Myint Swe’s VP Bid Postponed

Myint Swe

The nomination process for appointing Myint Swe as vice-president of Burma looks likely to be postponed as it appears at least one of his direct family members hold foreign citizenship, according to sources close to the presidential office.

One of Myint Swe’s children now reportedly lives in Australia and has become an Australian citizen. According to Burma’s 2008 Constitution, any Burmese national whose relatives are foreign citizens or hold foreign citizenship is not qualified to serve as president or vice-president.

Military appointees in Parliament on July 10 nominated ex-general Myint Swe, the chief minister of Rangoon Division, to be the new vice-president following the resignation of Tin Aung Myint Oo earlier this month. A parliamentary committee was formed to oversee the process for nominating a new vice-president.

Myint Swe became the chief minister for Rangoon Division after the 2012 general elections. Since early 2000s, he has held several key positions in Rangoon Division. A graduate of the 15th intake of the Defense Services Academy in 1971, Myint Swe, an ethnic Mon, rose steadily through the ranks to become commander of Light Infantry Division 11, which oversees security in Rangoon.

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  1. There is always an exception to the rule.
    If he is capable let him do it.
    Why the doubts?
    The foreign connection rule was made for a reason.
    We all know what that was.
    We all make mistakes.
    Let the focus be on the welfare of the country.
    We need experienced leaders.
    I am sure U Myint Swe is one.

  2. A Burmese Freedom Fighter

    What a backlesh that one is forced to take the responsibility of someone else action!

    This should be one of the good lesson to Burmese Military to think twice before writing such a law which doesn’t make sense and a barrier to a country development.

    Since one of his children is a citizen of a foreign country, I can imagine how insecure Myint Shwe family would be to be apart of the useless system he is in, no matter how powerful position he hold within the system.

    It is time to work with NLD in amending Nargis constitution.

  3. Caught in own web!

    Means nothing for the people.

  4. HAHAHA….It was supposed to be a trap for DASSK. Look! Who get caught? Mr, Thein Sein, please change this ridiculous law.

  5. As last resource U Myint Swe and his supporter can still change the constitution from 2008,- that is easy as they have the majority, it is nothing different from Thailand Redshirts what they did to ensure that Mr Thanksin became as a Chinese National ( fatherside ) Thai Prime Minister ,- which according to the Thai Constitution he could have not done, but majority ensured all and just changed the Thai Constitution,– the USDP so can ensure U Myint Swe the Vice President Job.
    Of course that might have been the reason to out others persons from not getting that job before so a dogma or holy cow need to be slaughtered.
    One found out that Myint Swe s son has Australian citicenship, and that is seen by some in the past as not be possible for them, but it is possible — as children do not count, it would be different if his wife would be Australian citicen,– but in the case of Aung San Sue Kyi they want that it count they even took ASSK Childrens citicenship away in 1989….so that they become British…. legally revoked ??? was it the law ??? Gen Khin Nyunt had the same problem when his son Ye Naing Win maried a Lady from Singapore ( even said a former Myanmar ) , but Khin Nyunt used ” Trick 17 ” dismissed and disowned his son in all State newspapers and TV,= so he was not his son anymore and Khin Nyunt could continue as S1 and PM in that time and later.
    Exciting times in Myanmar – maybe someone which was ” ousted ” on 19 October 2004 under and with action by U Myint Swe s watch just try to pay back and it could even work.
    I believe someone miss judged on his only law and massed up …..
    The Successor for Yangon PM arrived already , what now two MPs , Myint Swe without Job or he takes Nay Pyi Taw command as the NOT commander was supposed to become Yangon PM ??????
    All hope that the process get on quick and that one gets the VP post which supports 120 % U Thein Sein s way of progress in and for Myanmar quick positive development soon.

    • Hay! Taryar Myint Swe is not Myint Swe’ Son.But most of the people think he is not his son. It is because his name is resemble with YGN PM. Why son-in-law is more popular than his son?This is the problem. His son is also from the military. His daughter and son-in-law are the problem and I hope PM to handle the problem well in future.

  6. Nationalism is the infantile sickness of the human race

  7. Time to change the rules/laws.

  8. What will happen if NLD win in next election?
    Daw Aung San Su Kyi will not be eligible for president position because her two sons are British Citizen and her estranged brother Aung San Oo is American citizen.
    Than Shwe’s Constitution was written on purpose of disqualify Daw Su from holding highest office in Government.
    The current Constitution was illegally written by Than Shwe for to protect him and his family from prosecution. Than Shwe he does not want Daw Su to become head of the state.
    There’s no question about Burma needs new constitution which is writing by Parliament members and not by military dictatorship.

  9. So either the Military appointees did do their homework or they have not read the constitution, cover to cover.
    Or could it be that they did not care about these things and decided to nominate any candidate they wished and thought they would get away with it?
    Or is the constitution that they dictated finally backfiring on them?

  10. This is potentially a very good development. If hanled with any sanity, it could pave the way for DASSK’s rise to the Presidency.

  11. Being denied for vice president post over his child adoption of foreign citizenship not only stopped Myint Shwe but indirectly assaulted on Suu Kyi whose two sons are British.

    If Myanmar government can successfully stop Mynt Shwe forvie president post just because of his child being Australian citizen, Suu Kyi chance for top post is over in this government.

    President Barrack Obama father is Kenyan and Benjamin Netanyahu is US citizen. This is totally bizarre politic

  12. The law, which was directed at Suu Kyi, had some unintended consequences. It’s snaring up one of the the military’s own men. Be careful what you wish for. It might come back and bite you.

  13. This kind of law needs to be amended or abolished. Because it will bring positive things to the Union of Burma. Designing to keep Suu Kyi out from holding the most important position is now troubling the generals themselves. What goes around always comes around.

  14. So, his son has Australian citizenship. Maybe it’s a good opportunity to annul the silly 2008 constitution. I’m just saying!

  15. I think you should correct the year of the general elections. If he were to deny the position in accordance with the constitution, it is a bad sign for DASSK to take up higher rank (unless the current constitution is fixed).

  16. It might be a battle behind the scenes among the army ranks as it is a very prestige and influencial post the VP in Myanmar. There might be people:
    – which want to see others at the post ,
    – which want to be there by them self
    – was well maybe people which fear U Myint Swe as a next competitor as he is in a way popular.
    If the army would have a democratic system in place to choose Vice President candidat and than vote
    for and the winner gets it all — all would have been settled already and that must be in the interest of the country to further develop smooth there is no time to loose on questions wqhere are your children now or where are they tomorrow. Even a child can become an Myanmar citizen again if both parents are Myanmar and that three generations, U Myint Swe s son should fulfill these criterias and give back the Australian one , – no need anyhow anymore – sanctions are over from Australia.
    The best man / woman must get the Job and do the outmost to fulfill it for the nation and the people.

  17. Maybe the Chinese and the Chinese axe-handles (tayoke pu-hsein-yoe) in the USDP prefer someone more pro-Chinese than Myint Swe.
    Here is what one such Chinese axe-handle Aung Thein Lin from USDP told Chinese interviewers recently (from BurmaNet)


  18. U Myint Swe should become VP and in 2015 DASSK should become President. This stupid constitution should be change. As U Thein Sein is welcoming all Ex Myanmar Citizen to comeback to the country. For what? To be treated different ?
    UMS and DASSK know what’s happening in 1 world countries and they can work together, as they both know and have family members in oversea. Unlike others ex-generals, who have no idea what happening in the world, they r like FROG in the WELL, only know the WELL and nothing else.

  19. It does not matter whether his son is a foreigner or not but the factor of the matter is he is a monks killer.

  20. Good argument with all Myanmar invited back to Myanmar and be also treated as foreigner,— on the other hand there was maybe is in future concern which was also a concern of Gen Aung San, that through a mixed marriage a colonial power could come up again, as in that old time you had often in Europe where kings and queens were married to different countries to extend the power of one.
    At present it looks again that former Yangon Division Commander will be promoted to the VP job,– but not Myint Swe. It might not be only the son in law ( not son ) issue,- maybe also to many questions would come up what did he do or did not do in 2004 October as well in September 2007, that might not be the best advertising for a USDP to win a 2015 election – even U Myint Swe had proven to be a good economical and development driver in Yangon Division and would have the best tools in hand for VP1 to support U Thein Sein, and again does U Thura Shwe Man wants some one popular next to him in Nay Oyi Taw ???

  21. You are so burmanized, easily forgive and quickly forget what had these people done to students, innocents and finally even to Sanghas. It will be too early to access the reality after a period of half a century the country and we being physically and mentally tortured. They had created the Nargis constitution for so many reasons to protect their leaders and their generations. Let’s wait and see….

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