Indonesian Groups Call for Jihad Against Burma, to Dismay of Burmese Muslims

People from Indonesian Muslim hardline groups gather during a protest near the Burmese Embassy in Jakarta May 3, 2013, where some groups called for jihad against Burma. (Photo: Reuters)

RANGOON—In the lead up to the foiled terrorist attack on the Burmese Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesian Islamic terrorist leader Abu Bakar Bashir warned of launching jihad—holy war—against Burma’s government over its treatment of Muslim minorities.

On Friday, hundreds of protestors belonging to radical Islamic groups also rallied at the embassy, with some calling for jihad against Burma.

Burmese Muslim groups said in a reaction that they “totally reject” calls for the use violence on their behalf, adding that terrorist actions would not help Burmese Muslims in any way.

Two suspected bomb plotters were arrested in central Jakarta on Thursday night and police later found five pipe bombs at their homes, the Associated Press reported. Police said the men, belonging to an unnamed terrorist cell, had planned to bomb the Burmese Embassy in retaliation for Burma’s treatment of Muslim Rohingyas. Dozens of police were later deployed to secure the embassy.

On Thursday, hours before the attack was foiled, the Voice of al Islam website ran an article featuring a supposed April 23 statement by Abu Bakar Bashir, a well-known radical Muslim cleric who is serving a 15-year sentence in Indonesian prison for supporting a jihadi training camp.

The Indonesian-language site, which runs militant Islamic news articles, said Bashir stated that Islamic holy war was the only solution to ending the Rohingya “genocide.”

“All of this is our own fault if we don’t wage jihad. The Muslims in the Philippines are strong because they wage jihad,” he was quoted as saying, in what appeared to be a reference to the ongoing Muslim insurgency in southern Philippines.

“If Muslims are the minority, they are the target of the massacre. If they are in power, it is infidels who will receive justice,” the website quoted the detained cleric. “Buddhism is about love? That’s nonsense. Here we have proof that Buddhists are slaughtering Muslims,” he added.

Bashir reportedly sent a letter to the Burmese Embassy in mid-2012 claiming that Islamic radical fighters would take actions against Burma unless the government changed its alleged mistreatment of Muslim minorities.

On Friday, several radical Islamic groups organized a rally at the heavily guarded embassy where hundreds of protestors were swept into a frenzy by their leaders, the Jakarta Globe newspaper reported.

“There is no other way for our Muslim brothers the Rohingya, we have to wage jihad,” Islamic Defenders Front chairman Rizieq Shihab reportedly told the crowd. Some protestors were carrying banners that read “We want to kill Myanmar Buddhists!”

In a brief phone call on Friday, Ye Htut, a spokesperson of Burma’s President Thein Sein, said he could not comment on the foiled bomb attack on the embassy in Jakarta. “We are still investigating this incident, it’s too early to comment,” he said, without taking further questions on developments in Indonesia.

Ko Ko La, a spokesperson for the All Myanmar Muslim Federation, said in a reaction that the foiled attack and calls for holy war against Burma were “totally unacceptable.” “This is not the solution. We totally reject this call for violence,” he said.

“We, the Muslims of Myanmar, are always looking for negotiations and working together with Buddhist people and the government,” Ko Ko La said. “Some narrow-minded people are doing this for their own benefit.”

Abu Tahay, a Rohingya leader and chairman of the Union Nationals Development Party, said, “Actually, the people who are doing this [Islamic violence], do it for their own concerns. Not for the Rohingyas’ concerns.”

“Our method is to resolve the matter through dialogue and in accordance with the law,” he said. “The Rohingya issue can only be resolved in accordance with the law.”

The Rohingya, a stateless Muslim minority living in west Burma’s Arakan State, suffered greatly during clashes with local Buddhist communities last year. More than 125,000 people, mostly Rohingyas, have been displaced by the violence and are living in camps in dire conditions with little in the way of aid.

The official government death toll of the Arakan violence stands at 192, but a US government commission on religious freedom said this week that “more than 1,000 Rohingyas” were killed. US-based Human Rights Watch has accused the Burmese government of “ethnic cleansing,” alleging that it was complicit in Buddhist mob attacks on Muslim communities.

In late March, anti-Muslim violence spread to central Burma, where dozens of people were killed and thousands displaced.

Violence against Burmese Muslims has drawn widespread condemnation in Muslim-majority Indonesia, but the Indonesian government has stopped short of openly criticizing Burma. Various radical Islamic groups, who can sometimes operate openly in Indonesia, have mounted an aggressive response to the issue.

Yohannes Sulaiman, a lecturer at the Indonesia National Defense University, said the bomb plot was probably the work of a smaller radical group and linked to the planned rally at the embassy. He added, however that it was probably not the work of Bashir, who founded the notorious terrorist network Jemaah Islamiah involved in the 2002 Bali bombing that killed 202 people.

“A pipe bomb is easy to make, it doesn’t need much sophistication … thus I don’t think this is [Bashir’s] old network,” he wrote in an email, adding that more information is needed before conclusions can be drawn.
Sulaiman said that, despite this week’s events, radical Muslim terrorists from Indonesia were unlikely to pose a serious threat to Burma, because in recent years “militants don’t really hit foreign interests anymore, focusing on the [Indonesian] police, who are their immediate threat anyway”.

Phil Robertson, HRW’s deputy Asia director, said, “A lot of these international cries are more about militant Islamic groups trying to use the Rohingyas issues to garner new recruits, pure and simple.”

Robertson said that inside Burma, Arakanese Buddhist nationalist groups have falsely accused the Rohingyas of having links with overseas Islamic militants, in order to fuel anti-Muslim sentiments during recent inter-communal violence.

For that reason, he said, the militant protests and calls for jihad in Indonesia “do nothing to help the Rohingyas and just serve to perpetuate fears of the Buddhist communities in Myanmar.”

90 Responses to Indonesian Groups Call for Jihad Against Burma, to Dismay of Burmese Muslims

  1. The consequence of declaring Jihad, religious war against Burma, will be beyond our expectation, bombing?, kidnaping?, killing? If we did not use the terms- Buddhists killed Muslim- in the news, this Jihad would not come out. Please don’t use- Muslim, Buddhist, Christian in the sectarian clashes.

    • If Buddists are not killing than who do you think are killing Muslims in myanmar?

      • Sayaji, as the name implies, Teacher, Cause and Effect, you should be pointing to the Cause,Effect and the Solution, not the Fault. it takes 2 to Tango.

        • You have to be ruthelessly cold blodded to use the phrase “it takes two to tango” in such atricites towards a defenseless moniroity.

          • Off course bro,
            Today a muslim brother is persecuted and his brother muslim doesn’t feels pain. How a Muslim can leave Jihad while it is mandatory here.

        • Takes two to tango? No. It takes a militant Buddhist monk to incite racial hatred by telling the majority Buddhist population that the muslims are trying to take over the country. Burma didn’t seem to care when the British Empire reduced Burma from a economically wealthy nation to a poor colonial outpost but a few Muslims doing well for themselves has created such suspicion and hatred. Narrow minded narratives are not going help and neither is being an apologist for any aggression from any side.

    • First of all, how can this be sectarian clashes when the Muslims are not even putting up defense and have to run to escape being killed by the mobs that marched into Muslim neighborhood by the thousand whom the Burmese government never stopped unlike the way they swiftly stopped protests by democracy groups.

      Muslims have the right to defend by calling jihad against the Burmese government who fails to protect the Muslim citizens of Burma.

  2. I am not a Myanmar national but i have many Burmese friends of all faith. It is for sure that Muslims of Myanmar are against violence. They only want to live peacefully. Their culture is a typical Burmese one and is totally different from Muslims of other parts of the world. Please think that ethnic diversity in the country as joy, prosperity and strength. Enough is enough. Please stop torturing innocent Muslims, Kachin, Karen, Shan and other ethnicities. These people love to stay together with you. If this atrocities continues, how people will think about Buddhism and Burmese Buddhists. There is always one baseless reason to kill or burn Muslims. Please remember that there are hundreds of thousands of Myanmar Buddhist working in Malaysia, Indonesia and other Muslim countries as well as in the west and europe where Buddhists are minorities. Myanmar government should stop movement of radical Buddhist extremists and radical Monks. If the notorious Wirathu is similar to extremist Osama bin Laden, then Myanmar government should hang him or put him in jail for life.

    • You are wrong to assume that terrorist Wirathu is similar to Osama bin Laden. Osama NEVER attacks helpless civilians with intention to destroy their properties out of jealousy the way terrorist Wirathu who gets his training from Sri Lanka Buddhist terrorist monks, incites to kill the Muslims in Myanmar and destroy their properties. Osama only attacks federal government land mark though I am not condoning collateral damage to the civilians

  3. I think it’s just fair to start holy war against myanmar govt and buddist extremist because myam gotv are involved in killing innocent minorities in all over myanmar govt is backing the extremist it well organised killing there is no rule of laws the jungle laws are imposed there in Burma.If Mr. Abubakar is calling for holy war against killing of innocent minorities and human rights violations it’s entitled by terrorist although virathu the buddies thug is openly directing to kill Muslim minority but he is referring to be a great hero that is awesome discrimination.

    • Same,
      I do not think you want to see our Muslim Burmese friends end up in jail. The Military will roundup and charge with terrorism to almost all Muslim men in Burma. You must understand current political situation in Burma. Military is not taken order from Government and Military is parallel organization to Government.

      The Monk U Wirathu does not promote for killing Muslim Burmese. You’re the one spreading untrue information. I have checked almost all of his preaching. He just urged Buddhist Burmese to not to do business with Muslim Burmese and do not buy goods from Muslim shop.
      There’s no single word of killing Muslim in his preaching.
      Monk U Wirathu does not understand about who Osama Bin Laden was and what he did.

      Osama Bin Laden was terrorist who involved in killing thousands of innocent peoples and inciting terrorist act on non Muslim peoples cross the Globe. Osama Bin Laden was not nationalist or true follower of Islam faith but in fact he was just promoting his terrorist ideology to young naïve Muslim men.

      U Wirathu is just naive Buddhist nationalist. He saw Muslim landlords did not allow their Buddhist tenant to held Buddhist religious ceremony in rented property even though no Muslim was living in the property. So his strong feeling for Muslim disrespecting Buddhist religion makes him to preach anti-Muslim’s Business to his followers.

      U Wirathu has lacking knowledge of world current affair and he was falling into journalist’s trap. So he was becoming Buddhist Burmese Osama Bin Laden. U Wirathu is not terrorist and he never inciting for using violence against Muslim Burmese.
      That why I pointed out in my other comment about International journalists for exaggerated and fabricated on reporting and it will cost lost of lives from both communities.

      U Wirathu crossed the line. It’s not for Buddhist Monk to preach his follower to do not buy goods from Muslim shop and not to do business with Muslim. Some of Muslim businesses are suffered by his preaching against Muslim business. I have no doubt his preaching is somehow destroy harmony between two communities.

      We must avoid inciting violence on any community.
      Only Muslim-Burmese will suffer most from use of violence in Burma.
      Abu Bukar Bashir has involving in many terrorist attacks in Indonesia and other South East Asian countries. Bashir has been producing terrorists from his Madrasa since day one the Madrasa was established. He brains wash orphanage children from his Madrasa with his terrorism ideology instead of given proper education.

      What happened to his former pupils who follow his terrorism ideology?
      Some of them were executed for Bali bombing. Some of them are end up in prison for terrorism and killed by shot out with Police Force. Some were dead from malfunctioning bomb explosion while they making bomb. Abu Bakar Bashir worship Bin Laden and he follow Osama Bin Laden terrorism ideology. Also he is end up in prison himself for his involvement in bombing across Indonesia. He is still lecturing terrorism ideology and recruiting terrorists from his cell.
      You need to think about how Bashir followers end up before you obey order from Abu Bakar Bashir.

      Buddhist nationalist extremists will be laughing and dancing if you bring Jihad into Burma.
      There will be killing each other and in the end minority Muslim will be disappeared in Burma. Also innocent Muslim Burmese people live will be end up in prison and they will never come alive from prison.
      My dear friend Same, intelligence peoples never sorting out problems by using violence.

      • Do you seriously believe what you said about terrorist Wirathu who was seen in Meiktilar just before the attacks on the Muslims just as he was seen in Arakan before the massacre against the Rohingyas.

        FYI, Osama NEVER preached to target civilians in petty ways like Wirathu does; Osama ALWAYS aimed at Federal government buildings. I am not saying that Osama is a saint but terrorist Wirathu doesn’t come close to Osama in that Wirathu’s goal is to destroy Muslims out of jealousy while Osama was pissed off about the way US abandoned Afghanistan after US used the Muslims to drive out the Soviets.

        • yes,
          a person who obey his creator and the messenger (s) of his creator, how could be compared to a person who even doesn’t want to know who is his creator.

  4. Doesn’t surprise me. Burmese Buddisht thugs are responsible for such calls. Better late then never, World’s largest Muslim nation has woken up against injustice. Families got massacred and the Burmese authorities are giving blind eye. For how long the minority Muslims are going to suffer? How much they are going to take it? May God bless Indonesians. Ameen.

    • Let me tell you how we were living in myanmar to get outsiders a glimsp of an idea.I had myanmar muslim friends,my parents had muslim friends.They brought all of us to their town’s buddhist temples and you know what?They even gave a present of an statute of buddha.We were family friends forever.Parents to parent ,kids to kids.Our relationship passed it down for occasions when we needed or they needed helps.I had a myanmar muslim friend who got married to a myanmar buddhist girl.They had both buddhist and muslim shrine at home.We did not even care what our friends’s religins were.
      Now what? A group of illegal immigrants from bangladesh fabricated news tear apart our communities relationship just because of they wanted the world’s attentions and donations from OIC member countries.
      We do have crossborder tribes all along the bordering countries.Shan,kachin,chin,nar ga ,karen and bengali are on bothside of neighbouring countries.This is normal.But socalled’rohingyas themself were not on tribes on any lists.Asked some bangaldeshis and they said they did not know and never heard of it.We never had such as name on our tribes list too.So,It must be coming from somewhere nobody knows.’Fabrication”.It is okay to be bengal is.We knew that name for long time and we even had a called ‘bengali ward’ in yangon.I asked a friend from bangladesh if they had buddhist minority there.He said yes and they never ever cause a problem in the country they are living as a minority.But those group of people living outside of myanmar like US,UK,Malaysia,Indonesia and middleeast,started the mess eventhough they claimed as they are minority in myanmar.
      Extremist easily supported them since they said they are muslims,because of the faith they are suffering this and that.,carefully chosen words like discrimination of faith,genocide,massacre and ethic cleansing etc..So now they got money and attentions and kindness from the world..We myanmar muslims and buddhists had to suffer from their fabricated project called ‘burma project/OIC. World is fooled easily by their socalled ‘rohingya’s-OIC media campaign.
      ‘Countries’s boundaries are determined not by geographical location but by faith.?? This is what Indonesian believed.

      • Just because the Rohingyas were not on the tribe list per se, it doesn’t mean their existence in Burma is recent. In the book “Languages of Burma” by Buchanan which was published in 1799 (that is long before the first Anglo-Burmese war of 1924), Rohingya language was included as a language use d in Burma that book written by a reputable scholar.

        • Amanda Swe,
          You have to cue if you want to apply for naturalize citizen in anywhere in the world.
          You can not invent new ethnic identity for to get Burmese Citizenship automatically.
          No one like cue jumper today.
          Both Union Citizenship Law Act 1948 and 1982 pointed who can be Citizen of Burma.
          Nationals such as the Kachin, Kayah, Karen, Chin, Burman, Mon, Rakhine or Shan and ethnic groups as have settled in any of the territories included within the State as their permanent home from a period anterior to 1185 B.E., 1823 A.D. are Burma citizens.
          So called most of Bengali Rohingya peoples illegally entered into Rakhine state after Burma was independent.
          There’s no Bengali Rohingya can be one of Burmese ethnics.
          Rohingya problem is illegal Bengali Migrants vs. all Burmese ethnics and not just Burmese Government.
          If all illegal Bengali migrants in Rakhine want to be Burmese Citizenship and then Bangladesh must be given back Sittagong region and Sittagong Hill Tracts to Rakhine peoples.
          Muslim robbed Sittagong in 16 century from Rakhine.
          British Colony Government robbed Sittagon region and Sittagong Hill Tracts and then given to East Pakistan for to create new Muslim country.
          We have enough of Bengali Rohingya name for Burma. They only brought us bad luck and bad name.
          Even Kaman Muslim ethnic in Rakhine state does not accept made up story of Rohingya.

          • Whom do you think you are fooling by saying that they have to get in the queue after you stripped them form their citizenship status?

            It is a lie that most of Ronhingyas entered after Burma’s independence and you know it.

            Muslims didn’t rob Chittagong in 16th century. The rulers of the day, won it. Bengali Rohingya brought bad luck and bad name? You have no clue that your Burmese traditional dance is primarily from Bengali traditional dances, do you?

      • BTW, Is your society that frail for you to say the nonsense “A group of illegal immigrants from bangladesh fabricated news tear apart our communities relationship just because of they wanted the world’s attentions and donations from OIC member countries”? Pathetic!

  5. One can not negotiate with Buddist Taliban Wirathu and his group, these terrorists have killed close to thousand Muslim so far and made thousands of people homeless, livelihood of these Muslims are taken away, and the government is either supporting or keep eyes shut. Muslim should not be oppressors but at the same time should not be oppressed. To get rid off Bin Ladin America needed to use force and since his death the world is at least half safe, Did negotiation worked with Bin Ladin? Negotiation with Afgan and Pakistan Taliban works? Do Ko Ko la and Abu Tahir think that Wirathu will change into Da Lailama? ThanShwe, Khin Nyunt and all the Muslims hater will have change of heart? Jihad means to defend and protect ur self not waging war against innocent people, to defend and protect your self, ur family, ur honor, ur property is your right and the whole world believes in this concept, these Buddist Taliban killing innocent Muslims without mercy, and government has given them license to kill, so far only Muslims have been procecuted and sentenced and non of the Buddist have been even been tried yet, who are you negotiating with? Negotiation works with reasonable people,not with Wirathu, Than Shwe,people like Khin Nyunt and party. Last but not least It is better to die with honor than live with shame.

    • Why do you say “to live with shame”? I can assure you that no Muslim of Burma is ashamed of who they are despite the Bamar people thinking that Muslims would feel ashamed to be called “Kala”. And as for the rest of your writing, just as other Burmese (Bamar, Kachin, Chin, Kayin, etc.) fought against the oppressive Burmese dictatorship government, the Muslims have a right to defend themselves by calling on Jihad against the Burmese government who failed to protect Burmese Muslims by not stopping the Buddhist terrorists from attacking the Muslims. Instead,the Burmese government targeted the helpless Muslims. For example, the gold owner was out in prison despite the fact that the incident was a setup by the Buddhist terrorist. Another example is how the the Imam of the mosque where 13 boys were burned alive was threatened with 20 years jail sentence if he did not cooperate in saying that the fire was accidental Also, during investigation/interrogation, the children were drugged and then taught to say the way the authorities wanted then to stay. Another one is, even though it was clearly accidental, the female bicyclist who accidentally hit the young monk in crowded traffic was arrested.

    • Siyama the Sunnis have killed the Shiites, the Shiites the Sufis, the Sufis the Alawites, the Alawites the Druze and this snake swallows it’s own tail; now how Talaban can this be? show ko ba deh pure lai bah?

  6. there is no justification for violent act like Indonesian militant want against Buddhist, revenge for name of rohingya ethnic in arakan.all of Muslim faith totally reject such act.rohingya Muslim and Myanmar Muslim are seeking justice, they deserve according rule of law,unfortunately people in power failed to do so for one of country minority Muslim faith.if Buddhist made excuse more attack against Muslim faith as we are seeing now through out the country,it will not surprising for Muslim,as it is for everyday suffering.From rakhine to pa-an,myawadi from myikyina to Yangon , Maulmein ,rohingya,kaman,all of muslim faith through out the country humiliated victim of ethnic cleansing,massacre,genocide for which government of Myanmar is fully responsible.follower of monks wiratu,rakhine magh are celebrating openly demise of Muslim faith.the way ,ye htut or hmuu zaw their response support of ethnic cleansing against Muslims are terrible. through out the country government propaganda machines are successful to hate Muslim faith.result is hundred of thousand of Muslim faith are killed,burnt alive,displaced by followers of monks,rakhine magh,governments apparatus.

  7. Indonesia Muslims should be avoiding attacking on Buddhists and Burmese interests in Indonesia.
    Firstly I want to tell you all Indonesia Muslims it will not help if you attack on Buddhists and Burmese interests in Indonesia. You can do Jihad in other country but you have to think twice declaring Jihad in country like Burma. If Muslim declares Jihad in Burma and then the Military put all Muslim men in the jail. Declaring Jihad on Burma will be nightmare for Muslim Burmese peoples in Burma.
    Indonesia Buddhist is nothing to do with the communal riot between Buddhist Burmese and Muslim Burmese.
    All religion Communal riots are starting by group of Muslim.
    In Meikhtlila, the Gold shop problem was sorting out by Police and the case was in Police hands. The destroying of Muslim own Gold shop was under investigation by Police. However, angry group of Muslim murdered Buddhist monk and injured driver.
    Buddhist mob angry and start attacking on Muslim Burmese when they heard about group of Muslim killed Buddhist monk and injured driver in unprovoked attacked.
    Police Officers were out numbered by mob and they can only watching on Buddhist Burmese attacking on Muslim Burmese. They are not participating in Buddhist attacking on Muslim.
    Some Police Officers tell the mob to stop it but the mob did not listen to Police Officers.
    However, some Police Officers were able to guarded Muslim Burmese to secure place.
    Also Muslim Burmese who live among the Buddhist Burmese wards were protected by their neighbors.
    Now Oakkan Township’s riot, it was started by Muslim Woman who didn’t give way to young Buddhist monk and intentionally knocked young Buddhist monk to ground. The Muslim woman did not apology for her action and even she stepped on cover of alms Bowl.
    It’s very offensive behavior for every Buddhists regardless who did it Muslim or Christian or Buddhist. The worst thing was the woman refused to apologize to young Buddhist monk. Once Police brought them to Police station and the woman agreed to apologize after hour long negotiation by Police Officer. Another one Muslim woman is shaking young Buddhist monk and telling him liar after they came out from Police station.So angry Buddhist Burmese starts attacking on Muslim Burmese.
    Unfortunately, some one bad behavior has causing enormous effect on Muslim Burmese community in Burma.
    Rakhine communal Riot was started by Bengalis after killing Muslim passengers by Buddhist mob in Taung Goke. One of staff from Medical San Frontiers took the pictures of Taung Goke and distribute to Bengali peoples. Later, Bengalis starting lifting fire on Buddhists’ property and Buddhist monasteries and killing peoples from near by villages.
    Both sides killing and destroying property from opposite community. Both sides lost lives, properties and religious building.
    There’s no proved of systematically Government security force and Police force was involving and stand aside with Buddhists as accused from Phil Robertson from Human Right Watch.
    Most of international journalists are exaggerated on riot and report on one side story also they add own opinion in news instead of reporting on true situation.
    The international journalists their ethical standard and moral standard is questionable in many occasion and they have responsible for safety of both communities in Burma.
    So called Rohingya peoples are not Burmese ethnic in fact they are illegal Bengali Migrants from Bangladeshi. It does not mean they are not entitled to Burmese citizenship. However, they can not be given new ethnic identity as what they want to be called as Rohingya.
    Some of Bengalis were entered into recently. Some Bengalis were brought to Rakhine by British Colony Government and they got Burmese citizenship and they are living around Burma. Some of Bengalis are entered illegally without proper paper after Burma was independent.
    Although they are illegal migrant in Burma I strongly believe second generation of illegal Bengali migrants should be granted Burmese citizenship because they do not choose to be live or born in Burma but their grandparent did it. They are victims too.
    The recently moved to Rakhine State without proper paper must be deported to their own country.
    I believe Bangladeshi Government has morally obligation to take back its own peoples from other country. India states of Manipur and Assam have 4 millions illegal Bengali migrants from Bangladesh. Illegal migrants from Bangladesh will be increasing by double in this decade due to natural disaster, poverty and uncontrolled over population.

    Please, do not do stupid thing because Muslims from outside Burma are getting misinformation about truth and some of Medias are exaggerating and manipulating on real situation for their own benefit. Also we have read about how Muslims are terrorizing on minority ethnics in Indonesia from International media like ABC news from Australia.
    If you have attacking on Burmese interests in overseas and Buddhists and then Buddhist nationalists in Burma will attack on Muslim Burmese.
    Violence is not answer for intelligence peoples and religious person.
    If we respect other religions’ faith and then there will be no religion base communal riot and sectarian violence in the world.

    To Journalists,
    I want to ask International Journalists for just report incident after they thoroughly investigated instead of first journalist to report the incident. Please, do not add personal view and avoid exaggerating on story. Please, avoid reporting hear say and one side story.
    Please, keep moral and ethical standard for sake of Journalism. You’re misinformation report can be dangerous of peoples’ live from both communities.

    To Phil Robertson,
    You must have solid evidence before serious accusation to someone. Without prove and evidence is just rumor and it’s not job of HRW’s boss. You’re baseless accusation make angry among the Burmese peoples and blamed Muslim for bad image of Burma.
    I believe HRW reporting Rakhine riot and other incidents in Burma has fuel Burmese peoples’ anger on Muslim because the HRW report is totally untrue and one side fabricated story from illegal Bengali migrants so called Rohingya organization.
    Independent organization must be neutral. Most of HRW reports are feeding by one group and HRW never investigated thoroughly the news is wrong or right. It’s benefit to one side but it’s wrong information.
    Not long ago all Burmese opposition groups have feeding many fabricated news to media and HRW as well but I found HRW or media never investigated before they reported. I also feeding fabricated Burma news to Nation newspaper (Thai) and Thai Intelligent during my stay in Thailand because I want to see foreign Governments to pressure Burmese regime that time. However, Burma has changed since President U Thein Sein was elected.
    Mr. Phil Robertson, Burmese peoples do not mind reporting truth about the situation in Burma but reporting wrong story will hurt relation between Burmese peoples and HRW.

    Also reporting Rohingya peoples as world most persecuted peoples in the world is disgusting.
    Refusing to grant Citizenship to all illegal Bengali Migrants can not accuse as ethnic cleansing act of Burmese Government. If Burma has given citizenship to all illegal Bengali migrants and then there will be double up Bengali peoples in next day. Every county has their own Immigration Law and all immigrants must be abiding by the country law where they live. Unite State does not amnesty and give citizenship to all aliens. Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and all other countries do not give citizenship to illegal migrants in their country.
    Why do you accused and pointed to Burma?
    HRW needs to pressure Bangladeshi Government for illegal dumping its citizens in other countries. There’s no permanent solution for illegal Bengali settlers in Burma or India because uncontrolled over population and slowing sinking land of Bangladesh will continue having problems for it neighbor countries.
    World most disadvantage and persecuted peoples in the world is Palestinian peoples.
    Please, Phil Robertson do not feed poison to the world for sake of HRW good image.

    • it has been declared by UN that rohingya muslims are worlds most persecuted far as palestine is concerned ,israel doesnot forces palestinians for birth control where as rohingya muslims are foced.The one of the signs of a weak nation is that they get afraid of its minorities and start massacres.

    • Just like your leader loser Thein Sein, you are waking up to the reality about Indonesians’ call for Jihad in self-defense for the Muslims in Burma. Good. As for your saying how the military would only hurt the Muslims in Burma more, well. as if they would not hurt otherwise. That is funny.

      Of course, the Muslims in Burma would be victimized more if Indonesia’s group succeeds in attacking Burmese targets (governmental locations). The pathetic thing is that only when a group of Indonesians calls for jihad (self-defense for the Muslims) that Burmese president Thein Sein announced about arresting those mobsters which he should already have been doing. Pathetic Burmese society.

  8. It is a very respectful comment made by Burmese Muslims,Violence go nowhere for any solution.Burmese government should aware that anti Muslim problem can cause the national security.Does any one know how many Burmese Muslims live in oversea and how any are radicalize by terrorist group?

    • You are talking as if Burmese Muslims could be persuaded that easily not to mention, where the money would come from to persuade? Everything in this world requires money.

  9. I really would like Wirathu and his ilks to come out and make a public statement about this development. The game is on now. No more picking on someone who does not fight back.

  10. Sounds like the Muslim leaders in Myanmar are on the right track. We need to stop to violence first and have both sides come to an agreement to live, work and prosper together.

    • Muslims leaders in Myanmar have always been on the right tract; it was the other side, the bloodthirsty nationalistic losers of the government and some monks who joined monkhood so that they could get free food without having to work, that failed to be on the right track and in fact were on the wrong track. I don’t see that changing anytime soon

  11. An eye for an eye only end up making the whole world blind.

  12. See?What happening now? This is what they wanted to happen.Fabricated with tibet earth quake photos and stirred up to their brotherhood.Media is mostly to be blamed .They want to get attention from donors and want to make projects funded.No world media covered great detail about how it was started,they just simply accused and definition became even bigger to genocide from a backlash.Well chosen words works well to fool naive people around the world and get kindness and money.Now whole world is very reluctant to express or handle with muslim communities just because of their intolerance and sensitivity.Hope that there are good religious people are there in all religins.OIC and socalled ‘rohingya’ must be very happy by now for their well organised ‘burma project’.funded by saudi and others.Southern part of thailand,phillipine,Xinjing in china,,Russia and now to Myanmar.Whole world is busy hungry for oil consumption,oil rich countries are enjoying their faith or religious expansion projects.
    Apparently,biased medias can easily fool naive extremists.

    • You are accusing world’s media by saying “No world media covered great detail about how it was started,” are a very reliable source for factual news.

  13. Just a handful of radical Muslim. They can do whatever they want.

  14. Sequence always results consequence. We always reap what we sow. We sow hatred in Burma and we will surely reap hatred. Civilized people must not behave like this. Recent violence is the evidence of our uncivilized way of life.

  15. There is / will be no more holy wars of violent nature anymore in the present era. This is a misconception of Jihad. In addition, the followers of this radical form of Islam, including the Islamic terrorists, are tiny group when compared to majority, peace-loving true Muslims.

  16. It’s time to re-open the Soviets and Gandhi India. The Soviet-Afghan War is fresh in memory. Let the tanks and subs roll on!

  17. What made you think it was “to the Dismay of Burmese Muslims”? Burmese government failed to protect the Muslims in Burma. They’re so quick in sending troops in 1988 and was able to control a very large group of people across the country and yet, they cannot control this 969 led gangsters? Really? The Muslims inside Burma know that it is time for them to defend themselves, i.e. call for Jihad against the government who failed to protect them by turning a blind eye to the orchestrating and organizing activities of the gangsters.

  18. The Burmese government is complicit in not actively squashing the orchestrating and organizing activities of the 969 led Buddhist terrorists.

  19. Jihad against Burma is not necessary, just burn down thein sein’s pseudo democratic regime, establish rule of law in Burma. That’s enough to make sure that anyone,despite his or her beliefs, can live in peace.

    • Well..Jihad would not be against Burma but would be against the Burmese government which is pseudo democratic regime. So what you are saying is the same as what the Muslims of the world need to do, i.e. Jihad against the pseudo democratic regime of Myanmar.

  20. Did govt. take any action or try to find the murderers of 10 Muslims brutally, murdered in Rakhine state. No. Did any Rakhines arrested in Rakhine state for killing Rohingyas..Negative. HRW has detail proof of these killings. But Dr. Tun Aung-( Rohingya )’s sentence years are increasing year by year. We have seen pictures where rough monks and Burmese Buddhist people burnt alive Muslims in Mikittla. Did Govt. arrest anyone though there were and are solid proves for those killing . But Gold Shops owners got long sentences. For burning and looting in Okkan, Burmese Muslims lady – Bicycle riders got arrested. In Ran Goon teachers of Religious school got arrested and jailed. So where are the justice for Muslims. Some radicals will come with these kind of unjust treatments of Muslims as their tool to use. Then why Burmese Govt is treating human being as animals. Please do not give chance to radicals to exploit and kill innocent people.

  21. I hope Myanmar president can protect rohingya Muslim people. cause now the relationship of Indonesia and Myanmar is in good condition. I am afraid if thien shien fail to protect rohingya Muslim and let the massacre continues, Indonesia hardliner Muslim will prove their words.cause even in Myanmar, they have history of joined holy war in Afghanistan and now in syiria.we don’t want it happens too.

    • Hi Johnson,
      The problem is Burma does not have Rohingya ethnic. Rohingya is in fact Bengali ethnic from Bangladesh. Some Bengali peoples are legally immigrated to Burma under British colony Government. Some are illegally entered and settle in Rakhine state after Burma was given Independent by British Colony Government. Some are illegally entered and living in Rakhine recently.
      Rakhine has had lost its sovereign land Chittagong Hill Tracts to East Pakistan when British Colony Government establish new Muslim country. Descendent of Buddhist Burmese ethnics are living in Chittagong Hill Tracts and they were attacking by Bengali settlers for their fertile firm lands. Also the Bengali settlers murdered Buddhist Jumma peoples who are native of Chittagong Hill Tracts and the Bengalis destroyed hundreds years old Pagoda and Monasteries in Chittagong Hill Tracts.
      Rakhine has most fertile land in Burma. The landless, poor and uneducated Bengali farmers from around Chittagong are illegally entered into Rakhine state for job and later they invented Rohingya story for citizenship in Burma. They speak Chittagonian Bengali language.
      However, their population is exploded in recent year by nearly a million. Also India states of Assam and Manipur have 4 millions illegal Bengali migrants from Bangladesh. Also illegal Bengali migrants had created ethnic tension with native peoples in Assam and Manipur state.
      Now illegal Bengali migrants’ problem is big problem for Bangladeshi’s neighbors. Bangladeshi Government is illegally dumping its citizens in neighbor countries. The Bangladeshi’s nationality law said Citizenship can be revoked if the person loses contact with Bangladesh for at least seven years.
      So the children of illegal Bengali migrants in its neighbor are becoming stateless. The UN and HRW have doing nothing to pressure Bangladeshi Government for take back its citizens from Burma or India.
      Burma was not built by immigrants like Canada, Australia, Brazil and US. The peoples of Burmese do not have view like peoples of Canada, US or Australia.
      Also some of Muslims are integrating into Burmese society but majority of Muslims are good peoples in Burma. A few bad Muslims are causing trouble for majority good Muslim-Burmese. You can see some Muslim Burmese are agreeing call for Jihad with terrorist Abu Bakar Bashir.
      Burmese Government has protected all Muslim regardless of illegal migrant or Burmese citizen. However, Burmese Police force was not trained to handle such as communal riot. Also they were out numbered by mob and they do not have adequate weapons to control it.
      Polices in Burma are armed with .302 bolt action Rifle which were left by British colony Government. There’s no way the Police officers can contain the riot with their old .302 bolt action Rifle. They do not want to risk their life and seem to be no one wants to be hero in that case.
      The truth scenario was not as what Phil Robertson from HRW accused. He is accusing Burmese Government security force and polices are systematically involved in killing illegal Bengali Migrants in Rakhine communal riot. He does not have any solid evidence and prove for what he accused as genocide and ethnic cleansing by Burmese Government.
      He was feeding fabricated story from group of illegal Bengali Migrants so called Rohingya in Thailand and Malaysia.
      Also International Journalists who report about Communal riots from outside Burma was feeding fabricated story by same group and also the journalists have add their view and exaggerated story on their report. They do not have moral and ethical standard of journalism at all. They are rushing to report the fabricated story feeding by so called Rohingya group for first reporter to break the news in International media.
      Now Phil Robertson from HRW and some International Journalists are responsible for Indonesia Muslim extremists calling for Jihad in Burma and trying to attack Burmese Embassy in Jakarta. HRW and some Journalists must take responsible their act.
      Now the world was feeding fabricated story via international Journalists by group of Bengali Rohingya.
      I can tell you one thing declaring Jihad in Burma will be worst nightmare you can imagine for all Muslim Burmese in Burma if some idiots Muslim carry out Jihad in Burma.
      In Burma military intelligent can do anything and they do not care about human right. It’s not easy to carry out bombing. Most of Bomb explosion in the past were committed by military related group for to blame other ethnics’ army and Student organization.
      Bengali Rohingya problem is very complex issue and Bangladeshi Government has responsible for ignoring citizen illegally crossing border and fail to accept deported its former citizen from neighbor countries.
      HRW and UNHCR must address Bangladeshi Government for illegal dumping its citizens in neighbor countries.

    • Don’t worry – it only air. They stand no chance at all once they are inside Burma. Just don’t lose sleep over it. If you been to Indonesia and follow their politic. You will understand. There is nothing much from Indonesia except – Solo Batik been sold in Myanmar. What Myanmar government need to do is just copy Malaysia. They have a good example on how to manage this kind of matter. It pity to see Myanmar people wasting their energy and time destroying each other when they should be helping one another in rebuilding their nation after so many years under the military rules.

    • Sai Lin Kan reads propaganda history written during the era of military strongman Ne Win and is incompetent to break out of that brainwashing and read the facts about Rohingya form many easily available reputable sources.

  22. Burmese monks are the one who responsible for this cause.Stop campainging about 969 and other issue which can cause religion war not only in Myanmar but in other part of the not forget we,Burmese people are just a håndfull compare to Muslim and Christian countries. if something happen, we will take the consequence after being too late.Stop acting like a lawless uncivilize people.Have simpathy for the Burmese in other countries.

    • Don’t worry too much min ko. The government in other countries do nto act irresponsibly like the current Burmese government to ignore blatant attacks by the extremists. As for having sympathy, don’t count on it. In each episode, the extremeist Buddhists set up a situation that harm the Buddhist in order to instigate the violence. These people not care about anyone.

  23. Here some writers wrote why Bangladesh is dumping Bengali from their country. What a joke. When Chinese were attacked by a writer, he was given long lectures about Chinese ethnicity with good historical back ground. Burmese cruel Junta gave nationality to Chinese famous drug lords and opened bank and other business where some Junta thugs enjoyed some shares with Chinese. On the other hand for so call Bengali ( Rohingya ), programs in Rohingya language used to broadcast from BBS. Coins in Arabic Alphabets were used in Arakan kingdom. Old Mosque are still there in Rakhine state. Still some people want with racist words to hammer in normal people minds that all are Bengalis crossed yesterday from Bangladesh as if Bangladesh is more poorer than Burma. and Burma is rich like Malaysia and Thailand. Juntas Bosses gave speech in 1962 in recognition of Rohingya.and lot of books related to Rohingya are there. One thing is that as most people are not idiots to easily fool them. They will accept what democratically elected govt accepted and will not accept what fake govt. preach by force to accept.

    • Zaw Win,
      Law Sit Han is Kokang Shan ethnic and Kokang is located in Shan state. Kokang ethnic speaks Chinese language. If you said Kokang ethnic and Wa ethnic are Chinese and then we must put them as Chinese ethnic in Burmese ethnics lists.
      Wa and Kokang peoples living in Shan state before Pagan king conquered over Shan kingdom.
      Khun Sa is Shan Chinese ethnic and he was born in Loi Maw, Shan state, British Burma.
      There are many minority ethnics in Shan state and Kachin state.
      They are not like Bengali Muslim ethnic. The Muslim robbed Sittagong from Rakhine Kingdom. Sittagong was once northern Rakhine state. The Muslim never conquered current Rakhine state and Sittagong Hill Tracts.
      There’s no evidence about Rakhine peoples used Arabic language. Only a few Arabic coins found in Rakhine state can not be boasted as Rakhine King was Muslim or Rakhine Kingdom used Arabic language. Rakhine kingdom had trading with Arab merchants and Arab coin found in Rakhine is not strange thing. You can see difference foreign coins can be found in Burma because foreigners brought it and left it in country.
      Rakhine King and Burmese king allowed Muslim merchants and Christian merchants to build their religious building in their land.
      So called Bengali Rohingya language is Chittagongnian language. It was Chittagong dialect.
      One day, some children of illegal Bengali migrants can be entitled for Burmese citizenship but in name of Bengali Muslim ethnic. You can create fictional character or new ethnic in movie but you can not create new ethnic identity in real world.
      Government and all Burmese ethnics do not accept Rohingya Bengali as Burmese ethnic.
      Even if you ask Kaman Muslim in Rakhine state about Rohingya and they will said Rohingya Bengali was came from Bangladeshi.
      The citizenship law is nothing to do with poor or rich. If the person who wanted naturalized citizenship and then that person must be legally immigrated into country and he or she must have qualify for to apply naturalized citizenship. The basic immigration law for foreigner is same in most of civilized countries in the world. It’s universal law for immigrants.
      Please, do not blame Burmese Government or Burmese peoples for not given citizenship to all illegal Bengali Rohingya migrants from Bangladesh.

      • Do you think anyone is taking your propaganda hog wash about Rohingya seriously?Tsk..tsk..tsk

      • Sai,
        I am not sure whether you are Shan or not but your name is Shan. But any how I am referring them as drug lords. They are internationally recognized as drug lords. But govt. made their black money as white. Why did not old grand pas oppose when Rohingyas were accepted as one of ethnic community by democratically elected govt. You are full aware that Ne Win Govt. forcefully took the power from democratically elected govt. Which law we should accept. Ne Win one or Democratically elected one. I believe the choice should be democratically elected one unless the chooser himself is their puppet.

  24. Can anyone count how many jihads in the world? Jihad jihad, jihads everywhere. In the end peace will prevail , terrorists will fail.

  25. It has been a typical sequence in the world; first Muslims would migrate in to a country. For a period of time they would live side by side with locals. Then they would start making troubles for host country. When the local response the Muslims would claim they are discriminated and oppressed and demand religious freedom and human rights. Then call for Jihad and violence would follow. World should unite against terrorists.

    • Muslims migrate into another country? Do you think Muslim is a race? Consider yourself lucky that you were not born a Buddhist in the Indian continent when the Brahmins and upper caste were oppressing them by calling them to have no caste and hence were not permitted to interact with the larger society and hence were poor. That’s the REAL reasons those Buddhists converted Muslims when the Muslim rulers arrived that region, elevate their socio-econimic status.

      Do real research how Islam provided justice to millions of people in India.

  26. What a shame for Indonesian government , they attack our embassy , because of there is their country and their ground ? So do we , but definitely our government and our citizen is not like them , we let them stay peacefully in our ground , we treat like other country man , why are they not do like what we protect their embassy in our country ? Under this circumstance , people will know who’s the start creating problem ? Let around the world decide who is trouble maker .

    • How can you accuse Indonesia government when, in their protection of Burmese Embassy, the Indonesian government proactively *prevented* the attacks by the extremists unlike your Burmese government whose police and troops watched the Muslims being killed and their properties destroyed. Only after the Muslims lost everything and became homeless, they put a show of taking actions but even then, the people they put in jail are the Muslim victims. To this day the terrorist monk Wirathu hasn’t been arrested for inciting hate crimes.

  27. Sai Lin Kan , 43 Muslims murdered, hundreds torched. Does the BBC video clip taken by Burmese police force was fake? Sorry to say that it seems like you were paid by the thugs to write lies. Media guys were beaten up, their cameras were damaged. And still you are blaming media. The monk who got bumped by the bike lady was only a small boy and and it was pre-planned. The gold shop incident was pre planned. Why should the mob within a couple of minutes turns up and torches the shop loots them and kill them.Is Wirathu thug a policeman?
    Where is the rule of law? In 60s thousand of Chinese were killed, burnt,and their properties were looted by same Burmese buddisht , and now they are setting up on Muslims. I don’t think Muslims will sit and watch such atrocities. They got full right to defend themselves. They will be compelled to pick up arms. Just yesterday in Rangoon, a monk went into a Muslim Biryani restaurant ate food and tried to instigate Burmese workers to gave up job there but did not succeed and then came back after half an hour with 25 his men and demanded that he should get 7lakh kyats (850 dollars), which he left on the table where he had his food. If not his men will torch his place. To avoid such big loss the Muslim owner paid the monk and he left. What would you say. Muslims fault ? Where did this lier beggar monk got such a big amount of money ? All set ups Sai Lin Kan. Stop fooling the public like Ye Htut.

    • Muslims (not just form Burma but form all over the world) have got full right to defend fellow Muslims in Myanmar who are being oppressed. The aim should be the Pseudo democratic government of Myanmar who failed to stop the Buddhist terrorist. In fact, a sector of government is behind these terrorist. How else would they be able to orchestrate these organized attacks so well?

  28. In no way violence can be justified.Yet maybe we should investigate the causes, which play(ed) a role.
    Yet to call Buddhists in Myanmar Taliban is abhorring. The Taliban is an extremist group that even kills their own Muslims intentionally and internationally. It’s typical for Muslim terrorists to do that! It is just this reaction from Indonesian muslims that instigate the muslim hatred all over the world. They are causing their own bad reputation, proving their agressive nature.

  29. How do u define hell?I don’t know if it exists after death or not.Looking at these news and people’s thoughts about life of other human-beings.The rotten foods that they eat,and the religious ideology they called “Buddhism”(whatever the most of the Burmese people are practicing is not Buddhism,it is something too inferior created by some burmese monks and nothing to do with Buddha teaching).Burma is living hell.I’m glad that out of it.

    • Well..some good Buddhist monks are very concerned that these thugs who call themselves Buddhist monks are insulting Buddha by putting on the Buddhist robe and committe such heinous crimes.

  30. ” they “totally reject” calls for the use violence on their behalf, adding that terrorist actions would not help Burmese Muslims in any way.”

    So why these muslims are claiming they will wage a Jihad (violence) war against Burma or Myanmar? Quite funny..To those oversea mulims, the moment you start attacking Myanmar or burmese govenment, you are wrong. The government will exterminate all muslims in Myanmar. So what do you what? Is that all you want?

    • Actually, those over see groups are calling for Jihad in order to recruit. They have bigger fish to catch. It is all politics.

      the sad thing is that In the history of Buddhism, Burmese society will be remembered as on e who failed to stop the extremists elements in their society fork committing such crimes while calling themselves followers of Buddha. Buddha would be silent (a form of complicit) like the majority of the Burmese Buddhist are.

    • Jihad is not violence per se. The actually meaning of Jihad must be seen in the context of the issue. In the case of Burmese Muslim, Jihad is self-defense.

  31. @ Philip:
    Like a handfull of radical Buddhist thugs are doing whatever they want in Burma right now. And so, they kill people or burn down their homes.

    Let’s hope that the radicals on both sides get caught and will be sent to prison, where they can reflect about their good breeding.

    • The radicals on both side get caught? Which radicals Muslims are you referring to? Is there such radicals in Burma where the Muslims have been thoroughly oppressed since 1964?

      It is Bamar like you that I feel as disgusted with as terrorist Wirathu who always turned a blind eye and failed to call a spade a spade and also make implicit claim as if Muslims in Burma are somehow responsible for being targeted with hate crimes.

    • How much do you know about Burma and Buddhism? Have you ever been to Burma? Get the facts first.

  32. What a shame for Indonesian government , they attack our embassy , because of there is their country and their ground ? So do we , but definitely our government and our citizen is not like them , we let them stay peacefully in our ground , we treat like other country man , why are they not do like what we protect their embassy in our country ? Under this circumstance , people will know who’s the start creating problem ? Let around the world decide who is trouble maker .

    • Learn English and understand that it was NOT Indonesian government who wanted to attack Burmese Embassy. In fact, Indonesian government protected Burmese Embassy unlike your Burmese government who failed to protect its Muslims citizens of Burma.

  33. Let’s see how it goes if all illegal Burmese in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore are to be killed and burned by the Muslims living in those countries? Then these stupid Burmese will understand how a minority feels in dire straits.

  34. I agree wholeheartedly Ms Amanda. This @Joe and @Philip does not even know the facts of this conversation thread and they are saying “How much do you know about Burma?” Learn Burmese first before you learn English.

  35. IF International piece bodies like human right and UN will remain silent on these horrible incidents Jahiadist and terrorists will rase from every country every house

  36. The atrocities committed by these buddhists against the muslims are abhorable and condemnable. This mad dog wirathu should be contained.
    The 969 movement should be routed.Their greatest fear is the spread of Islam.

  37. JazakAllah AmandaSwe,Keep it up.

  38. in 60s, Indonesian are way poorer than Burmese, but today, Indonesia has become the 5th wealthiest country in ASEAN… just saying… 😀

  39. thanks brother of Indonesia for this

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