I Trust Suu Kyi, Says SSA Leader

SSA chief Lt-Gen Yawd Serk, left, shakes hands with Burmese Deputy Commander-in-Chief Gen Soe Win after the signing of a peace deal in May 2012. (Photo: Irrawaddy)

The leader of the Shan State Army (SSA), Lt-Gen Yawd Serk, said he trusts Burma’s pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, even though she has become a lawmaker and is currently working together with the government.

In a recent exclusive interview with The Irrawaddy at his Loi Tai Laeng headquarters, the SSA chief said Suu Kyi is the one who opened the door for democracy within the country. The SSA and its political wing, the Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS), also believe that she will pave way to act in accordance with the Panglong Agreement that her father Gen Aung San signed with ethnic leaders in 1947, he said.

“We trust her because she initiated democratic opening in this union,” said Yawd Serk, who also chairs the RCSS. “We also believe her announcement that she will follow the Panglong Agreement.”

After her release from house arrest in November 2010, Suu Kyi said she would help organize a second “Panglong Conference” or “21 Century Panglong Conference” for national unity and reconciliation.

The RCSS chairman remarked that the government’s current democratic reforms are only at an opening stage and have not seriously begun. The government has been able to sign initial ceasefire agreements with various ethnic armed groups but it has yet to come up with a practical implementation plan to sustain the agreements and focus on further steps, he said.

He also commented on the present Tatmadaw, or Burmese armed forces, saying that it is no longer the one Suu Kyi’s father had established. He said Aung San’s army fell apart long ago.

“The Tatmadaw Gen Aung San established has been totally destroyed since former dictator Gen Ne Win seized power in 1962,” said Yawd Serk. “We believe the Tatmadaw after that period is no longer the same as that of Aung San.”

He added that despite an initial ceasefire agreement between the SSA and the government, there have been violations of the agreement by government troops and over 40 clashes have occurred since the signing. The SSA, however, will stand on its peace policy and resolve the problems, he said.

When asked if the RCSS has any plan to contest parliamentary election in 2015 as a political party, Yawd Serk said his group accepts the election system, but whether it decides to participate in the election depends on the outcome of future meetings with the government.

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  1. Former dictator Ne win destroyed not only the Tatamadaw, that Bo Gyoke Aung San established, but also completely destroyed the country that Bo Gyoke tried hard to get independence. He proudly said that he had tried very hard Burma to becoming one of the Least Developing Countries (LDC).

  2. “…he trusts Burma’s pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi…” And why not?

    They are both on the same side with Thein Sein fronted bamar Sit-tut to rid the ordinary public off their land and properties and hand those over to the international business corporations represented by their “Democratic” governments and international loan agencies and enslave the people after loot off them.

    Peace- yes, for some like the Bamar Socialist Paradise.

  3. Is it true words from Shan leader or is he talking by pressure of Beijing? SSA is run by drug lords and they have very limited vision on Ethnic politic. They are true puppets of Chinese government. These people will choose to go any way Chinese government pushes. Their military wing depend on Chinese arms supply. These people want to hold status quo than genuine changes. Do they ask real situation about all Ethnic people interests and what they really have with 2008 military drafted constitution? Aung San Suu Kyi is very quite as a dumb since she was free from her house arrest and ofcourse a position within the government. Even if she did not win in election, I am sure Thein Sein government will draw her in for their political gain. There is a Burmese saying “It is very convinience situation for a cat with bad appitite to see a dove with a broken wing”. I love stoicism. If people read from my previous comments, they will know stoicism. Stoicism means, considering a situation from 3 critical point of views “Physical, Logical and Moral”. What’s going on with Ethnic people rights of Burma doesn’t add up. They all stinks. If Aung San Suu Kyi try to play clever game with Burmese military, she will never win. Distrust and cleverness is perfected by Burmese military leaders. You are a fool, Aung San Suu Kyi. All you have is your principle, now you have lost your principle and you have left nothing. SSA south, SSA north, Wa and Kokang are influence by Chinese alot. Even Chinese oil and gas pipe line run through from Shan land instead of Kachin. Is Shan people start betraying entire population of Burma for their political gain? I like to see Shan leaders step up and explain my question.

  4. “After her release from house arrest in November 2010, Suu Kyi said she would help organize a second “Panglong Conference” or “21 Century Panglong Conference” for national unity and reconciliation.”
    What is the different between first panglong agreement and 21 century second panglong agreement? DASSK might think first panglong agreement is more favored on one side ( ethnics or bama ).

  5. You should never trust politician, because politicians will lie and cheat their way into power and then do everything they can to retain that power. Politicians will try to convince you that they are worthy of your vote; that they will represent your interests in parliament and defend your rights, but the reality is most of them only care about power, influence and money. Consequently, even those who had principles when they got into politics soon lose them, as they spend increasing amounts of time associating with wealthy businessmen and other influential figures. It doesn’t take them long to forget about the ordinary individuals who got them elected.

  6. Why does SSA believe that DASSK will pay the way to act in accordance with the Panglong agreement? DASSK clearly states that she will introduce second panglong agreement which means there is a difference between the first and second in general.

  7. Today,population of chinese roots in burma reaches to more than millions. They are

    everywhere,taking over every business,everything, actors,actresses.Their white skin color have

    been seen everywhere.Please save burmese own burma. Burma is bamar’s land.Burmese kings&

    people worked so hard to get this empire.

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