John Kerry to Meet Burmese Officials This Week

Then US Senator John Kerry, who is now the secretary of state, meets Burma’s opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi at the US Capitol in Washington. (Photo: Reuters)

Then US Senator John Kerry, who is now the secretary of state, meets Burma’s opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi at the US Capitol in Washington. (Photo: Reuters)

RANGOON — US Secretary of State John Kerry will arrive in the Burmese capital, Naypyidaw, on Saturday and will meet with Burmese government officials, according to a statement from Washington.

State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in the statement that Kerry will be attending the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) Regional Forum, the East Asia Summit ministerial meetings, a US-Asean event and a meeting of the Lower Mekong Initiative.

“Engaging the region’s multilateral institutions is one of the key aspects of US commitment in Asia to promote peace, stability, and prosperity,” Psaki said.

“The Secretary will also participate in a series of bilateral meetings.”

Kerry is scheduled to fly on to Australia on Aug. 11.

Burma is this year holding the rotating chairmanship of Asean, and is hosting a number of meetings involving the 10 member states of the bloc and other countries. This week’s meeting are a precursor to the Asean Summit and East Asia Summit, high-level talks set to take place in Naypyidaw in November involving the US, China, India, Japan and Russia. US President Barack Obama is expected to attend the November meetings.

Ahead of Kerry’s visit, a group of more than 70 US lawmakers wrote to the secretary of state calling on him to recalibrate US policy toward Burma in light of sectarian violence in the country, continuing human rights abuses by the military, curbs on press freedom and the need to reform the military-drafted Constitution.

“We also urge that, when you go to Burma next month in the midst of this deterioration, you unequivocally convey to the government that the country’s current trajectory will seriously damage relations between our two nations,” the letter read.

“And, we urge you to use the tools at your disposal to sanction those complicit in abuses and atrocities against innocent Burmese people, increase pressure for concrete changes, and suspend further US concessions contemplated for approval until core issues are addressed.”

2 Responses to John Kerry to Meet Burmese Officials This Week

  1. Yes. Regime fails it’s main duty which is to build genuine democratic reform. Thein Sein and Shwe Mann do not lead us to democracy but going back to military dictatorship. Backsliding is what they are doing as leaders. It’s not they promised us in the beginning. What they are doing and what they said differ night and day. Kerry has to send strong message on behalf of the American people and the International community that Myanmar regime cannot humiliate the citizens of Myanmar.

  2. John Kerry has the responsible mto ntalk straight foward to Myanmar government not to make any sectarian violance in Arakan. Muslims settle in this lan ( Burma ) since the 7th century in Arakan and Lower Burma then in 10 to 11th century Muslims also made settlment in Lower Burma and coastal areasuch as Thahtoon ( Now Mon State ) and Dawei area. By that time Bama ethnic group made settlement in Bagan area and around middle Burma only.

    Slowly Bama ethnic group made Bagan empire and invaded Mon dynasty by the time Mon King Manha rulling Thahtoon area. King Annawrahthar of Bangan destroyed Mon cultures and took away Buddhisim from Mon to Bagan and established strong Htay-ra-wada Buddhisim through out Burma for his strong grip of poower. After Bagan was invaded by Mongol and destroyed, then many of Bagan peoples went to now Sagaing area and some in Taung-goo area. The second Bama Empire was established by Min-Gyi Nyo at Taung-goo. Then third Bama Empire was established by Bayinnaung Kyaw Htin Nawrathar at Hantahwaddy ( Now Bago ) , King Alaungphayar establish forth Bama Empire at Shwe-Boo area. I am poroviding brief account of Bama history and culture then also I am giving you a spot light to know Alaungphayar invaded Ayyoddayar of present Thailand.

    After British annexed whole of Burma, british brought many migrant into Burma for administration and labour. Most of the migrants were from India. ( By that time no Bangladesh and Pakistan were created ).

    Arakan was a seperate Kingdom. Many Musliums made settlement in Arakan from the time of Vissali period and through out Arakanese dynasties.
    Chittagong area and Ramu-Panwa belong to Arakan. So peoples from those area came and settled in Arakan was an undenyable fact. It is not fair to give just like a punishment to those peoples desendents. If illegal immigrant entered during the period of AFPFL and General Ne Win era, why not taken action under the laws. Who all are responsible? At present those Muslims now IDPs in Arakan region are innocent, they are not illegal immigrants from present Bangladesh. Especially peoples from Kuaukpyu, Myaybon, Mrohong, Sittwe and Ramree area peoples are not illegal immigrants. Some are British brought them to work in Arakan with legally. Just dictator Ne Win manufacturered a law of 1982 to destroy the country during his undemocratic administration is a tool of unjust. So to day peoples of Burma especially Muslims community through out the country need justice, peace and equality so as to make their lively hood in a fair manner.

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