Kerry to Continue Clinton’s US Policy on Burma

The new Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday met with a group of Burmese women leaders who are visiting the US. (Photo: The Irrawaddy)

WASHINGTON — The new US Secretary of State John Kerry will make no changes to US policy on Burma, the State Department said, adding that Kerry met with a group of Burmese women leaders on Wednesday, while one of his assistant secretaries is due to visit Burma next week.

“Yes,” said State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland, when asked if Kerry is likely to continue with the US’ Burma policy that was started under his predecessor Hillary Clinton.

Earlier on Wednesday, Kerry met with four Burmese women activists who are visiting the US as part of a program supported by Goldman Sachs and The McCain Institute. The group included two members of Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy, Khin Than New and Zin Mar Aung. The latter is on the party’s women’s affairs committee.

“I think he was very moved by the stories that they shared, and very moved that they are now able to live a different way and able to visit us and able to work for a better, more democratic Burma,” Nuland said.

The State Department also announced that the Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs Ann Stock will travel to Burma next week to promote academic and cultural exchange opportunities between Burma and the US.

Stock will meet with Burma’s Minister of Education and other government officials, as well as civil society and youth organizations, and she will open the first-ever University Fair in Rangoon, which is being organized with US support, a State Department press release said.

In New York on Wednesday, the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon welcomed the ceasefire talks between the Burmese government and the Kachin Independence Organization.

“The Secretary-General urges the parties to continue their efforts towards genuine and sustainable peace in Kachin and hopes that the latest developments would result in a silencing of the guns in Myanmar for the first time since its independence,” a spokesperson of Ban Ki-moon said in a statement.

On Monday, the warring parties agreed to cease their fighting and pursue peace talks after holding a meeting in China’s Yunnan Province on Monday. The government also decided to finally allow UN aid to reach displaced civilians in Kachin rebel-held territory.

5 Responses to Kerry to Continue Clinton’s US Policy on Burma

  1. The author should have thought twice before he or she used the title ” women leaders” that if they really represent the voices of women from Burma or noises. In my point of view, the ones who deserve to that title should be someone who really work of burmese people, particularly in their case, vulnerable women. I don’t mean all women in this photo don’t deserve the title, but i can say one of them is villain and personally, i can’t recognize her as a woman leader. i would say ”opportunist”.

    • “Guy, don’t fight with the women” said my father. Leader and leadership have lots of definitions- In my community, my mother, even she is not well educated, is the leader of the woman group- people love her. In this group, one of them is the leader of this group and she may be the leader of the group that she represents. Yes, they are the leaders of the woman groups. Don’t jump you conclusion if you do not know them well.

  2. I would like Mr John Kerryt to Clinton’s U S policy on burma .

  3. George Than Setkyar Heine


    Why don’t you NAME the FAKE right away just to let the people know for sure as well?
    However, you should understand the fact that she is among the group visiting and shaking the hand of the US Secretary of State evidenced she is capable of ‘DUPING’ the higher-ups, most probably the FAKES as well in Burma and maybe in the US even to get herself included in the picture.
    At this time of uncertainty and in the midst of the chaos as reigning in Burma and the US as well these ilk of people (fakes) are having their “OPPORTUNITIES” and “PHOTO-OPTS” as evidences as well, with the high and mighty no doubt.
    You will SEE THIS PICTURE with the US Secretary of State HANGING in the LIVING ROOM of her residence as soon as she gets back home, any bets?
    These ILK of OPPORTUNISTS are categorized as the “CHEEK SHINES DUE TO THE LUSTER/LUSTRE of the DIAMOND EARRING” as a saying goes in our country (Burma), remember?
    And this will add credibility, notoriety rather, in her further EXPLOITS (opportunistic movements) to RUB SHOULDERS with the hight and mighty and IMPRESS the UNKNOWING and IGNORANT MASSES and USE THEM to SUIT HER AGENA/PURPOSE in the future and on the long run as well, if left UNCHECKED and UNEXPOSED as well.
    Not the least as well is our job: we need to EXPOSE the FOXY NATURE and WILES of the former and current military rulers at the Naypyidaw running Burma under their SIGNATURE and BRAND of DEMOCRACY (fake also) as well with a view to ESTABLISH a DYNASTY of their OWN (military and crony administration at Naypyidaw) until ETERNITY, while China and Russia COVER their ASSES at the UNSC at the EXPENSE of BURMA’S HUMAN and NATURAL RESOURCES of course.
    Hence, EXPOSING FAKES IS NOT A SIN I say and lest you forget.

  4. I know only Zin Mar Aung and she is no fake. What bothers me most is that Goldman Sachs is supporting them, and John Kerry is an architect of malfeasance and financial corruption, as is John McCain (Savings & Loan scandal from the 1980’s). Whats’ really sad is that right-wing organizations who do not support true Democracy, and certainly don’t support nationalism, have also been some of Aung San Suu Kyi’s benefactors when she went tot he U.S. They take in people like these four women, indulge them in the ways of capitalists benefits and they eventually learn to play ball and they lose their nationalist identities. This is the point behind the IMF, World Bank, USAID, AUSAID, and more. They buy loyalty from people who should shun them.

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