Hundreds Gather to Mourn Buddhist Victim of Mandalay Religious Violence

A family member identified by fellow mourners as the mother of Tun Tun, a Buddhist man killed during clashes with Muslim residents of Mandalay, is supported at Kyanikan cemetery after collapsing with grief. (Photo: Steve Tickner)

MANDALAY — Several hundred people gathered for the funeral of a Buddhist man in Pathein Gyi Township, located some 15 km north of Mandalay, on Friday afternoon and emotions ran high as the victim, Tun Tun, 36, was brought to a local cemetery.

He was one of two men killed in central Mandalay on Tuesday night during an outbreak of inter-communal violence between Buddhist and Muslim residents of Burma’s second biggest city. A 50-year-old Muslim man was beaten to death on his way to the mosque and another 14 people were injured.

Family members of the victim were grieving and the anger among some of the crowd was palpable.

Armed with bamboo sticks and rods, several hundred young men accompanied the mourners to

the Kyanikan cemetery (also known as Aye Yeik Nyein cemetery), where they set upon the Muslim section of the cemetery, destroying a several gravestones and burning down an orphanage building, a rest house and the home of the Muslim caretaker. No police were seen at the site.

On Friday night and Saturday morning, no more unrest was reported and central Mandalay remained calm after a heavy police deployment.

5 Responses to Hundreds Gather to Mourn Buddhist Victim of Mandalay Religious Violence

  1. Thank you a lot for your giving information, but i want to say that some point of your information are wrong. If this website want to be popular in the future, there shouldn’t be prejudice or bias.

  2. God save us from religion.

  3. I agree 100% with Htet – the news is extremely biased and prejudiced. I sympathise with both the Buddhist and the Muslim victims of this unnecessary conflict in a very peaceful area however I see that your headline as well as the picture will create more hatred between the communities. Shame on you Irrawaddy.

  4. Is the photo given in the news fake? Absolutely not. Is the writing in the article doctored and concocted to give one uppance to any party? NO! So why should this cause any hatred? This is the objective truth that the Irrawaddy has ever published. Taking blind sides with the illegal migrant Muslim or infiltrators should not be considered objective. The Irrawaddy should learn that the people who praise and practise Buddha’s principles have again and again been put to the test, and very wrongfully. Time it has woke up!

  5. Religion is not to blame. The extremism, wrongful preaching of some so called religious leaders and hollow headed followers are the ones to think about what they have created in a peaceful and well united region of this country. Look back to the whole century in this region. There are many different people of various faith and background have been united together in many ways.It had suddenly blown up and became an issue in international media. Some people are so glad to see instabilities of this country and easily pointed their fingers out to the authority for its failure to control those incidents. To make it even worse, they accused the authority as the main culprit who instigated those problems. My question to all those people involved is that don’t you ever have a piece of brain to think and stop those incidents before it happened. Where is the people power to think clearly what is right and what is wrong?

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