NLD, 88 Generation Provoking ‘Public Disorder’: USDP Lawmaker


Thousands of NLD supporters gather at Bo Sein Hamn field in Rangoon to listen to constitutional reform talks by opposition leader Aung San Su Kyi and pro-democracy activist Min Ko Naing on May 17. (Photo: JPaing / The Irrawaddy)

RANGOON — Hla Swe, a central executive committee member of Burma’s ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), has accused the leaders of a campaign to amend the 2008 Constitution of sowing public disorder.

The opposition National League for Democracy (NLD) and the former students group 88 Generation Peace and Open Society—both of which were born out of Burma’s 1988 uprising—are conducting a nationwide campaign of rallies and petitions in an effort demonstrate public support for changing the military-drafted charter.

“Public disorder is never good,” Hla Swe told The Irrawaddy. “88 and the NLD want to cause public disorder by stimulating people to change the Constitution. They shouldn’t do that.”

Hla Swe pointed out that the demands to amend the charter have continued even after President Thein Sein promised that amendments would be made. A committee is currently considering what constitutional changes to recommend to Parliament, but although senior government figures have in principle backed changing the charter, it is not yet clear how it will be amended.

“The NLD and 88 like unrest because they come out of the ’88 uprising and they grasp that way,” he said.

The USDP lawmaker, who is also a former lieutenant major in the Burmese military, stated that under the current charter, the military can seize control of the country for up to two years if there is “upheaval,” in order to restore order.

Nan Khin Htwe Myint, an NLD central executive committee member, said that all the events in the opposition campaign have been organized with the permission of authorities, and that participants have been well behaved.

“If they [the USDP] want to talk like that, they need proof. But there is no public disorder, we are holding the events peacefully,” she said. There have so far been no reports of trouble or disturbances at the campaign’s rallies.

Nan Khin Htwe Myint added that holding public events was important for the campaign because people should be well informed about the issue.

88 Generation leader Jimmy said that people support constitutional change once they are informed about the charter’s current wording, since the 2008 Constitution was written without the public’s proper consent.

“If they [the USDP] are just saying they will change it, the public will not believe it. They need to prove it with work,” he said, insisting that the public campaign was simply an exercise in democracy.

About 15, 000 people joined on constitutional reform rally in Rangoon on May 17, one of many taking place across the country in recent weeks. A public signature campaign is launched today.

8 Responses to NLD, 88 Generation Provoking ‘Public Disorder’: USDP Lawmaker

  1. It means the bullies just started the power of the people then. They should know that there was no way they could cheat and suppress the public forever. Promising the nation with democratic government while trying to hold on to power with nargis constitution makes us so sick of the regime. The people under the leadership of suu kyi/min ko naing on one side and regime which is public’s enemy number one is on the other side. We are sending a very clear message to the regime that it must stop insulting the nation and her beloved citizens by imposing undemocratic institutions in the union of myanmar. We the people are rising up to clean the house.

  2. Hla Swe still want us to be silent while USDP is raping the nation and its citizens no matter what happens to them. We the people are not pokethinnyo. Are we supposed to bow our heads and say ‘Yes’ to them forever? We the people have the very right to say ‘No’ to the regime when we do not like what they say/do. Nothing seems right in the leadership of USDP. Talking democracy while walking on undemocratic road. Enough is enough. Regime better blame itself for facing the public’s anger and dissatisfaction. USDP is absolutely the relic of military dictatorship. Its bitterness is distasteful in our life.

  3. The generals would do well to remember that the mob is a sort of bear; while your ring is through its nose, it will even dance under your cudgel; but should the ring slip, and you lose your hold, the brute will turn and rend you. Hopefully soon!

  4. 15,000 or one million is not important for all of us. We all are with DASSK and Ming Ko naing all along in this democratic fight with Fox and USDP although some are at home and job. Fox and USDP will conspire us very soon so be careful and be careful. This time USDP will use their paramilitary and their psy monks to us. In this situation, all ethnics should not sign cease-fire agreement with Fox.

  5. Public Disorder? Seriously? Regime is the real problem-maker. Disorder itself is USDP. Self-serving party is USDP. Uncaring party is USDP. Shameless party is USDP. Public enemy number one is USDP. Relic of military dictatorship is USDP. The most evil party is USDP. The party formed by rapists and murderers is USDP. The party which serves the Devil instead of serving the people is USDP.

  6. Hla Swe is just a clown. He was not elected but appointed by USDP. We can tell his quality and standard from his words on Suu Kyi and her campaign to amend constitution. Thousands of people who were attending the rally had more quality than USDP. No public disorder was there. What was idiot Hla Swe talking about? If Myanmar has this kind of idiot people on the floor of Hlutdaw, the future is not that bright. He just looks idiot and dummy.

  7. Maung Lu Aye ( Law) R.A.S.U.1976

    A Dog started a Hare out of a bush,but practised game/dog through he was, foung himself left behind by the scampering of its hairy feet. A goat-herd laughed at him:” Fancy a little creature like that being faster than you!” ” Its one thing “,answered the Dog,” Running because you want to catch something, and quite another thing Running to save your own skin “. This little short fable from Aesop always remind me of the Military Dictators who are having “The last Straw or The Last Bullet”( The last straw that break the Camel’s back ).
    2008 Nargis Constitution is the Last Straw of Present Govt/Regime.They are trying the Last Assault to the Democracy Loving People. Do or Die ?If they lose the Battle Where would they go ? Now, they have the Same Mentality that Germany Furher Hitler in his last days at the Bunker,attempting poisoning himself.No other way. It can’t be help!!

  8. All responses read well and read to the point.
    The clowns show their real selves whenever they speak out.
    You may think a man is ignorant when silent, and proves that when he speaks out loud. That is how Hla Swe and his colleagues, the like of him, do service to the public and the opposition.
    They are morally bankrupt, and democratically inapt. Just listen to General Tin Aye, Ministers Ohn Myint, Aung Kyi, Kyaw Hsan, and so on. Let them say more that way. The more they say such nonsense, the more glaringly they show their real selves, the bullies and robbers.
    The modern trend in real politics is to listen and do more for people in need, not for them in greed. These people do not understand that.

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