Burmese Govt Helicopter Crashes in Kachin State

A Burmese military helicopters involved in airstrikes in Kachin State in December 2012. (Photo: John Sanlin / The Irrawaddy)

RANGOON—Kachin ethnic rebels battling the army in northern Burma say they have shot down a government helicopter, but the army says it crashed due to engine failure.

An emailed announcement from the Kachin guerrillas says they shot down the helicopter late on Friday as heavy fighting raged.

A senior government official citing military sources said Saturday tan Mi-35 helicopter crashed in Kachin-controlled territory due to engine failure. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to divulge military information.

The Kachin have long sought greater autonomy from the central government. Intermittent fighting escalated last month when the rebels rejected a government demand that they allow supply convoys to reach an army base.

10 Responses to Burmese Govt Helicopter Crashes in Kachin State

  1. There is nothing to rejoice in death and destruction. Pity human are so dumb to understand it to their own sufferings.

  2. well done KIA soldiers… shoot down more of these tatmadaw helicopters.

  3. Shoot down a big bird from the sky has escalated the ethnic conflict near China border. Retaliation and revenge will make this conflict more serious. Don’t forget that the Red guards were sent to northern Shan State aftermatch of Chinese-Burmese ethnic conflict. You will see more Chinese soldiers other side of the border line near Kachin State.

    • Dear Yebaw
      I do not mind rich Chinese red army or PLA take over the Kachin land for 50–100 years instead of rapist bama army’s decade and decade long abuse. Let us taste rich PLA who might not rape Kachin women at least. Rich PLA might be a good buyer for Kachin land. In history , Chinese nationalist army fight for Burma independence from brave Japanese army ahead of General Aung San crucially in Myitkyina battle in world war 2. I did not hear that Chinese army occupied and bullied Burma and raped civilian at that time.

      • Yea! That’s right. British soldiers did not rape. The Chinese soldiers did not rape. These infiltrators so-called MYANMARS do rape. What a classy totalitarian dictatorship! As worse as wicked witchcraft.

  4. so Chinese are also selling anti aircraft to Kachin now after selling aircraft to the Burmese army – making money from both fronts. Poor burmese !! Chinese the winner !

  5. It does not matter whether the copter crashed or it got shot down. The most important thing is to stop fighting, and build real federal union of Burma. Genuine democracy is what we all want to see. Not democrazy.

    • Dear Lion KIng
      If bama military thugs stop fighting , it means stop fighting all over Burma. Please, do not twist the fact that Kachin is not the first one to fight bama army. Kachin is now in the position of self-defense. Now, min aung laing said bama army fighting are for self-defense ( but killing monks, abuse Kachin lands) , bama army dignity ( but rapist bama soldiers), and public trust ( but no Burmese recognize the last military election, Nargic than shwe 2008 constitution and military parliament although powerless DASSK, just observer is there). Do not point finger on DASSK or twist the fact as DASSK has obviously no military power.

  6. And, the deceased soldiers will be awarded “Thihathura or even Aung San Thuriya” for shelling bombs on the Kachins.

  7. George Than Setkyar Heine

    That calls for no occasion much less joy for that matter.
    The helicopter went down and soldiers died of course.
    And the Kachins were killed as well when the helicopter gunships fired their rockets and machine guns as well.
    Kachins are getting killed like the Burmese soldiers in that helicopter of course.
    WHO WON?
    NOBODY of course and EVERYBODY IS A LOSER in this GAME orchestrated by Than Shwe obliging the communists next door.
    And the Chinese on the other side of the border would be LAUGHING THEIR HEARTS OUT SEEING the NATIVES of BURMA KILLING ONE ANOTHER for THEM as well I bet.
    The WAR in Kachin land SERVES the INTERESTS of the Chinese communists and of course Than Shwe as well via his link with the drug kingpin Khun Hsa’s son, Chinese speaking Steven Law, very PALLY with the communists in Beijing as well lest you all forget.
    Than Shwe was PAID 30 Billion Yuan on his last visit to Beijing with his clan in tow in 2009 remember?
    When Min Aung Hlaing was PICKED as C-in-C of the Burma Army by Than Shwe after ejecting Thura Myint Aung in 2011 and putting Thein Sein as president of Burma the KIA came under fire not long after.
    Despite Thein Sein’s repeated orders to halt the hostilities against the KIA now Min Aung Hlaing is at the gates of Laiza today.
    This PROVED the FACT, Min Aung Hlaing (Than Shwe’s and Chinese PROXY) HOLDS the KEYS/REINS of BURMA and REMAINING ABOVE the president, parliament and the LAW as well today lest you guys forget.
    And APPARENTLY, the BURMA ARMY led by Min Aung Hlaing is STILL IN THE POLITICAL PICTURE and LANDSCAPE of BURMA no less and until today as well.
    Most importantly the MILITARY is HOLDING A LARGE SLICE of the country’s ECONOMY today.
    It certainly is BAD MEDICINE for BURMA as long as the MILITARY is ENTRENCHED IN the POLITICAL PICTURE of the country and HOLDING MONOPOLY on the ECONOMY as well today.
    Of course, the KIA/Kachins are ON THE RUN from Min Aung Hlaing’s HORDES CLOSING FAST on their LAST STRONGHOLD LAIZA today.
    However, the KIA and 8888 Generation ABSDF will HOLD the FORT to their LAST DROP of BLOOD as well no doubt.
    The Chinese paid Than Shwe for the JOB and his sidekick Min Aung Hlaing is TAKING CARE of the MATTER today folks.
    Kachin State is the last remaining REAL ESTATE LEFT in the NORTH of Burma for the Chinese communists to CLAIM as their ENCLAVE as they have WA STATE, SHAN STATE and KOKANG as well in their bag already for that matter.
    Hence, Daw Suu, Min Ko Naing and ALL PEOPLE in Burma including the ETHNIC ALLIANCE (UNFC) HAVE the OBLIGATION and BOUNDED DUTY to PREVENT LAIZA FALLING INTO THE HANDS of China’s PROXY Min Aung Hlaing’s HORDES as it would be AKIN to LOSING the SOVEREIGNTY, TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY and POSTERITY of BURMA to the CHINESE REDS next door in lieu/view of the fact the country eventually ANNEXED as a PROVINCE of CHINA within half a decade IF LEFT UNCHECKED and Min Aung Hlaing GIVEN FREE REIN in this matter like today I say!.

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