Khin Nyunt Interrogated Over ‘Saving Suu Kyi’ Claim


Former Prime Minister Khin Nyunt talks to reporters after voting in the by-elections on April 1. (PHOTO: Reuters)

CAPTION: Former Prime Minister Khin Nyunt talks to reporters after voting in the by-elections on April 1. (PHOTO: Reuters)

Burmese government officials have interrogated former spy chief Khin Nyunt over his recent comment that he “saved” pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s life during the Depayin Massacre in 2003.

Sources within the Naypyidaw government said the comments could lead to his re-arrest.

High-ranking officials are reportedly “furious” with Khin Nyunt, who was recently released from  years house arrest, and say they fear reprisals from former junta chief Than Shwe.

“It is as if he [Khin Nyunt] had woken up a sleeping tiger [Than Shwe],” said one official who asked to remain anonymous.

Khin Nyunt, the former prime minister who was purged by Snr-Gen Than Shwe in October 2004 and placed under house arrest, allegedly told the Bangkok Post last week that he personally intervened to save the life of Suu Kyi during an attack instigated by a pro-junta mob against Suu Kyi’s convoy on the outskirts of Depayin Township in Sagaing Division on May 30, 2003, when an estimated 70 people were killed.

“I sent my men to snatch her from the mob that night and they brought her to safety to a nearby army cantonment,” Khin Nyunt was quoted as saying.

However, according to a statement made by Burma’s special branch on Wednesday, Khin Nyunt has denied speaking to the Bangkok Post and rejected allegations that he made such a claim.

Tin Oo, a leading member of Suu Kyi’s party, the National League for Democracy, rejected Khin Nyunt’s comments: “If he [really] saved Aung San Suu Kyi, he should have sent her home. Why did he send her to jail instead?”

After this week’s interrogation, Khin Nyunt reportedly decided to join a monastery and become as a monk, perhaps fearing a potential backlash, said sources in the capital.

During his time in power, Khin Nyunt was notorious for cracking down on dissent and brutally punishing political dissidents. He was a key figure during the violent suppression of the 1988 pro-democracy uprising.

After being freed from house arrest on Jan. 13, Khin Nyunt, now in his 70s, told journalists that he would not get involved in politics, but instead focus on social work.


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19 Responses to Khin Nyunt Interrogated Over ‘Saving Suu Kyi’ Claim

  1. I think Khin Nyunt has made a biggest mistake in his life again by saying he saved Aung San Su Kyi. I mean if he really said.

    • Dear Kyaw Moe Myint.

      I agree with you.

      It is talk of lunatic and psychosis khin nyut who are destroyer lives of myanmar.

      He is biggest traitor of M I.

      1988 He made and directed false scripts of people democracy 88 events to make his power game .

      He made fool military leaders.

      He is as yangon thar style politician with little knowledge in spoken a lot to making power by telling stories about nothing concern with people.

  2. Spy business is wired as they can ignite fire with one hand and that also can distinguish that fire with the other hand. Burmese proverb ” Meeza Taphat, Yemoke Taphat”

    MI ( Military intelligent) is to safeguard the security issue of the country in war or similar scenario. But Bo Khin nyunt’s MI tugs were involved in any matters ranging from cow thief to domestic dispute to business transaction to opium trading. MI private can override a major or a captain or a district judge. The country and the people suffered terribly under MI era ( from 1981 to 2004). Now people can sleep well which is really ” freedom from fear”
    Bo Khin Nyunt, please stay away from politics and any sort of similar things in order to give Burmese people a chance to rebuild the nation without any interruption.

  3. Well, no need to ask whether the Intelligence Chief had his training in Israel. Like the Israeli swapping with Hamas Ghilad Shalit for a thousand of Palestinian in their jails. General Khin Nyunt said to have claimed that he saved Daw Suu but he had not told us how many thousands that he had tortured and killed. Don’t forget, in one of his speeches he said that he saved Burma during the 1988 uprisings. The law of karma will soon catch up. Justice delayed is justice denied. Without some form of Truth Commission things can go bad as it is happening in Libya or what’s about to happen in Syria.

  4. Yes. The truth must be revealed. Than Shwe was fully responsible as the incident happened under his rule. Massacre is the highest crime against humanity. Therefore, responsible persons must be punished.

    • You are right, now everybody learn that there existed a Depayin massacre, carried out by a gang of power and blood thirsty men. This was well leaded by the most powerful Man of Myanmar, planned and attacked by former Gen. Soe Win (Sagaing District) together with UNDS leader of that area division who is still in the Hluttaw. So in conclusion, there exist already the ones committed that scandal and what we need is where to put up the case. Not in this country, need a special tribunal court somewhere outside or or inside like in Cambodia to have a fair Trial International Court of Justice.
      If these people are civil society these kinds of scenarios can be happened repeated.

  5. Smart move by KN joining the Sangha for the new year holidays (observing a time honored tradition). Very unsmart if he did brag about saving ASSK. She should know if he did, and if he didn’t but made the claim, what was he thinking? Miscalculation at best and suicidal at worst. He should know better, of all people, what these guys are like. Trying to switch sides prematurely? He apparently voted for the popular party; his son was more explicit.

  6. Maung Kyaw Nu, A former political prisoner of conscience,

    You should shut up .Who ordered to shoot students in 1988??You dishonored Daw Suu a lot .Now you start talking that you respect Daw Suu as your sister.
    The Burmese people know you .Your random killing in ethnic areas were not pardonable.
    Do you think ,you can be pardoned after becoming a monk ??How a killer can be a monk ??Ha ha ha—-

  7. Arrest him! This murderer is trying to exonerate himself.he sucked up to Fargaung ShuMaung and SeinLwin, the Butcher of Rangoon.

    There must be Royal People court of Justice where Khin Nyunt, with prensions of royalty and walking about with umbrella above his head.
    There must be Royal People Prosecution Service.

    Now U KhinNyunt, did you not conspire to stage a military coup against Regent U ThanShwe? Because of you and your murderous cohorts serving Fargaung ShuMaung, our King has been out of Burma half a century. You and ambassador WinAung got jailed. By who?

    Don’t puch your luck, U Khin Nyunt. You are like a prostitute. One day you pleased Fargaung ShuMaung, next day you pleased DaungDan BuuByi.
    IRRAWADDY, do not censor this message if you really love Burma. Very serious issue.

    Soon His majesty will be waltzing to Blue Danube, with a beautiful blonde in HM’s arms.

  8. Ha,such an experienced ex-General Khin Nyunt has forgotten that the real power behind the democratisation is afetr all,Stll former junta chief Than Shwe.
    It is probably a moment of slight moment of euphoria after reading too much of the current Western optimists/opportunists/idealists propoganda for those murderous Ex-Generals that Burma is now reformed?
    Burmese people please do be careful.

  9. “If he [really] saved Aung San Suu Kyi, he should have sent her home. Why did he send her to jail instead?”

    I think that if this was true, being in prison was a safer place for daw su then to get killed in those dictatorial days. For Would we want our leader to have a future or to die??
    If this is was true, this is the action that lead to the current events happening in Myanmar. Be optimistic. There is no future without the past.

  10. Oh, Boy! Just like tragedies of Macbeth – Enter Macbeth, Hm !

    Now Sr Gen Than Shwe is really worried his crimes might be exposed to the public as Gen Khin Nyunt is grilled on Depayin,which could lead to TS’s crimes of deceit & more murders after he’d hastened the death of his own boss, Gen Ne Win.

    And obviously exercising his powers to pressure puppet PM Thein Sein to stop Gen Khin Nyunt from “Tell All” about his crimes – Depayin, Christie Island massacres & such.

    Shall we see how Macduff will behead Macbeth as in actual Play(Macbeth) in Burma’s political backdrop.

  11. If this is a reality, a massacre plotted by someone or some gangsters backed by the ruling party, cause it was impossible to be taken place without the aid of security and official of the Township of Depayin, ruling political party and army. If this is true Who are they, committed this great massacre? Let the justice be carried out before any further to be repeated. No one is above the LAW.

    • Sao Khun Wan,

      You sound truly perplexed!

      Justice will NOT be carried out. There were, are and will be many people above the law in Burma. And that is a fact.

      There were many stories about the attack including Soe Win who died of spitting out blood not long afterwards following his twin brother’s death. He was supposed to hatched it but of course who gave the order and who else involved will never be known. Prisoners from Obo Prison in Mandalay with shaved heads were supposed to be actors and all are thought to have met the same fate of their victim as in good mafia story.

      Several attempts to kill Aung San Suu Kyi have happened over the years, and how this military whose principal job is killing has failed this miserably is perhaps fate.

      Whatever the religion, life is not for man to take away.

      First of the Five Precepts which people in Burma show total disregard of course forbid killing of any sort. In more human level, killing and bullying are done by cowards.

  12. Why r the Burmese Budhists killing the muslim rohingya community. Why is the government silent. God is watching. You will pay for the price inshaallah! Allah’s curse be on rekhine.

  13. He was in uniform, He was quite aware from where the order came from. He is also aware of rivalry among the ranks [SW<TS<SM]. His concience was there to save ASSK. He did, however, he had to diffuse the issue by sending ASSK to prison. He avoided his own immediate execution. However those in power finally found an excuse to get rid of him.

    Not my favourite person; however he should be credited with saving two lives- ASSK and himself.

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