Chin Protesters Demand Closure of CNF Liaison Office

Chin National Front soldiers on parade. (Photo:

More than 200 locals from Tedim, northern Chin State, held a protest in front of the town’s Chin National Front (CNF) liaison office on Tuesday to demand its closure.

“The CNF do not represent all Chin people. We are not satisfied with the opening of this office and being neglected by the authorities despite our appeal which was submitted to the President [Thein Sein], leaders of Parliament and state minister since February,” said protester Non Chiam Tom.

Local people used the opening ceremony of the ethnic armed group’s liaison office to shout slogans such as, “We do not want the CNF in our area” and “We want only President Thein Sein’s governance” while marching down the main road of Tedim.

“Before the ceasefire and peace talks with the government, the CNF failed to protect its own people but forced us to pay ransoms and even killed its own people,” said Mung Lek, an organizer of the protest. “We are against these actions. We already live in our region peacefully. If their office is in our region, we cannot stay in peace.”

A general strike against the planned opening of the liaison office was also held in the town in June.

Peace talks between the CNF and Naypyidaw representatives were held at Hakha, the capital of Chin State, on May 7, with the subsequent agreement including a ceasefire and the opening of rebel liaison offices in Tedim, Thantlang and Matupi.

During that time, protesters submitted objections to the local authorities. Despite Tuesday’s opening ceremony in Tedim, the CNF originally said it would not open liaison offices in the region without the consent of local people.

The CNF was formed on March 20, 1988, in the Indian state of Mizoram by the border with Burma with the stated aim of securing self-determination for the Chin people and democracy within a Federal Union.

6 Responses to Chin Protesters Demand Closure of CNF Liaison Office

  1. zomi from Chin people are extremist …. they need more counseling.. 😛

  2. These people are the remains from military dictatorship anyway. They are the outcome of military dictatorship. They said they needed Thein Sein. No wonder. They also appreciated Ne Win’s rule and Than Shwe’s rule. CNF better leaves them alone with their stepfather Thein Sein.  

  3. Do not call them “Chin”. They hate the name “Chin” which is only outsiders use to call us. The majority of us accept “Chin” as our name because we are known to the world as this way for centuries. We the Chins call Myanmar as “Kawl”. There is nothing wrong with that. But these protesters will be mad if you call them “CHIN”. That’s why they have been seeing things differently than the rest of us. They enjoy very much the Burmese military dictatorship since 1962 and they still love the Thein Sein government. We need to respect their demand. Leave them alone with their stepfather which is dictatorship.

  4. 20 years of ceasefire 1989 – 2011 has nothing to show for efforts in transiton or reintegration.

    Lessons learnt include: as much as the military governemnt needs outside suport for their transformation, these non-State armed groups as well as the civilians also need support to be abe to sustain the ceasefire and be involved in the process.

  5. Hey…Myatye Moe, Dont try to give false information in this age. You think yourself so smart that you can fool people with your false information. Here is the truth, the majority, over 70,000 local people’ signatures had been sent to President Thein Sein, opposing the opening of CNF office in Tedim.Yet it was ignored and the office was opened and now they try to lie and fool people by manipulating the truth through media using their proxies like and These news site had intentionally manipulate the truth and reported that the majority of the local Tedim people welcome the opening of the office though the truth is the opposite. Without the consent of local people, it is obvious that CNF dont come in peace or their intention is. They will get what they want, bloodshed and mistrust among the chine people. It is what the Burmese regime want as they practiced Rule and Divide among the indigenious people living in the states since 1962.

    • Hi Mr. Kam Hau:

      You are the one who is giving misinformation, the pot calling the kettle black. Look at the the Liaison Office Opening ceremony: there are almot five hunded towns people attended and enjoyed the meal  together. Do you think they were forced to attend the ceremony like in the Socialist Era? Not at all. They are willingly and happy to attend the ceremony. Logically, this evidence cleary shows that the townspeople welcome their brother CNF members. They know
      the CNF is the one which shed blood for the betterment of Chinland and Burma and which bring the Chin issues to the international spotlight. Where were you when the 1988 crisis?
      You said, “… CNF(the laimi) are the ones extremist..they had raped, killed and collected ransom from their fellow chin people.” This is asolutely wrong. I have never heard of the CNF rape and kill. The ones who rape and kill and doing opium business are Meitei (Manipur Rebels) who are now taking shelter in Chin State and Kalay -kabaw region. It amazes me why you guys are so silent about this reality?  Your voices are so loud criticizing each other though.

      You criticize Thein Sein too. I truly believe that Thein Sein government is really working hard to repair the country torn in pieces for years. This is the time we should work together to catch up our neigboring countries. Do not let your mind just get caught up in the tribal issues and sectionalism. Look furher and look a bigger picture. Instead of setting your mind on only your village, think about the whole Chin State and the whole Burma.

      Regarding the tax, if the CNF does not collect, then the Arakhan rebel will collect. Do you like that? The Arakhan group is trying to open Liaison Office in Paleta (southern Chin) too. Collecting tax is just sort of  claiming that this is our land and people.The CNF  ask just a reasonable amount they can pay. They never threat as much as I know.

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