Arakan Report Angers Rohingya Leaders

Arakan Commission member Aung Naing Oo, of the government-backed Myanmar Peace Center, holds up a copy of the executive summary of the official Arakan investigation commission’s report. (Photo: Simon Roughneen / The Irrawaddy)

RANGOON — Rohingya leaders have reacted angrily to the findings of the official investigation into a wave of brutal violence that hit Arakan State in 2012, slamming the report findings as selective and slanted.

Speaking after members of a commission formed last year to investigate the violence presented a summary of their report today in Rangoon, Myo Thant, a Rohingya representative of the Democracy and Human Rights Party, told The Irrawaddy that the report did not present a completely accurate picture of the Arakan situation.

“This report has some good suggestions, but in ways it is biased and incomplete,” he said.

Commission members, including former political prisoners Ko Ko Gyi and Maung Thura, better known as Zarganar, launched the summary of the commission’s findings today at the Myanmar Peace Center.

The commission recommended that the Burmese government increase security in the troubled western region and said that resettlement of more than 100,000 displaced people should be held off until reconciliation measures are implemented.

“It will take time for reconciliation to work, as the conflict is still fresh,” said commission member Aung Naing Oo of the Myanmar Peace Center, a government-backed think-tank, who added that it was more important in the short term to address humanitarian needs in the region.

The report summary said that “it is extremely urgent to provide the Bengali IDPs with access to safe and secure temporary shelters prior to the monsoon season.”

The commission proposed that the Burmese government set up a “truth-finding committee” to look into the deeper causes of the 2012 violence, which began as rioting between Arakanese Buddhists and local Muslims, but, say human rights groups, later took on the hallmarks of a pogrom against Muslims, focusing on the Rohingya, a stateless minority of around 800,000 people.

“We welcome those suggestions,” said Myo Thant, speaking after the report launch.

However, the 28-page report summary released today did not use the term “Rohingya,” in keeping with the Burmese government’s view that the Rohingya are immigrants from Bangladesh, which shares a border with Burma’s Arakan State.

“How can they say we are all immigrants?” asked Myo Thant. “Arakan is like hell, why would any Bangladeshi want to migrate to there. It makes no sense.”

Commission member Yin Yin Nwe, an economic advisor to Burma’s President Thein Sein, said that the report stuck with the terminology outlined by the government. “We use the term ‘Bengali’ as this is the official term as part of the citizenship laws,” she said.

As expected, the commission did not recommend any amendment to Burma’s widely criticized 1982 citizenship law, which denies the Rohingya Burmese citizenship.

Phil Robertson, the deputy director of Human Rights Watch’s Asia division, said that “the commission missed a critical point when it failed to include reform of the 1982 Citizenship Act to strip out discriminatory provisions and ensure that the law complies with international human rights standards.”

The report summary—published in advance of the full 200-page report, which is scheduled for release next week—said the Burmese government “should address the citizenship claims of the Bengalis in a transparent and accountable manner.”

Asked by The Irrawaddy how these citizenship disputes could be resolved under the terms of the 1982 law, commission member Ko Ko Gyi said that “the problem is not with the law as it stands, it is with the implementation. If we practiced the law exactly, then we would not have seen the violence in Rakhine (Arakan) State last year.”

Mohamed Salim, spokesperson for the National Development and Peace Party, said that this refusal to acknowledge the Rohingya by name smacked of discrimination. He also took issue with suggestions that “family planning education” be provided to the “Bengali population,” which the commission said could offset Arakanese fears of Rohingya population growth.

“We are Rohingya, not Bengali, and that is the main point that is wrong with this report,” he said. “I am angry because of that.”

32 Responses to Arakan Report Angers Rohingya Leaders

  1. Bengali from Bangladesh called their Beloved-Brother-Bengalis in Rakhine State as ” Rahine gya”, that never ever exists in Myanmar and will never exist! It is far too much to agreed as a Ethnic group. Myanmar has 135 ethnic group speaking 114 dialects but bengalis living in Rakhine State is not included in our history .

    • advocate shaikh niazul razy

      Just learn history then post comments. Rohingya is not bangali. Bangadesh is not so poor country like burma. Burma is poorer then Bangladesh. Just see GDP, per capital income rate etc from different source between Bangladesh an burma. As such bangalis need not to go to burma for income. Bangalis go to Malaysia, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia and several rich country to earn remittance. But why will bangalis go to poor, hazard Rios and risky country burma? Muslim people are always tortured and oppressed by monk and burmese govt. Rohingya lives in arakan for thousand years and arakan is their origin home land. You Burmese always trying to find out false excuse to drive the rohingya out of arakan that they are bangali and illegal immigrant from bangladesh. If you don’t like them, why not leave them arakan state independent. There are many Buddhist live in banladesh. They look like Burmese such as rakhaine, chakma, marma etc but we bangali don’t claim that they are come from burma or illegal immigrant. So stop genocide, oppress and torture against muslim in burma. Otherwise they will establish a independent country in arakan. Arakan is the original home land of rohingya.

  2. If you are illegal immigrants in America or in Japan, you may get deported if you get caught. Burmese government is kind enough to let these Bengali live for decades. In order to get legal resident status, the aliens need to qualify some specific standards and qualifications to apply to get legal residency. Violent people may have problem to qualify to get that status. After having deep problem and distrust, it will not be an easy thing for the Rakhines to live side by side with these Bengali people in the same neighborhood. I will feel the same if I am a Rakhine.

    • Dear Poor Man,
      anyone born in the States, even from illegal immigrants, is a citizen of the US.
      If you do prefere American Laws, then you should know that killing Rhoingya is like killing Myanmar citizens.

  3. I do understand why Bengali so called Rohingya leader is upsetting about the report. The report used the official term of Bengali instead of what they want to be calling as Rohingya ethnic. However the truth is no ethnic name with Rohingya in Burmese ethnics. The commission must be reported in official name of ethnic accordance by Burmese Immigration Law.
    Why Bengali upset calling them as Bengali?
    Descendents of illegal Bengali migrants’ leader they first created prove of Rohingya ethnic in Rakhine state by pointing at commercial ship wreck Arab merchants as their forefather of Rohingya ethnic who married local Rakhine woman but that story was shot down by some of their own Muslim historians and western historians.

    Burmese Government can not add one of indigenous Burmese ethnics to Bengali as Rohingya ethnic because it does not exist and will not make any sense to other Burmese ethnics.
    Burmese language for Bengali ethnic is Bengali, Chinese ethnic is Ta-Yoke and Indian ethnic is Ka-Lar. They are not derogatory term or racist words as what International journalists’ said. They are in fact Burmese language.
    Burmese language does not call Bengali as Rohingya.
    I do a little understand why Bengali leaders created story of Rohingya. They though if they confessed they are Bengali and then Government will deport them to Bangladesh.
    I do believe second generation of Bengali should be granted Burmese citizenship whether their grandparents illegally entered into Burma without proper paper or they came to Burma as legal immigrant. They did not choose to live in Burma but their grandparents have choosing to entered and settle illegally in Rakhine state by economy reason. However, they can not change their ethnic identity to Rohingya ethnic from Bengali.
    You can create fiction story in movie but you can not made-up story which untrue in reality.

    As Commission recommendation, Government will decide citizenship of Bengali ethnic with 1982 Immigration Law. It does not matter whether you call yourself as Bengali or Rohingya.
    Obviously, Burmese Government and Burmese peoples do not accept Bengali as indigenous peoples of Burma. It does not mean they are not entitled to be Burmese citizenship.
    All Bengali peoples should accept their original ethnic identity.

  4. “Arakan is like hell”? then why r u guys doing in Arakan? oh wait! I remember now becuz your ancestors were here n u dare say Arakan is hell.

  5. it appears that there are two distinct muslims in Myanmar one the Bama Muslim and the second the Rohingya. In fairness the Bama Muslims have in most instances adopted Myanmar Names, whereas the Rohingyas in general maintained their Arabic/Bengali names.
    However the most telling sore point – it was the Rohingyas that sought to amalgate portions of Rakhine into the then East Pakistan (Bangladesh), setting themselves apart from mainstream Myanmar. Treason is never rewarded and as the saying goes LEOPARD NEVER CHANGES IT SPOTS.

  6. Mr Phil Robertson deputy of Human Right Watch, If you do not mind Bangladeshi from Bangladesh invade burma in the name of rohingya and if you support it in the name of human right , why don’t you bring over 100 million people who do have enough place in their country into your country? You rather recommend your British government to bring them into your country instead of accusing Burma government as human right violation for not accepting bangladeshi called rohingya You better take your accountability for representing HRW. It is not good intention to sell Burma land just to keep your position. I been there in rural area of Arakan State close to Bangladesh border in 1989, there is no rohingya ethic in that time. why now. I talk reality, things I see with my eye. You better talk something make sense. Where is your credibility.

  7. Er, when I went to remote Arakan state in the ’80 and early ’90 there were actually Rohingya people living there (the Arakans called them Bengalis and disliked them the same way Arakans disliked Burmans). These “Bengals” were utterly poor (just like most rural Arakans) and certainly did not come from Bangladesh, at least not recently (indeed, why would they flee their country to live in one of the worst totalitarian countries of the world?). However, back then the people had other worries (and other enemies) than fighting eachother over virtually nothing (as they had nothing). Now Myanmar gets into a so-called transition, people who experience a “little” bit of freedom suddenly wanna settle “old bills” and this is what you get: extremism on all sides. The peoples in Myanmar (all of them) seem to forget one thing: The problems in the country, the poverty, the lack of education, the plain misery etc. was caused by those who were ruling the country for the last 60 year. It’s pathetic to abreact a half-decade-of-frustration on Rohingyas. If you wanna be a hero go to Naypyidaw and blow up the parliament or go suing your (ex-) leaders at International Criminal Court. do something brave and positive. think about your Karma…

    • misanthropist,
      Those Bengalis in Rakhine state is poor uneducated farmers from villages near Sittagong. Their life is better in Rakhine state than their village. Burma economy was better condition than Bangladesh when their ancestor illegally immigrated to Rakhine state in 1950 – 1970. However, some of Bengalis were illegally entering to Rakhine until communal riot was broken out.
      Bengali in Rakhine state is very poor but they have work in here. In Bangladesh, poor peoples are struggling to find foods and work because of flood and cyclone natural disasters which strike most parts of Bangladesh every year. Bangladesh is slowly sinking under water.
      Rakhine state is not like Karen, Shan and Kachin state where civil war is fighting between Burmese Army and Ethnics’ Army. There’s no human right abuse in Rakhine state by Army. Only Immigration officers and Police Officers took bribe from illegal Bengali migrants. Army is collecting money from illegal logging by Bengali merchants.
      Bengali so called Rohingya speaks Chittagonian Bengali which is Chittagong local dialect.
      Those Bengalis in Rakhine state are afraid of deportation to Bangladesh where Bangladeshi Government refuses to accept them as its citizen because most of them were not born in Bangladesh.
      According to Bangladeshi nationality law, nationality can be revoked if the person loses contact with Bangladesh for at least seven years. So those Bengalis’ grandparents are no longer Bangladeshi citizen.
      I believe second generation of illegal Bengali migrants’ children should be given Burmese citizenship. However, they can not change their true ethnic identity.

      • let’s assume that what u write is historically correct, the source of evil is then once again the Bamar government that allowed “illegals” to enter in return for money. in that case, the Bamar state (as that is what myanmar actually is nowadays) should take responsibility and accept these people. period. unfortunately the Bamar rulers of myanmar have never taken any responsibilityin the last 60 years. they simply collected tons of billions of dollars, sold the country to the highest bidder (chinese, thai, etc) and now leave the ruin/crap over to a puppet president and soon to “The Lady”. smart move. steal, rape, kill and run (and don’t look back).

  8. let me ask you Mr Ting Maung you know what is human right about ?if you know nothing about human right dont say anything .pls study from beginning…thank….

  9. Phil Robertson is right as he know better about rohingya history in arakan,educated ,civilize human have no problem to accept rohingya ethnic historical fact in arakan.branding rohingya ethnic as bangali is like forcing Buddhist believer to convert view Buddhist will never accept Hinduism,similar rohingya ethnic will never compromise their ethnic name with Bengali.rohingya name will remain with rohingya ethnic in arakan ,what ever the force chauvinist government exerted on rohingya to change their legitimity.rakhine magh Dr.Aye maung,Dr.Aye chan,president thein sein many more chauvinist,extremist around the country want exterminate rohingya ethinic in the country.crating false allegation like rape case in rakhine,fake gold seller in meikhtila,illegal immigrant from Bangladesh,if someone is fool like thein sein,there is no problem to accept baseless allegation against rohingya bama, rakhine magh lost moral authority,human deginity of truthness all of awful allegation are working their favor.lack of action by UN,US,EU international community for ethnic cleansing in rakhine by magh encourage them to participate more ethnic cleansing.president thein sein & groups are upholding their degree of that they are Number one lier,denier of reality on earth, like rohingya ethnic status in Myanmar.iam surprise how Myanmar educated people in power simply deny rohingya existence in the country. are they mad,fool or brainless.can they check rohingya ethnic language air on tv,mark of rehingya ethnic reside in geography book,rohingya ethnic cultural society marching in union day with other ethnic,why people in power are so irresponsible.are they heartless?why these peoples are making whole union as laughing stock killing,burning,committing ethnic will fair to form commission to decide rohingya ethnic status in the country,commission must include representative expert from UN,US,EU,UK,ASEAN,INDIA,well known historian and Myanmar government,rohingya ethnic will deliver rightful answer for everybody.

  10. government paid comment writers are everywhere to influence the readers. I want to ask anyone in Burma know including U Thein Sein know the name of all 135 ethnic groups.
    The world knows that how Regime manipulate history.How illegal migrants could make up 98% of population in two major town in Arakan?
    we must be bold to accept the reality even it is not what we want. Rohingya are the son of the soil who has the right to give the name to themselves just like Rakhine who are actually Bama with dialect.

    • Go and ask in middle east ,study well how they drive out other religions in Egypt and became majority peoples in the area.You have to have open minded so that you can understand better.Good to make money from Arabs funded news agencies.Look like you guys get well paid job to participate in this illegal immigrants issue.Learn how immigration systems are in EU and US.Educate yourself first before you come to write a news or a report.Earn your respect by showing just and fair comments on the issue.Wow! oil money works well ! corrupted reporters look quite enjoying to please their masters.All ethnics groups get along in the country but not illegal immigrants.If something happened,cried out loud for help from where they really came from.Very impressive that they could use mainstream medias and news agencies very very well. Media campaign recruited people from all over the world I guess.

  11. How dare you said such a words ?
    What the hell you angering for ?
    What do you expect from our country ?

    This is our country, one thing you have to understand and try to educate yourself and your people, so call Rohingyas , technically you will never get citizen in our country as Rohingya condition, never on that way .

    You are angry because of you are not expecting to become citizen of Myanmar, you just want to try to build in Rohingya in our country , we knew it , that’s is yours plan . So now time to stop your ridiculous stupid plan in our country.

  12. Is this issue going to be forever??

    It sounds like one chases after another and i will never end!!

  13. If Rohingyas are Bengali why should not accept the name Bengali. They have three nobel prize winners. Dr. Younus ( Micro Credit) got so many awards not the awards received by Thein Sein. Why commentators are so biased. We want to go for Burma as democratic country. Did Burmese Broadcasting service announce program in Rohingya language./ No body can deny this. There were programs in Rohingya Language.But the problem was Rohingya were accepted as one of the race by democraticly elected Govt. Their name was stripped out by govt. took power by force.That Junta govt. was not good. It stole people property and jailed innocent people..etc. The junta Govt was legal , good because that govt. passed a law in 1982 where it made Rohingya to Bengali. ” Racist Mentality”.

    • I wonder what would Rohingya language be Urdu if not Bangali? U Nu’s government was corrupted and to get votes when they come up against U Ba Swe and U Kyaw Nyein’s faction they bribed those people in that area- Buthidaung, Maungdaw, areas with incentives so I wouldn’t doubt your claim of a radio program for Rohingya but I doubt that the language was as such. Nationality laws were either based on juis sanguinis (by blood) or juis soli (by domicile). But one must have to prove that one has an ‘effective link’ with the state that one is claiming to acquire nationality. You must speak the language and practice the culture of the state you’ve sworn allegiance to. If one neither speak, read nor write the official language of the state then where in the ‘effective link’. One must admit that everybody is racist, if it weren’t for that you might not be raising this issue.

      • If these Bengali people were brought into Burma by U Nu for votes, they were supposed to get citizenship to be eligible to cast their votes. Then, these Bengali rightfully claim that they are Burmese citizens. So, let them live in peace.

        • Well, wanting to live in peace is a two way thing. The ideal situation would be that someone on earth should have somewhere as a place to call home. I lost my country too. But I was given a home by a country where the religion is not even Buddhist but people lived with Buddhist values. The people you called Bengali may not be Bengali either. If they are Bengali then Bangladesh would have not have treated like they did. It’s what you can called ‘collateral damage’ of realpolitik.

  14. Burmese govt is appeasing Rakhine extremists who make problem for them. They asked share of GAS export money which is under Than Shwe’s name. So to divert their minds from GAS, they put on Rohingya shoulders. The most vulnerable and easy targets.

  15. “If we ( Ko Ko Gyi) practiced the law exactly, then we would not have seen the violence in Rakhine (Arakan) State last year.”
    Ko Ko Gyi states the above without any shameful manner as a political prisoner. Your reputation is tarnished. This law is implemented by Ne win who initiated and imprisoned Ko Ko Gyi and ming ko naing. Therefore , Ko Ko Gyi must reply and declare that all Ne win’s and fox’ than shwe’s laws ( nargic 2008) are rubbish. Ne win and than shwe used their laws to imprison Ko Ko gyi.
    Now, does Ko Ko gyi want to say that those laws should be used or justified to use to imprison him?.
    Ko ko gyi should make clear more what is his opinion on Ne win immigration law on Rohingya. If Ko Ko gyi respect both Ne win’s and than shwe’s laws on this issue , Ko ko gyi should knee down and say “thank you” to than shwe for his imprisonment on ko ko gyi who is idiot, inhumane, illogical, unwise , having low standard statement.
    If ko mo gyi is Arankanese , please , forgive him for his discriminated behavior.
    KO kO Gyi has no brain to consider the fact from “UN human right states that Rohyingya is the world most persecuted ethnic in the world. As such , Ko ko gyi has two big Zero ( O , O) in his brain. You do not know ” what is that law and where is come from”. You are praising both Ne win’s Than shwe’s laws for effectiveness in the aspect of ruling the country. What is your educational level? Even, DASSK does not dare to say that Ne win’s immigration law is the right one in this Rohinygya issue. I will not vote you for your low standard in understanding about the law. Let see Maung thura is also opportunistic or not ?

    • Sorry Norman Hla, if what the UN stated has to be taken seriously then Israel would have given back the land they occupied since the Resolution 242 would have been observed and complied to. They got the backing from the US so what to the resolution and what can the UN do? Nothing. Look back at the history and the records will show that there in not a shred of evidence that there was an ethnic group by that name – Rohingya. Go to the top of Mount Everest and shout as much you can but no one in Burma will believe there’s such a group as Rohingya. There is nothing in international law to prohibit a state to legislate its nationality laws. Immigration is an exclusive domain of the state, like it or not. People may call them Bengalee but they are more likely to be NON Bengalee – non Bengalee speaking Biharis who fled from the territories apportioned to India and had come to settle in what used to be East Pakistan. The Administrative Order required them of their expressed option to become Bangladesh citizens when it became a separate state in 1971. The sad thing is that the state, Bangladesh, did not want them either so if they step in to make a claim for Burma mistreating these people by implication they would be recognising them as their nationals. So, they became a ‘fatherless’ child and one nobody wants. Long residency alone does not entitle one to citizenship. How genuine is the link between the state and the individual is also a crucial factor in becoming a citizen. They neither speak Burmese nor Bengalee. Look at the BIG PICTURE why no one who has interest in building pipeline and ports are not keen to stand up for you? Why Bangladesh is silent in this whole issue? Daw Suu is smart enough not to meddle in the mess that was created by successive corrupt governments.Maybe if you have taken up Burmese you might even become an MP like one of you from Buthidaung.

      • Sorry Tettoe Aung
        You wrote;”Sorry Norman Hla, if what the UN stated has to be taken seriously then Israel would have given back the land they occupied since the Resolution 242 would have been observed and complied to. They got the backing from the US so what to the resolution and what can the UN do? Nothing.”
        My opinion is :
        (1)You know that UN ( no military power ) can do nothing in the issue of Israel occupation on the Palestine land because of US support on Israel. At least , UN tells the truth fact on Israel issue as well as on Rohingya issue. The issue is UN is telling the true fact or not. It is not the case or issue that who has military power ( Israel or US) in order to bully the minority. Do you want to say that Israel or US is bullying Palestine so you bama military thugs can bully minority or weak persons who are living in Burma.
        You wrote: “Look back at the history and the records will show that there in not a shred of evidence that there was an ethnic group by that name – Rohingya.”
        My opinion:
        I do not mind what is the name of Rohingya or not. The Rohingya or anybody who was brought to Burma for slave , started by British with their immigration law, followed by Aung san with his immigration law for making use of Rohingya or anybody-(Kachin, Shan, Chin and Kayar-in case of bama independence-Panglong agreement), followed by U nu with his immigration law-favour Rohingya for his wining of election, is entitled to reward their contribution for Burma. How do you want to reward those national contributors? Or you want to kill those who are no longer usefulness for Burma or bama military thugs. If there is Arakanese rebel fighting in Rohingya area , Bama military thugs will use Rohingya as a porter.
        It is very obvious that Shan , Kachin , Chin and Kayar are killed by bama military thugs until now and then because they trust your general aung san’s immigration law and panglong agreement.
        Do you want to say that all those ethnics have no right to get autonomy, according to Panglong agreement so you need to kill them? What is UN saying on those killing Burmese ethnics issue by bama army ?
        Do or did those ethnics invade Rangoon or Mandalay? Do you want to say that bama military thugs power is bigger than those ethnics? Therefore , like USA, Bama military thugs have a right to bully minority. Do you want to say that greedy and unwise China is no longer useful for Burma from the aspect of huge investment in Burma because EU, Aus UK , US and Japan are very willing to do Business with Burma now? When you will give a reward or punishment on useless China, like Rohingya and local Muslim?

        You wrote: “There is nothing in international law to prohibit a state to legislate its nationality laws. Immigration is an exclusive domain of the state, like it or not. ”
        Yes, i agree with your above statement on condition that the concerned government must be democratically elected one. Otherwise, all are rubbish.
        If you want to use ne win’s immigration law instead of aung san or u nu law , i want to say that you should knee down in front of late Ne win and fox than shwe as your saver or god. KO KO Gyi have knee down to Ne win and than shwe with the willingness of using ne win and than shwe immigration law.

        You wrote : “Bangladesh is silent in this whole issue ( Rohingya )?”
        In Wa and Kachin issues , China will no longer keep silent now. There are Wa and kachin ethnics in China and Wa in Burma is talking one Chinese dialect-Wa own dialect and using Chinese money yuan. Are you happy for that?
        You wrote:” Daw Suu is smart enough not to meddle in the mess that was created by successive corrupt governments.Maybe if you have taken up Burmese you might even become an MP like one of you from Buthidaung.”
        My opinion;
        Sorry , DASSK has no military power so she might keep silent. UN has no military threat on them so UN, paper tiger can make loud in the air. Israel and US have military power so they are loud like you. However, i will not vote you to become a MP in Burma although you have a military power. Because you are the one to bully the weak person. You make use of everybody for yourself without offering rewards. You enjoy free lunch, like mobs who kill Muslim business so those mobs eat at Muslim home before killing those Muslim. I am sure that you have no typical Burmese altitudes and manner. Foreigners will not sign Business contract with you except ICG who praise thein sein for peace award for expecting favor of EU business. Now, you should go to US for free lunch who wants to call Myanmar instead of union of Burma because US will no longer recognize Panglong agreement.

  16. “Arakan is like hell, why would any Bangladeshi want to migrate to there. It makes no sense.”
    The Answer is Bangladesh is more like hell than Arakan so they want to migrate. You must go to Bangladesh’s border to see that.

  17. Salai Tin Mawng Oo II

    I do not think I know about human right right less than you. I know what I say about. HRW such as Phil who cover this rohingya issue may not understand what is human right. People who commit crime can not vote in Britain and why illegal immigrant from Bangladesh have right to become citizenship in Burma?.. Even if they suppose have it, it is upon the Burmese government, unless you are still sleeping since 1947 when Burma is under british colony or you want Burma become like British where global islamization is well established. In this case,Phil idea that use the name of human right to get financial support from international , especially islamic country is nothing different than Burma Military that use the name of democratic reform to get international money to build nuclear plant in Tapeakyin and myaing. Phil do good job in other issues except this illegal immigrant issue.

  18. Your history is self-made history of Bengalis! Preoccupied preconceptions of Bengalis way of making “Rahingya” as an ethnic will not reflect in Myanmar history. We know very well how the Buddhists live in Bengladesh and how they were treated also. Don’t talk too much about GDP for we, the people from Myanmar knows far more than you do!! The Only thing is that Myanmar is not integrated to the world until 2010 and thats why calculation can be odd for GDP! But last and not least Still Myanmar is better in Shape, Size, Natural Resources and Geography and many others index. The world knows but not only you.Do’t comment funny and illogical self-created history like this and I don’t have that much times to reply such a kind of it.

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