Dethroned Burmese Beauty Queen Blasts Pageant Boss

Burma’s former beauty queen May Myat Noe gives a news conference, seated next to the 2014 Miss Asia Pacific World crown, at a restaurant in Rangoon on Sept. 2, 2014. (Photo: Soe Zeya Tun / Reuters)

Burma’s former beauty queen May Myat Noe gives a news conference, seated next to the 2014 Miss Asia Pacific World crown, at a restaurant in Rangoon on Sept. 2, 2014. (Photo: Soe Zeya Tun / Reuters)

RANGOON — A dethroned beauty queen from Burma said Tuesday she won’t return her bejeweled US$100,000 crown until pageant organizers apologize for calling her a liar and a thief.

May Myat Noe—the country’s first winner of an international beauty contest—lashed back at her accusers at a tightly packed news conference.

She denied accepting breast implants, as claimed by David Kim, director of media for the South Korea-based Miss Asia Pacific World. He said the surgery was provided free of charge, part of efforts to boost the teen into super-stardom.

Kim said May Myat Noe was stripped of her title last week because she was dishonest and unappreciative, and that she ran off with her tiara after learning of the decision.

May Myat Noe said she boarded a plane for Burma before getting word.

She said she did not intend to steal the crown, but also wasn’t going to give it back without a “sorry,” not just to her, but also to Burma.

“I’m not even proud of this crown,” she said after opening a blue box and placing the tiara on the table in front of her.

“I don’t want a crown from an organization with such a bad reputation.”

Her mother, who accompanied May Myat Noe on the trip to South Korea, cried when asked about the experience.

The Miss Asia Pacific World pageant, now in its fourth year, is no stranger to controversy.

In 2011, Wales representative Amy Willerton and several other contestants alleged that the contest had been fixed after a woman representing Venezuela was apparently named runner-up of the talent round before competing.

The argument with organizers—captured on video and uploaded to YouTube under the title “Confessions of a Beauty Queen”—was widely circulated in the pageant community.

Some of the contestants also accused officials of asking the women for sex in return for higher placement in the contest, and charged that the police called into investigate the allegations were bribed.

Those allegations were denied by Kim.

“It is not true that the girls were sleeping with the organizers or the director,” he said. “The police already announced that these were just rumors. We checked everything, the CCTV in the hotel, everything. It was just rumors.”

Burma, which only recently emerged from a half century of military rule and self-imposed isolation, started sending contestants to international pageants again in 2012.

May Myat Noe’s win was widely covered in local media.

10 Responses to Dethroned Burmese Beauty Queen Blasts Pageant Boss

  1. Greetings! MingalarBa!

    Miss May Myat Noe, you look so pretty at the Press Conference (close-up photo) . Good on you for demanding an apology from the organisers for calling you a liar and a thief, which you are not.

    They are only seeking free international publicity – they have twisted and convoluted their version of events which are inconsistent. Don’t trust anyone except your Mother.

    Please visit us in Perth, Western Australia. My Tel: +618 9342 6169. I am certain the President of The Burmese Catholic Community of WA Inc. would love to have you sing a Korean song or two at our next Perth Myanmar Concert on 27th Sept 2014.

    You Mum will also be most welcome. Academy Soe Thu, Mi Sandi and Ni Ni Khin Zaw will be performing in a Live Concert at Perth 27/09/2014.

    Thank you for redeeming the good name of the Myanmar people and the dignity of The Republic of The Union Of Myanmar with your press conference Press Release.

    Anyone can view it at:

    Richard Boudville age 72
    Perth, Western Australia

  2. “She (May Myat Noe) denied accepting breast implants”
    My opinion:
    If May Myat Noe does not accept breast implants, why May Myat noe went to Korea with her mother. She should explain more and more to make all our Burmese to understand more and more to support her. We, Burmese are generally sincere and take pride of any international price.
    May myat noe should make clear this matter for the sake of all Burmese with the help of legal aid or lawyer if necessary.

  3. Apology for this my second comment.

    I feel passionately sad this young girl has been under so much duress and pressure and suffered a horrible experience of being groomed as a call-girl for South Korean Business Tycoons.

    The procurement of young girls for such evil intentions should never happen on such an international scale. This is tantamount to organised crime. Myanmar (Burmese) girls are NOT FOR SALE.

    She is in reality, a minor about age 16 encouraged to state age as 18. This makes it even more serious as paedophilia. This matter should be investigated by Interpol in Seoul, South Korea as well as by the B.S.I. (sa tone lone) within Myanmar. International warrants and extradition applications would be in order.

    The contract or agreement made between her (May Myat Noe) and the Korean Pageant’s Agent in Myanmar namely Daw Hla Nu Tin is null and void. Hla Nu Tin should be investigated by the B.S.I. in Yangon and perhaps charged with procurement of a minor. Hla Nu Tin must have been aware of the true age of May Myat Noe from her Myanmar Passport. Therefore there was collusion and conspiracy in the procurement of a minor (under age 18)with full knowledge of her real age.

    Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

    My heartfelt thanks goes to the person/s who drafted May Myat Noe’s press release statement which is of the highest standard of English.
    Read it in this website:

    I would recommend the Myanmar Home Ministry insist all contestants to future Beauty Pageants be allowed overseas only if accompanied by a Government Approved Chaperone.

    Full marks to her mother Daw San San Htwe for protecting her daughter throughout the entire stay in Seoul. She deserves a medal.

    The Miss Asia Pacific Pageant organisation deserves to go into bankruptcy and I hope all their sponsors drop them like a ton of bricks before the public boycotts their products and services.

    Irrawaddy Editor: Please translate into Bamar sar and post to Burmese Edition also. Thank you.

    Richard G Boudville

  4. You are right Ma May Myat Noe, where in the world a beauty queen needs to get after winning the award to plastic surgery,- only in f…… South Korea which with their society are so sick to need this maybe can see in all the nuts case movies….. South Korean business men are for years known to lure Myanmar Girls through fashion shows into prostitution near surrounding,- S Koreans came for 0 profit and their agents made the money only on selling Myanmar Girls at the Chatrium Hotel and others in the past years. Surprising that the Myanmar Government is going so well with all this hit and pretending not to have any clue on all of this which is visible every day in Myanmar since years./ Ma May Myat Noe right you did and this idiot should never let be in to Myanmar and never try again such acts against humanity …..disgusting these kind of south korean s in Myanmar,,,,,

  5. May Myat Noe,Amy Willerton and some girls are talking about the truth of Kim and some organizers.

    It seems like Kim is the manager of the expensive brothels.

  6. RUM &ROK will go to war over this young beauty queen, then RUM , since very far from ROK, will just ask her so called friend DPRK (North Korea) to invade ROK; well, just to lob a few going to expire rockets into the territorial sea waters off the coast of ROK, harmlessly, which is what they often do.

  7. She is not a piece of meat to be cut up, re-shaped and bleached to fulfill Korean needs.

  8. Whether she is a 19-years or a 16-years. she is a child, a Burmese child, desperately seeking help from her country handling a problem she encountered in dealing with an international organization, which also has a questionable past. We must rally behind her, we must rally behind this Burmese child in this saga even if she made a mistake. In this age, whatever mistake she made must be an innocent mistake exactly because she is still a child. Don’t expect and wait this useless government to intervene and help. Let us, the citizens of Burma rally behind her in social media, in traditional media and in whatever way we can.

  9. It is strange that she was offered breast implants altogether. A true Miss is so due to her natural beauty. And for that reason she was elected. Who cares for the size of her breasts after that! She was the Queen of the year.
    If she did not want to have surgeon for this stupid reason, she should not have been stripped from her title. This organisation stinks.

  10. Choi: Why did you accuse her of stealing the Tiara? She did not steal it, she was awarded the Title of Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 in front of live audiences and millions of TV viewers. Borrowing 18 dollars to buy food is not a crime when she is on the clinic bed for which she denied, also wanting to have her mother is a right thing to do since she is a minor of 15 years old because you all should not be trusted.
    Is it because she refused to be an Escort girl that you want the Tiara back?
    Don’t defame the young girl by accusing her of stealing the Tiara when she did not do it.
    She and Myanmar need an apology because you have told a LIE that she stole the Tiara Remember, she represent Myanmar in the Pageant.

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