Dethroned Burmese Beauty Queen and Pageant Officials Tussle Over Tiara

May Myat Noe holds a press conference about the Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 controversy at the House of Memories restaurant in Rangoon on Tuesday. (Photo: JPaing / The Irrawaddy)

May Myat Noe holds a press conference about the Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 controversy at the House of Memories restaurant in Rangoon on Tuesday. (Photo: JPaing / The Irrawaddy)

RANGOON — South Korean organizers of the Miss Asia Pacific World pageant threatened to call in the police on Wednesday in their row with dethroned Burmese beauty queen May Myat Noe, demanding she return a gem-studded tiara from her home country.

Pageant founder Choi Youn accused May Myat Noe of absconding with the tiara, which media have said is worth US$100,000 and which she won in South Korea in May, becoming Burma’s first international beauty queen.

She was dethroned because she was ungrateful, untrustworthy and had lied, the pageant organizers said in a statement reported by Asian media.

“It is now a matter of national image and reputation and she should be held accountable for [the tiara],” Choi told Reuters in Seoul.

He said organizers planned to file a complaint with police.

May Myat Noe told a packed news conference on Tuesday in Rangoon, Burma’s biggest city, that she was still queen when she returned home with the tiara. It was only after arriving back home that she received a letter informing her she had been dethroned.

May Myat Noe added that she would give back the tiara only after receiving an apology from organizers who she said had spread lies about her that “damaged the integrity of my country.”

“Once such remorse becomes apparent, I shall return the crown willingly, without trace of reservation,” she said.

May Myat Noe accused the pageant’s organizers in Burma of falsifying her age from 16 to 18. She said organizers in South Korea attempted to coerce her into having breast augmentation surgery, but she refused.

Among other allegations, May Myat Noe said organizers told her she would need to “escort some business tycoons whenever they require my company” in order to raise money to produce her music album.

Choi denied the allegations.

“It is flat no,” he said. “It is not true.”

Choi said the former beauty queen had chosen to undergo surgery in Busan on Aug. 20 and was legally allowed to do so despite her age, because her mother had consented.

He accused May Myat Noe of lying about her age on her application, but said organizers allowed her to participate anyway once they discovered she was actually 16.

Fans of the former beauty queen have posted messages of support on her Facebook page.

“Sue them for defaming sis!” posted Vivienne Wang. “You are naturally gorgeously beautiful! You do not need a single plastic surgery whatsoever!”

“The truth is on your side,” posted Lwan Chit Wai.

Some Facebook users were less supportive.

“Just return the tiara and stop all this nonsense in your life,” posted Mi Mi Naing.

18 Responses to Dethroned Burmese Beauty Queen and Pageant Officials Tussle Over Tiara

  1. Choi is talking like a manager of expensive brothels.

  2. i do not know May myat noe but i do not believe that May mayt noe would agree to receive treatment of Breast Augmentation after knowing the pros and cons of the surgery or after her second thoughts.
    The reason from me is that we, Burmese are very sincere, simple and mainly accept the natural beauty, particularly in their own body structure/contour of both breasts given/descended by both parents. The both breast sizes are from the decision of the Buddhist god on her from the Buddhism view point in strong belief. I am not sure May myat noe is Muslim or Buddhism. We, Burmese are not sophisticated for the time being, like West, Japan and Korea for easily accepting plastic surgery for beauty,like Micheal Jackson did.
    At least, Burmese might accept laser, botox and filler injection for face beauty. For beauty constructive surgery, she might not dare to receive it except ugly scars and she has right to change her mind any time although her mother give consent for her as an underage. Korea must know this facts and our cultural belief to understand her,particularly if she is 16.
    Burma is the world poorest country so our Burmese 16 years is equal to south Korea 10 year old in knowledge and life-experience wise. So, South Korean concerned authority should not shout loudly to the world for our 10 year or 16 old child’s judgement whatever it is.

    We have many child soldiers as well because children are easily and readily cheated by bama military thugs and by your rich Korean loud voice. If you, Korea accept our beauty queen is child, apology at once and let this crown keeping in our Rangoon airport “show” for the gift from rich and respectable Korean government’s support for our all beautiful Burmese children.
    Rich Korea should show that they will not bully children. Or we all Burmese will boycott to see Korean movies we like because of respectable Korean culture who love children so much. I finally told Mr. Choi that you are dealing with 10 year old Korean beautiful girl equal to 16 year old Burmese girl. If you know her underage earlier, why Mr. Choi accepts her for competition. Does Mr. Choi has prior intention to cheat children, like Bama military thugs do in Burma? You Korea are shame for your own sake to make use of children’ innocence.

  3. Sexual Exploitation within the beauty pageants community!!!
    First of all, big congratulation to Ms. May Myat Noe for her tremendous courage to stand up for her rights. And shame on those who try to take advantage of a young girl’s dream, and even trying to destroy her long future at this young age.
    What is going on with this world?
    Why are we allowing this to happen?
    This type of crime should be made publicly and the organisation involved should be brought to justice.

  4. The sneaky Korean organisers were trying to screw her. but still. I think she should give back that silly crown and do something else. She is pretty famous now, because of this scandal so she can get involved in many other things.

  5. 1. She is underage. Interpol should investigate Korean Pageant group.
    2. She is underage. B.S.I. should investigate Yangon Pageant Director.
    3. She was coerced into entertaining Business Tycoons. She’s underage
    4. Any contract she signed/agreed is null and void. She is underage.
    5. Myanmar Govt. should protest. She was publicly judged the winner.
    6. Tiara belongs to her. Pageant Judges word is final. Can’t renege.
    7. Tiara is NOT stolen. It belongs to her. Cannot steal own Tiara.
    8. Nit picking on minor points not valid. Minors can’t sign contract.
    9. Shut down National Pageant Office in Myanmar. Anti-Myanmar culture.
    10. Myanmar Girls are NOT FOR SALE. They are highly cultured and simple
    11. All Myanmar girls are beautiful. No need for Beauty Pageants.
    12. Preserve all the good Mingalars. Avoid the bad Ah-Mingalars.
    Mingalar apoung nae pyae sone bah sae. Be Graced with all Mingalars.

    Richard Boudville age 72; Perth Western Australia.

  6. Misguided democracy in the hand of regime. Nothing is going rightly. Democracy in Myanmar seems just a lawless society. This girl must not be there in Korea in the first place to compete because she is still underage. aunder age and

  7. Is she a beauty queen or a prostitute?
    To expect a 16 year old (under age) Myanmar girl to entertain rich Korean tycoons who could be her grandfathers, what a shame

    Reminds me of a well known Myanmar actress and singer during the British colonial days, who (rumours say) jumped out of a window, when a rich Indian tycoon (living in Yangon) tried to capture her in his house.

    Take the crown and exhibit it at Mingaladon airport – as homage to Myanmar women.
    And give the young “queen” a scholarship to complete her education!
    The organizers of the beauty contest should be fined and banned from the country.

    By the way; is the tiara decorated with (aritificial) “Svarowsky stones” or (true) gems from Myanmar?

    • Daw Ohmar,
      You should read from start to end. She wasn’t the girl what you described. She and her mother is cleaver and they retreated back to Burma as soon as they realized the organizer intention. They went to S. Korea in good faith and trusted in that beauty pageant organization.
      However, after the winning of Miss Asia Pacific World title, the organizer start controlling her and arranged breast enlargement and nose job for her. The organizer has start talking about to escort rich peoples. So mother and daughter run away from sinister organization.

      I couldn’t find any fault in Miss May Myat Noe and her mother.

      Why organizer allowed 16 years old May Myat Noe to change her age?
      Because, they will earn more money from escorting rich peoples by under age virgin girl in S. Korea. It’s child prostitution.
      The true intention of organizers and the organization should be exposed to the world.

      Also there’s no need to send disgrace Crown to Museum and Exhibit to public.

      She should keep it as compensation from S. Korean Miss Asia Pacific World Pageant organizers.

      S. Korean Miss Asia Pacific World Pageant organization is insulting to all women from around the world and all Burmese women.

      • Hi
        Mr. sai LK
        Q-1, What is the reason behind you to define May Myat Noe as a girl or lady?
        From 13-18 year of age in definition, all recognize those in this range as adolescent girl or boy. Do you want to call Adolescent lady or gentleman. If so, you should ask English medical dictionary or international law book to make correction.
        Q-2, If May myat noe asks compensation for this crown, it shows that may myat noe is material hunter girl instead of saving our poorest country, Burma as a hero. Her courage from her age is the most valuable for all of our Burmese which is more endless value, than this crown. The next democratically elected Burmese government will definitely will look after her as our woman/child right hero.
        Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, Oxford should give her scholarship for her courage if she wants to study what she likes. If not , China should offer her educational study.
        This crown should be in Burmese Museum or Rangoon airport so nobody, particularly the low class Korean will get remembrance being not dared to bully all Burmese innocent girl.

  8. For the record.the tiara has too many strings.

  9. Choi is destroying the images of the country and the people.

    !@#$%^& Khway Tharr Sarr De Korean Phar Gaung

  10. Miss May Myat Noe,

    Get back to your High School studies and focus on your Exams. You are only age 15. Beauty is only skin deep. Knowledge and Education outlasts beauty.

    Keep up the Hockey and Choir singing. It will enrichen your life.

  11. Dear May Myat Noe fans and Myanmar citizens,

    Koreans bosses are well known for their sexist orientation and madness about it. These guys are really untrustworthy and useless. They did it about six years ago their own citizen, a poor actress Miss Jang Ja Yeon. She was repeatedly sexually abused by those bastards sponsors, producers, and directors. She took her own live in the end and left her will in that she detailed her abusers.

    Please rally behind May Myat Noe entire Myanmar citizens. She is too young to know which is genuine and which is not since she is still innocent age. We must back up her like our granddaughter, daughter, niece, sister, friend etc.

    Many of us who have experience about Koreans know the fact that many many of them are really bad, unkind, and cheaters!!!

    Win this battle against the villains!!

    Your grandfather like Myanmar,

  12. Choi Youn is the biggest Korean pimp in Seoul who was left with his pants down minus his crown jewels. Deserves him right phar gaung is not the Burmese word…deserves more.

  13. South Korean organizers of the Miss Asia Pacific World pageant does not have good name and the organization has fishy smelling history.
    Its look like South Korean organizers of the Miss Asia Pacific World pageant is recruiting high class prostitutes.

    If May Myat Noe was choosing as Miss Asia Pacific and then the Beauty Pageant organizer does not need to change her physical appearance.
    I have read this news from around the world and the organizer has an arranged Plastic surgery for her especially Breast enlargement and nose job on her. I never heard of winner of pageant was offered head to toe plastic surgery for look good.

    Why South Korean organizers of the Miss Asia Pacific World pageant choose most beautiful girl from contestants if they thought she was not beautiful enough?

    Pageant organizer was hidden something sinister behind the beauty pageant organization.

    I saw other beautiful girls in pageant contestants and some of girls may be more beautiful than May Myat Noe. The organizer seems to be target girl from poor country because they think they can control her with money.

    Obviously, the South Korean organizer of the Miss Asia Pacific World pageant does not have money. That’s why they are desperately trying to get back crown.

    She shouldn’t return crown whatsoever. She should go to court and sue that company. I hope Women Right advocate organization will help her and unmask true identity of South Korean the Miss Asia Pacific World pageant Organization. Choi is typical Korean guy with fishy smell.

  14. She should keep the Tiara, she was given the Title of Miss Asia Pacific world 2014 and the Tiara was awarded to her in front of live audiences and millions of TV viewers by the Pageant Judges. It’s her

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