Former Thai PM Thaksin Meets Min Aung Hlaing in Burma

In a photo posted to his Facebook account, former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra sprinkles water on Snr-Gen Min Aung Hlaing, the commander-in-chief of Burma’s armed forces. (Photo: Facebook)

Former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra paid a visit to Burma over the Buddhist New Year, where he met with the commander-in-chief of Burma’s armed forces.

In a picture that was uploaded to his Facebook account on Thursday, Thaksin is seen with Snr-Gen Min Aung Hlaing at a luxurious residence in what the former prime minister said was Maymyo, also known as Pyin Oo Lwin, a scenic hill town in Mandalay Division. Maymyo is also a military outpost.

Thaksin is pictured using a wet frond to sprinkle water on Min Aung Hlaing in a traditional Buddhist New Year gesture of blessing and respect. The New Year observance is also known as the water festival, or Thingyan.

In the Facebook post, Thaksin wrote that after visiting Hunan Province in China, he traveled to Maymyo, where he met with Min Aung Hlaing and celebrated Thingyan with other acquaintances there on Monday.

He went on to say that he had stayed overnight at a residence once owned by a British governor during Burma’s colonial era. The residence was bombed by the Japanese in World War II but was later restored, according to Thaksin.

The ex-premier wrote that the weather in Maymyo was good for his trip, and that he had slept well. He also said Maymyo was a nice place to relax.

Thaksin, however, made no mention of anything related to the politics or economics of the fast-changing nation.

A Bangkok-based British journalist, Larry Jagan, said he had learned that Thaksin had purchased property in Maymyo. Jagan said he believed that Thaksin also met with Burma’s former dictator, Than Shwe, during his trip to the country.

“I understand he [Thaksin] bought property there [in Myamyo] to have a house there. I also believe that he met Than Shwe when he was there [in Burma]. But I’m not sure whether he met Than Shwe in Maymyo or Naypyidaw,” said Jagan, who has covered Burma for years.

Thaksin already holds property in Dawei, the southernmost town in Tenasserim Division, where a special economic zone is planned and the multimillion-dollar Dawei deep-sea port project is under construction.

The former Thai premier has been spotted in Burma several times since 2011, with little explanation as to the reason for his visits.

A Thai observer told The Irrawaddy that she did not know of the reason for Thaksin’s latest trip, but said the ousted Thai premier has oil and gas interests in Burma.

Thaksin once visited in December 2011, a week before his younger sister, current Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, made an official visit to Burma on Dec. 19 to attend the Greater Mekong Subregion Summit.

At that time, Thaksin said he had traveled to Burma in order to “smooth the way” for his sister’s visit. He told the Bangkok-based English newspaper Bangkok Post that his sister’s visit to Burma would include discussions on energy deals that would benefit Thailand.

Before he was ousted by a military coup in 2006, the former prime minister was accused of using his political office to enrich himself through business dealings in Burma.

In 2004, Shinawatra Satellite, a telecommunications company owned by the Shinawatra family, leased a satellite service to Bagan Cybertech, a Burmese company formerly owned by the son of Burma’s former prime minister and spy chief, Gen Khin Nyunt.

Thaksin was later found guilty by a Thai court of pressuring the Foreign Ministry to approve a 4 billion baht (US $139 million) loan to Burma to pay for the deal.

21 Responses to Former Thai PM Thaksin Meets Min Aung Hlaing in Burma

  1. Thaksin is a mover and shaker for the right reasons; the man has balls, others in power who hound him do so because they are spineless eunuchs in military garb that would hide under a sarong at the sound of the first gun shot.

  2. Friendship between crooks. Thaksin called Than Shwe big brother and now he calls Min Aung Hlaing brother-in-law.

  3. Sharing the loot with their foreign buddies. Capitalist globalisation and its perks for the elites. Rule of law for the people to enforce rule of money for the country. ASSK will see to that.

    Thingyan forecast : Raining gold and silver but only for the chosen few. The majority will slave for the few.

  4. Thaskin is welcome to invest in Burma. He is the right man in the right place at the right time.Hope to hear more news about him in Burma through Irrawaddy.

  5. What does Thaksin want from us? a piece of land in Maymyo to build his fifth house, a vast land in Dawei to build his business or permissions to provide lease lines for communications through his satellites?
    What does Thaksin wants us to be? to live under suppressive government, to be one of the poorest countries in the world, to be beggers or illegal immigrants in his country or you neame what ever in bad ways?
    He is always close to authorities, military in particular but never kind to the our people who are living, legal or illegal immigrants or refugees in his country.

  6. Yingluck is physically beautiful and I love her. Thaksin is a corrupt man who does everything for money. The wealthier he gets, the greedier he becomes. He went to bed with Than Shwe and now he is trying to go to bed with Min Aung Hlaing.

    • Dear Northern Man,
      Yinlak is beautiful with heavy make-up and beautiful hair style but without these artificials, she is not really beautiful as you think.

    • Dear Northern Man
      Everybody love Yingluck because of her humble as well as beauty. Than shwe is fox so fox needs fox to have a good deal. I do not know Thaksin is fox or not but he was at least democratically elected in his country. If Bama is good to all ethnics as well as own local Muslim, Thai spontaneously will respect oversea Burmese in fact. In history, bama arrogant kings invaded Thai and now Burmese refugees invades and are invading Thai again and again. Now, you say that Thai are not tolerant to Burmese refugess,compared to than shwe and his Buddhist thugs. Please, revise your thinking before you scold democratically elected Thanksin who asked his Thai bank to lend the world poorest country for having mobile phones. I do not care who make profits more but i need all Burmese to have jobs and mobile phone use. Could you ask Thaskin and his beautiful Yingluck to lend more money to Burma to invest in Dawie to make a world class city, like Shanghi without exiting real rule of law ( taking risky investment) in poor outdated Burma with the agreement of Karen ( less risk)? You all naive drive out the Muslim and now preparing to drive out Chinese and Thai with pleasing others alternatively ( Japan-toyota and USA-apple) which i like them very much.

      • Mr. Hla,
        What are you talking about? Are you trying to put your own assumption to the mouth of Northern Man? I hope you were one of a few people who got mobile phone from Than Shwe-Thaksin wicked loan deal. Thaksin lent Thai State fund to Burma, and Thaksin got the money back for his private company. If you do not care drug money or laundered money, you can go for it. It is your own personal right to have freedom of choice.

        • MR Wuthmone
          Do you want to say that Thaksin could not sell his property or his business to Singapore? If so, Thai new government will null this business deal anytime and anywhere in his country. I am sure there is no such kind of law to regain the Thaksins’ business from Singapore.
          Anyway , i am sure that you also do not know what is happening in this business deal in detail between Thaksin and Singapore because you are not the influential person in Thai. You are making assumption in this issue.
          Do you want to say that Khin Nyunt had enough money to buy mobile ph industry while living in the world poorest Burma as a number 2 or 3? Now, our beggar thein sein is asking and requesting to borrow more money from oversea banks but i do not know how many will promise to him after betraying Chinese banks. Why are you so concerned about the oversea banks how to make a decision to lend money to thein sein or not ? How can you compare that the lending money from the bank and drug’s money are the same? I never hear that Thaksin makes and made drug money , like than shwe and thein sein did to get drug money.
          Why are you so jealous to Yingluck’s beauty that i do not and can not compare with our DASSK’s beauty? If you downgrade the ladies due to the use of make-up, you are the only or strange person who do not understand the beauty in female. Do you want to say that all ladies should be in naked face as well as naked body for beauty? I can not vote you as it is criminal offense in Burma i think but it is not criminal offense in Germany. See the news that naked Germany ladies protested Russian Putin.
          Hey, guy please , do not be serious on Thaksin’s smiling behavor to our Burmese. Thaksin wants to show that Maymyo is the most beautiful town in the world. Dawei is the most suitable investment place in the world if Karen agrees it. Or China will come to invest Dawei very soon if you do not agree with Thaksin and Yingluck. Do not put your rich resources in one basket which is well-known by all in financial industry. However, thein sein is the only president to dare to say that MInstone dam is not proper business after signing business deal with China. The consequence is that China bank and Chinese businessmen will lost the trust in all Business contracts singed by bama governments in future. Anyway, if you lend money , you must pay back but than shwe and thein sein will say the next, next generation will pay back for any loan.

          • Correction:
            If you borrow money , you must pay back but than shwe and thein sein will say the next, next generation will pay back for any loan.

  7. Maung
    Thaksin is a genious man, of course he is a crook too. An ex police officer , he knows very much about twist and turn. A person with such experiences is invaluable to his country and his people. Example, he had a good hand to eliminate hundreds of drug smugglers from this world, he also handed out many goodies to his poor villagers, you might call it for a political vote buying and his country had made many economic come backs during his reign. He has many valuable ideas and he made them born many fruits for him and many others his fellow country men. One of his idea about openning Casino had been shed but he later found that it was bearing fruit in another country. We should ask his good advice to help improve many things in Burma. why not let him stay and get assistance from him. I would say,we welcome him. Anyway, there are millions of non Burmese speaking Chinese living illegally with the full knowledge of many people. What difference will it make, if he stays. Maymyo is a good choice. I have the same opinion like him.

  8. He is business man right, he also look a country as a business, The king of Thailand did to be unity and peaceful. Mr.Thaksin destroyed it. Now there are problem with Cambodia an Thailand for Hindu temple. Who make it? He is the best friend of Cambodia Comuinit presend Hun Sein. He is so interested in Myanmar and he will do business with U than Shwe groups. He was born in
    China. Our government have to control him. Please don’t look our country and our people just as business.

    • Hun Sen is a communist? And Thaksin was born in China? Geez. If you are the benchmark of educated class in Burma, there is definitely hope for ethnic minorities. Burmen will struggle to tell right from wrong, and screw up again sooner or later. Ethnic lands will then be for themselves again.

  9. The question is who will do business with him. Than Shwe, Min Aung Hliang or Burmese corrupt military. Rangoon is mostly dark at night but Nay Pyay Daw and most Thailand towns shine at night with Natural Gas from Burma. Who will benefit if we support doing business with Thaskin. Burmese people will be lucky if they can have thrash from doing business with Thaskin. Than Shwe and cronies will enjoy with fruit from resources. First we must have democratively elected government. based on very good constitution. Not the present one with most power with military

  10. George Than Setkyar Heine

    Of course the OUTLAWS (Than Shwe’s clerk Thein Sein led lot at Naypyidaw for rigging the 2010 elections and getting elected, not to mention banning the NLD from the polls) and a FUGITIVE (Thaksin Shinawatra) from Thailand MAKING UNHOLY ALLIANCES in a ROGUES RUN country in Southeast Asia is NO NEWS of course.
    Than Shwe is seeing the ‘fugitive’ on several occasions whenever he sneaks into the country as well is ILLEGAL and UNLAWFUL in the first place.
    Of course Thailand would not OBJECT to the FACT given that ‘COUNTRY of ILL REPUTE’ is currently under the heel of his SISTER no less.
    On the other hand as well is the fact the FUGITIVE is LOADED with DOLLARS (billions they say) TO GREASE the ALREADY DIRTY HANDS of the ROGUES and CUTTHROATS at Naypyidaw; hence the Thai fugitive is buying houses and lands in that LAWLESS LAND they called Burma today of course.
    And Suu Kyi is saying the RULE of LAW is COMING to BURMA today.
    Of course I PRAY she has enough EDUCATION to DECLINE a PHOTO-OPT with that RUBBER FACED FUGITIVE from Thailand some day to be honest.
    Look at the photo of Than Shwe’s PROTEGE’ and CHINA’S CHOSEN C-in-C of the BURMA ARMY (Min Aung Hlaing) ENJOYING the COMPANY of and RUBBING SHOULDERS with the like of that Thai FUGITIVE with a WARRANT for HIS ARREST still OUTSTANDING in Thailand today!
    It certainly MADE a COLORFUL ADDITION to the ROGUES’ GALLERY of BURMA for all people in the world to WITNESS of course.
    The PRESENCE and SIGHT of that Thai FUGITIVE in BURMA certainly is BAD MEDICINE for the people of the country and its future as well no less.
    On the other side of the coin I have noticed is the fact: MONEY MAKES FUGITIVES and MONKEYS as well into MEN man!
    Any OBJECTIONS guys?

  11. THAKSIN is free and fair democratically elected PM, and serve full of his term ,set up record as only PM who serve full term.he is very popular with rural farmer but problem with white color professional and monarchy.his popularity with thai major poor make him arrogant, abuse of power,disrespect to monarchy.Now in exile business and friendships with powerful ,he has his own ambition like to overthrown monarchy system after the king no longer alive ,next king will not popular and thaksin will declare as president of republic of Thailand. mean while in Burma,Cambodia, Laos .Vietnam, china in every neighboring country, thaksin have loyal supporter who will fight until thaksin fulfill his ambition of Republic of Thailand.

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