided , forcefully convicted three Muslim youth,one who suicide is even not Muslim.all are created for justify genocide,ethnic cleansing in rakhine against rohingya ethnic.the manner the case was handle,fool will not trust the justice system,it is about lynching ten Muslim men in broad day light in taungok.did a single man convicted.some one come with fake gold, ask real gold price,how buyer shop owner comply.he resist to pay ,the gold seller is thug.massacre started against Muslim as every thing is pre -planed.radical monks,thugs,Government force joint hand together, Myanmar Muslims are killed burnt as genocide ,ethnic cleansing against Muslim in no national protection for Muslim citizen, international protection is urgent for safe innocent life from brutal killing.

        Beside brutal killing, One more joke Inquiry commission,most of 27 members are radical,extremist,chauvinist,lack of transparent ,understand poor human right this commission will serve thein sein well.regarding his statement on rohingya ethnic, name of POL POT is suit him.every corner of Burma the way Monks playing against Muslim is so terrible,.No human expected monks such inhumane is wrong we call them terrorist Buddhist monks?Myanmar free media,electronic media,government from every level from naypaytaw to rural,remote village unconditionally support destruction of muslim life and property.Rakhine Rohingya genocide,meikhtila central Burma ethnic cleansing, Yangon 48 street massacre will remain memory of Muslim in particular, the memory of world community in general like Kosovo,Bosnia, Rwanda will remain as 21 century black mark in Myanmar history.

      • Sai Lai Kan wrote:
        “Jobless, hopeless Bengali peoples entered illegally into Rakhine state for job and food and previous Burmese Government was pity on them and allowed to stay and work but later they want to hijack the whole state as their own Muslim state. That’s the way the Muslim payback for generosity of host Rakhine peoples and Burmese Government.
        Also the Bengali Muslims have committed many crimes from rape to theft. Even their Bangladeshi Government portrays illegal Bengali migrants so called Rohingya in Rakhine State as criminal and terrorist.”
        Sai Lin Kan
        For above statement , I need references and evidence from every angles and view points with the history, particularly from independent one which might be from British ones, more reliable.
        From my understanding , you copy the above statement made by Rakhine nationalist ( Dr idiot ) as it is one sided story. You cannot ignore UN’s opinion on the Rohyingya issue. UN is one of the independent organizations in the world. If Rohingya feels threat from all bama governments or authority such as aung san, u nu, ne win , than shwe and than sein, because of changing altitudes from them time to time, Rohygya will be live together and united together to defuse their fear and anxiety. Please, tell me which Burmese government is pity on Rohingya and for what purpose. From my knowledge , British brought Rohingya or Kala for slave job in Burma . Do you want to say that aung san and u nu were pity on Rohingya from Buddhism teaching, not for slave?
        Rohyinga will try hard for their survival in every aspects. It does not mean they are invading and conspiring to occupy lands in Burma . I never hear that Rohingya arm rebels are exiting in Burma. Without evidence and with your jealousy on Rohingya success, you and dr idiot become paranoid because of lack of ability and self-confidence in yourselves. Therefore , you all learn Ne win’s way to conspire to destroy Rohingya success to nationalize their business, lands and properties. Now, all Rohingya and Muslim are confined in the camps for waiting their fate ( disease , starvation, poor education and poor health). It is not so-called ethnic cleansing but you can call bama way or Buddhism thugs of gradual education or torturing to blinding their eyes in every aspects. Later , those are forced married to than shwe’s private army. Then, they will get Bama citizenship by than shwe’s rule of law.
        Sai lin Kan wrote :
        “There’s no genocide and ethnic cleansing on Muslim Burmese in Burma. For illegal Bengali Migrants and their descendents, they must be dealing with Burmese Immigration Law.”
        Which kinds of immigration law do you want to use in this Rohingya issue? Aung san’s and U nu’s law favored Rohingya for citizenship right but most Rohingya have not or had not get birth certificates easily and readily , like in Rangoon due to the suppression or manipulation or discrimination or corrupted immigration officers as well as very poor to apply birth certificates. There are or were a lot of unfair situation in term of getting birth certificates in Burma. If so, which kind of mechanism you can assess who are illegible and who are not illegible to get citizenship. U nu favored them but there are and were no education, no health, no administrative offices in their remote living places for census , citizenship& birth certificate.
        If you like Ne win’s immigration law ( current law, than shwe & thein sein like), I have no word to say to you but Ne win is notorious and paranoid so you and Dr idiot-aye are the same. In short , if you write about Rohingya issue , be thoughtful. Please , do not mislead your brother, sister and children. When I was young , I was told by old wise and experienced men and women, that first kill Arakanese before you kill the snake. However, I never believe that prejudice when I have good friends of Arakanese. Late Dr U saw mara aung, Physicain is the NLD member for fighting Burmese democracy. From the Dr idiot-aye, I begin to believe the warning statement from the old men and old ladies upon some Arakanese behaviour and threat. As such , Rohingya without guns are shaky and chilling to be get together for survival. However, naïve guys say it is occupying. Then, how did and do U nu, ne win , than shwe and thein sein occupy ethnics’ lands without honoring panglong agreement? Those should be killed before killing snake.
        You , sai lin kan is in the double standard with low class opinion if you make downgrade about Rohingya again. I remind again you that UN and Irrawaddy have photos and video evidence in this killing Muslim. Those were set-up and was involved paramilitary style killing Muslim. Or please, talk with min ko niaing. In history, U nu’s government used paramilitary to kill Insein -Karen in order to dismiss Karen chief of military staff. Do not praise thien sein earlier with your naïve opinion in this forum? US or China might have evidence on that but US or China might use it in the last X-card if needed. If than shwe does not kill the faked monks now , those are evidence in future.

        • sai lin kan
          Do you want to say that Depayin incidence for planing to kill DASSK and killing NLD party members were done by Burmese communist or USDP-paramilitary?

        • If you don’t get along with buddhists,we will never ever get along with anybody else in the world.Try sunni,shia,taliban,malaysian,indonesians,Egyptians,Look what is happening even in same religions countries.They way you talk here as so called minority talks,you will be punished already there in those countries by their thugs.Only buddhism has tolerance and flexibility.If you are already in those countries,You already knew that.So see yourself before blaming on the other people.What I see myself is that religion itself is peaceful until middle east radicals involve and brain wash clerics and immans in myanmar.May be myanmar should practice like US and other countries to monitor every preaching on all religious activities.Do you know who has tendency to be extremists and intolerants?

      • You sound like anti-muslim its scary. By generalising the 3 million muslims in Myanmar, it makes me realise that there are lots of Islamophobic people in this world. Please bear in mind that the muslims in Myanmar also have brilliant history serving the Myanmar kings and holding major offices in the military and trade in the past.
        You should be worried over the terrorist Buddhists which are shaping up in Myanmar. People always think that terrorists are muslims but this is not the case anymore. The terrorising acts of the Buddhists shot on camera by human rights group is more than enough to proof. Sadly the terrorists act are done by devout Buddhists monks who are taught about the sacredness of life. Fortunately, the muslim terrorists are done by people, muslim as they are, but they are not devout muslims, whom knowledge about the religion is minimal. History has proven itself.
        Evil begets evil. The monks are trying to exterminate people but these badly portray on themselves. Will that make people afraid of them and think twice about being Buddhists ? Think about it

      • u r suffering from misconception about bangladesh. i am bangladeshi muslim. there is no violence against rakhaine,chakma, marma (Burmis descendant) in sittagong (chittagong) . i have a lot of buddhist friends in chittagong. though they are illegal immigrant of burmise. ur country should take back them. bangladesh is richer than your
        country. jobs are available here. bangali doesn’t go to your country even not india.

  6. OIC,Go and ask saudi authority why they had to kick 3 westerners out of party.It was because of those 3 guys were accused to be too handsome to participate in a party where local girls might fall for them.So,do your job well first in your own members countries.UN will take care of issues worldwide.Not you OIC.Biased islamist radical organization OIC.Go and condemn extremist around the world especially in your member countries.News agencies might keep quiet if they are expecting oil money from middle east.I,personally condemn this kind of terrors and denounce those behinds.Tell me why you want to involve?Where were you before?Behind the scenes,supporting extremism?Ask member countries to redraw constitutions and immigration to international standards.

    • “…..kick 3 westerners out of the party”. I think they did a good job. Everyone has the right to control his/her own party. If my brothers love me, they have to protect me from all kinds of danger. Private party is different from burning and looting.

  7. I am very confident that U Thein Sein-led government will intelligently decide what needs to be done to show that Burma is a sovereign country and a credible partner of the international community.

    At the same time, I would like to appeal to some fanatical Burmese Buddhist monks to remain in their monasteries, not to interfere in things they have nothing to do and to dedicatedly and diligently spread Buddha teachings which is the sole purpose that they become monks and people give them respect and offer alms.

    Those monks are endangering the security of the country inadvertently provoking foreign religious extremists to commit violence inside the country. In addition, taking advantage of the sasana, some monks are defacing the noble practices of our religion which shouldn’t be tolerated by revered senior monks and general public any longer.

  8. Applause to the Burmese Government and people for not allowing OIC to interfere in your internal affairs. This OIC is not a neutral body but heavily sided with Muslim people and looking after only their interests. If OIC claims to be neutral, then ask where were they when the Taliban blasted into pieces the giant, ancient Buddha statues at Bamiyan, Afghanistan?

    • Please do not get oversensitive on the issue of demolition of Buddhist statues at Bamiyan. The hardline muslims in Saudi Arabia also demolish the sacred home of Kadijah. the wife of prophet Muhammad to make way for public toilets. They do not appreciate old buildings and rather turn them to useful purposes.

      • Please do not downplay the atrocious religion-based demolition of the Buddha statues at Bamiyan. Islam does not tolerate any other religion. Islam is not peaceful but hateful, except for some nice people who happen to have been born to Muslim families.

  9. Beggars and monks may never contribute positive things to the Union of Burma.

    • Maylathar, you’re language is insulting Buddhism.
      How do you feel if I said, Muslim and Islam religion only bring bad name and bad luck to Burma?

      • Lin Kan,
        Truth really hurts. Sorry. But you can say whatever you feel. You saw what Wirathu and fellow monks did to the innocent. Keep bowing and keep kneeling before Wirathu.

        • Maylatthar,
          If I have to tell the truth, Muslim in Burma has disgrace host nation.
          Muslims are bad luck for Burma. Muslim never integrates into Burmese society.
          I did not insult Islam religion but you’re insulting Buddhist Monk and Buddhism. Now I said Islam religion bring bad luck to Burma and Muslim disgrace Burma.
          We Buddhist Burmese ethnics are living peacefully and all the problems started by Muslim. The innocent Muslims have lost lives and their property because of Muslim trouble maker like you.
          U Wirathu never incites to kill Muslim in Burma. He only said Buddhist in Burma should ignore Muslim Business.
          Some of Muslims like you in Burma, fabricate story and lie to international media
          Muslims should blame for their lost to Muslim extremist like you.
          We Buddhist believe in Karma. Karma will decide you and your Muslim fate but there’s no Allah.

          • I guess u must be either blind or deaf. Go and see the video of U Wirathu and the things he talk about. He is obviously a madman. No sincere and humble human would ever follow the wills of such a leader who make senseless accusations and incite hatred to people. Instead of spreading peace and harmony, this monk is telling people to get rid of them and dont mingle with them. What kind of human is this? Much less a monk?

            With such a bad portrayal of Buddhism, I dont even think of learning this religion.

          • I think your assumption is totally wrong altogether. I hardly can see any Buddhist country which has moved up the social economic ladder – Just look at Myanmar, Vietnam. Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Thailand etc. Are they doing well. And Thailand doing well as a sex capital ? What does Buddhism teach ??

            While Indonesia,Malaysia and Brunei, used to be Buddhist countries in the 14th century until they become Muslim, have enjoyed rapid progress in economic development while countries like Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar just recovered from a war-torn existence. So do you call this successful being Buddhist ? I dont think so. Its the attitude that has to change.

            As they say God is great He will bless countries that are Muslim.

  10. Oh, I see= O.I.C and that’s all.

  11. An OIC- provokation against the whole non-Islamic World (and that is 80% at least !).
    How about vice versa in several OIC-countries the uncountless atrocities against non-Islamic minorities? How OIC is going to deal with that ?

    • TheBurmeseFreedomFighter

      Hello German Traveller;

      You are the true air of Burmese people in the face of the mighty power of Islamization.

    • Can u tell me what are the atrocities committed by Muslim dominant countries against their minority ? If your piece of news come from unreliable source, then forget about telling me. Even if there are some hate crimes, that doesnt amount to 125,000 people being displaced similar like what happen in Myanmar. Just look at Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Dubai They have buddhist and christian minorities but so far there is no such massacre of such scale or I would dare to say none at all. Please stop overexaggerating your comments.

      If you are talking about the wartoen Afghanistan, extremist fighters kill both muslims and non-muslims. There is no segregation.

  12. What a joke? The leading monk of Meikthila said the situation there is settled. Where are those Govt., authorities of Meikthila? Does the monks runs the country? The international community knows how these few monks and thugs took the law into their own hand. Those displaced victims are still at the refugee camps, fearing for their lives. Still in the capital Rangoon Muslims are not safe. Mosque are targeted at night times by armed thugs in speeding cars. IOC, Human Rights and UN body must pressurize the Burmese authorities and should get access for thorough inquiry.
    Why ate those monks scared of OIC? If they got nothing to hide then why they are refusing. Not a single monk leader has condemn the atrocities against Muslims. All these were pre planned. Muslims were sentenced and prisoned. Why those Buddisht thugs and murderers monks are roaming free?

  13. OIC and other overseas Muslim organizations should stay away from current conflict between Buddhist and Muslim in Burma. The reason is OIC involvement can be becoming more complicated than helping Muslim peoples. It will not help their Muslim brothers and sisters in Burma. In Burmese peoples view, OIC is supporting financially and encouraging Muslim to confront Buddhist and expanding Islam in Burma. The country majority is Buddhist and most of peoples have conservative view on religion and culture. OIC and other overseas Muslim organizations want to help their fellow Muslim peoples in Burma and then they should donate via Red Cross and NGOs.
    At the moment, the tension between two communities is seemed to be cooling down but the fire is still burning inside some of the peoples. Let the time to heal the wound. OIC can go to Burma and meet Muslim community once both sides were settling down.
    OIC should understand Meikhtila’s communal riot was between Buddhist Burmese and Muslim Burmese. Most of them are friend and neighbor. Most of Buddhist Burmese neighbors protected their Muslim neighbors in Meikhtila communal riot. However, unfortunately no one could protect Muslim peoples and their home in Muslim’s suburb, and religious buildings were destroyed by rioters because rioters have out numbers Police and some Buddhist Burmese who want to stop hurting and killing Muslim peoples. Both communities have lost lives and properties.
    Burmese Police force was not trained to deal with such as communal violence and they do not have adequate weapons to control violent crowds. State Government should have ordered army to deploy soldiers in the street when communal riot was started but lack of experience in state Government was to blame for the riot went lengthily and spread to other towns.
    I believe now Government has learned from Rakhine and Meikhtila experienced and Government will well prepare for future communal riot.
    The problem between Buddhist Burmese and Muslim Burmese will not go away but both communities must restraint from conflicting in future.
    OIC going into Burma can be sending wrong message to some of religion extremists rather than helping to Muslim Burmese. Personally I have no objection for OIC going to Burma and moral encouraging victims. I believe if they stay away from Burmese domestic problem and then it will be good for Muslim Burmese peoples.

  14. Give the OIC one inch inside Burma and they will flood the country with their divisive religious hatred of anything non-Muslim. Keep them out and sort your own internal problms. OIC is the seed and bankroll behind Jihad and terrorism throughout the world. Don’t believe their false concern for Burmese Muslims, they simply want to get a foot hold in Burma like they are doing in Thailand. They only bring division and hatred wherever they go. See how they manipulate the UN and “Human Rights” to their advantage. They are master manipulators of the international community. They cannot sort out their own Sunni/Shia problems out (they should concentrate on that rather than interfering all over the world) so how can they sort Burma’s?

  15. Why Myanmar government so frightening O I C? If you don’t do anymisstake, no need to frighten. True Muslim need only Allah than can get heaven when die.

  16. Absolutely agreed with Paul. Recommendation to OIC is sort your own problems out first between Sunni and Shia.

  17. OIC- Radical extremists have alots of homework to do in their members states and among believers to get along with others.They ,themself are problematic whereever they are.Look Iran,Saudi,turkey,etc..violences and terrors are there to be solved even in the same religious communities.No wonder they want to meddle in other country’s affair.So,so called OIC must be supporting islamic radicalization around the world..Are you a front office of radical extremists organizations.Shame on you OIC.You don’t see your own mess from your nose and wants to point out others.What a joke! Look at the news around the world news.Understand who is who.That’s why authorities around the world have to monitor mosques and communities.Look at xingqing in china,russia,austrilia,French and US.

  18. I read some remarks above for an anti-Buddhist movement.
    See,”Beggars and monks may never contribute positive things to the Union of Burma.”
    Beggars may not, as the contributor wrote, but about the monks . . .
    So, you see who could be the the first and initial contributor to the violation of good and peaceable relationship between religions.
    Buddhists, for all intents and purposes, are peaceable people. Buddhists are taught tolerance and forbearance, but there are people among them who won’t stand no nonsense and will hit back. Indecency has its own answer of the same kind, sad to say. And that was what happened in that insane gold shop in Meikhtila. We hear the customer woman went there for business, not for personal insults and bullying, but the Muslim woman shop owner and her lot did exactly that. But then, it is all sadness as the case flared up in a “communal” riot. Confusion followed..
    Is OIC so low as to get involved in a religious fight, accusing Myanmars of violation of minority rights and hatred on account of religion?
    No way. You mend your own fence.

  19. Everything is set up by paramilitary so the dispute between the customer woman and shop owner is not the true facts the USDP founded. If someone believe this story or set-up , it is too much naive to become an idiot. If Buddhist monks are confident and they think they are not wrong themselves, they can accept the international challenge in this regards by any means. Otherwise , obediently accept than shwe’s rule of law and than shwe’s killing right on all Buddhist monks anytime , any where and any reason.
    However, 969 for Buddhist figure is copied from Muslim religious figure so it is ogre from Buddhist thugs-wrathu. At least , good monks are as well downgraded by paramilitary trick and trap in this killing innocent Muslim issue.
    Have the monks in the photo recent death of their young brothers and sisters ( children)? 13 Muslim children were killed by paramilitary recently in fire from the set-up (conspiracy). DASSK, ming ko naing and Burmese communist have no military power but than shwe and his USDP have military power and also have ability to establish paramilitary, like U nu to kill Karen by his Ne win’s paramilitary in history.

    • “13 Muslim children were killed by paramilitary recently in fire from the set-up (conspiracy)”

      First the reports:

      “Officials from five major Islamic organisations were invited to the Rangoon division’s government’s office (on April 10), where they listened to an official read out the report in a 45-minute address.

      “After listening to the full detailed explanation, we have nothing to complain/argue with about the analysis that the fire was caused by negligence – the [mosque officials] failed to turn down the voltage regulator, which was turned on during [times of weak electricity], when the electricity went back to normal,” said Nyunt Maung Shein from the Islamic Religious Affairs Council, according to Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) journal.

      “So we accept the result,” (said U Nyunt Maung Shein.) – (DVB)

      In a report by the Voice of America Radio, the General Secretary of the All Myanmar Mawlawi Headquarters Haji U Kyaw Soe was quoted as saying that the five major Islamic organizations accepted the Investigation Commission’s report on the fire that gutted the Yegyaw Mosque on April 2.

      “Chief Minister of the Rangoon Division U Myint Swe read to us the report which consisted of three parts – investigations, findings and decisions. All attending groups don’t have any doubt about the authenticity of the findings and thanked the Chief Minister for the rightful undertaking of the Commission,” Haji U Kyaw Soe went on to say.

      In addition to Haji U Kyaw Soe’s organization, the four other organizations attended are Olamar Religious Academicians League, Islamic Religious Affairs Council, Myanmar Muslim Youth Religious League and Myanmar Muslim National League.

      (Note: Although Irrawaddy has extensively reported the fire and controversies that followed, it miserably failed to report the acceptance of the Commission’s findings by five major Burmese Islamic Organizations.)

      Now questions to Mr. Norman Hla:

      Do you have any intention to condemn and punish leaders of the five major Islamic Organizations because they sincerely accepted the report?

      Or are you ready to admit that you have no ability to think unbiased and independently about the truth?

      It is disgusting to read your postings of unsubstantiated accusations and always naming Than Shwe as if he were hiding the whole time under your bed. He’s gone if you haven’t noticed. I know you can’t believe it.

      With loving kindness I would like to advise you to continue to take without interruptions the medicines that your doctor prescribed to you.

      • Another defender and sympathizer of Than Shwe the killer.

      • metta
        (1)What is the difference between the OIC and “Officials from five major Islamic organizations-named- U Nyunt Maung Shein, U Kyaw Soe.
        From my knowledge , the OIC (57 members from various countries ) has a permanent delegation to the United Nations, and is the largest international organisation outside the United Nations. Do you think those 57 members have Burmese names?
        Do you know that OIC is not under the control of than shwe?
        (2) If there is no acceptance of the Commission’s findings by five major Burmese Islamic Organizations from your than shwe’s explanation, what are the consequence -( U nyunt maung shein or U kyaw soe will be safe and sound?) or what will your than shwe take action on this killing issue?
        (3) Could you say who is the main culprit for Depayin incidence? Let me see the report from your than shwe’s police chief. Was there any scapegoat?
        (4) Thingyan bomber died at home from the consequence of the torture of than shwe’s imprisonment. From the Depayin incidence, DASSK was put in house arrest. Did your police chief read the report to you why it was happened on DASSK. Could you want to say that DASSK could not know how to drive her car in Depayin to recieve traffic penalty?. DASSK’s car had electricity problem so she did not indicate where she drive in dangerous driving.
        Was the Thingyan bomber in fair trial before he was imprisoned? Were you and foriegn journalists in the trial from start to the end? Tell me the police chief’s report on that issue.
        (5) Do you want to say that thein sein, puppet is not elected by than shwe as a president? Do you want to say that 25% of your parliament have no longer connection with than shwe because they now forget how to kill and rape all ethnics.
        (6) How do you know than shwe has gone? Are you living with him? What is the nargic 2008 constitution and who are the members of Bama security council? Do you want to say than shwe is no longer a member in there to make military coup anytime , anywhere and any reason? Do you want to say 2008 nargic is no longer in use because of you? Are you Schizophrenic with abnormal thoughts or dementia with loss of memory? What is the meaning of metta? It means “dead body” in Burmese. Are you good in Burmese or Burmese language? Please, do not change your name to “Myintha” who means ‘love” in Burmese. You should not be in this forum before you learn Burmese language at your poor school. Than shwe might be your teacher because killer than shwe gives his created questions and he is the only one ( able to or right to) to answer his own questions. Than shwe is holding a stick ( guns ) for his pupils. His pupil, like you (low IQ) are trying to bullying us, ordinary Burmese in this forum.
        (7) Did you meet ming ko naing for his remarks on this killing Muslim issue ? Be careful t close with him. Ming ko naing might be in danger because he answers the than shew’s question with brave heart.

        • metta
          If you , “metta” use your “dead body” to threat us with the backing of than shwe’s private army, we, people power will not fear your gun.

          • It’s pathetic that you are living with paranoia. Your rambling posters must be annoying many readers tremendously. You have no respect for distinguished Muslim leaders like U Nyunt Maung Shein and Haji U Kyaw Soe but your IOC papas from abroad.

            “Do you think those 57 members have Burmese names?”

            I am sure they don’t have Burmese names but how about you? “Norman” isn’t a Burmese name either. Ah, you aren’t Burmese?

            “If there is no acceptance of the Commission’s findings by five major Burmese Islamic Organizations from your than shwe’s explanation, what are the consequence -( U nyunt maung shein or U kyaw soe will be safe and sound?) or what will your than shwe take action on this killing issue?”

            So are you accusing them of not telling the truth? If you dare spread unsubstantiated rumors in Burma, everybody can be brave enough to say the truth. All birds are pretty as much as or prettier than a vulture.

            Although you are showing off your superiority complex (in order to conceal actual feelings of inferiority) you don’t even know the meaning of “metta”. Shameful! You seem to have too much free time to write trash, trash and more trash. Time for your medicines now!

          • metta
            you still do not or can not answer my questions regarding to Depayin incidence and alleged Thingyan’s bomber. If you can not answer my above questions, how i can believe your lair whatever they say and said. If those respectable Burmese Muslim leaders trust your than shwe’s explanation, why does IOC ask you again?
            Do you want to say that IOC is under the respectable Burmese Muslim leaders in term of Muslim religious teaching and clarification? Do you want to say that the sun rises from the west?
            You can use what kinds of name you like but do no use “dead body” , metta. Bama military thugs always use or show of “dead body” to bully all ordinary Burmese citizens , especially killing monks, Muslim and all ethnics with their guns. Now, your paramilitary tries to please naive Buddhist monks by killing Muslim to clean your previous sins but it is too late now to get forgiveness from all Burmese peoples and respectable Buddhist monks.

            You, metta wrote “everybody can be brave enough to say the truth”. Yes, i agree with you so “How many dead bodies you have or collect from the strikes of copper mining?” I read from Irrawaddy that you have not enough dead bodies by killing those strikers so your police chief is still searching and suing them with the name of political or criminal or security offense. Is that true ?
            Therefore , i hope those respectable Burmese Muslim leaders are and were in safe and sound after acceptance of your than shwe’s explanation in this killing Muslim children. I do not want to see more dead bodies of Muslim, set-up by your paramilitary and ogre Buddhist thugs.

          • Correction: Please read OIC instead of IOC. Thanks.

          • Gosh! Your paranoia is more serious than I ever thought. Please calm down! You’re hurting yourself. Instead of relying on foreigners to solve problems, it is much better to leave the people and government you don’t like and live where you can enjoy the life. The state is issuing passports within ten days to those who have no criminal background. Unprecedentedly, this Burmese government is creating an open society for all citizens. It is still not yet perfect but the whole world knows it’s much better than before.

            Please look at what is happening in the United States right now. Two former refugees from Chechnya detonated two bombs among people who were watching a marathon in Boston. Three people were killed and more than two hundred were maimed or injured. They later engaged with the police in a gun fight where the elder brother was killed. People are saying that the two Chechen brothers bite the hands that feed them.

            Burma should let the people go if they are unhappy here, especially traitors who can ruin the country sooner or later.

            BTW, according to Wikipedia, “Mettā (Pali: मेत्ता in Devanagari) is loving-kindness, friendliness, benevolence, amity, friendship, good will, kindness, close mental union (on same mental wavelength), and active interest in others. It is one of the ten pāramīs of the Theravāda school of Buddhism, and the first of the four sublime states (Brahmavihāras). This is love without clinging (upādāna).” Thanks for the fruitful discussion!

  20. Were there any countries in the past history where government forces, actively participated along with criminals or ignored the request of the victims while the victim’s body was half burned? But you have seen the scene in Burma –once in Rakhine state and another Mikkittla. Nobody is taking action. For that reason OIC is requesting for help from Burma. You can write OIC as extremist but world knows who they are.

  21. TheBurmeseFreedomFighter

    Because of its active bias, basing on fabricated videos, pictures and propaganda of Muslim extremist groups against Rakhine people, OIC is not what it said it is, but another agent of blind faith based groups focusing on prejudice, hate and racial discrimination against non-believers of its faith: Buddhist, Hindu, and Christian.

    Fairness and justice will only come to a society where the state and religion is separated. If your group want some fairness and justice in Burma, stop your focus on only safeguarding your Muslim brothers, denounce your organization mission statement of only caring Muslims, and work together with all human in general, especially with Burmese Freedom Fighters to brings the rule of law and justice to all Burmese regardless of religious background and color.

    Your hidden agenda of the Islamization of Burma is so obvious and will be ambushed by the army of fairness for all: citizens of the world.

    A Burmese Freedom Fighter stands for

    the freedom of speech — as opposed to Islamic prohibitions of “blasphemy” and “slander,” which are used effectively to quash honest discussion of jihad and Islamic supremacism;

    A Burmese Freedom Fighter stands for
    the freedom of conscience — as opposed to the Islamic death penalty for apostasy; and

    A Burmese Freedom Fighter stands for
    the equality of rights of all people before the law — as opposed to Sharia’s institutionalized discrimination against women and non-Muslims.

    A Burmese Freedom Fighter is a fighter for the freedom of Burma from Islamization.

    • The current regime is using state fund in the name of Border and Frontier Development(Na Ta La) and forcing the ethnic christian kids to attend Buddhist schools. There, their heads were shaved and forced to become young monks. The government is doing this against the will of the children and their parents. When the kids asked them to let them go back home, they were threatened with sending them to military service which the ethnics hate to join. Using state fund to promote Buddhism is horrible. It is horrible to force people against their will. It is not love. It has nothing to do with compassion. It is just insult. If this kind of insult is acceptable, why not Islamization in Burma too? Forcing ethnic christian to become Buddhists by using state fund program is chaired by Thein Sein himself. If you want to know, go to:

  22. After Ne Win Govt. over threw the democratically elected government of Burma, he did promise lots to Rohingya people ( Bengali Kalar ) . At that time there were no Bangladesh. Economy of both countries were good shape and had good reserve in their banks. Burmese Govt. did not trust Rakhine as Burmese occupied Rakhine state. Before Rakhine was separate kingdom. During Khin Nyunt era he introduced law for Rohingya ( Bengali Kalar ) forbidding them to move from one village to another without permission from Govt. authority. At those time most of the immigration officers were Rakhine. For Rohingya the movement restrictions, marriage restrictions and other so many restrictions imposed on them. It became Big Jail for those Rohingya. Now questions is why people will cross from Bangladesh to become prisoners in Burma.

    Why there were so many old mosques in Myo Haung and other places, if there were no native Muslims there. Why there were Muslims advisers worked with Rakhine Kings. Where were their decedents. Most famous Burmese Binladen said Bengali will take Burma from Burmese. Most of the people accept him as an extremist. I found some commentator are using his words and indirectly stating in comments. If a government force stood idle while innocent people were burnt alive what should OIC do. Muslims shop keepers were given long sentences within short period for causing the Riots in Mittilla . But people who burnt Muslims alive and their shops looted are moving freely. No justice. Even prime minister of Mandalay division ( trusted pupil of Khin Nyunt ) blamed Muslims for their loss of lives. And no news about ten Muslims murdered in Rakhines state by 300 thugs and the murderers for ten innocent Muslims are fee. I do not blame those thugs who burnt Muslims shops, Muslims people, because they are ignorant, uneducated and poor. Some cunning people used them to do this to divert the mindset of the people from strikes against dam, mines and farmland confiscation

  23. Wirathu is hero to many of the Burmans. At the same time, he is a garbage to millions. The sequence of his belief will result many consequences including hatred among peoples and beliefs.

  24. OIC has to deal with stonning,spraying acid on women’s face,attacks on a girl who voice for her right to go to school in parkinstan,etc..If you can even calm down and don’t know how to deal in your brotherhood countries,How will you have an idea what is going on in the other part of the world.Deal with Iran,Syria,Egypt,Somali etc..Show us by good examples..Not by showing your oil money around the world..Make people around the world believe that you are neutral body by actions,Involving in others withought knowing anything would make you looking bad.Or an organization like OIC can be eaily fooled by a group of illegal immigrants from bangaldesh.Study the history first before you listen to the someone;s fabricated stories.UN is there to involve,not you OIC.We were peaceful living together even before OIC was formed.We don’t need you OIC.You are just blindfolded,biased,radicalized organization.

  25. There he goes again, “commical ye htut”. First he says there were no helicopters attacking the kachin, then later says yes there were but are “delivering exams for kachin students” Next he says fake article about kachin bomb blast where NLM reused Air Bagan crash victim photo was still true but could not get the real photo in time for publication.

    Anyone still believe this guy? You have to admit he is funny!

  26. OIC – go and make sure that muslims against muslims stop their genocide, before thinking of Myanmar problems. You are a muslim organisation for the welfare of muslims and will never be
    able to appear as being non biased.

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