Govt Working With China on Border Dispute in Shan State

A map showing the Burma-China border in Namkham and Muse townships in northern Shan State. (Image: Google Earth)

A map showing the Burma-China border in Namkham and Muse townships in northern Shan State. (Image: Google Earth)

Foreign Minister Wunna Maung Lwin has told Parliament that the government is working with Chinese officials to resolve Shan communities’ complaints over the demarcation of the Burma-China border.

In May, Shan lawmakers raised the issue in Parliament, asking the central government to address the border dispute and explain its actions to MPs.

Some 470 Shan villagers from Namkham and Muse townships have complained in recent months that Chinese authorities put up temporary border posts that would supposedly place about 130 acres of their farmland in China.

Shane State authorities had reportedly ordered the removal of the posts last month. The border follows the Ruili River and runs just north of it.

Sai Pho Aung, a Shan Nationalities Development Party lawmaker told The Irrawaddy on Friday, that, “The minister’s answers relieve our concerns to some extent,” but added that the government needs to find a way to return 46 acres of land near Namkham and Muse towns, and 3.5 acres in a Muse Township village, to Burma.

“The Foreign Affair Minister Wunna Maung Lwin said borders officials of both countries are working together on this, but he did not give us a detailed explanation,” said Pe Than, an Arakan National Party lawmaker. “He only said that the dispute over border is due to the Ruili riverbank sliding and the changing course of the river.”

Lawmakers said border demarcation in the area was based on a 1995 agreement between Burma and China.

4 Responses to Govt Working With China on Border Dispute in Shan State

  1. It’s the Shweli river in Burmese, not Ruili river.

  2. This is another Nat hula in the making in Myanmar. The Chinese like the Russians are hell bent on acquiring, raping, stealing, encroaching, additional territories from their neighbors based upon their historical past… which itself is an anachronism. It is time to cut the avarice desires of the Chinese-take them to task; confront them or be swallowed.

  3. It is always the case China wants to intrude our land. During the time of democratic government of U Nu, the Prime Minister of the country, the China had already taken, Phi-maw, Fa-lan and Karnfern three areas quite of lots of land. We have to give China under hottest debate in Burma parliament.
    Most of our parliament members did not agree to give our land, but U Nu’s government just to please China so we have to oblige. Now again China is coming to intrude with might. This Asian giant is very dangerous because some of our Burmese leaders with corrupted manner they want to sell every thing to China including land and if possible whole country.

  4. It has been said for milliniums and in the folk laws ‘Do not fool the devil nor play with him’
    China wants some of you, whether it be your women, land, copper, gold, jade wood or rice. It will take. You are going to pay. This may be a compensation for unsatisfied deals on gas , dams or metal
    China is not our ethnics. Cannot treat them the same way.You have to let the experienced and the wise to let Myanmar run . You will lose your country. Idiots like Narathihapate and Thibaw with no vision or thought,no guts nor preparation had lost our country.
    1. Forget about elections, forget about USDP and NLD, forget about the tin metal scraps on your shoulders and pick the ones with vision, courage, connection and capability to run the country.
    2.Cannot take half hearted measures. Join the UK and US, go into alliance, satisfy the requirement of human decency [excepting Bengali annexation of western Myanmar]
    Save yourself and save the nation.

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