NLD MP-Elects to Hold Strategy Meeting

Party leader Aung San Suu Kyi leaves a meeting of the NLD campaign committee and candidates in Rangoon on April 7. (PHOTO: Reuters)

The 43 MP-elects from the National League for Democracy (NLD) who won seats in last Sunday’s by-election will hold a strategy meeting ahead of entering the upcoming parliamentary session on April 23, according to party sources.

NLD spokesman Nyan Win told The Irrawaddy that the 43 MP-elects, including party leader Aung San Suu Kyi, will hold a two-day meeting at the party headquarters in Rangoon starting on April 19 to discuss parliamentary proceedings and other issues.

“We will be in Parliament for the first time, so we have to be prepared,” said Nyan Win.

The NLD representatives, who will come from different parts of the country, will also talk about proposed amendments to the 2008 constitution, and issues concerning development in their respective areas, the spokesman said.

Nyan Win also told The Irrawaddy that although Suu Kyi may be offered the position as Education minister, he did not think she would leave her party behind.

“Suu Kyi used to say that she would never leave the NLD,” said Nyan Win, adding that if she becomes education minister she will have no other choice but to resign from her party.

The NLD legislators are reported to have prepared several issues that they intend to present to the parliament.

Myint Oo, the NLD MP-elect from Thanatpin Township in Pegu Division, said he will first focus on farmers in his constituency and nearby areas.

“Our farmers are in great trouble,” he said. “They can’t pay off government’s loans, and their farmlands have been severely affected by bad weather conditions. Therefore, what I will ask the government to do is to suspend the return of current loans or cancel them and provide farmers with another round of agricultural loans.”

He said that after resolving farmers’ problems, he will concentrate on constitutional amendments, free education for primary-level children, and unemployment issues.

Sandar Min, the party’s MP-elect for Naypyidaw’s Zabuthiri constituency, told The Irrawaddy that her focus will be on constitutional amendments and local issues concerning her constituency.

“I have studied the constitution very carefully and am currently collecting data in my area,” she said. “To present certain issues to Parliament, we have to be specific with facts and figures—that’s why are taking our time to prepare.”

Zayar Thaw, the hip-hop artist-turned-MP who won a seat in Naypyidaw’s Pobbathiri Township, said he turn his attention to development and other reforms in his constituency, which he says need to be addressed both within and outside the Parliament. He said his proposals will be put forward at the NLD meeting on April 19.

The NLD contested 44 seats out of 45 in the April 1 by-elections, winning 43, including 11 constituencies with female candidates.

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  1. Every things depend on home works if you want to success in life time.

  2. Myanmar needs a vision.

    Magical thinking can be linked to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – focus shifts to the lowest level of gestures, resulting in goal demotion. For example, an obsessive-compulsive cleaning ritual may overemphasize the order, direction, and number of wipes used to clean the surface. The goal becomes less important than the actions used to achieve the goal, with the implication that magic rituals can persist without efficacy because the intent is lost within the act.

    Lets start by playing with shadow puppets on the cave wall;

    Remembering the Auld Yin

    Rebuilding Atlantis In the Bay of Bengal

  3. Strategy is the most important step to achieve big goal. NLD has only 43 representatives but it has full support of the public. One change at a time will achieve our dream come true.

  4. We have to cooperate with NLD to parliament works.

    have to amend constitutional laws .

    have to empower the free and fair judging.

    have to make peace with people and ethnics groups by equality , independent and justice.

    to make there will be the true Reps of people elected in parliaments.

    to make there will be no officials in accordance with power player.

    to make the strategical and tactical tax regulation on National budget of N L D that target the democratic long term master plan of alleviate the poverty and development of Myanmar. And it is also making all round development by ourselves to freedom means democracy.

    The only one way we have to do is solving the problems by all [ every people ] free ,fair and justice.

  5. Why not anyone propose to draft a “Draft of Charter of Citizen’s Rights and Freedom”? After we get rid of military draft constitution, than what? Are e go on without constitution, or rule of law? We have to lay out our plan and prove to the Burmese people that our governing policy and plan ismore fair and better than military draft 2008 constitution. Remember, country continue keep going without constitution and rule of law. Military rule is better than no rule at all. On the other hand, Democratic rule is better than tyranny ormilitary rue. We can not afford the country to fall into the anarchy. If we let the country fall into the anarchy, tyranny will come back again and history will repeat itself again. We should consider that why Burma became fail society? Is it Ne Win falt or is it the whole Burma falt that we did not stop the tyrant like Ne Win from holding power? At this moment, are we learn our lesson from history and experience? Are we look deep enough and learn from the other country experiencesa as well? Why are we fail as a whole country? Why are the other countris successful or failing at modern time? Are we willing to adept the successful methods or are we too proud to admit that we did it wrong for 60 years? If we fail to research those facts, we will have many difficult years ahead of us. I am not a smart man but I am logical and I calculate for the future, so I am called homosepian.

    • Deep thought Tom, deep thought. And vital.

      You are right. It was people’s fault and until they see it and change themselves, the circle of servitude WILL go on with whoever spitting the edicts. It was not Ne Win’s fault just a much as the second World War was not Hitler’s fault.

      You see, the Burmese act cool and look independent but they always suck up to those in power. Ne Win as Number ONe Gyi in awe, Khin Nyunt as S1, Than Shwe as Tut Choke Kyi and so on. Admire the very people killing you!!!

      For all their smiles, they do not truely care for each other. Go to any hospital, private or public. A place which could do with real kidness. You will find none there. And schools, offices.

      Now the consumer culture is coming as an avalanche with iPAD’s and 4mm TV’s. People will be killing their own mothers using blunt Dah’s to get a hand on those.

      And the Burmese Chauvinism. Burmese somehow always feel “superior” to others until they find someone to grovel up to.

      Until and unless people denounce greed,truely care for others, regard every one as truely equal- not like Aung San Suu Kyi acting magnanimously as a go-between between the enlightened advanced people and the illiterate peasants, and most of all keep the Five Precepts whichever religion one observes, there WILL NEVER be any peace. Rich Yes, Inner Peace Never.

      Sky Trains, High Rise Buildings and Big smooth straight roads, trading bourses… Not that one cannot have them. Have it after hermony amoung all people. In due course.

      As it is now, let’s stop over at the Karaoke Bars on the way to Awizi.

  6. Now that the Lady has won the by-election and her entry into Parliament is imminent, the government now wants to alienate her from her party to distract and disable her from her main purpose in entering Parliament.

    The focus now is for her to remain objective on major issues to seek amendment to the 2008 Constitution and establishing the rule of law, which will eventually lead to a broader resolve in establishing proper governance of our country where there will be fairness and justice, freedom and equal opportunities for all the people of Burma.

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