Kachin Group Says Violence Continues While President Claims Peace

KIA soldiers aim their machine gun at Burmese government troop positions during fighting in January 2013. (Photo: Steve Tickner / The Irrawaddy)

RANGOON — Kachin activists have reacted angrily to claims made by Burmese President Thein Sein during his European visit that there are no more hostilities in the border regions.

The president made the claim during his ongoing tour of Europe, where he is pushing for remaining economic sanctions against Burma to be dropped.

“There’s no more hostilities, no more fighting all over the country, we have been able to end this kind of armed conflict,” he told journalists following talks with Austrian President Heinz Fischer on Monday.

The Kachin National Organization, a political group made up of local and exiled community leaders, today responded by outlining the military activity that has taken place in the northern state in the past week.

It claims that hundreds of Burmese government army troops encroached into areas designated to be under Kachin Independence Army (KIA) control on the same day as Thein Sein was speaking in Austria. It says clashes broke out the following day after 400 Burmese troops moved into KIA areas in Magui Pukku and Lai Hkau Bum.

It is not known if casualties were sustained on either side and the reports could not be independently verified.

“The Burmese government is committing war crimes and preparing another big scale conflict while claiming ‘peace’ in Kachinland,” said a spokesperson for the Kachin National Organization.

“President Thein Sein is lobbying hard to get the EU sanctions dropped using false information. He should be [ashamed for his lies] in front of the world leaders and the media.”

The group also gave reports of extensive troop and supply reinforcements that have taken place across the region since March 1.

5 Responses to Kachin Group Says Violence Continues While President Claims Peace

  1. Liar Thein Sein

  2. Dear Friends:

    Thein Sein was successful in fooling the EU leaders that the war in Burma has been over, and the EU leaders announced a package of roughly $ 260 millions to support what the Thein Sein administration calls the process of democratization and liberalization in Burma. Indeed the civil war has never been over, and the war in Kachin State itself is still going on, and the Burma army continues its offensive wars against the Kachin in the north and the northeast of the country. In sum Thein Sein has fooled the EU leaders with success, and the EU leaders have been dancing with Thein Sein.

    • Your EU leaders are not so oh-so-naive to fall for Thein Sein, a habitual liar thus qualifying for the job of pantomime actor to front the odious Sit-tut, Daddy’s Sit-tut.

      But they are simply in it together to cheat the Burmese Public off their rightful ownership of the ancestral land and t=resources these people COVET and the cheap, indentured labor soon to be burdened by immense DEBTS and DEBTS and DEBTS incurred for those flashy Electricity, 4G, High Rise buildings, straight long bitumen roads, KFC joints, any fanciful things people will say they want or need simply to look like the neighbors rather than any deep and insightful thought, but actually benefiting the international plunderers with any benefit to the “locals” merely a by-product. The only thing the “locals” will have surely is the interest payment for next ten generations.

      EU helping Burma!!!! Now that is the fumiest JOKE!

      More like EU, Thein Sein and Aung San Suu Kyi making the country Burma indebted at the same time giving access and means of exploitation for the true riches of the country and enslavement of the inhabitants- regardless of ethnicity, religious or sexual persuasions in indentured hard labor- in camps called SEZ’s- modern day Inescapable Slavery and Torture dens- for the “little time bombs” as described by the Madam.

  3. Yes fri. U r right why the leader of our country is a lire
    Bcoz he want to get favor not only favor but also money

  4. The country will be peaceful and prosperous if the Burma Army (Tamataw) withdraw its troops from ethnic areas. It’s that simple, but the people linked to Tamataw are too greedy to lose natural resources in ethnic areas.

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