In Mandalay, Security Moves to Stop Religious Rabble-Rousers

In Mandalay, the police are deployed to the corner of 35th and 76th streets on Thursday night. (Photo: Teza Hlaing / The Irrawaddy)

RANGOON—Shouting anti-Muslim slogans, unidentified persons allegedly attempted to instigate unrest between Buddhists and Muslims in Mandalay on Thursday evening, local residents say, but security forces and civil society groups prevented any ensuing clashes.

Witnesses on 35th, 73th and 78th streets in Burma’s second-largest city said a group of people tried to stir up religious tensions by spreading rumors about Muslims in their areas around 7 pm on Thursday.

“Some shouted, ‘Monks are matching up to set Muslim houses on fire,’ and then ran away,” said one of the witness who lives in a Muslim neighborhood.

Around 11 pm, a mob with motorcycles drove across Mandalay, singing Burma’s national anthem and shouting anti-Muslim slogans. The police reportedly detained three suspects.

The attempt to fuel religious tensions in Mandalay follows anti-Muslim violence in Okkan Township, about 65 km north of Rangoon, on Tuesday and Wednesday. That violence, which left at least one person dead and more than 150 buildings burned down, was the closest communal violence has come to Rangoon since anti-Muslim riots broke out in central Burma’s Mandalay and Pegu divisions in March.

9 Responses to In Mandalay, Security Moves to Stop Religious Rabble-Rousers

  1. Good start. Now find and arrest this scum.

    • you don’t need to say that … the burmese law enforcers always do that, yet as one-eyed mosnters people like you can’t see them.

      • Your eyes just pooped out in very recent days though they were deeply blind folded in last year when Burmese security forces actively participated in the ethnic cleansing mission in rakhine state.

  2. With this lie-based government (of the liars, by the liars, for the liars) applauded on, cheered and pampered by self-serving governments all over the world, it is hard to know a real one from a staged one.

    It this one is indeed real, the stupidity and sadistic racism is even stronger than what the masters have taught to the public. The ogre, now well born, will keep on growing.

  3. Maung Kyaw Nu,Former political prisoner of conscience,

    The peace he loving people of Burma must have to think ,at the end third party is going to be benefited..This’s a pre planned strategy of old guards to prolong Military power.
    The civil society must come forwards against this handful collaborators . Save the nation from racists. A handful people destroyed the peaceful coexistence .

  4. Be careful & it is going to be southern Thailand. Buddish country should be peace, love & kind to all. Burma must show how kind & love whoever living in the same land. No strangers in Burma everyone belong to country.
    Govt should more educate to people and show more concern & care to people who are living in Burma.
    One country One people.

  5. This kind of chaotic and unrest activities are so favorable by the military because it can prove itself that without military, things cannot be settled. Military can seize power easily if it wants!!

  6. Over 60 years of oppression and cut off from the outside. Don’t give them what they want by continuing the violence so military will take over again. Find peace among yourselves. Each one just say no to more civil unrest and infighting. Love thy neighbor as thy self…….I hope to see more peace upon my return.

  7. glenn k, thank you for your kind words … hope they will bring all to their own senses … fingerpointing alone does not solve the problem … and the junta and other likeminded groups from the backdrop just goes pulling on the strings for their vested interest to take shape … AHH! my beautiful Burma … you should not go down the drain of hell of racial animosity, no!

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