Buddhists Leaving Bangladesh Welcomed in West Burma

A Buddhist temple burnt by Muslim rioters in Cox’s Bazar in September. (Photo: Reuters)

After a year that saw Buddhist and Muslim communities in Burma’s Arakan State engage in numerous bloody clashes, the state government has now taken the step of welcoming Buddhist Arakanese from neighboring Bangladesh. But it is resettling them in violence-wracked northern parts of the state.

Arakan State government spokesperson Win Myaing said in recent months local authorities had welcomed “hundreds” of Buddhist people, such as ethnic Arakanese, Maramagyi and Thet, who wanted to leave southeastern Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar District in Chittagong Division.

“We have not set how many we will accept, but if they come, we will help them,” he said by telephone.

More than a dozen Buddhist temples and 45 houses were set ablaze after hundreds of Muslim protesters ran riot in Cox’s Bazar on Sept. 29 last year. Following the violence some Buddhist groups have begun leaving Bangladesh for western Burma’s Arakan State.

There are some 300,000 Arakanese and other Buddhist minority groups living in southeastern Bangladesh, according to some estimates.

The tensions in Bangladesh’s Cox Bazar District seemed to be a spillover of the inter-communal violence in Burma’s neighboring Arakan State, where Arakanese Buddhist and Muslim Rohingya clashed repeatedly after an outbreak of violence since June last year.

During waves of religious communal violence that swept over Arakan State scores of people were killed, villages were burned down and some 115,000 people—mostly Muslim Rohingya—fled their homes.

According to a local social worker, “two or three” Buddhist families from Bangladesh were crossing into Maungdaw Township in northern Arakan State daily since December.

“We have to help them because they are fellow [Arakanese] ethnic group,” said the worker, who preferred not to be named.

State official Win Myaing said the local government had decided to settle these new arrivals in Maungdaw Township, where it had begun to create guarded and government-supported “model villages” for them.

“So far we have provided for 44 households in our ethnic villages in Maungdaw,” he said. “We provide homes and 2 acres of farmland to each household.”

Newcomers, he explained, were first being settled at Baho Buddhist monastery in Maungdaw town, where they would receive assistance before being transported to the “model villages” located about 10 to 15 km from central Maungdaw town.

Win Myaing said the newly-arrived Arakanese would be provided with security by Maungdaw township authorities and Burma Border Securtiy Force, who they could contact for protection in case of local communal tensions.

“We take care of their security and there is no need to worry about it,” he claimed.

Maungdaw Township in northern Arakan State was one of the scenes of bloody clashes between Muslim Rohingya’s and Buddhist Arakanese last year.

Buddhist and Muslim communities live in close proximity of each other in parts of Arakan State. In most parts, Buddhist communities outnumber Muslims.

In Maungdaw Township the Rohingya are present in greater numbers and the Buddhist villagers who did live there, fled after last year’s outburst of violence, leaving for Sittwe Township and other areas further south.

A Maungdaw resident said that tensions there had come down and the security situation was “stable,” although people felt “fear in their minds.”

He said that it made sense to settle Buddhist arrivals in the area, as there so few of them left. “We have 600,000 Muslims here, but only 20,000 Buddhists,” claimed the resident, who preferred not be named.

It remained unclear on Friday, whether the families who had left Bangladesh were aware of the fact that they were being settled in an area that was the scene of recent inter-communal violence.

Arakan State’s Buddhist leaders have been accused by international human rights groups of being complicit in last year’s violence. State authorities allegedly offered little support to Muslim Rohingya communities that were being attacked, while the communities were being encouraged to leave.

32 Responses to Buddhists Leaving Bangladesh Welcomed in West Burma

  1. Receiving these Buddhists in Burma and sending the Muslims to Bangladesh seem very logical. Bengali in Rakhines will surely feel at home if they are sent back to Bangladesh, and since their lives have been in danger, we need to receive our blood related people back in Burma.

  2. Welcome to the good news!!! Rakhine Pyi is for Rakhines! We will always welcome our Rakhine brothers and sisters from Bangladesh if they want to come home. We need more Rakhines in Rakhine Pyi but not illegal invaders from the West!!!

  3. It would be surprising it the newcomers are not aware of the recent unrest next door to where they just left or do not realize where they are. This is rather reminiscent of the partitioning of India. Perhaps it is a partial solution to the Rohingya problem provided people are willing to swap over but not against their will. Incentives would have to be there for the uptake, basically a living to be made in peaceful surroundings. Overcrowding and unsustainable population growth will likely remain an issue however over the Bangladeshli side of the border which indeed was the root cause of the problem to start with.

  4. Myanmar government should take immediate steps to invite UNHCR for resettling them, because the human rights violations that they faced at the hand of the Bangalies in Bangladesh should be taken to the UN and the international communities outright. Without this more of the spillover will follow as the Bengalis from Rakhine State fled and raised international campaign. These Buddhists must also be given permission and direct government support for raising campaign against the torture, riot, and torments done upon them in Bangladesh including religious violence and crime against humanity.

  5. So, at least ,they can change theirs own peoples. Burma already start ,also Bangladesh should need to start, take back their own peoples of Bangalis[ they called them self Rohingya, Shamelessly] from Arkan State of Burma.

  6. Bangladesh must do the same, accept and grant citizenship to the Rohingas who speak the same language and share the same religion to you.

    We want to see Arakan to grow with Burma’s modern notion diversity and modern living. It is unfortunate that Arakan with its present bigot leadership lives in the past and it’s leaders are encouraging ethnic and racial cleansing. This is not good for peace in the region.

    • abid,you should not blame the present Arakan leadership as bigot. You must remember your blood brother rohingya muslims are the bigots. remember, who committed the rape, and who after friday prayers started killing whoever nonMuslim in \maungdaw and torching village after village? They are your own kind and blood – those rapists and murderers. They didn’t stop there, with fabrication of photos and false news they raise campaign against the Rakhine people. Why are you keeping your other eye shut? Is it because you were born blind of one eye?

  8. The native peoples of Sittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) are victims of another illegal settlement of Bengali Muslim in Sittagong Hill Tracts. By the agreement between native Jumma peoples and Bangladeshi Government’s Peace Accord in 1997, no more Bengali Muslim peoples are not allowing to settle or accommodate in CHT.
    Sheikh Hasina Bangladeshi Government is ignoring Bengali Muslim illegally settlement in CHT and Bangladeshi Army is backing illegal Bengali Muslim settlers who killed and robbed Jumma peoples and their farmland in CHT. According Chakma organization, now Bengali Muslim population is 60% or more to Jumma Tribal peoples 40% or less in CHT. They predict the Jumma peoples will vanish in next decade. Once current President Sheik Hasina’s late father Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is also reported to have threatened to forcibly settle Bengalis in the Hill Tracts to reduce the native peoples into a minority. Now it seems to be Sheikh Hasina is walking on the path which her late father planned for CHT.
    I have Marma friend in Bandarban and he told me Marma Buddhist peoples and other Buddhist tribes in CHT are worrying about safety of their lives. They want protect from Burmese Government because Bangladeshi Government fails to protect them and also they are descendents of Burmese ethnic.
    As we all Burmese know Sittagong and Sittagon Hill Tracts were historically part of Rakhine Kingdom and Burma. Sittagong was fell again into Mughal Muslim hand in 1966. However, Sittagong or Chittagong Hill Tracts was never control by Mughul Muslim King and still part of Rakhine until Burma was given Independent. Beginning of First Anglo-Burmese war, Mahabandoola and Myawaddy Mingyi U Sa troops defeated British Colony troops and its slave Kalar soldiers at Panwa (Ramu). Panwa was center of last year Bengali Rohingya peoples vandalized Buddhist Pagodas and Temples. After Burma lost war with British, Burmese King had given up control over lower Burma including Rakhine, Assam and Manipur to British East India Company. British East India Company annexed Assam, Manipur and Chittagong Hill Tracts into India.
    However, Marma (Mramagyi) peoples and their leader remain loyal to Burma and Chakma leaders are closed to India and they preferred to live under India rule.
    Marma (Mramagyi) peoples celebrated with raising Burmese Flag when Burma was independent because they think they were Independent together with Burma.
    Marma or Mrama is Rakhine language for Myanmar ethnic. Marma is Myanmar ethnic and you can see true culture and tradition of Myanmar in Marma village. Today our Burmese culture may be corrupted by foreign culture but Marma culture is pure form of Burmese culture. If you’re in Marma village and then you will realize our Burmese culture is hundreds years old and not invented from yesterday because Marma peoples migrated to CHT in 17 century from Bago (Pegu) after Nanda Bayin was defeated by Rakhine King Razagri. That time Bago was no longer Mon ruled and since Bagan era Myanmar ethnic were settled in Bago and lower Burma. Nanda Bayin is eldest son of King Bayin Naung and lost Bago to Rakhine King Razagri.
    Rakhine King Razagri brought brother of Nanda Bayin, his relatives and Myanmar peoples to Sittagong Hill Tracts and Rakhine KIng let descendent of Nanda Bayin to rule the Sittagong Taungtan (CHT). The Marma or Mramagyi or Myanmar ethnic peoples of Sittagong Hill Tracts’ culture, religion and tradition do not change since they settled down in CHT.
    According Burmese historian, Chakma peoples live in Puy Kingdom and they were call Thet.
    In Rakhine, they were called as Dainet and they were brave soldier in Rakhine King Army. Also Thet peoples are working for Bagan King at Palace and Bagan King gave Chakma name to Thet ethnic as some history said.
    Burma has lost Sittagong Hill Tracts and its descendent peoples to British and then India and later to Bangladesh (East Pakistan). This is a Reader Digest version for who doesn’t know about history of Sittagong Hill Tracts and Burmese ethnics who are living there. By the way, I’m not historian and Burmese history is my favorite subject because I always proud of our great Kings like Anawyatha, Kyansittha, Bayin Naung, Alaung Phaya and Sitthugyi Maha Bandoola.
    To get back Burmese territory (CHT) from Bangladesh is impossible by the International Law.
    However, Burmese Government can help its Burmese ethnics from Sittagong Hill Tracts. We don’t want to see our Buddhist brothers and sisters are slowly swallowing by Bengali Muslim in Sittagong Hill Tracts.
    Also I believe, Burmese Government should negotiate with Bangladeshi Government for exchange between Buddhist Burmese ethnics from CHT and illegal migrant Bengali Muslim from Rakhine state.
    I believe illegal migrant Bengali going back to it own country and bringing Marma, Rakhine and Chakma peoples who want to come to Burma will sort out uneasy ethnic tension in Rakhine State.
    I think we all Burmese peoples should learn about the life of Burmese ethnics in former Burmese territory. You can understand 50% of what they are talking because now Marma speaking with Rakhine accent but some of them can speak in Burmese language. Also you can communicate with them by writing because the writing is same.
    I believe President U Thein Sein and Burmese politicians in Naypyidaw will interest to help those unfortunate our Burmese ethnics from Sittagong Hill Tracts.
    Anyone who has spare money and want to help Marma Buddhist’s orphanage children can give donation to BABWO in CHT. Please, go to http://babwo.webs.com/.
    You’re donation will be using for Burmese ethnics orphanage children’s education and welfare. I donate money to BABWO whenever I have spare money. The organization is supporting by Buddhist community from Singapore, UK, Ireland, US and other countries.
    Also I have been told the founder of BABWO Sayadaw will be conferred with Maha Saddhamma Jotika Dajha on March 2013 by Burmese Government.
    Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu.

    • Dear than than nu
      Sai lin Kan, proudly self-claimed Burmese historian should read your fair opinion and should learn from you. U nu and bama mititary thugs kills Kachin who are mostly Christian. Sai lin Kan is Buddhist so as to get an unfair chance to receive proper English language
      and history subject in Burma. Sia can donate money to whom he or she likes and loves. Sai will create another bama immigration law to accept those Buddhists returnees. I will welcome to all Buddhist Burmese returnees to come back to Burma around the world if they claim that they are poor in oversea. Please, do not count 200 years living in abroad. President than sein promises in his US visit that he will accept oversea Burmese returnees who are capable to help Burma. It means than sein will not accept poor oversea Burmese to come back to Burma. Sai and than shwe are in the same boat for discrimination.
      Thar du, thar du to Sai lin Kan. Please, your comment on than than nu.

      • Dear sai
        Your information about the Burmese history is very helpful. You said Mon was conquered by Bama, Bama was conquered by Arakanese, Then, Bama and Arakanese were conquered by British colony to be included in India. Burmese people were and are moving here and there. You forget to admire General Aung san who made Shan,Chin, Kachin and Kayai to be included in Burma. Then, Bama U nu can initiate Bamanization with Buddhinisation in Burma. According to your unwise and unfair manner leaned from history , U nu is the national hero instead of Aung San.

      • Dear Hla, I never dare to claim historian and never will.
        Burmese Government’s accepting Burmese ethnics who are living in overseas and citizen of another country is not my problem.
        Burma is secular country. You can practice what you believe.
        I’m not against Islam religion or Christian religion. Bengali Rohingya ethnic is not Burmese ethnic and it nothing to do with their Islam religion.
        Kaman Muslim in Rakhine state is one of Burmese ethnics. If you say Muslims and Christians in Burma are discriminated by Government and Buddhist Burmese ethnics and then it will be wrong and unfair to other Burmese peoples. Bengali Rohingya peoples are aliens under Burmese Immigration Law. So they are not belonging to Rakhine land. However, some Bengalis are legal immigrant in Rakhine state. Finding for who is illegal migrant and who is legal migrant is Government job.
        I’m not advocating for only Buddhist Jumma tribal peoples from CHT. Some Jumma tribal ethnics are Christians and some are Animists. Whatever their faith was but they are descendent of Burmese ethnics and therefore Burmese Government must give assistance to peoples who wanted to come and live in Burma. Same to Karin, Shan and other Burmese ethnics in Thailand Burmese Government must give assistance to peoples who want to come back to Burma.
        Dear Hla, you’re misunderstanding of my comment. You must read twice.
        For me, U Nu is weak leader and he never should become Prime Minister of Burma. I have never polishing U Nu for promoting Buddhism as Country religion or pointing his name in my comment.
        No one can replace Bogyoke Aung San as our Country hero.
        I must suggest you to read my comment twice.

        • Dear Sai acts the double standard between the all oversea Burmese ( ones who are poor in oversea or love native country for regaining resident status) and Buddist Jumma tribal people from CHT.

          Which is the most fair bama immigration law (British or Aung san or U nu or Ne win) for Rohiygya issue? Then, how to classify who ( Rohingya ) is legal and illegal immigrant? Now, than shwe and thein sein might use notorious Ne win’s immigration law.

          Dia yu island is originally owned by Chinese but superpower USA favors Japan for Japanese occupation just after world war 2. Currently , upon this issue, USA still supports Japanese claim for their ownership dispute between future giant Chinese and Japan. Sai might say it is not his concern but Sai makes a reference about Chinese communist possible bullying behavior on weak Bama. Rohingya is now the world most weakest human.

    • I find that your article liked comment tries to convince the readers as comprehensive and inclusive overviews on history of ethnic people in Chittagong hill.Your point on Maramar ethnics as descendants of king Bayintnaung is widely accepted historical facts ,but you failed to mention that they are not representing all ethnic people in this region. Most importantly, I find that you are intentionally trying to skip the most prominent historical fact of Rakhines’s exodus to Chittagong as they were persecuted, looted and killed in most inhumane ways by Bamar soldiers when Bodaw Phaya conquered the Rakhine and ended Marauk U Dynasty in 1874. Since then,Rakhines ethnics have been living in Chittagong (Bangladesh) to escape the reign of Burmese king.Now they are natural citizens of Bangladesh and maintaining their own cultures.
      I am very sad to see that you tried to distinguish Maramars from Rakhines and you didn’t make any notion on ethnic Rakhines living in Chittagong.

      • To Sai Lin Kan,
        Please read the demise of Marauk U dynasty was in 1784 instead of 1874 written in my above reply.Thank you.

      • Dear Nu, Rakhine peoples are living in Sittagong and Bay of Bengal region since 6 century and Sittagong was founded by Buddhist Lama under control of Vesali Kingdom. Rakhine history said Rakhine peoples settle down in Bay of Bengal region in 34th century of B.C.E. Mahamuni Buddha Phaya image was cast in Danyawaddy in 554 B.C.E. Founding century of Sittagong alone Rakhine peoples were living in Sittagong region before Bagan King Anawyatha before conquered Rakhine but remember Anawyatha Bayin let Rakhine King to rule Rakhine Pyay independently. All Rakhine peoples know Rakhine peoples were living in Sittagong region before King Bodawphaya conquered Mrauk U in 1784-1785. Fighting feudal kingdoms is nothing special in those days. After second Muslim invader occupied Sittagon in 1666, Mughal King ordered to expel Rakhine peoples from Sittagong because Rakhine peoples don’t embrace or convert to barbaric Islam religion.
        However, Mughal Kings had never rule and never conquered the Sittagong Hill Tracts in history until British East India Company involves in First Anglo-Burmese War. So Rakhine and other Burmese ethnics living in Sittagong Hill Tracts are not refugee as result of Mrauk U Kingdom was conquered by Bodawphaya. I’m not arguing about any Rakhine peoples were fled to Sittagong or not but Sittagong was historically belonging to Rakhine and they live there before Muslim occupied Sittagong.
        If today Communist Chinese leaders were Burmese leaders and then I’m 100% sure the Communist leaders will claim or occupy back at least Sittagong Hill Tracts from Bangladesh if not whole Sittagong region.
        I did not distinguish between Rakhine ethnic and Marma ethnic but they are distinguishing themselves as Rakhine and Marma. According to Burmese history, it’s right or wrong but it said Tagaung was beginning of Burma.
        Kan Yazagyi found Danyawaddy Kingdom of Rakhine was elder son of Tagaung Bayin Abhiyaza after he lost throne to his younger brother Kan Yaza Nge. Most of Burmese ethnics come from modern day Yunan in China.
        Only different is some ethnics migrated to Irrawaddy delta earlier than other ethnics from today Yunan state in China. Important thing is we have to forget and forgive past feudal wars era and recognize as all Burmese ethnics are related to each other rather than hatred and blaming each others.
        For me, Marma and Rakhine are no distinguished between them they both speak Rakhine language and writting in Burmese language.
        I know there are many ethnics in Jumma tribal in Sittagong Hill Tracts and I agreed with you about Rakhine, Marma and Chakma (Thet) do not reprensent all ethnics in CHT. I said Burmese Government should be given assistance to peoples who want to come to Burma. I’m sure Rakhine and Marma peoples in CHT wanted protection from Burmese Government and may be, some of Chakma (Thet) peoples want too because of their fertile farmlands were looted, their Buddhist temples and Pagoda were burned down and many Jumma peoples were murdered by Bengali Muslim settlers in CHT for decades. Some ethnics may want to claim independent state with Manipur and Assam. I’m neither researcher nor historian but my knowlege come from reading and hear say from friends in CHT. You can say I’m advocating for geting help from Government of Burmese for all descendent of Burmese ethnics who are facing silence ethnic cleansing in Sittagong Hill Tracts. The Jumma Tribal peoples are directly related to Rakhine, Myanmar, Chin, Kachin, Naga, Thet and other Burmese ethnics. No one has noise about today welfare of Jumma Tribal peoples in International media or UN. If they were Muslim and then the news will be like bush fire spreading around the world at God speed.
        My comment in here may not be even 50% right but my intention is to get attention from Burmese peoples and Government on Burmese ethnics of Sittagong Hill Tracts. They are separate from Burma as their wish but they were forcefully separated from Burma by Colony era English Government.
        So saying they are not Burmese ethnic is unfair to them. They deserved to come and living in Burma if they wanted.
        Dear Nu, my comment in here is neither thesis nor history article but it’s just uncanny comment from ordinary guy. Therefore pardon me if you think I’m misled to peoples about Rakhine history.

    • Thank you, Sai Lin Kan, for the extensive information you give, which we all Burmese should know. We are living next door to each other and I do not understand why this sort of historical and geopolitical facts are shielded from Burmese public until now. Anyway, my message to our blood brothers in Bangladesh, whether Arakanese, Mranma or Mramargyi or Thet, is “Please do not choose Burma as a place to migrate, at least not yet” because:-

      1. Currently Bangladesh (GDP per capita – $1700/-) is richer than Burma (GDP per capita – $1300/-) even though Burma may posses better potential in the right political climate, which is non-existent in there (yet).

      2. Racial discrimination is everywhere. Racial persecution (and discrimination) is worse in Burma than in Bangladesh, even among Burmese, between Upper Burma and Lower Burma, between city dwellers and village dwellers.

      3. Bangladesh is a full-fledged democracy and politically much more mature than us. Even though social justice in people-to-people may be in a lesser extent, Bangladesh has established laws, which their leaders, independence judicial system and law enforcement agencies strictly follow.

      4. Most importantly, media freedom in Bangladesh is comparable to most of western democracies and that media is regulating Bangladesh society and their political leaders to behave according to internationally acceptable standards.

      5. Bangladesh leaders over the years, are internationally responsible guys and they act on negative media reports and positively respond to international criticism.

      6. NGOs can operate freely in Bangladesh.

      7. Those Burmese authorities, who now are pretending to be helping you, will demand absolute submission from you. The moment you show some sign of dissent, you will bear full blunt of their anger. Like in our Burmese saying, they are acting like this: “You don’t even have a house to stay, you want to raise a pet dog.

      In summery, my brothers, Bangladesh is still a thousand times better than Burma for the time being and stay put where you are now. Just understand that you can come over when the situations there become deteriorating and unbearable. But for now, for Burma to become a thousand times better than Bangladesh would take many many more generations, if ever. I just hope it won’t take another 200 years.

      • correction Bangladesh’s GDP per capita is $2000 and not $1700 , in 2012. this is source https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/bg.html and GDP accounts 305 billion dollars. YES you are right Bangladesh Far richer ,, with massive population ,,

        • bangladesh is rich in money – much of which is illegally horded. Please go for the corruption index and you’ll know. But that is true with a few number of families out of 170 million people – the rest lead the same poor life … the top level administrators and lawmakers enjoy the cream of the cake while the rest suffer from malnutrition, lack of education, corruption, violence and all the denial of the rights ….

          • Hi, Shona Miah, why don’t we comment in a civilized manner and keep avenues open for further discussion so that we know what they are thinking and they know what we are thinking? Showing violence and hostilities in discussions will shut off other’s opinions and return us back to the time under the military rule. Others may be rude and crude but it is very important that we do not react. Otherwise it reflects very badly of us, Burmese. After all, discussions and negotiations no matter how intense, are part and parcel of the fundamentals of democracy we so cherish and fight for.

          • You Mr Shona Miah…I donot know your nationality…. but by seeing your posts one can guess….. However, for your learning sake…please go through HDI. Your perception in post will be cleared. Please donot compare Bangladesh with Burma. Bangladesh is way ahead in all aspects of human development, The strength of Bangladesh is its people. Burmese are yet to join the league of civilization !

      • I agreed,…Burma is long way to go…discrimination and corruption is main reason to overcome..

        • GT, Forget HDI, which is much flawed. Think about the trade deficit … Bangladesh still stands on the borrowers’ side when it comes to doing business with Burma, India, China, Thailand, and what not? The population is growing like rats and cockroaches. Can you deny it? While garments factories are burning with the greed of their owners and cronies inside the ruling government. What HDI you want to say?

  9. Whether they’re Buddhists or not, we should not accept them if they’re not Burmese citizens. They’ll be illegal immigrants. Most importantly, we must drive out the Rohingya form Arakan State!

  10. Burmese authorities show their humanitarian efforts and sympathy on those who want to take refuge in Arakan state and leave Bangladesh.But, if they hope to earn recognition from international community for their humanitarian assistance ,it will be in vain, as their helps are based on discrimination of race and religion.It is clearly visible that, they are actually trying to make a show-off.It is too hard to believe on the fact that Burmese authorities are too humane to accept those ethnic Rakhines who had fled to Bangladesh since some two hundreds years ago ,with sincere hearts.
    Their motives behind their efforts can be seen as if those refugees were utilized as tools to foster animosity among two conflicting races.

  11. Buddhists and Muslims should forgive each other. The problem started with rape and murder of a lady. And I believe that police has arrested three murderers and punished them. That punishment is enough now.

  12. woe! chastisement to those who are drunkards of racism of Myanmarese Buddhism.i would like assert here that ”truth prevails”.Rohingya, the native race of northern Arakan of western burma suffered since the dictatorship of former general Newin repressively.Rohingya belong to northern part of Arakan and the Rakhine belong to southern part of it.but unfortunately today some racists n chauvinists of Buddhism propagating racial hatred against the ethnic minority Rohingya.it is totally unjust of
    current ruling party of Myanmar of which head is former military high rank officer, currently president thein sein.to judge either Rohingya is the native race or invaders like Burma into ARAKAN: VISIT THIS SITE http://www.shwelumaung.org . welcoming to this duplicate rakhine into western burma is the fresh strategic of brutal president thein sein to diminish Rohingya absolutely.

    • shwe lu maung never said the bengali illegals are rohingyas. again rohingya is a bengali word for RAKHAING or RAKHINE as is the word MAGH or MOG. there is nothing injustice when you call a socalled rohingya as BANGALI. the name rohingya is a political word invented for proving Arakan as a muslim state … please read all the rohingya websites and you’ll understand why they are the racists, rapists and murderers .. even in recent months they have been killing burmese buddhists at home and in southeast asia. killing is in their nature, rape is in their nature .. did Muhammad preach them to kill, rape and torch others and their own houses for creating lawlessness?

      • If you say so, Buddha never ask to kill too..and you should see both side..why native rakhine Buddhist are killing them as well…better don’t mentioned other religion Prophet..I’m doest not belong to any religion and we should see them as Human either Buddhist or Muslim…I’m sure no religion is allow to kill each and other..every race have good people and bad people …nothing to do with religion..the problem is LAW….

  13. I believe Burma doesn’t have right to believe any kind of religion..especially I knew that Kamar is one of ethic and part of Arakan..Definitely high discrimination is taking place in this state and Government also support on Buddhist.. Let is be clear , citizen is citizen , he / she can believe any religion or deny any religion as well.Buddhist is main religion is Burma but they are many citizen either believe in other religions or doesn’t belong in any religion.History was show Muslim have been part of Burma..I wish new generation to wake up and to be wide open their eyes and minds…and avoid too conservative ..Religion is Religion and Race is Race..

  14. What a fun….taking 10 to 20 people and sending milions…ha ha ha……you r taking buddhist to fight rohingyas nothing else…dont think people are stupid…..

  15. Well, Indian problems since British time, from the further evidence Bangladesh native wanted to join Burma as they themselves are having the same problems, whole country is Native country and they don’t feel safe, what this left for Bangladesh is go home back to India, but they want to draw International attention using British Raj claim, good luck.

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