Army MPs Slam Suu Kyi’s Remarks on Charter Reform

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Thousands of farmers from the Irrawaddy Delta gather at a National League for Democracy rally in Maupin Township, where Aung San Suu Kyi called on them to support constitutional reforms. (Photo: Sai Zaw / The Irrawaddy)

RANGOON — Burmese army leaders are not pleased with opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s recent remarks that the army is responsible for constitutional amendments.

During a rally to garner public support for changes to the charter, Suu Kyi last week told thousands of people in Irrawaddy Division that the army, which controls 25 percent of seats in the legislature, has an obligation to participate more in the constitutional reform process.

The National League for Democracy (NLD) chairwoman said army soldiers, officers and representatives in Parliament were born as ordinary citizens, and should remember that their first duty is to serve the people.

“The armed forces personnel should ask themselves how they can fulfill their duties without serving their first duty. I want to tell all military men that their active involvement in charter amendments is what the people want,” she said to the crowd.

She added that when her father, Burmese independence hero Gen. Aung San, founded the army in 1941, he said the armed forces should not be for any single party or group.

Brig-Gen Tin San, head of army representatives in the Lower House, slammed Suu Kyi’s comments from the rally, saying the opposition leader was being dishonest and merely attempting to secure an opportunity to become the country’s next president.

“She has a hidden agenda,” he said. “Her focus is only on fixing Article 436 to make way for her presidency. She should review every article in the Constitution and decide whether they [lawmakers] should fix them or not.”

He defended the army, saying it had no personal or organizational bias but was working on behalf of the people. He said army representatives were members of the parliamentary committee considering constitutional amendments.

“I have to ask her, how should we be involved? We are already on the committee,” he told The Irrawaddy.

“Her view of the army is wrong. Our history shows that we serve the people, which is why army representatives make up 25 percent of Parliament,” he said, adding that the Constitution also requires army representatives to hold this percentage of seats.

Suu Kyi’s remarks were also not welcomed by lawmakers from the ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), many of whom are former servicemen.

Min Swe, a retired colonel who is now a USDP lawmaker from Daik U Township in Bago Division, said it was not the army’s job to lead constitutional reform.

“As far as I’m concerned, the constitution shouldn’t be fixed,” he said. “I wonder, to what extent can the army’s commander-in-chief dare to venture out and fix the charter? What if something bad happens if he gives a green light to fix it? The army only makes decisions based on the preservation of the union, national unity and sovereignty.”

“In my opinion, our people right now are interested in making a proper living, not in fixing the charter,” he added.

19 Responses to Army MPs Slam Suu Kyi’s Remarks on Charter Reform

  1. I am afraid..They will do the wacky things again.Just like we are covering our noses with handkerchiefs because of their stink.

  2. All are playing political game. Army is necessary for the defense purposes and to make solidarity of the union, but should not involve in party politics. present charter is necessary to make amendment
    for the sake of the country future development. By keeping as it is, the country will lead to be a backward. No future for the whole nation. Therefore it is required to make amendment.

    Army should stay aside of party politics. better not to even consider to become some body or some group puppet. Army is the son of the peoples, not son of of one man and one party. Army should not take side with USDP party nor NLD. but should support reality, and standby for the supporting of the betterment of the nation.

  3. What we need is a good government elected by the people taking the responsibility and accountability in taking care of people. Everybody must accept that Myanmar is in the lowest socioeconomic position in the world resulting in morally and spiritually corrupted nation. Previous military governments had made their people to become lower rank and higher rank servants all over the world. It is quite a shame. Therefore, gov: and opposition parties should work together. No body is perfect in this world. Weakness of the one should be strength of other. If Army thinks that they are the great , they must show us as it is when it was not. On the other hand, opposition leader also be very careful when to make a decision and need to consider in deep if you want to make an international standard. You made a lot of encouragement and supported Rohingers that identity we never had made you very unpopular by that Arakanese ethnic group. You can not just open your mouth or speak your mind. Your unwary words and action had made loss of innocent lives of a state which is extremely perished since they lost their empire to Burmese in 17th century. If you want to be president , you need to respect others, listen others , study the history. So far, I feel that the country is leading to the bad direction. I would say a democratic country could be built only when people have equal idea to share each other. Currently, 80% of Burmese is in extreme poverty and could not think about the politics yet when to spend more than 11 hours a day to meet the end meals. Therefore, we are thankful to have you “Daw Aung San Su Kyi” but please try to built up the infrastructure ( mental, social and education and finance ) first which you have strong power as you are inspired by people all over the world. You don’t need to become a president to carry out these jobs. Let the military gov: to do their job which is just fighting which you can not do and they think that they are great by doing what are supposed to do and striving their life by taking a lot of advantages making the people awesome and destroying and selling the country.
    To make Arakanese to convince you, you must advise to have a very strong border or fence first. To make it, you need to pay more those who are in charge of the border areas but need to take strong action if they break the law and rule. Then, when you can control the influx , you can control them who are inside. Firstly it would take few years to study inside (keeping them in camps) and influx rate. Gov: is not necessary to be shaken by powerful countries as this is internal affairs. You need to force local ( Arakanese ) to force work hard to be able to occupy the jobs done by Bengali. As they are lazy and discriminate the jobs which must be done by Bengali ( their wrong mental attitude and therefore they lost their empire)but you need to respect their ownership or souvenerity. Army should be careful and farsighted not to happen to open an another frontier service in western state when it was quite peaceful before.
    Another weak point in our country is those who are serving and served the army need to be exposed to foreign countries to be broad minded as they are brainwashed to be narrow minded. The service should be shortened rather than serving the country for life to become cronies.

  4. (((Brig-Gen Tin San, head of army representatives in the Lower House, slammed Suu Kyi’s comments from the rally, saying the opposition leader was being dishonest and merely attempting to secure an opportunity to become the country’s next president.

    “She has a hidden agenda,” he said. “Her focus is only on fixing Article 436 to make way for her presidency. She should review every article in the Constitution and decide whether they [lawmakers] should fix them or not.”)))

    Dear Tin San, you should be looking yourself in the mirror and ask question yourself.
    Where you’re family wealth was coming from? Everyone knows you can not afford with you’re salary alone.
    If you (Tin San) have integrity and honesty and then you won’t be sitting unelected in lower house seat in Parliament.

    Dear Tin San, if you’re honest and patriotic Army officer and then you should be honestly and truthfully declared you’re wealth and tell how you obtained it.

    High rank Army officers can not afford to spend what their family spending today with their salary.
    Where’s money come from? The money comes from corruption.
    Why every senior Army officers wanted to be commander in Shan state and Kachin state rather than in Rakhine state?

    They can share drug trafficking money with Wa Army and other militias who are involving in drug trafficking and other illegal activity.

    Why military ignore border security with Bangladesh in last decades?
    Because, there’s not many opportunity for making big money like Shan state for Army officers in Rakhine state. The problem in Rakhine state is military fault especially Army. They don’t do their duty and only looking for bribe money.

    Today Army is licensed group of Bandit. They will torture poor innocent peoples in ethnic minority area and took money from drug trafficker, Gem traffickers and Timber traffickers and let those traffickers freely stealing our country natural resources and murdering peoples around the world by supplying with illegal drugs.

    If Burma has genuine Rule of Law and then I’ll ask face to face with senior Army Officer like Tin San about his honesty and integrity and then where his family wealth comes from.

    To be come President of nation is not depending on one person and it’s choice of peoples of Burma. That’s all about democracy.
    Why can’t Daw Aung San Su Kyi becoming first democratically elected President of Burma if Burmese wanted Daw Aung San Su Kyi as President.

    Dear Tin San, you can not rule the country by gun forever. I’m sure peoples’ power will be oust unelected arrogant Military MP like Tin San before next election. I hope Tin San can read simple English and understand it.

    Dear Tin San, get real and accept truth, get out from Parliament because you’re not elected and you don’t qualify and deserve for public office. You and unelected Military MPs are not protecting Constitution but you’re protecting Than Shwe and yourself from prosecution for your corruption and other crimes. Karma will come to get you sooner or later.

  5. She is always pushing her impractical dream forward so carelessly every now and then. She should know that her remarks could sow disunity in the Army that is extremely dangerous for the UNION.

    Army and all patriots must stand firmly behind the Article 59(F) as long as this Nation exist.

    • Nyunt Shwe, don’t tell me you’re from Kyant Phut family. If you’re not and then you need think with you’re own mature brain.

      You should know about Army is dividing unity between all Burmese ethnics.
      You don’t need to have PhD degree but you need to see the truth by what Gen Min Aung Hlaing is doing. Gen Min Aung Hlaing is protecting himself and protecting his master Than Shwe. The Generals are giving “Can do License” themselves and oppressing wills of peoples of Burma.

      If Military stay out of politic and then all Burmese ethnics will be united and Burma will be always one. Federalism is not separatism.

      All Member of Parliamentary must be elected by peoples of Burma. No one can sit in the Parliament unelected and no one should practice above the law, no exception.

      It’s time for Military to give up power especially Army Generals and do something good for country.

    • Everybody knows Army did not serve the people for the past few decades. Army used people and asked people to do what the army officers wanted. The world poorest nation due to many decades of economical failure is the one obvious proof of Army’s service to the people =D Please no more army’s special service to the people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure Aung San Su Kyi might be talking sugar-coated words to persuade people, sure she might have her hidden agenda. But she is the only alternative choice we people have in Myanmar. We want to see and judge the quality of her service to the people. We have seen the quality of “army’s service” to the people and it is worst service ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. What is she thinking? Everything is going so well in the Empire of Myanmar since she was imprisoned for winning the 1980 election. Coca cola is now freely available. Many workers are paid 30 cents more per day than they were 10 years ago. Multi-national corporations are now eagerly doing business with the generals who suddenly became democratic members of parliament for life after they elected themselves. Lots of innocent people have been released from prison. What could be wrong?

  7. I have to ask Brig-Gen Tin San “Are you really serving the people of Myanmar?” or serving the former army’s commander-in-chief?

  8. The Army is to serve the people. They must never ever had an intention to rule and manage the civilian affair. They must receive the order from the people and the Parliament. Now 25% of the military guys are shamelessly sitting in the Parliament and speak out loudly against the lawful wishes of the people. General Than Shwe and General Min Aung Hlaing must die due to the shameful act of their subordinate. Our leader U Aung San will die 10 times if he could wake up and see his youngsters misbehaving in the public domain. Could you go to the university of Rangoon or Bangkok and face the university students and explain them what you are doing? We could set up the audio-video conference linked up to Oxford, Harvard and Massachusetts university. Would you dare to discuss your action with student leaders. Let us be honest.
    You must be ashamed of yourself, for your ancestors and for the mother land. Daw Aung San Su Kyi will become president in 2015 and you must know that her status will become lower than now. She should be the democracy icon and not the administrator. But she must follow the order given by the people`s mandate.

  9. It is so sad that DASSK still thinking that some of the Army guys are cooperate with her.They just taking more times to the last minutes with sweet words. Never ever thinks they are spliting. It is totally insane. They will never make DASSK to be the head of the STATES. All she has to do is just focus on her own works. Tell the entrie Nation that Army is not going to fulfil the people’s wish. So everybody has to stand agaist Army and organize a Protest against their neglectness of charter change wich is the WISH OF MAJORITY OF MYANMAR CITIZEN. May be it can be the nationwide protest until the demand is fulfilled or DASSK will stay on strike as the Mr. Suthep of Thailand ‘s prolong fight against dictatorship’s final Departure forgood on the Burma.

  10. 25 percent military people are not chosen by people and do not represent the country. They represent the military’s own profit only (only for high level officers. Soldiers just die and eat grass or have to steal only). Very unprofessional. Military’s interest above the country’s prosperity. Shame on them. Go back to the barrack.

  11. Tin San and his associates in the floor of Hlutdaw are not working for us, but for USDP and theor step=daddy Than Shwe. He shamelessly claims that they are there for the people. We the people do not need them. We just want them to go back to their barracks.

  12. Shame on the non-elected members on the floor of Hlutdaw. They are public enemy. They are stumbling block to Democracy. They are puppets and dogs of Than Shwe. They are the relic of military dictatorship. These soldiers better shut up their smelly mouths and go home. We the people do not need their service.

  13. Some time you have to give credit to the devil. Here all credit should go to Than Shwe, so brilliant and cunningly designed the constitution to save military criminals from all sort of crimes they had committed. Over fifty years of mismanagement by Military had forced Burma from one of the richest in South East Asian country to the poorest one. Still shamelessly want to say that they are the saviors. They are the worst enemies of the people of Burma. They not only treated badly to the minorities but also did not spare their own race. Look how they treated the cyclone victims of 2008. Instead of helping the victims they wasted their time for fake constitution. When killing other people their triggers are happy but for their own safety they made the constitution to save them from the gallows. Ne Win, Than Shwe and Thein Sein will be remembered for their crimes against Burmese people.

  14. The military has created a state with a state for their own benefit. They need to be overthrown and the generals jailed. The lid is on the pot and now it is only a matter of time till boiling point.

  15. Out of all the critics from military MPs , it is hilarious to hear what Tint San has said. This guy was well known in East Rangoon when he was G-1.

  16. I believe all avenues of peaceful reform had been tried to the furthest corners and depths.The establishment has been using hired advisors, hired past dignitaries, and internationally trained soldiers of their own to dodge, manipulate, double talk, procrastinate, smoke screen and rally for their own wrongful and criminal entrenchment. ..

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