Malaysia Detains Hundreds of Burmese after Reports of Killings

Two injured Burmese nationals are pictured at a hospital in Kaula Lumpur. (Photo: The Irrawaddy)

Two injured Burmese nationals are pictured at a hospital in Kaula Lumpur. (Photo: The Irrawaddy)

About 1,000 Burmese nationals in Malaysia have been “picked up” by Malaysian police forces in recent days after at least three Burmese migrants were allegedly killed by a group of Muslims in Kuala Lumpur.

Multiple clashes involving Burmese people in Kuala Lumpur and surrounding Selangor State have been reported since May 30, resulting in the deaths of three Burmese workers. Several others have been hospitalized with injuries, according to Burmese migrant workers in the Malaysian capital.

The killings have been linked to religious violence in Burma, where anti-Muslim sentiment has led Buddhist extremists to launch attacks against the country’s minority Muslims, leaving more than 200 Muslims dead over the last year.

Kuala Lumpur’s deputy police chief, Sr Asst Comr Datuk Amar Singh, told The Star Online that Malaysian authorities had begun to detain the Burmese nationals in order to prevent further possible violence.

“We have taken steps to prevent further bloodshed by picking up more than 1,000 Myanmar workers, mainly in Sentul, Cheras, Brickfields and Dang Wangi,” Amar Singh was quoted as saying, adding that illegal migrants to the country would be detained on a more permanent basis.

San Win, a Burmese migrant worker in Kuala Lumpur, told The Irrawaddy that Burmese people in Malaysia had contacted the Burmese Embassy in Kuala Lumpur seeking protection after they were attacked by a group of armed men who were believed to be Muslims.

He said, however, that the Burmese people had not received adequate protection from the Burmese Embassy. He said Burmese nationals, most of whom are Buddhists, were living in fear amid Malaysia’s majority-Muslim population.

On Thursday, five representatives of Burmese communities in Malaysia staged a protest in front of the Burmese Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, criticizing the Burmese ambassador to Malaysia, Tin Latt, for failing to provide protection to Burmese people living abroad in Malaysia.

Myat Ko Ko, an organizer of the protest, said that Malaysian authorities would launch a nationwide crackdown on Burmese nationals in the coming weeks.

The protesters also called on the Burmese Embassy to identify the bodies of those killed over the last week and to aid the families of the deceased. They demanded assistance from Burma’s diplomatic mission in Malaysia for those Burmese nationals hospitalized or in hiding as a result of the recent violence.

Myat Ko Ko said that the crackdown and detainments increased significantly after Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Zin Yaw on Tuesday urged Malaysia’s ambassador to Burma, Ahmad Faisal Bin Muhamad, to take action against those who committed the killings and to prevent further violence.

Win Aung, a Burmese migrant in Kuala Lumpur, said the detentions were made over the last few days.

“Malaysian police, immigration officials and paramilitary militias started special operations in the evening of Tuesday and the whole day on Wednesday,” he said. “They arrested both undocumented and documented migrants.”

One Burmese migrant worker in Kuala Lumpur, who asked for anonymity, questioned the priorities of Malaysia’s law enforcers.

“They should arrest those who committed killing. Instead, they arrest all the Burmese they see,” he said.

It is estimated that there are more than 400,000 Burmese nationals living in Malaysia, including documented and undocumented migrant workers as well as UN-registered refugees.

20 Responses to Malaysia Detains Hundreds of Burmese after Reports of Killings

  1. If the media do not stop using religious terms – Buddhist-Muslim, many more ugly violences will come. STOP USING MUSLIM – BUDDHIST.

  2. Be safe, friends of mine in Malaysia. Muslim is already overwhelming the world, we do have limited space now. Be back home and protect our land from here. Take care.

  3. No Government authorities (Myanmar) can help those very vulnerable Myanmar people?

  4. And how many of those detainees are Moslems ? How many Buddhists ?
    I do not trust the (Muslim) Malaysian police and (Muslim) Malaysian authorities.

  5. How poor we Burmese workers in Malaysia are? The responsibility is on min aung hlaing, than shwe and thien sein because they can not control the wide spread killing local Muslim in Burma by than shwe’s USDP-paramilitary. All should resign immediately and are replaced by DASSK and min ko naing. Or 400, 000 Burmese migrants from Malaysia will be forced to send back to than shwe’s residence. In addition, Indonesia will also demand the same as Malaysia very soon for the reason of Burmese migrants security.

  6. Deport all Burmese buddisht. It is sad news but the Wirathu thugs don’t care about their own people. In Burma, Muslims were victims and were arrested and punished. Why these Burmese buddisht did not protest in Malaysia to safe guard those Muslims in Burma. What goes around comes around. Many more will suffer in future because in Burma,Muslims are still targeted on daily basis.
    They were treated so well in Muslim countries and there were no restrictions on them to repartriat any amount of money. There are thousands of Burmese buddisht living and working in Gulf Muslim states. Hundreds of Muslims were torched and killed not a single Monk condemned. Three burmese lost their lives and Burmese Ambassador is making a big noise. Jungle rule and law exist in Burma.

  7. It’s not going to stop until burma monk arrest,KL fight start 969 malaysia now every where 969 video distribution and camping.this case will never stop until 969 member and leader get arrest.if 969 move ment still on we got problem in working in this country.

  8. Malaysia Detains Hundreds of Burmese after Reports of Killings…yes! Malaysia as usual-put the cart before the horse; detain the Burmese and not the Malaysians who went on a rampage and killed the Burmese. What’s new? Nothing – it is Malaysia at her best; I cringe to think what her worse is.

  9. Shame on Malaysia police and authorities for not protecting innocent people!
    Where is UN commissioner and Malaysian government?
    Please do something for the sake of humanity and prevent the innocent loss of valuable lives.

  10. Malaysian government is doing exactly what Burmese government did to the Muslims. The victims are victimized twice in both countries.

  11. It is very natural and very usual phenomenon. The way Buddhists in Burma are exploiting innocent Muslims in their own country is really really horrible. Burmese Buddhists are on a mission of ethnic cleansing. I wonder,the religion which even prohibits the killing of an insect, but remains silent,in some cases takes a step ahead,in Muslim killing mission. All the Burmese Buddhists extremists. They are legitimizing the killing of Muslims to save their culture. Unless this malpractice is stopped, how can you expect a good treatment of Burmese Buddhists in Malaysia.

  12. Malaysian should have more kindness if they saw my comment I’m saying that they should stop killing another religious people, it doesn’t matter if were different were the same in the inside, the problem is that why don’t they arrest the Malaysian that kill other people. Maybe the Malaysian just want money that why, when I live in Malaysia the police arrest who ever they saw,they say”If you don’t want to go to jail give us your money.” It just like they’re a robber or a thief who need money too much.I’m a Burmese also I want to say this to my country we should stop killing MUSLIM and why can’t we christian are treated unfair, can’t it just be like America. In America they don’t kill people that have different belief they let them just worship what there religion is, I got to ask the world “WHERE IS THE LOVE” can’t we just be like a big family that will not kill each other.I know that we have different belief but we all are human we don’t need to kill each other it not like the Burmese are alien and the Malaysian are trool that hated each other, were human we have blood,skin,nose,ear,leg,body and mostly everything that an alien don’t have. Were the same, wish there a greater place to unite each other. I don’t really car about muslim and buddish because I’m christian. Don’t you other religion have bible that says love each another, maybe your God or Goddess want you to love another too.

  13. In Myanmar, Muslim guys are the ones who started the fire by rapping Myanmar Buddhist local girl, and cut the neck. Buddhist answered for that then they blame on us. Now again, they started the fire in Malaysia first by chopping Burmese. Then still saying innocent Muslim.
    They are the one, who destroy other people religion and race.
    Muslim have big mouth, never want to live peacefully.

  14. Yes poor “innocent Muslims” are being discriminated against again. Please USA, EU, help!!!

    • Democracy after 50 years. Once USand EU were biggest enemy of Burma because they were saviours of DASSKyi. Daily the state media will cry and accuse the foreign government of interfering in Burma’s affair. Now we are begging towards USA and the West. But the west is still in doubt whether Burma is fooling them.What a shame.

  15. Burma human rights for Burmese Muslim people, that is to give piece of land for them to live. Malaysia human rights for Burmese workers Buddhist people, should be all die. It sound fair enough for Allah haha. The most crime in the World occur, because of Muslim people called the World killers. Muslim started with peaceful but end of with meanness and became the world killers. Buddhist started with peaceful, end of with dying by Muslim. Christian started with meanness but end of with helping people and became the world helpers.

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