Burma’s Govt Comments on Thai Military Coup

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Thai soldiers stand guard during a coup at the Army Club where Thailand’s army chief held a meeting with all rival factions in central Bangkok on May 22, 2014. (Photo: Reuters)

CHIANG MAI, Thailand – As the second-largest economy in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) plunged further into political chaos with the announcement of a Thai military coup on Thursday, Burma’s government, which took the helm of the regional grouping this year, refrained from providing an immediate assessment of the latest development.

“Regarding the latest situation, we can tell exactly only after we hold a meeting with the Asean nations,” Ye Htut, a spokesman for Burmese President Thein Sein, told The Irrawaddy in a telephone interview on Thursday afternoon, adding that he did not know when the next meeting would be scheduled.

He said the 24th Asean Summit in Burma earlier this month “covered all the matters of Thailand’s political situation, with recommendations for a peaceful solution to the political crisis in accordance with the rule of law.”

The chief of Thailand’s army announced in a televised broadcast on Thursday afternoon that the military was taking control of the country’s administration to restore stability following six months of political deadlock. The announcement came after martial law was declared on Tuesday.

In Burma, Ye Htut, who is also deputy minister of information, defended the Thai military’s decision to stop normal programming of all radio and television stations after the coup.

“In any country, if there’s an emergency situation, there are always limitations on civil rights,” he told The Irrawaddy. “During World War II, the United States detained Japanese and censored letters. In Thailand, as far as I know, the Thai army has only restricted media that have incited riots and conflicts.

“The mainstream media like the Bangkok Post and The Nation are still running normally. I have been following The Nation’s newsfeed on their website. I think they [the army] are controlling media that they need to control.”

The statement comes as Burmese officials faces criticisms for backtracking on media freedoms in their own country, following the arrests of several Burmese journalists this year.

5 Responses to Burma’s Govt Comments on Thai Military Coup

  1. Thai military is not power-crazed regime like myanmar. Thai military always takes care of peace and returns power to the people. They never keep power like ne win and than shwe who were just crazy for their own power.

  2. Mr Ye Htut,Where did you go to school to say such as part of US History? If you do not know, do not say. If you do so,That make you stupid.

  3. Does Burma ( Myanmar ) prevails Rule of Law? Mr. Ye Htut should tell openly to international communities.

  4. Ye Htut wants to say ” we, bama army will not give fair and squared democratic election and democratic rule for Burma. Thai is Thai and Bama is Bama in his reasons. Bama army will rule Burma forever. All media should be “shut up” to have discipline because ordinary Burmese are not civilized like Thai. Bama army is discipline from Ogle DSA and Ogle OTS.

    Child soldier twists the democracy to be discipline democracy because idiot ming aung hlaing does not understand that what is democracy so he classifies democracy into discipline democracy and real democracy.

    Notorious paranoid Ne win said there is Burmese way of socialism so Ne win did nationalization of all Burmese people’s businesses ( small to large) with enjoying free lunch.

    Ming aung hlaing discipline democracy is to kill monks and local Muslim, to rape/kill all ethnics, to dishonor Panglong agreement, to discriminate healthy women’s marriage lives with psy wirathu and to hold power forever for the sake of bama army only.

  5. Regime will try to hide in the Naypidaw bunker and they will be pulled out of the bunker alive like their fellow dictators in Iraq and Libya soon.

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