KNU Wants Thein Sein to Remain President After 2015

Thein Sein

President Thein Sein meets with the Karen delegation, including KNU chairman Mutu Say Poe, on Wednesday in Naypyidaw. (Photo: President’s Office)

RANGOON — A delegation from the Karen National Union (KNU) and its armed group urged President Thein Sein to extend his presidency for another term, during a meeting in Naypyidaw on Wednesday.

During the meeting with high-ranking government officials, the delegation from the KNU and the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) said they wanted the president to stay in office after the 2015 election because they feared a change in the government’s top leader might affect negotiations with ethnic armed groups.

“Peace talks have happened under the regime of President Thein Sein, and he is the one who already understands what has happened in past years. If there’s a change in president, we all will have to start the whole thing from the beginning,” Mahn Nyein Maung, a member of the KNU’s central executive committee, told The Irrawaddy on Thursday.

He said the president told the Karen delegation that his health was not strong enough to retain the post for another five years, but that he would do so if the people desired it.

“First we urged President Thein Sein to speed up the [peace] process and let the signing of the nationwide ceasefire and peace happen, within this year. Telling him to be president for the next five years is another option for the sake of a nationwide ceasefire and peace,” the KNU member said.

The signing of a nationwide ceasefire accord between the government and ethnic armed groups across the country has been delayed several times. The KNU delegation said it would take time to reach an agreement after decades of conflict.

“It’s been over 60 years, and we have lost trust. Now we are trying to build back trust through the peace process … If there are changes in the government, we have to take time to build back trust again with the new people,” Mahn Nyein Maung said.

The Karen delegation, led by KNU chairman Mutu Say Poe, arrived in Naypyidaw on Monday. They met with Thein Sein, Commander-in-Chief Snr-Gen Min Aung Hlaing, and Union Parliamentary Speaker Shwe Mann on Wednesday.

According to the delegation, Thein Sein said he wanted to complete the peace process quickly to ensure national stability and development.

“Gen. Min Aung Hlaing also assured that he wants to take part in the peace process for the stability, peace and development of the country,” said Mahn Nyein Maung.

“Since the general and the top leaders made these assurances, we believe there will be a countrywide ceasefire agreement very soon, which is the most important first step to achieve the long-lost nationwide peace,” he added.

10 Responses to KNU Wants Thein Sein to Remain President After 2015

  1. Appoint him to chair KNU then. Shame on the KNU.

  2. Phawlanpha people are losers. Karen leaders are crossing the line. Do they not know what say to thein sein? Look at them. They may not even know how to dance kayin doong-yein. That’s why their revolution goes nowhere but divisions among themselves.

  3. Arakanese also might want President Thein Sein to stay to remain one more term longer as he is moderate, respects the ethnicity and has known the difficulties faced in his whole life which is more important than what Daw Aung San Su Kyi’s personal sacrifice to change to democracy smoothly without blood shed and much displacements.

    • Hi

      Only one wants to say “killing all ethnics” by fox than shwe’s private and puppet thien sein is not easy job. Because their bama military thugs’ air-power and weapons from West Germany are not better than home-made ethnic weapons. Then, DASSK without any weapon and gun was nearly killed by fox than shwe’s para-military, supported by puppet thein sien. But QQ says it is not enough for DASSK to scarify her life for fighting democracy.
      Only one wants to say selling all ethnics’ lands and resources to China with cheaper price, raping all ethnics, building U pei economic chrony empire, killing local Mulsim, raising psy wirathu and making the world richest country to become the world poorest one are difficult jobs for than shwe and thein sein.
      Are you low IQ or zero IQ or two Q or naive or psy or low educated or low-born or low learn from notorious DSA or OTS in the aspect of low analytical mind in this forum?
      Karen have already effectively divided and ruled by than shwe from Buddhist Karen and Christian Karen. Now, than shwe and thein sein is dividing Muslim and Buddhism in Burma for easy ruling for next term. Not very long, all ethnics will divide Burma into many pieces if than shwe and thein sein is continue to shouting for Burmese way of discipline or faked democracy with their “raping reward” for bama soldier’s 2008 constitution.

  4. If DASSK cannot be the president in coming 2015, then he should remain the president position. If DASSK become the president, then he should remain as a peace negotiator.

  5. Maung Lu Aye ( Law ) R.A.S.U.1976

    Actually The KNU & Some of the Karen Leaders are not representing the Majority of the Karen & who are staying abroad. Beside KNU , the Other Karen Parties are fully supporting DASSK & NLD.
    KNU & Some Karen leaders are Not sincere anymore.They are selling their own Resources & their Own People. Tremendously Shameful.
    KNU disgraced Late KNU President Saw Ba Oo Gyi , Mahn Ba Zan & the Karen People for the Sake of their Own Opportunity.
    They are digging their Own Graves.

  6. Yes, Very Beautiful peace meeting of Our President & U Min Aung Haling with All Karen national,
    I believe all myanmar people like to All Union Nation of people stay in MYANMAR. Also, All Union people like to myanmar people Because , when we go to visit they are state all people take care of Myanmar,
    I request to all our Union of Nation please Rush to do peace process,
    I Hope Our President U Thein Sein And U Min Aung Haling , Waiting Very Beautiful Simple Smile for All Nation to Discuss for peace of Our Union of Myanmar,

    Best Wish,
    Love Myanmar

  7. Dear comrades and friends of the still suffering Burmese people in Myanmar. In Economics if we cannot reach a optimum-best situation/solution, we adopt a Second Best Solution. As a people and Nation subjected to internal war for decades and social injustices , it is now critical that we, Give Peace a chance . I trust that there will always be at least a certain percentage of the Karens, or for that matter, the Myanmar-Bamars , Kachins, Shans, etc that do not agree but will always oppose and find fault with the ongoing Peace and Reconciliation or Dailogue Initiative between the Myanmar Government and The Nationalities , ie the Ethnic People and its Armed Forces.

  8. They made a big splash .They probably should’ve chosen their words more carefully.We are just healing our wounds slowly but feel just like they are sprinkling salt on our wounds.

  9. Mutu say poe should not lead the kayins because he doesn’t truly represent all the kayins. His self fulfilling ambitions clash with the majority of kayins’ interests.

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