Four Burmese Workers Killed Brutally in Malaysia This Month

Myo Pai, a leader of a Kuala Lumpur-based free funeral services group, standing right in a white shirt, beside the coffin of Ko Tony on Wednesday, before he was killed. (Photo: Sakhunna Ung)

Myo Pai, a leader of a Kuala Lumpur-based free funeral services group, standing right in a white shirt, beside the coffin of Ko Tony on Wednesday, before he was killed. (Photo: Sakhunna Ung)

Four Burmese workers have been killed by unknown attackers over the past 10 days in Malaysia, according to an NGO providing the funeral services.

“All of them were attacked with knives but on different dates and places since July 1. The way they were all murdered was similar,” San Win, chairman of the Myanmar Free Funeral Services, a Kuala Lumpur-based group, told The Irrawaddy on Thursday. “It looks like they were ambushed. The fourth man, who was murdered yesterday, was just like the previous three: his throat was slashed, his hands were chopped and his stomach had been stabbed.”

Myo Pai, head of another Kuala Lumpur-based free funeral service that assists Burmese migrants, was killed on Wednesday, the same day a funeral was held for his colleague Ko Tony, who was killed on Monday in Penang, some 300 kilometers away. Both were well known among Burmese migrant workers in the country, according to the social worker and family members, who said the two men helped illegal Burmese immigrant workers return to their homeland.

“I could not believe he was killed like that. Everyone loves him because he was a social man,” said Myo Pai’s son Ye Htut Pai. “We do not know exactly how it happened because it was late in the evening, and the police say they are still investigating.

Some suspect the attacks were related to clashes between Buddhists and Muslims that rocked Burma’s second-biggest city Mandalay last week.

“At first, the murders were believed to have been caused by social or financial issues, but many here think they are related to the riots in Mandalay last week. Whenever there is communal conflict, there are more killings here,” San Win said.

He said that last year in May, when anti-Muslim riots broke out in the Burmese towns of Meikhtila and Lashio, nine Burmese people were killed in Malaysia and 15 others were injured.

The Burmese Embassy in Malaysia has been informed of the recent deaths this month, as have Malaysian authorities.

“After the Burmese Embassy learned about the Burmese being attacked by some Malaysian extremist group, the Burmese ambassador and military attaché talked to the Malaysian foreign ministry, interior ministry and security officials to urgently investigate those murder cases and to take action against the perpetrators,” the Burmese Embassy said in a statement.

It added that the ambassador “urged the Malaysian authorities to protect Myanmar [Burmese] workers from such attacks.”

5 Responses to Four Burmese Workers Killed Brutally in Malaysia This Month

  1. Very sad news. The innocents migrants have to pay price when ever riots happens in Burma. Who is responsible? I have never heard of people taking law into their own hands to solve the rape problems in any other countries, except Burma. Without any proof or evidence, but only alarmed by false social network, Wirathu and his gangs comes out to pounce with arms to attack innocent minorities. Hope Wirathu learns a lessons from this. He is fully responsible for the death of these innocent migrants who are hard workers earning to feed their poor families back in Burma.
    Thousands of migrants are living in Gulf rich Muslim countries. Is this not going to affect them? More sad news can flow after the fasting months of Ramadhan. Mandalay Muslim residents are still living in fear and cannot worship at mosque. I cannot imagine how can the Buddhist Monks association simply sit and watch such atrocities.
    They don’t even care about Dalai Lama who very often requested the Buddhist of Burma to refrain from such killings.
    Is Wirathu acting like he is the President of Mandalay Township.
    Where is the Mr.Thein Sein? Is he afraid of Wirathu? Never heard him comments on Wirathu.
    When these innocents in Malaysia got killed, Burmese ambassador was very quick to intervened. Is he aware of how Muslims are killed in Burma? Hope he has seen the BBC clip how Muslims are burnt alive in his country Burma.
    Hope peace prevails in Burma and the ex-military Generals acts soon to stop Wirathu before it spreads to other parts of Burma. Why these zealots stopping media doing its good work. Are they worried about their atrocities, the World will watch? Where is the freedom of speech and freedom of express Mr.Thein Sein?

  2. No justice in Malaysia for Myanmar?
    So sad for the good people killed for nothing there.
    It is no longer a place to live or work for Myanmar.
    Hope all Myanmar could come home instead of being killed!

  3. Myanmar people there shouldn’t go out alone in early mornings, evenings and nights!

  4. Both community Buddhists and Muslims sit together and hold peaceful dialogue, can not allow such kind of killings from time to time. These things are happening due to the extremists and terrorists peoples hatred propaganda within the country. Responsible and authority side has to prevent and take severe action to the perpetrators irrespective of cast and creed including religious personals.

    Even during the times of Dictators Ne Win and Than Shwe such things are very rare to happen. Now every now and then happening both inside and out side Burma ( Myanmar ) is due to lack of quick action and punishment within the laws.

    Any kind of retaliation is bad, problem must solve within the peaceful manner. quarrel should not retaliate with quarrel. With smile and friendly atmosphere should create within both community same as after the independence. After all Buddhists and Muslims are son of same soil, the only different is faith.

    Muslims also sacrificed their lives at the time of Burmese independence. When the country was fallen to Karen rebellion time, Minister U Raschid went to India asked help to Nehru, the Prime Minister of India to help arms and ammunition and brought to Burma to reinforce arms and ammunition to Burma army. Movie star Capt. Maung Maung Ta was given covering fire from Bawlai Island of other side of Insein township, so that Karen rebels can not proceed to Kamayut side. If maung Maung Ta did not take that kind of bravely action Rangoon ( Yangon ) has been fallen to Karen rebel.

    Peoples has to know Muslims gratitude on the country. There are many other devotions from Muslims of Burma will mention from time to time.

    Can not understand that why to-day peoples want to create enemy to Muslims. Muslims will never convert to any other faith to Islam until and unless the person concern has the will to accept. There is no force and compulsion to accept Islam. Islam is PEACE, religion of PEACE. Not terrorism, terrorism does not accept in Islam. There is no offensive war in Islam only defensive war.

  5. There are a lot of Burmese working in Muslim countries, even in places like Dubai (some rich Burmese might have bank accounts there too?) News travel quickly between Islamic groups. I hope Wirathu and his gangs understand the consequences of what they’re doing. Maybe they do!

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